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Cannot install BlackBerry Desktop Software

Windows Vista Ultimate

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Old 10-31-2008

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Cannot install BlackBerry Desktop Software

For the past couple of years I have happily synched away with my Blackberry Pearl using the BB Desktop Software on my Vaio running XP Pro. I now have a new Vaio with Vista Ultimate. Having recently changed to BB Bold I am trying to install the Desktop Software so I can sync the Bold with the new laptop.

O2 say the software issue is not their problem. RIM have not repliued to any email. I have been given the number of a help desk in Canada, but i fear the cost might be a bit out of my league!

The message i get every time i try to install the downloaded software tells me the Wizard was interrupted before the Blackberry Desktop Software could be completely installed. The system has not been modified. One place i looked compared it to an error 1607.

Everyone i speak to tells me it is a rare problem and it's my fault for having Vista. I suppose i could try and revert to XP Pro but I quite like the new op system; if only it would accept my BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Can anyone help? Any suggestions out there?

Any and all advice welcomed.

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Old 11-23-2009

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Re: Cannot install BlackBerry Desktop Software

Problem I experienced and fixed the problem identical to what is expressed in this thread. This issue is SIMILAR to but not the same as errors 2738 1607 encountered with installing blackberry desktop manager software as posted elsewhere, there is NO error message / # here. To that end, I went into windows event viewer to see if there was anything there regarding the installation and all it said is "failed to install" here we go..
I am on Vista home, Blackberry 9700 Bold 2, TELUS Mobility (doesn’t really matter), Blackberry handheld OS 5.0, Vista Home x64, Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0.1. English without media manager/roxio with SP1 downloaded from
Upon install the WinZip Self Extractor*completes, then the Installshield Wizard opens and appears to be installing. *After several seconds, a BlackBerry window opens (BlackBerry Desktop Software - Installshield Wizard)*with the message: "The wizard was interrupted before the BlackBerry Desktop Software could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run setup again. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

I have compiled a complete list of things I tried, depending on your problem some may work for you. Some may not. based on similar issues I tried just about everything you can imagine, what ultimately worked for me was step D and all sub sections thereof, if you DO NOT have a particular error message you might start there at D, but I am writing this in order of things I tried. Apparently some of these work in some caes. Solution D worked for me, (part of the solution D is precisely what JSanders was referring to in article KB02206 - I am simply highlighting a bit of it here along with some other possibilities for completeness and because I am not sure if anyone has indicated that this actually WORKED for THIS specfic problem, not to repost a bunch of stuff but I thought a little summary might help someone as I had to search all over and spent many hours to compile this info as I am sure you can imagine if you are reading this)

Possible Solution(s) A, B, C and D (Note: D worked in this case)

Assumes that you believe your software is uninstalled and you are at the stage where you are trying to re-install it

Solution A) un/re registering vbscript.dll (in c:windows\system32), (for me worked to no avail…but can be tried from what i read) click start, run cmd prompt (should open as admin),
1. Start > Accessories > right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. A Windows Elevation confirmation screen will pop up. Confirm the action OR alternatively just run CMD from Start > run > cmd and it should run as admin
2. The Command Administrator Prompt opens to something like the following- C:\Windows\system32>. If anything else change directory by typing this without quotes: “cd\windows\system32” *
1) Now at the command prompt, which should be- C:\Windows\system32 *unregister the vbscript.dll file from Windows by typing at the command prompt (without quotes) “regsvc32 /u vbscript32.dll” (This will un-register the VB Script dll with your computer. A confirmation window will appear after this)yes those are spaces between the '/' and after the 'u'

2) Now we want to register it C:\Windows\system32 regsvr32 vbscript.dll (This registers VB Script with your computer -- a confirmation window will appear after this as well.)
3) Try rebooting and running your blackberry software install

Solution B) Everything on this site : This Blackbery Forum Post (great post, thanks! Hey, you might learn something here that will come in handy one day if it doesn’t help you now, I did)
Follow each step there, try rebooting and running your blackberry software install as indicated

Solution C.Longshot) If A and B don’t work, you can try a repair of vista using the recover cd (if you don’t have one go here: neoSmart (I downloaded and burned image with aShampoo dvd burning software, restart windows with DVD/CD in the drive, press F12 on boot (or whatever gets YOU into ‘setup’, not the BIOS, change boot first device to CD/DVD ROM. I used this and it works perfectly, just follow their directions on the site and pick the right version for your OS etc) be *VERY*CAREFUL to NOT wipe your drive and just do a REPAIR (can take an hour), again if you don’t know what you are doing, skip this one and move on.if you do it, then

Solution D)

What DID WORK for ME, is the following one (D)
(SORRY FOR THE CAPS BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT *** DO NOT ASSUME THAT USING AN UNINSTALLER LIKE REVO WILL DO ALL OF THIS FOR YOU - THIS WAS MY MISTAKE from the beginning, 25 hours later I realized that YOU NEED TO DO THE UNINSTALL AND SOME MANUAL STEPS EVEN IF YOU SELECT THE MOST THOROUGH METHOD***) Please dont write to me and tell me I am an **bleep** either because I am not. If I can make this mistake someone else can too, just trying to help!

This one, D, worked for me specifically:
Uninstall the BlackBerry Desktop Software, preferably using REVO UNINSTALLER *go: *HERE to get Revo (CNET)
Use the Advanced uninstall option, thorough option, the last one down the list, this will notonly use blackberry’s built in uninstaller, but scan for remnants of the software on your drive and registry

When prompted select all and delete everything it finds, do not skip any steps, reboot, try re-installing the blackberry desktop software

You could try a similar type of uninstaller if you have one; however, I don’t recommend leaving it to using the control panel add/remove programs, I did not try this with that method

Solution D part 2) Once you have uninstalled and rebooted
- Delete the Research In Motion Folders from the hard drive AND Registry

Browse to C:\program files\Research in Motion, delete this folder
Click Start > Run.
Type Regedit, and then click OK. (Please be careful here, only do this if you have a good idea what you are doing, you can really mess things up here, go slow carefully please please please)
In Registry Editor, delete the Research In Motion folder located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\
Delete the Research In Motion folder located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ (This key will supposedly be missing if you are removing Desktop Manager version 4.0)
Reboot, reinstall the Blackberry Software, issue SHOULD HOPEFULLY be resolved!! So there you have it. I am 99% sure one of those things will get you back on your feet....good luck,
Good luck
Let me know if you spot an error I can fix, otherwise please post to the forums!
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