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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Compability maintenance

Speedup My PC
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Old 01-21-2008

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Compability
I want to install on my computer (Windows Vista Home Premium x64) Adobe
Photoshop CS3 and I want to know if this setup can damage my system files...
so? Is there somebody who can help me?
Is compatible 100% this application with my current operating system?
Thank You.
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Old 02-24-2008

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Re: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Compability

Photoshop CS3 is 100% compatible and functional in Vista x64. In fact,
it runs much better than in any of the x86 o/s's.

I suggest you read this carefully if you wish to optimize your system's
performance when using Photoshop.

*-"Allocating memory above 2 GB with 64-bit processors-*
-Photoshop CS3 is a 32-bit application. When it runs on a 32-bit
operating system, such as Windows XP Professional and some versions of
Windows Vista, it can access the first 2 GB of RAM on the computer.The
operating system uses some of this RAM, so the Photoshop Memory Usage
preference displays only a maximum of 1.6 or 1.7 GB of total available
RAM. If you are running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2, you
can set the 3 GB switch in the boot.ini file, which allows Photoshop to
use up to 3 GB of RAM.-
-*Important:* The 3 GB switch is a Microsoft switch and may not work
with all computers. Contact Microsoft for instructions before you set
the 3 GB switch, and for troubleshooting the switch. You can search on
the Microsoft support page for *3gb* for information on this switch.-
-*When you run Photoshop CS3 on a computer with a 64-bit processor
(such as a, Intel Xeon processor with EM64T, AMD Athlon 64, or Opteron
processor) running a 64-bit version of the operating system (Windows XP
Professional x64 Edition or Windows Vista 64-bit) and with 4 GB or more
of RAM, Photoshop will use 3 GB for it's image data. *You can see the
actual amount of RAM Photoshop can use in the Let Photoshop Use number
when you set the Let Photoshop Use slider in the Performance preference
to 100%. The RAM above the 100% used by Photoshop, which is from
approximately 3 GB to 3.7 GB, can be used directly by Photoshop plug-ins
(some plug-ins need large chunks of contiguous RAM), filters, or
actions. If you have more than 4 GB (to 6 GB), then the RAM above 4 GB
is used by the operating system as a cache for the Photoshop scratch
disk data. Data that previously was written directly to the hard disk by
Photoshop is now cached in this high RAM before being written to the
hard disk by the operating system. If you are working with files large
enough to take advantage of these extra 2 GB of RAM, the RAM cache can
speed performance of Photoshop.
*_Additionally,_in_Windows_Vista_64-bit,_processing_very_large_images_is_much_faster_i f_your_computer_has_large_amounts_of_RAM_(6-8_GB)._*-
-The default RAM allocation setting is 55%. This setting should be
optimal for most users. To get the ideal RAM allocation setting for your
system, change the RAM allocation in 5% increments and watch the
performance of Photoshop in the Performance Monitor. You must quit and
restart Photoshop after each change to see the change take effect.-
-The available RAM shown in the Performance preference automatically
deducts an amount that is reserved for the operating system from the
total RAM in your computer. You shouldn't set the percentage of RAM to
be used by Photoshop to 100% because other applications which run at the
same time as Photoshop (for example, Adobe Bridge) need a share of the
available RAM. Some applications use more RAM than you might expect. For
example, web browsers can use 20-30 MB of RAM, and music players can use
20-50 MB RAM. Watch the Performance Monitor to view the RAM allocations
on your computer.-
-Watch your efficiency indicator while you work in Photoshop to
determine the amount of RAM you'll need to keep your images in RAM. The
efficiency indicator is available from the pop-up menu (choose Show >
Efficiency) on the status bar of your image and from the Palette Options
on the Info Palette pop-up menu. When the efficiency indicator goes
below 95-100%, you are using the scratch disk. If the efficiency is
around 60%, you'll see a large performance increase by changing your RAM
allocation or adding RAM."-

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Old 05-21-2008
Birder 1

Posts: n/a
RE: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Compability

"Bogdan" wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to install on my computer (Windows Vista Home Premium x64) Adobe
> Photoshop CS3 and I want to know if this setup can damage my system files...
> so? Is there somebody who can help me?
> Is compatible 100% this application with my current operating system?
> Thank You.

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