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Lost "Repair My Computer" Option in F8 Boot Advanced Startup Options Menu setup

Speedup My PC
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Old 05-12-2009

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Lost "Repair My Computer" Option in F8 Boot Advanced Startup Options Menu

I have the same problem!!!

Hello Guys

I have a one month old Toshiba Satellite. It turned out that a Service
or Startup kept making my system "Hang" at my Vista Welcome Screen or I
was only able to get to the desktop before it would freeze and the wheel
kept spinning, and a stupid Toshiba rep never gave me this option to
stop service or disable programs until I did it myself! Anyway I fixed
it by going to MSCONFIG and disabling all STARTUP programs (yes all) and
Stopping three Symantec related SERVICES.

Here is the issue now.... Up until yesterday (before I was able to
MSCONFIG myself out of the whole mess), upon pressing F8 repeatedly I
was always able to get to the "Advanced Boot Option", which till then
also gave me the option to "Repair My Computer" and hence Run Recovery
Options and other Restore options etc. etc., That first "Repair My
Computer" option has NOW mysteriously dissappeared from the F8 Advanced
Boot Menu and I cannot get to the option to "Reset to Factory Settings"
or any of those other options there. When I called Toshiba again to ask
them where the option went they told me since there is nothing wrong
with the computer anymore, I will not be offered that option until the
next time something goes wrong. :/?

I hate to say is but there seems something strangely inaccurate with
that statement. Nowhere in the Windows Help does it say that the the
Repair My Computer Options would not come up during "Peacetime." Windows
Help says if you it came installed on your computer you can get to it by
pressing F8. Can someone clarify whether what this rep told me is true?
I don't think my Boot partition is damaged. I could swear I saw some
other Options there in the "Repair My Computer" menu which could also
apply during "Peacetime" or hold true during an otherwise "trouble-free"
Is there another way for me to bring up this Repair Utility? (Pressing
0 / Zero or "C" didn't work either since I tried with the rep and we
couldn't find it in Setup Utility or by pressing F11)

[In addition I am unable to System Restore to any point before this
whole mess to see if that brings it up but that is another story ]

My system crashed again today and I was not given the option to "Repair
My System" by pressing F8 on startup.
The only options I got are
-Safe mode
-Safe mode with networking
-Start normally
-Enable bootlogging
-Disable 'Driver' ( signup
-something about VGA Resolution
-and a couple of other gobbledy-gunks but no "Repair My Computer"
option. That used to be the first one at the top on this list.

Since I am now back in my computer I am able to use the Toshiba Utility
"Recovery Disc Creator" on 3 DVDs so that is not the problem [although I
have not yet burned one ]. I'm just trying to figure out why I can't
get to the Pre-installed Recovery Options on my computer anymore. Kindly
Re-read my question and respond.

Again this is a new issue. Ever since my computer is up and running
again, for some reason I cannot find the "Repair My Computer" option on
the Advanced Boot Menu - it doesn't show at all while all the other
options still do. The tech said since there is nothing to fix it won't
show until next time it goes down (which actually it did again today but
that option no longer came up). somethings definitely wrong..
I'm going to try to burn the disc today and see if its successful. Any
pointers would be very very welcome as I am at wits end considering the
computer is only a month old :cry:
Is it possible that like the suggestion if my partition is corrupted I
won't be able to burn the DVD? I will try to do it today but I'm glad
someone mentioned that when burning the recovery DVD one should pick the
ability to restore partition if presented with the opportunity...I
certainly shall if it asks me!! Thanks for letting me know in advance

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Old 06-12-2009

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Re: Lost "Repair My Computer" Option in F8 Boot Advanced Startup Options Menu

Okay i have had a nightmare with the aik setups with wim on these new vista systems. One problem is without the repair computer option its useless.

If you know your recovery partition is still good and ur willing to REFORMAT the primary drive, heres what you can do to fix it.

Download a bootable linux distro e.g Ubuntu 9.04 Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu
burn this disc and boot to it.

make sure your main drive is choosen and right click on the smaller RECOVERY partition usually labelled RECOVERY. Choose Manage Flags, and choose boot. Once this is done your main OS drive WILL NOT BE BOOTABLE.

Restart and the recovery, if functional, WILL BOOT.

Recover the system erasing your data.

After this is done boot using the ubuntu disc again, and repeat as above, this time making the C:\ Drive or larger partition as bootable. reboot remove disc and voila, windows will finish installing.

I'm sure you can use another partition editor to change the boot or active flags, but i only use this specific one.

Good luck.

Last edited by brainfear : 06-12-2009 at 20:33.
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