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Vista XP Chat on 6/5/07 setup

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Old 06-05-2007
Chad Harris

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Vista XP Chat on 6/5/07
Current chat room activity:

Connecting to chat service...

HKLM connected.

The Windows Expert Zone will be closed until our next scheduled chat.

Chat Topic: Windows XP and Windows Vista ExpertZone Chat


Mark: milo974 - are you sure you are spelling it right? I cannot find
anything like fiability or fiab in help/run

HKLM asked the experts: Do you all know why in XP you can change a shortcut
icon subbing a favicon or one of 2000 or so icons native to Vista or XP
(different each OS) but in Vista you can only exchange with a folder icon?

milo974: in vista , in fiability monitor, the index was 10 , now it is 7.52
and the system is slow only on startup (on the vista boot screen) , can you
help me please ?

milo974 asked the experts: in vista , in fiability monitor, the index was 10
, now it is 7.52 and the system is slow only on startup (on the vista boot
screen) , can you help me please ?

Mark asked the experts: Fred Nava - I have tried the "reset" folders option
mentioned in another help, we will see if that makes a difference.

HKLM asked the experts: Why does the MSFT recovery team seem to insist that
a Startup Repair can only fix Vista no boots when in fact I have used it on
different PCs hundreds of times to fix systemic serious broken vista
components. The name is very misleading?

SingaporeWebDesign: also, there should be a way to disable programs from
stealing focus (allowing them to come on top, but not focused) -

kurt asked the experts: where do I get an answer?I have been searching and
asking for over a month.The only answer I get is to buy Office.I do not need
Office for what I am working on

Shelley: Hi

seadog asked the experts: Well is there a start to SP1 for vista? Still so
many bugs . Sleep will not work is it a scsi problem or wireless mouse .

Jonathan asked the experts: Thank you. The questions is... I installed
office for Mac on my Mac, and the spell check won't work. I have tried
running the installation to install that particular feature, but it still
didn't work. Last time I needed to get a need product key.

Shelley: I know i'm in the wrong chat room

Shelley: but is there someone who can help me with MOSS 2007?

SingaporeWebDesign: Kurt - if you want Works in another language, you will
need to purchase that language version separately

artfudd: kurt... this chat was for XP & Vista operating system only..

SingaporeWebDesign: all right

Shelley: Is there a chat room for MOSS 2007?

Mark asked the experts: explorer feedback - when I change the setting of a
folder (i.e. switch to detail view) other folders seem to follow suite, even
when its set to remember them individually. But not always, it is

kurt: I have Vista

artfudd asked the experts: Will there be a copy of this chat posted

HKLM asked the experts: If there are about 300 OEM Named partners who sell
computers to millions of your end users, why is it that Dell is the only one
who ships a Vista DVD that has the Vista recovery tools on it. I'd like to
assume at the start here that the recovery partition
and the recovery DVDs don't work to fix Vista no boots or other systemic
serious problems like the Vista DVD's startup repair and serveral other
modalities can because that is the frequent ans. to this question. Is it not
true that the OEM VP @ MSCT Scott di Valerio forces the computer sellers in
a contract *NOT TO ship a DVD so MSFT can force the end user to buy one
after they spent one to four grand to buy the computer at a handsome markup
from your OEM pc selling partners?
Chat Topic: Open Peer-to-Peer Technical Chat in Progress

Jonathan: What is MOSS 2007?

Lance [MSFT] (Moderator): Thanks for posting questions today. Sorry we
didn't get a chance to answer all the questions you asked. Be sure to come
back on 6/26 so we can get to more of your questions!

Lance [MSFT] (Moderator):
Q: [45] Sleep mode - I read that Vista should be rebooted every few days
anyway, is sleep mode a viable option?

A: Yes, sleep mode is a viable option. Reboots only happen when either the
user initiates it, Windows/Microsoft Update, or a 3rd-party installation
requires it.

JoshSm [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [66] my modem burned out and i need to know what a part onside it is
called so i can get it replaced

A: If you need to replace your hardware you will need to remove it and see
what it was, if you want the exact same part to replace it. If you don't
feel comfortable removing the hardware yourself you can have a PC repair
shop do the repair for you. If you don't care about having a specific modem
then you can generally replace it with something similar.

To identify what the hardware is generally you can look at the part number
or model number that is silk screened onto the device. In rare occasions you
might have to do a search on the numbers on the main chip of the

Jeff V [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [67] Jeff, do you suggest that I install, unstall java? I can't use the
additional help at this time because of financial restraints.

A: You can attempt that and see if it works, yes.

Lance [MSFT] (Moderator):
Q: [64] hi, I am trying to get some help copying metatags to the background
of my website in microsoft publisher 2007. Can someone help me.

A: Hi Dr Singh, this ExpertZone chat is geared towards the Windows XP and
Windows Vista operating systems. We don't cover Office questions in this
chat, sorry!

ryansize [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [56] when I try to open the "connections of net " in the control panel,
nao appears nothing! when it would have to appear "local connection" at

A: You can also view the existing connection on your system by opening a
command prompt and typing 'ipconfig /all'. Do you see any adapters listed

Lance [MSFT] (Moderator): Five minutes left to this chat. Give the experts
some time to answer the remaining questions.

Jeff V [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [69] i duno if this sounds stupid but is there anyway i can update my
version of xp? windows update just updates my current version im on

A: You receive free updates through Windows Update to keep your system
patched, but Windows Update will not upgrade you to a new operating system
version (Vista, Windows 2003).

If you want to upgrade to Windows Vista, this website can help you:

Lance [MSFT] (Moderator):
I'm pretty sure we can't do that because of privacy policies. You can call
(800) MICROSOFT (642-7676) and ask for a licensing contact to see what can
be done. Sorry there's not much more I have on this one. :-( It's a bummer
to get your laptop stolen.


Fred Nava [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [13] How about a folder question? The games folder seems to reset its
settings, usually to whatever I have set a recent folder view to. I have
"remember each folders settings" turned on.

A: Hi Mark,

Jeff V [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [72] I am having trouble with microsoft office for Mac, but I couldn't
find a chat room corresponding to this topic. If their is one, could you
give me a link to it? and if there isn't, could you answer my questions?

A: This room is not equipped with experts to answer Office for Mac
questions. You can try asking your question, but there are no guarantees.
Your best bet, as always, is

Lance [MSFT] (Moderator):
Q: [38] Hi again,dose anyone know whetehr or not I can get Works 8.5 word
processor to understand any other language besides 4 types of English?

A: Kurt, we only answer questions regarding the operating systems, and not
other Microsoft products in this chat. Sorry for not responding sooner.

Fred Nava [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [13] How about a folder question? The games folder seems to reset its
settings, usually to whatever I have set a recent folder view to. I have
"remember each folders settings" turned on.

A: Hi Mark,

We've been seeing issues with our explorer template settings for different
folders. It's been difficult to nail down exactly where the problem lies.
Can you give me more details on how you repro your issue? That's the most
important thing we can get for this right now.


JoshSm [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [47] I have used the App Compat Toolkit to make old games work, is there
a way to automate the fix? Right now I have to open it, load the sdb file
and hit F5 to run

A: You should be able to use sdbinst.exe to add a permanent entry to fix old
apps. You should be able to find it with a search.

Lance [MSFT] (Moderator): We're out of time today. Please check back on 6/26
for our next scheduled chat.

Lance [MSFT] (Moderator): We're closing down the questions now.

ryansize [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [68] on vista, in performance and fiability, the index was : 10 ! Now it
is : 7.52 , vista is slow at startup; can you help me please ?

A: You should check for driver updates, then re-run the perf indexer.

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