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part 2 Star Trek> vindication of plagiarism maintenance

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Old 01-26-2007

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part 2 Star Trek> vindication of plagiarism
part 2 Star Trek> vindication of plagiarism

Authors Note: Since I do not take such accusations lightly and to prove to
you that the story is original..
I will continue... and I challenge you can find ANYTHING like this!

Data: Captain, we have succesfully replicated a computer of that era and
placed it into an isolation chamber in there we have loaded all the
remaining data from the crashed time capsule.

Jordi: The containment field will keep this computer totally isolated from
all our computer systems so we can study the remaining data from the ancient
internet, including what seems to be a fully intact copy of the Vista OS.

Picard: You have actually found an intact copy of Vista???

Data: Affirmative Sir. The creators of the capsule were not aware at the
moment that Vista was the cause of the Borg attacks. So they thought that
they should preserve various software and among them is Vista.

Picard: I want you to take extra care in handling this Vista.. if the borg
can detect it, we may be putting our in unwarranted danger. What else did
you find.

Jordi: Captain we are trying to make sense of a strange language we found in
the records we were able to retrieve.

Picard: What kind of language? Is it not one of the known human languages?

Data: I have stored in my positronic brain all human languages Sir, along
with thousands of alien ones. This does not correspond to anything. The
sounds are rather intriguing!

Picard: Like what?

Data: sounds something like this: google yahoo youtube yahoo

Picard: Perhaps its some chant of some sort?

Jordi: Perhaps, when we retrieve more information we will know....

Worf from the Bridge on Picards COM: Captain a romulan warship has just

Picard: Data, To the bridge.

Now on the Bridge:

Worf: They are ignoring our hailing and are powering up their weapons!

Riker: Red Alert!

Picard: Why here, why now? Perhaps they detected the signal of the time
capsule when we reactivated it?

Data: Quite possible

Worf: They are transmitting visuals...

Picard: On screen

Romulan high commander: Enterprise, we know you have retrieved the Borg
weapon, and we want you to send it to us now or be destroyed!

Picard moved his hand across his neck, indicated to worf to cut the sound of
the channel " Data, do you think that they may have mistaken the time
capsule as a borg weapon for some reason?"

Data: It is quite possible, since the romulans were monitoring the earth
while the borg attack started world war III and at that same time this time
capsule was launched and started sending out the signal. They may have
thought that this device was some kind of borg weapon! It does in fact
contain the vista, that was the Trojan horse that alowed the borg to start
the destruction on earth.

Picard: Worf, do we have any advantage over them?

Worf: Sir their ship is very heavily armed... if we engage in battle we will
probably perish but it will be an honorable death.

Picard: Worf enable communications "Romulan vessel, you leave us no other
option, as you know we humans care for life too much, if we give you what
you want
will you agree to leave us with no further hostilities?"

Romulan high commander: Agreed Enterprise, you are wise to acknowledge our

Picard: Jordi... listen carefully, I want you to transmit all of the Vista
code, DIRECTLY to their main computer.
They want it... THEY WILL HAVE IT!!!!


Worf: Shields, weapon systems, and life support are failing on the enemy

Picard: Now I have you where I want you, Jordi, beam them directly to cargo
bay 2, Worf get a security team over there at once!

After the crisis was over

Data: Captain, your strategy was intrguiging... how did you know that Vista
would disable the enemy warship?

Picard: Data, you forget that I love reading history. Vista has gone down in
history, as the most buggy badly written software of all times!
If it could start a world war and destroy a planet... it could surely
disable a warship :-)



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