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Re: Copy and Move Paralysis maintenance

Speedup My PC
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Old 01-27-2008
John Hanley

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Re: Copy and Move Paralysis
I had read in many places that Vista file transfers (copy, move) would be
faster if the feature called “Remote Differential Compression” (RDC) were
turned off. So I did a quickie test today, consisting of copying a 1.91 GB
folder from my main hard drive to a folder on an external USB drive.

With RDC turned on: 3:23 - three minutes and 23 seconds (with a stopwatch).

With RDC turned off: 2:25 – two minutes and 25 seconds.

So this quickie test reduced the copy time by about one minute, or a 33%
improvement. Not sure it is a valid test, but interesting. I also am
observing much faster file copy and move within my hard drive, remarkably
so. The whole system feels faster. Note that I did not do a reboot after
turning RDC off. I will leave it off, because even though my file
transfers were quite fast before, they are even faster now.

Do other users here have RDC on or off ?

From what I read, it seemed like RDC would be useful for computers in a
network (mine is a stand-alone machine). Anything ‘bad’ likely to happen
from turning off RDC?

"John Hanley" <> wrote in message news:...
>I have no problems or delays copying/moving files in Vista (same as XP),
>never have had a problem. I can also copy to the "My xxx" folders with no
>problem. Yes, there is a hindrance to copying to the straight C: or
>"Program Files', but why would I want to do that anyway, that is not a
>place for everyday files and folders, so I am happy that it asks my
>permission to move things there (and I don't). I have seen sources that
>say to turn off "Remote Differential Compression" to speed things up, but
>my RDC is turned on and my file transfers are plenty fast. Still, you
>might try disabling RDC and see if it helps. Here's some stuff about RDC
>and file copy times:
> Control Panel|Programs and Features|Turn Windows Features on or
> off|uncheck Remote Differential Compression.
> "Dave" <> wrote in message
> news:%23O$tdJGYIHA.3940@TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
>> There shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't try to copy to C:\, or
>> to "Program Files", or to any of the "My xxx" folders.
>> --
>> "Bill Conner" <> wrote in
>> message
>>> So what's the deal with the interminable copies and moves with Vista?
>>> Can't MS get anything right? There's something going on in the
>>> background someplace that hoses file and directory transfers *-on the
>>> same computer-*. I turned off the ridiculous indexing for searches, no
>>> luck there. I even tried an external command (mv in Cygwin) and it still
>>> took too long. I suspect that the files I think are available for plain
>>> old copy and move operations are really some demented abstraction - the
>>> "files" and "Folders" are merely representations of some bizarre MS
>>> database scheme. Rather than just talk to the disk sector in the usual
>>> way, a disk request has to first navigate some convoluted maze of really
>>> useless internal dependencies. Bet it's related to Microsoft's version
>>> of security. Any ideas?
>>> --
>>> Bill Conner
>>> Posted via


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Old 01-20-2009

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Re: Copy and Move Paralysis

Oh my gosh!!! I can have my life back!!
Turn Remote Differential Compression OFF if you are having any doubts
about performance of Vista file share transfers or shared printing.

go to Control Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows Features on
or off => Untick Remote Differential Compression."

Just do it! Don't waste a big part of you life like I did!
I had not realized how much I depend on file and printer sharing on my
little home network until I introduced Vista as a client with an XP
machine sharing its files and a printer.

For the printer, "Access Denied" was the first problem that required a
solution that could not be dreamed up -- local port defined as
//machine/sharedprinter. After that my printing attempts ended the same
as any file transfer attempts -- hung explorer and the need to reboot.
Of course the print queue remained "hung", requiring another unofficial
"best practice" process to clear up.

My problem is assuming I am the one doing something wrong when it was
Vista all aloing!

(wondering what to do with all the spare time I just freed up, oh ya,
my former life!)

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