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LPRemove.exe Causes LanguagePackSetup Error (EventID 1003) in Vista SP2 setup

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Old 07-30-2009

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LPRemove.exe Causes LanguagePackSetup Error (EventID 1003) in Vista SP2

When I run the Windows Event Viewer I find several errors with an Event
ID of 1003 related to the Windows Language Pack. Here is the pertinent

Source: LanguagePackSetup
Event ID: 1003
Task Category: Language Pack Setup CbsClient functionality
Description: CBS error 0x800f0825 reported while operating on UI
Language Pack for fr-FR

This error always seems to occcur about 15 minutes after Windows
startup at the same time that the LPRemove task is triggered to run in
Windows Task Scheduler.

I found some useful information on the Microsoft Technet (Optional
Component Setup Log Diagnoser at which
defines error code 0x800f0825 as "You are trying to uninstall a package
that was installed on the computer and is now permanent. Therefore, this
package cannot be uninstalled." This makes me suspect that LPRemove.exe
is trying to remove the French (France) language pack and fails every
time it runs.

I ran the Language Pack Installer Wizard (Lpsetup.exe) and when I
clicked "Remove languages" it only listed "English" (type MUI) as an
installed language so I cancelled the wizard. When I check the
factory-set languages in my Regional Settings (Start | Control Panel |
Regional and Language Options) the current language on both my Formats
and Administrative tabs is English (Canada) and the default input
languge is English (Canada)-US on the Keyboards and Languages tab
[although I have the option of changing my keyboard to English
(Canada)-Canadian French].

I checked the cbs.log and WindowsUpdate.log files but they weren't too
helpful since the earliest entries only date back to May of 2009 and
this error started occurring on my system back on 09-Feb-2009. However,
the cbs.log contains several references to the French language pack.
Here's a short exert from the cbs.log dated 26-May-2009 (the day I
installed SP2 for my Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS) which would seem to
indicate that the French (France) language pack was installed on my PC
at some point in time [i.e., parent state = 7, assuming I'm interpreting
the log correctly, which is a bit of a longshot :-)]. Other foreign
languages (well, foreign to me, e.g., de-DE) have a parent state = 0.


2009-05-26 13:52:24, Info CBS Appl: detectParent
(exact match): package: KB936330~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~fr-FR~,
parent state: 7
2009-05-26 13:52:27, Info CBS Appl: detect Parent,
Package: Package_16_for_KB948465~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~fr-FR~,
Disposition = 1003, VersionComp: 1, ServiceComp: 1, BuildComp: 1,
DistributionComp: 1, RevisionComp: 1, Exist: 1
2009-05-26 13:52:27, Info CBS Appl: Evaluating
package applicability for package
applicable state: 7


Here's the main question. Do I have a corrupt Language Pack
installation, or posssibly a corrupt LPRemove.exe file? If so, is there
some way that I can re-install the Windows Vista Language Pack (I found
KB942903 at
but it looks out of date) or is it safe just to delete the LPRemove task
in Task Scheduler?

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Old 07-31-2009

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Re: LPRemove.exe Causes LanguagePackSetup Error (EventID 1003) in Vista SP2

Further to yesterday's post, I just found hundreds of lpksetup log files
in my C:\Windows\Temp folder dating back to 04-May-2009. The attached
log lpksetup-20090504-184139-0.log (uploaded here as a .txt file) is the
first occurrance of this log and shows both the en-US and fr-FR language
being created at the start of execution and then an error at the bottom
stating "ERROR: Failed to InitiateChanges with hr = 800f0825" just after
fr-FR starts to initialize. Every single lpksetup log created since
then seems to have an almost identical wording (including the "PERF:
User cancelled current action!" message at the bottom).

I also noted that there are two subfolders in my C:\Windows\Temp
directory named en-US and fr-FR but not for any other languages.

I checked the update history in Windows Update and can't see any
updates installed on 04-May-2009 - just an installation of Internet
Explorer 8 and Update for Windows Vista (KB955430), both dated a week
earlier on 28-April-2009. I installed Java v. 6.13 and cleared my
browsing history in IE8 (Tools | Internet Options | Browsing History |
Delete all except InPrviate settings) on 03-May-2009 but I'm not sure
how that could cause a problem with the Windows Language Package.

|Filename: lpksetup-20090504-184139-0.txt |

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Old 08-02-2009

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Re: LPRemove.exe Causes LanguagePackSetup Error (EventID 1003) in Vista SP2

More info that may be useful:

I checked the Event Viewer and the first occurance of this Language
Pack error dates back to 12-Feb-2009 (although some of these logs are
overwritten and the error could have started before then). I checked my
Windows Update history and that happens to be the day after I installed
the Microsoft February 2009 updates for Windows Vista. There were 5
separate updates released in that bundle that all appeared to install
successfully. They are:

- Update for Windows Mail Junk E-mail Filter [February 2009]
- Update Rollup for ActiveX Killbits for Windows Vista (KB960715)
- Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista
- Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista (KB960544)
- Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - February 2009 (KB890830)

I checked all the Windows logs in Event Viewer for 11-Feb-2009 and I
didn`t see any obvious errors occuring while these updates were
installing (see attached file of Event Viewer summary log for Feb 10 to
14,2009). I do have this strange update named ``Module de prise en
charge linguistique Internet Explorer 8 fr-FR" (Mon Dieu, there`s that
French language again!) in my installed updates list which was added two
months later on 28-04-2009 when I upgraded from IE7 to IE8. This all
makes me wonder if the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool or
Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista
(KB961260) back on 11-Feb-2009 somehow corrupted my Language Pack

|Filename: Event Viewer Summary All Windows Logs Feb 10 to 14 2009.txt|

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Old 08-04-2009

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Re: LPRemove.exe Causes LanguagePackSetup Error (EventID 1003) inVista SP2
> This all
> makes me wonder if the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool or
> Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista
> (KB961260) back on 11-Feb-2009 somehow corrupted my Language Pack
> installation.

You might be interested to read the article I wrote a year ago to this
newsgroup about LPREMOVE and problems caused by it.

The title was:
LPREMOVE may cause repeating update installation hell

Conclusion in the old message:

So, my reading of this is that Vista's LPREMOVE task starts
automatically, and may cause serious trouble if it is interrupted by a

When interrupted by reboot (e.g. due to a reboot request by Windows
Update), the status of many updates may be left mixed, if LPREMOVE has
just changed their status. They can be left marked either uninstalled,
install in progress, installed or permanent. At the next reboot the
update system tries to reinstall all "half installed" updates, and
this may then break the things for good. As LPREMOVE did not ran into
end, it will then restart, and will again starts working language by
languagge the whole process.

So, when installing Vista, please be aware about LPREMOVE task and
that if it starts, you need to let it run into end before rebooting.
This can take 20-30 minutes, like it did for me.

I am not even sure if that task is really needed to be allowed to run
or not. It can also be manually removed by running the command:
lpremove /c
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