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Optical I/O issues (Event ID 51) when flash memory is present hardware devices

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Old 05-05-2007

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Optical I/O issues (Event ID 51) when flash memory is present

I recently built an new machine for Vista (Home Premium).
As Newegg was out of stock on lite-on drives I ordered two Samsung SH-183L
These constantly gave me an error of:
Event ID: 51
"An error was detected on device \Device\CdRom1 during a paging operation."

After trying all of the below with the Samsung drives we wrote them off as
not compatible with Vista and went to the Hardware compatibility list.

The LH-20A1L was on it and the same spec as the samsung so we ordered two
The same thing, same error.

I email Lite-On technical support with the following letter AND called them.
I stumped them.

Microsoft Vista Home Premium Operating System.
Every time I insert blank media (Fuji DVD+R, Maxell DVD-R, TDK CD-R) It
generates and error in "Event Viewer", "Windows Logs", System" of: "An error
was detected on device \Device\CdRom1 during a paging operation."

On a fresh install of the OS on blank hard drives this problem presents
itself with MS Vista provided drivers and all vendor provided iterations.
Mainboard : Gigabyte 965P-DS3
Chipset : Intel P965
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 @ 1800 MHz
Physical Memory : 2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM )
Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 7900 GS
Hard Disk : ST3160023A (160 GB)
Hard Disk : GRAID (320 GB)
DVD-Rom Drive : LITE-ON DVDRW LH-20A1L ATA Device
DVD-Rom Drive : LITE-ON DVDRW LH-20A1L ATA Device
Network Card : Marvell Semiconductor (Was: Galileo Technology Ltd) Marvell
Semiconductor (Was: Galileo Technology Ltd)
Operating System : Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium Home Edition 6.00.6000
DirectX : Version 10.00
Windows Performance Index : 4.8

I have updated all drivers from what ships with MS Vista Home Premium 32 to
the most current for each chipset, tried the drives on each chipset and
checked at each point along the way to see if the error was eliminated. It is
I have tried both LH-20A1L drives on the Intel ICH8 SATA Controller, the SiI
3132 controller and the JMicron JMB36X controller with the same effect. This
is with both the MS supplied OS drivers and the most current drivers from
each manufacturer's site.

I have tried different SATA cable, Swapped out the power supply and
exchanged the Motherboard with no change in status.
If I do make a recording to a DVD+R, DVD-R or CD-R the OS or Nero will
report success with the burn but when you attempt to read the drive you get
critical errors in the system log of bad blocks or sectors.

The drives will read the same media that fails in these drives on this
machine provided that has had a recording made on it on another machine. It
will read pre-recorded DVDs (Data and Movies) and CDs (Data and Music)
I have also tried enabling AHCP on/of and PIO native Mode 3 support on/off
in each of the four possible configurations on the ICH8 ports to see if that
made any difference.
Problem still exists.
Firmware on these drives is BL01
These drives work without error in the same machine with Windows XP-SP2

I have also tired Firmware F10, F7 and F8 for the mainboard.
I have always used Lite-On drives and have never had an issue until this day
with any of them.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide. Should
you require additional information or have me take additional action please
don't hesitate to contact me.


Well this afternoon I called Lite-On back to let them know we had found the
cause of the issue.

We were testing these drives on similar machines built with Gigabyte, Asus
and Abit boards all using the ICH8 or ICH8R chipsets and were getting the
same results in all of them.

On one of the hardware swaps we removed the 2GB USB thumb drive from a back
USB port on one of the machines. We are using this as part of the build and
were going to include them for "Windows Readyboost" support.

Wouldn't you know it...
No thumb drive, No Readyboost, No problem.

We confirmed this on the other two machines on the bench. Remove the flash
device (effectively disabling Readyboost) and the IO errors went away and we
could write to the Optical drives without issue. We reinstalled the Samsung
drives and the same thing. Without Readyboost enabled the Optical drives
operated without issue.

With three difference machines, and three different SATA controller chipsets
and two different optical drives the problem was repeatable and directly
attributable to having readyboost enabled.

So... I am not saying we found a fix, only a possible cause to an issue.
If you are having problems with your ODDs on Vista and you have a flash
device installed with Readyboost enabled, you might want to try disabling
Readyboost and seeing if the problem goes away.


Using a Kingston 2GB "Kingston® DataTraveler® ReadyFlash" Thumb drive.
On the Gigabyte board it was plugged into a USB port directly attached to
the MB.
On the Asus and Abit boards it was on cabled add on ports.
At one point the thumb drive was installed in a card reader port using a USB
cabled interface on the Gigabyte board.

Just for amusement I tried installing a 2GB PQI SD-Flash card in the
internal (third party - CR-RW5201) card reader attached via cable to the
Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 MB. Same problem. Enable ready flash on the SD Card and
I/O errors occur. Remove SD card and problem goes away.

Only other point that might make this different from most PCs is that we are
using either the JMicron or SiI SATA controllers in a RAID1 configuration on
all of the PCs.
Not sure what this would have to do with Optical IO issues but on the other
hand never suspected ReadyBoost either.


We had disconnected the "MWAVE CR-RW5201 52 IN 1 BLACK USB 2.0 INTERNAL
MEMORY CARD READER & WRITER" when we re-installed vista. This was to prevent
the drive assignments from pre-empting the ODD drive ltr assignments.
When we were unplugging the Thumb-Drive with ReadyBoost enabled we were
re-booting between each removal.
The person who conducted the PQI SD flash test did so by inserting the SD
card into the reader, and then checking the system log for errors. They were
present on each insertion.
We decided to try expanding the possible configurations.
We moved the Reader to each of the three onboard USB interfaces on the MB.
On adding the device and booting there was no issue. Once we inserted any
flash media (SD, CF, SM) we would open the flash media (auto play explorer)
and then close the explorer window. We would then Open the ODD tray with the
blank media (in these tests a blank DVD+R disc) and then cancel out of the
auto-play window by using the close button. We would then refresh the system
logs and there would be 4 (4 consistently each time) Event ID: 51 errors.
Removal of the flash media (with rebooting) would not resolve the issue.
Once the flash media had been inserted the problem remained present.
Rebooting with the flash media in the reader had the same result. Any flash
media present and the I/O errors were there.
Once the flash media was removed and the PC re-booted the problem was not
We then tried thumb drives on wired direct usb port to each of the three
interfaces and the onboard ones as well. Same result. ANY flash media on a
USB interface would trigger the ODD I/O errors. Once inserted the problem
would remain present until we re-booted the PC.
We then tried using an external USB Card Reader (PQI branded part #
The addition of the reader to any USB port did not trigger the event.
Insertion of any flash media into the reader the I/O errors would re-appear.
They would remain even after the flash media was removed and/or the reader
was removed. This was both by just pulling the plug and using the safely
remove hardware interface first then unplugging.
So it would appear that this is more than just ReadyBoost related. It
appears to correlate to USB Flash memory on USB ports on ICH8 and ICH8R
We do not currently have a USB PCI or PCI-E card available to test with add
on usb controllers.
Hope this additional information proves helpful.
All of these tests were performed on the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Rev 3.3 MB
with Bios F10 and all of the latest drivers for JMicron, Intel ICH8 and SiI
controller chips and the Intel and MS/OS drivers for the
USB controller. (We tested each config with both the OS supplied and vendor
supplied USB drivers)
A full system report is available as a text file on request.


Today we secured the Rosewill RC-100 PCI USB card with a Via VT6212L Chipset.
This invokes a OS install of MS driver 6.0.6000.16386 dated 6/21/06

Attached Two different Kingston USB thumb drives, a Verbatim and a PNY unit
as well, all with same results of introducing an IO error on the optical
Also attached an internal USB Card Reader and any flash memory (CF, SD or
SM) introduces the same error.

Since we have now tried two different Motherboards, Two different USB
Chip-sets, Three different SATA Controllers and Two different brands (4 total
/ 2 of each brand) of Optical Disc Drives we are going to presume this is a
MS OS or supplied driver issue and will simply have to wait for a Hotfix to
address this.


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Old 05-24-2007

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Re: Optical I/O issues (Event ID 51) when flash memory is present

After a call to MS Technical support:

Computer, DVD RW Drive (X, Properties, Recording, Global Settings
Disabled "Automatically close the current UDF session when the disc is

Control Panel, System, Advanced System Settings (System
Properties>Advanced), Performance > Settings button, Performance
Options window, Virtual Memory section, Change Button, Virtual Memory
window, Custom size:
Set paging file size to
Initial Size = 1.5*Installed memory+ReadyBoost
Maximum Size = 2*Installed memory+ReadyBoost

These two changes did NOT make the warning go away in the Windows
System log, BUT...
I am now able to successfully burn a CD or DVD without getting bad
No explanation was given as to why this would resolve the issue.

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