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Re: DON'T DISABLE the UAC or you'll loose file and registry virtua

Speedup My PC
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Old 12-07-2006

Posts: n/a
Re: DON'T DISABLE the UAC or you'll loose file and registry virtua
Wow, Interesting replies, the stupid and ignorant comments, come on everyone,
we are all working the systems differently.

I must admit I have not too fond of the UAC but based on what I have been
reading you all of your posts I think I'd better get to it. Now, Microsoft
always promotes the priv vs. non-priv accounts and how you should operate as
an administrator, introduced the "run as" and to be quit honest as an
administrator of various networks, its a royal pain. SAFER yes, but too much
of a headache.

I personally have disabled UAC because there is no way I could continue to
see that pop up as if I wasn't an administratore. I think its geared more for
home users. BUT just in case, I'll read up.

Just as others, I too have not encountered a virus in YEARS. BUT if I did, I
wouldnt care much, it's a 20 min. re-image job. None of my workers keep valid
data locally, doesn't make good sense.

I have also just installed Vista only recently and have had little problems
installing applications of various kinds. With all of that being said, please
tell me the more educated Vista experts here, what is the big deal about this
UAC for true network admins?

"Mike C." wrote:

> I have yet to experience any problems running my machine as an Administrator
> with UAC disabled. Of course, I've never had any problems in previous
> versions of Windows either. I think the last time I got a virus
> was.....maybe 8 years ago?
> I have seen IIS5 get smacked around a bit but that was a quick fix (switched
> to apache!).
> Keep in mind there are people that do know how to use computers.
> "mik" <> wrote in message
> > if you disable the UAC you're stupid because the first virus-trojan you
> > get
> > will be able to destroy your computer just like happens in Windows XP.
> > if you disable the UAC, you'll loose also the file and
> > registry virtualization needed to work bad designed applications as
> > standard
> > user.
> > PLEASE don't be stupid, don't disable the UAC and be happy to run Windows
> > Vista as a Standard user


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Old 12-08-2006
Jimmy Brush

Posts: n/a
Re: DON'T DISABLE the UAC or you'll loose file and registry virtua

> what is the big deal about this
> UAC for true network admins?

Immediate benefits for admins:

- Programs that you run that don't need admin privs, don't get it. Do you
really want notepad running around with privileges to format all of the hard
drives in your entire domain?

- Programs that NEED admin privs will automatically ask you for this
privilege - this means you now know exactly which programs you are running
that use admin privs, and which ones don't.

- You can easily force a program to use admin privs that doesn't ask for it
by right-clicking and clicking Run As Administrator (for those times when
you want to use notepad to modify system files, or format hard drives)

There's really no sense in allowing all programs you run to have complete
control of your domain when they don't need such power. You are still a
full-fledged administrator; but Windows now realizes that programs don't
need all of your rights and privileges all of the time. YOU now control how
programs can use them.

Benefits for the users you administer:

- The compatability features of UAC (virtualization for example) will help
applications that assume they are an administrator to run properly under
their standard user account.

- When users attempt to do an action that requires administrator privileges
in a Vista-designed application, you can set up their workstation so that it
tells the user this and asks for an admin login, instead of just "access
denied". This should make it easier for your users to understand why they
can't do something (it needs admin approval) and easier for you to approve
the action (you can just walk to the machine and authenticate - the prompt
is up and waiting for you).

Long-term benefits of UAC:

- Programs will be re-designed so that they will work correctly when running
as a standard user, because if they don't, they won't work correctly in
Vista, even under an administrator account. This means if your company has
standard users running as true standard users, Vista-designed software
should "just work" in this environment, instead of you having to hope that
the application was properly designed.

This should result in better designed software that follows Microsoft's
recommendations, which should end up creating an environment that is easier
to administer and much more secure.

- JB

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