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Driver Scanner

RE: ATIKMDAG.SYS hardware devices

Speedup My PC
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Old 05-04-2007

Posts: n/a

I have the same problem as you with Catalyst 7.4, and I use Windows Vista
Home Premium 32b with Peak Radeon X1950GT 512 MB GDD3.
How have You resolved the problem?
Thanks if you'll can help me.
Best Regards

"tomhyde2" wrote:

> Problem with ATIKMDAG.SYS
> ATI Radeon Kernel mode driver
> Vista Beta 2, build 5384, Asus P5WD2-Prem, ATI-X1900XTX
> Anyone have a solution?

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Old 05-05-2007
Lilo Lentz

Posts: n/a
Try this

"Laacagoia" <> skrev i meddelelsen
> Hi,
> I have the same problem as you with Catalyst 7.4, and I use Windows Vista
> Home Premium 32b with Peak Radeon X1950GT 512 MB GDD3.
> How have You resolved the problem?
> Thanks if you'll can help me.
> Best Regards
> snoopy
> "tomhyde2" wrote:
>> Problem with ATIKMDAG.SYS
>> ATI Radeon Kernel mode driver
>> Vista Beta 2, build 5384, Asus P5WD2-Prem, ATI-X1900XTX
>> Anyone have a solution?

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Old 05-05-2007

Posts: n/a
I saw that there are many user with the same problem with atikmdag. Almost I
can't config the thermal control of my video card, the Catalyst 7.4 on my
system haven't the option VPU recover, ATI Overclock. I have probed to
install ATITools and tried to configure some option but after the system
crashed. I removed the ATITools.
My system go well without ATi driver!!!! Wonderful but without 3d
acceleration, aero, and glass effect. You know if one patch is still in
progress to resolve these problem with ATi card?
Best Regards.

"Lilo Lentz" wrote:

> Try this
> "Laacagoia" <> skrev i meddelelsen
> >
> > Hi,
> > I have the same problem as you with Catalyst 7.4, and I use Windows Vista
> > Home Premium 32b with Peak Radeon X1950GT 512 MB GDD3.

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Old 08-30-2007

Posts: n/a

Ive recently built a new computer with vista 64Bit and Msi's new 2600
diamond plus card thinking wow this is gonna be a decent mid range
computer. ive had this thing for a week now and after countlessly
bouncing my head off the wall and locking myself in my computer room to
trouble shoot this atikmdag file stuff and after trying everything from
drivers to ati tools to rivatuner (btw area pain in the rear to get
working in vista even if you get it to) to control the fan speed because
that seems to be the issue here. when the fan needs to kick in my
favorite error pops up to tell me that another attempt has failed after
tirelessly trying everything i could think of i decided to take matters
in my own hands. what i did is not ment to be done in any way shape or
form by someone without the know how here it is im not gonna say 100%
its gonna work for you but if your up to it and you have the nads this
is what i did its really rather simple i took a old case fan with the 4
pin connector on it and cut the wire off the fan NOT THE PLUG you will
need the plug later
. next i unplugged the fan from the graphics card notice i said
UNPLUGGED. then i took the fan wires and cleaned off some insulation on
the ends and stuck those ends into the fan power (MATCH THE COLORS UP
BLACK to BLACK and RED to REDdont worry about that yellow wire on
there).connector(make sure you use some electrical tape so the wires
dont come out after that i plugged the 4 pin connector into any old plug
comming off the power supply returned the card to its rightfull place
double checked my work and powered the computer up (which was kinda
nerve recking) but waala fan was powered up to 100% and i was gamming
again with no crashes ive been throwing every game i can at it to see if
i can crash it and i cant. the reason i did it this was was 1 the cards
fan can allways be put back to normal whenever ati or microsoft whoever
feels its time to fix this issue 2. i dont like giant box fans sitting
next t my pretty new computer it looks tacky and there obnoxious 3 its
just fun for me to do stuff like this well any how this solved my
problem try it if you dare otherwise you may be like the nvidia guys
sitting around 6 months or whatever waiting on driver support good luck
if you attempt this its at your own risk peace:smile:

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Old 04-08-2008

Posts: n/a

::How to prevent “-Driver failed to respond “Atikmdag.sys, but has
recovered-” message.::
::First my systems specs:::
:ELL DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E4500, 2200 MHz::
::MB: Intel G33::
::Ram: DDR2 SDRAM Dual Channel 2 sticks at 1 gig each.::
::PSU: 300 watts::
::1 DVD drive::
::1 Floppy::
::2 SATA drives 500 – 200 gigs respectively::
::GPU: ATI HD 2600 XT, 512mb::
::Monitor: Dell E228WFP LCD Digital + Analog signals 22inch.::
::System: Vista Premium 32bit::
::AMD Athlon 64 3200+ custom made.::
::MB: Abit KN8::
::Ram: DDR3 DIM 1 stick at 2 gigs.::
::PSU: 450 watts::
::1 DVD drive::
::1 Floppy::
::1 SATA drive 200 gigs::
::1 IDE drive 100 gigs::
::GPU: Nvidia BFG 8600 GT, 512mb::
::Monitor: Gateway FPD1810 LCD Digital + Analog signals 19inch.::
::System: XP Professional 32bit::
::After a couple of weeks battling this error type, from viewing over
55 or so forums, and over 1000s posts and trying out some of the
following promising leads to fix this error:::
::1. Downloading and installing ONLY the ATI driver software.::
::2. Editing the registry.::
::3. Removing a stick of ram.::
::4. Trying a more powerful PSU.::
::5. Removing and replacing devices one at a time such as hard drive,
::6. Buying extra cooling fans.::
::7. Throw the dam ATI card into the trash bin.::
:id all of the above, except the seventh one, was not ready to give
up that easy!::
::Most posts that I have read from the ATI (RED TEAM) that it was not
there drivers causing this issue. In addition, Nvidia (GREEN TEAM) for
some Nvidia users has posted similar responses. Their remedy to fix this
problem was to remove one stick of ram, buy a new PSU, Buy a new
motherboard, or ‘what the heck buy a completely new PC’ LOL!::
::My Instructions are too long to post within this thread, therefore I
created a link to my instructions for those who are having crashes after
crashes and message pop ups, and cannot wait for ATI team members to
come out of their holes and fix this issue.::
::For those who are curious as to what my instructions did for me here
are the before and after results:::
::On my average day of computer time, I would receive about 20 blue
screens, 67 crashes, 111 ATIKMDAG.SYS message pop ups, all totaling up
to 198 reboots. ::
::NOTE: Not including (Catalyts Control Center) software package.::
::After doing my steps, I went from 20 blue screens down to zero, 67
crashes down to zero, 111 \"ATIKMDAG.SYS\" message pop ups down to zero,
with a total of zero reboots.::
::NOTE: Including (Catalyts Control Center) software package.::
::Your results will vary depending on your system, card, and driver
versions you pick and use within my instructions.::
::The instructions are found here: 'RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting'
::Note: I am keeping them up only for a week or two, therefore if you
are curious whether you will benefit from my instructions I suggest you
grab it before it is too late. You will also need Adobe Reader to view
them, which you can download and install on your own.::
::Assumption to the problem:::
::The ATI kernel driver is crashing because one or more of its relative
components are sending a false value sent by the video card, or by
DirectX 9/10 interface, thereby causing the kernel to crash.::
::This false value or data is sent after the signal of the LCD monitor
has changed, or when initializing DirectX 9/10 interface components and
or vice versa.::
::It is not a Vista problem, or an XP problem, nor a hardware
::Is it the drivers?::
::You betcha it is!::

::Conclusion to the problem:::
::To the (ATI (RED TEAM)) and (Nvidia (GREEN TEAM )) I hope you will
STOP cramming so much crap into these drivers just so you can save space
and a little time and money. As you can see what I had to go through
just to make these dam drivers work with my card. Instead of cramming
all drivers for all the cards into one package, you should have special
driver packages for a particular or similar card models. This also will
save time in debugging hard problems such as this type, because you will
not need to test every dam driver and or card model. A package such as
this is not destined to fit all, PERIOD.::
::I suggest both teams should look into this problem very deeply,
instead of guiding customers to false theory such as buying a new
powerful PSU. As you can see, my DELL has a 300-watt PSU throwing 22
amps at a +12 volt rating enough to run all my devices and more. This
annoying error and crashes also occurred in an XP system using a 450


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Old 04-11-2008

Posts: n/a

::Since my previous post, I have been helping coworkers, and neighbors
in modifying their drivers.::
::For those who have downloaded my instructions, and are still having
trouble making them work, try the following modification combination:::
::1.:: :ownload the 8.3 standalone driver package, and the full
package 7.6 from the ATI site.::
::2.:: ::When you have extracted both packages as in my instructions,
instead of coping two files from the 7.6 package, we are going to copy
all files EXCEPT the following:::


::3.:: ::Paste all files into the 8.3 directory.::
::4.:: ::Now install the drivers as you would normally.::
::Note: you can install the 7.6 (Catalyts Control Center) software
package if the modification works for you.::
::I have also tried this on my DELL and I am currently using it now,
the difference with this modification is that both the games that I had
previous mention had some minor issues, work fine now, however the game
Crysis although runs normal, does not run as smooth as it did with the
previous driver modification. But then again we cannot have it all.::
::For those who have laptops, I did a few of them using the following
::8.3 standalone driver package, and the old 7.4 package. Within the
old, package 7.4 copy ONLY the following files into the 8.3 directory:::
::This seems to work fine for the laptops I did.::
::This is my last post; I hope some of you got those drivers to work,
such as I did!::
::I am going to take a vacation now, and give my computer a rest since
it has been on for 3 weeks straight.::
::I encourage anyone NOT to give up; you will find a modification that
will work for you as I did, until ATI Team members get off their lazy
F#&*!@ A%$#& and do something about it.::
::Until then may the wind blow behind you always!::

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Old 04-13-2008

Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 1
doctorWHO is on a distinguished road
Thanks: 0
Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts
Same error here, but only in 3d gaming.
Running Windows Vista 64:asus m3a32mvp, 2x2gGskill, 750quad silencer(pcPower&Cooling), visiontek 3870(w/arctic cooling), coolermaster 690case8-120mm fans/1-80mmfan, amd 5000+X2(w/arctic cooling) Temps: cpu29/40, gpu32/48-62

I tried what your pdf described, but for me i used 7.11's, and the other two files from 7.12 the first drivers to support my card, and still got the error playing bioshock.....for me bioshock gives me the most errors of any other game i play. i can't get hl2 based games to freeze, Prey is rock solid maxed. Unreal Tournament 3 also freezes constantly, not nearly as bad as Bioshock but at least UT3 doesn't require rebooting the game. Bioshock completely locks and u lose your progress. Funny thing is UT3 and Bioshock are both Unreal Engine. Audiosurf also freezes only when u plop Antialiasing on 8x. At this point it is my mission to get stability in Bioshock, once that is complete i think my prob will be fixed. Wow this is an annoying problem....Still haven't tried what was suggested in your last post, any other tips hints or tricks would be greatly appreciated......
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Old 04-14-2008

Posts: n/a

::No ATIKMDAG.SYS message pop up driver packages:::
::Ok folks I know I said this previously that it will be my last post,
but there was something bothering me as to why some modifications of the
drivers worked and others did not.::
::After analyzing the driver packages, I came to the conclusion that
the start of the ATI driver bug begins with the 7.6 drivers. Doing
further study, I also realize that the old driver versions such as 7.3,
7.4 and 7.5 are the only drivers that are ATIKMDAG.SYS message free. I
used one of my old ATI cards with the above packages and no crashes,
blue screens and message pop ups occurred. However, I could not run some
of my games because the card was too old.::
::From this, I decided to convert a mixture of the 7.4, and 7.5 drivers
into recognizing my card ATI HD 2600 XT PCI-EX and newer cards that the
8.3 driver package recognizes.::
::The following are the results of these driver packages:::
::7.4 driver package:::
::1. Vista performance test pass.::
::2. No crashes, blue screens and ATIKMDAG.SYS message pop ups.::
::3. All games that I have previously mentioned in my instructions run
good, except the BIA still crashes occasionally on to the desktop with a
(General Protection Fault) message box.::
::4. When un-installing the drivers as soon as the driver is removed,
you will get a black screen, you then need to shutdown, or restart your
::7.5 driver package:::
:: 1. Vista performance test pass.::
::2. No crashes, blue screens and ATIKMDAG.SYS message pop ups.::
::3. All games that I have previously mentioned in my instructions run
good, except the game Crysis slow as crap. However, this can change by
setting medium and low graphic options.::
::4. When un-installing the driver removes normally.::
::Now for the driver package 7.4 mixed with 7.5 files:::
::1. Vista performance test pass.::
::2. No crashes, blue screens and ATIKMDAG.SYS message pop ups.::
::3. All games that I have previously mentioned in my instructions run
good, except Crysis still very slow in the introduction and main menu. I
would need to repeatedly press the [ESC] key and left mouse button to
pass the introduction and load my save game. Nevertheless, as soon as
the game loads whoosh fast as hell.::
::4. When un-installing the driver removes normally.::
::Now I am not going to say that the driver packages are going to work
with every card especially the newer cards. However, they do work with
mine and with some old and newer cards. Also, note that these drivers
are ONLY for Radeon type cards and no other type.::
::I would like to also point out that since these are old driver
versions, don’t expect to utilize the full graphics potential of your
card, since they do not support special graphic operations that your
card model may include.::
::I cannot stress this enough, if you are not going to follow the
directions in removing the current drivers you are using, DO NOT even
bother to install these older driver packages. I got a call last night
from a neighbor asking me as to why the 7.4 driver package crash her
system. I said did you remove the driver’s accordingly to my
instructions. She said, “Yes I used the Program and Features to remove
them!” I said did you go into safe mode and used the driver cleaner to
remove left over components? She said, “O, I forgot!” This is why you
must remove them as stated in my instructions, because the setup program
is not going to overwrite newer driver components already in your
system. If you don’t you will have a mixture of the old and new driver
components, which can crash your system or worse.::
::For Vista 64-bit users I am sorry, I did not create such a package,
since I am not using or ever going to use a 64-bit system again. I had
my fills with these 64-bit systems and I feel the extra 16-bit
processing power is not worth the headaches.::
::For those who are new and have not downloaded my instructions they
can be found here:::
::All must do the following steps as in my instructions before and
after installing the driver packages:::
::1.:: :o steps 1 – 9 to remove the drivers.::
::2.:: ::Install the drivers.::
::3.:: ::Then do steps 16 – 19.::
::Note: I am not going to reply to any comments whether positive or
negative, I did what I had to do in making my system run smooth until
the ATI team members fix these issues in their new release.::
::The driver packages, which are in WinRAR format, are located here:::
::Realize that these old driver packages are only here for 15 days, and
will be deleted after that, so get them while you can. Also, note you
can install the (Catalyst Control Center) software package version 7.6
which you can download from here:::
::'Previous Catalyst™ Display Drivers for Windows Vista (32 bit)'
::I have not tested the control center with driver package 7.4, so I do
not know if it will work.::
::Now I can rest!::

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Old 04-15-2008

Posts: n/a

No ATIKMDAG.SYS message pops up, Update:

Ok folks I have just deleted the driver packages and my instructions on
how to prevent the ATIKMDAG.SYS message pop ups.
A new breaking solution has just dawn on me after reading the previous
posts of these two members:
CATALYSTCATCHER, and SilverDev a fellow programmer.

As I stated in my first post and I will stick with it, is that I feel
that the problem is related to the monitor signal and the card and
drivers. I consider myself as an outcast compared to most of the posters
in this thread, which posted similar symptoms.
For me, my system would randomly and constantly crash along with the
ATIKMDAG.SYS message. I could not and I repeat could not do anything
with my system without crashing using the driver versions: 7.6 all the
way up to the 8.3 drivers.
If anyone is going to solve this problem, it is going to happen with a
system as mine. Why? Because as a programmer when a program crashes just
once in a while, it is hard to pinpoint the cause unless we actually
stumble into the problem.
If a program crashes sometimes, and then sometimes, constantly crashes,
then we have a program that can be easily debugged to pinpoint the
Now you guessed it, my system!

Here is the WONDERFUL BREAKING NEWS of my analysis:
I am currently using the FULL package of the Catalyst 8.3 driver
versions, that is right the FULL package mahahahahaha! Why am I
laughing? Because I am so overjoyed with excitement!
It has been now over 6hrs with no crashes, message pops ups, and guess
what? I am able to play with all the following games with no crashes
First my major crashing game Unreal Tournament followed by Brothers and
Arms and BIO Shock both also Unreal Engine game types, followed by
Crysis, O yeah!, Medal of Honor Airborne, Medieval Total Wars, Need for
Speed Blacklist, Need for speed Carbon, Call of Duty 4 and finally Tom
Clancys Rainbow Six Los Vegas.
I say, “Hit me Momma and wake me up!”

Now I bet you are wondering what I did to get this result? Here is what
I did, now mind you it is still in the testing mode, however since I
managed to bring my system to actually use these drivers without having
a dam crash, or pop up message, I believe it is a good clue into solving
this annoying problem.

1. Removed the drivers correctly accordingly to my previous post.
2. Shutdown the Monitor and System.
3. Disconnected the digital line from my Monitor and ATI card, leaving
the Analog connected.
4. Turn on the system, and booted into the BIOS, from within the BIOS I
disabled the Multithreading
5. Booted into Vista, then within my LCD Monitor display OSD menu, I
selected the DDC/CI option and selected the option Disabled. For those
that do not know what DDC/CI is let us say that it allows or prevents
any programs from changing the frequency signal of the monitor.
6. Installed the drivers 8.3 full with control center.
7. Rebooted my system.

OH DAMMIT! BAH! I know it is going to crash, just seen the dam random
dots on my desktop!
Oh well must follow my debugging instructions; Let me run the Vista
Performance test.
CRASH! Well I knew this was going to happen, Ok reboot system!

Back to the desktop, I go still random flashing dots!
Ok now it is time to do something else!

8. Double click the Catalyst control icon located at bottom right task
9. Selected (Advance) settings.
10. In the control center (Monitor Properties), (Attribute) section I
unchecked the (Use Extended Display Identification Data) box.

Now the following step is where I notice some changes:
11. In the Monitor (Adjustments) section I decided to place a check
mark in the (Composite synic) box.

As soon as I did that, my LCD display changed and was out of whack. Now
I did this because I know that if anything is going to happen it either
is going to be the same, better, or worse. I had nothing to lose.

After that I rebooted my system to make the changes take affect.
NO random dots appearing on my desktop? HMMM Seems as if I am getting
Ok time to adjust the monitor to reflect the change!
Within my LCD Monitor I selected the AUTO ADJUST
option. After a bit the monitor WALLA! Adjusted my display perfectly.

Now hmmmm, this seems familiar, reminds me of the good old days using
an Analog monitor!

Ok! Now it is time for a reboot!
Well folks after that reboot I have not seen one freaking little dot,
dark line, and the Vista performance test pass like a grass over my A@#.
There you go folks the start of a good chance of finding this no good,
disgusting aggravating nuisance of a crappy bug!

I will be posting later on when I make more changes, like setting the
Multitasking On.
I am not going to do anything now, because I am too happy to do
anything, and besides I want to enjoy my games.

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Old 04-15-2008

Posts: n/a

Just for the record folks: This DELL system is the first prebuilt system
I ever bought in my life, and if god willingness will be my last. I
always build my own systems, because I like to know what I have, but
since I am in a budget I had to either pick from buying a prebuilt
system, or build one from scratch. Since building a system would cost me
way over what I would pay for this crappy system, I decided to buy this
The first thing that went when I unpacked it was the operating system,
and the partitions. I like to install my own system; not having any crap
that I am not going to use is a waste.

As for the advice from ‘axmt’, about power management that is the first
place I go when I first install my systems. Yes, I have all set properly
for a desktop system.

Now for some results:
1. After my last post, my son and I ran the computer a total of 15hrs
from running programs to running the games. Result AOK.

2. Before I went to work, I enabled the multithreading feature, and ran
random image-creating program that I had made way back. This program
take 5 pictures that I have taken and will combine them into one then
the result into a file. I set the randomization to a total of 50, which
means it will create 50 images from several pictures before actually
the image. Now this program is a total CPU pig, if anything is going to
it is going to be with this program. Results FAILED.

3. After step 2, rebooted my system, ran Crysis. Results CRASH!

From the above results, we can say it is related to the following:
1. RAM
2. Monitor signal
3. Drivers

I am not upset with the results considering I am actually using the
drivers and the Control Center, with no constant crashes like I used to
get. I am very pleased with the results .

I am leaving the multithreading enabled and I am going to make more
changes, and will post the results later.


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