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Windows PE - how to copy BCD ( sharing

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Old 09-27-2008

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Windows PE - how to copy BCD (

I work 2 days on my subject but really can ´t move forward. I would
appreciate very much if anyone could help me here.

If you want some background information on my problem, please read point 1.
Else go to point 2. to read my problem

1. Background Information

I ve bought a Toshiba M200 Tablet PC. The only problem is that this Notebook
hasn t got an internal DVD or CD Rom. Since external DVD drives only work if
they are from Toshiba and they are too expensive, I have to install Windows
Vista somehow else. I tried with USB Stick, but that doesnt matter anymore
now, because I ve tried a new method. I found an interesting homepage where a
Microsoft NET Developer explains his way of installing Vista on Toshiba M200
without a drive just by network connectivity. If you want to read more be
sure to check this link:

As him I am running a Windows XP Pro Computer and troughout a Network Cable
I want to install Vista on my notebook by booting it from a PXE Server.

I dont know if my following steps are right told as explained in the
homepage, but a little summary.

To be able to boot to a PXE Server, I had to install programms like TFTP32
a.s.o. Since I have to work on a Windows PE Environment and Windows XP
excludes Windows PE, I had to create Windows PE trough WAIK. That all worked.
Now continue to read my problem.


2. My problem

Trough Windows PE, which I created on my XP Pro Machine by Windows AIK and
ran Mircosoft Virtual PC to get Windows PE started. I followed all the
commands to create a BCD file specifically as explained in the article here:

I m currently at Step 3.

I have to copy the file created on Windows PE to my TFTP server, so my real
XP Pro PC.

As you can read in Step 3 the article says:

"Step 3 - Now I will copy the files created on my WinPE 2.0 VirtualPC to my
TFTP server (my technician computer). These steps may be different, depending
on your setup.
Run the following commands from the Vista/WinPE 2.0 computer. Substitute the
values in ALL CAPS with values for your environment.
TFTPCOMPUTER is the name of your computer running the tftp server.
SHARE is the name of a shared folder on your tftp server.
VALIDUSER is the name of a user on the TFTPCOMPUTER that has write access to

when prompted for a username, I enter: TFTPCOMPUTER\VALIDUSER
When prompted for a password, I enter the password for VALIDUSER

When the command completes, I now have the Y: drive mapped to my server
(technician computer). I run the following command from the WinPE 2.0
copy c:\BCD y:\tftpboot\boot"


I type in net use y:\\DESIGN\SHARE

Design is my name of my XP Pro Computer. But it doesnt work!!

The command says

System erro 67 has occured. The network name cannot be found.

I have to create a drive y, cause trough the drive y, I can install Vista on
PE to my laptop.

So how can I specify a drive y, and how can I copy the BCD file ( to my real XP Pro PC?

I red the Help on Windows AIK, to the Article:

Deloy an Image using PCE.

There I found an other command to copy the BCD file:

copy x:\BCD \\DESIGN\TFTPBoot\Boot

but the command says the following erro:

The network path was not found.

0 files were copied


Please remember I have to specify the y drive on Windows PE.

I have absolutely no idea what I can do. I asked on many forums, but no one
could help me on that.

One told me to use Drag&Drop to put the BCD file easily to my real XP Pro
Pc. But I only see on Windows PE the Command Panel and nothing else.

But if I could copy the BCD file and get to work, I still need
to specify the y: drive to be able to install VISTA on my laptop through
Windows PE.

Because later on I have to use the following command, after I have booted my
laptop trough Windows PE

From the target computer (running Windows PE), map a drive to your new share:

NET USE y: \\servername\sharename


Please please help me.


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