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Winload Error

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Old 02-28-2007

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Winload Error
Winload error upon booting causing system to stop booting and creating undue
stress on the Hard Disk Drive?

What is the worst thing to do to a Hard Drive?
Turning off the system instead of douing a proper Shutdown is right up

Everytime your system locks up and becomes unresponsive, it becomes
necessary to turn the system off without doing a proper shutdown.

As well, I am seeing Boot failures where the system comes to a black screen,
noting that the System has failed to Complete Loading due to a missing or
corrupt file...Winload...
Restart the system with the O/S DVD in the drive and run the "Repair"
This does not work, and there are no restore points available for use so
your only choice is to reload windows.

Each time you shut the PC off, not doing a "Shutdown" like we were always
told to do to prevent Premature Hard Disk failure, we are in fact causing
Such a Premature Failure.

Some posters here are playing coy, mostly denying having ever seen such a
situation, or stating that there is absolutely no way that software can
cause a hardware failure.

Here are some posts, from the Internet, many from our Beloved own
MVP's...cough, cough...acknowledging the Winload error that causes the
system to siop booting and in turn, making the user to shut off the system
instead of performing the Required "Shutdown" that we have always been told
we must do in order to prevent the "Premature Failure of the Disk Drive"

I found this on the Internet, so I am not the only one getting these errors
on Vista:

Original Message
Date: October 22, 2006 at 02:56:18 Pacific
Subject: Install error Winload.exe corrupt
OS: xp home
CPU/Ram: 1.5 /512
Manufacturer/Model: emachines

Greetings, I have attempted to install the RC1 that I d-loaded from
m-soft.I attempted to Install from cwhere the file is) to a different hd
{not a partition} to f:. I also used a DVD, burnt ISO Image, and attempted
install from it.Ihave always chose "New install" to f:. Anyway, the
Installation seems to go well, then, I always end up at the same place
"Winload exe error" I tried a couple different Googled fix's, to no avail.
From...Unplugging all USB Devices, to even copying old Winload exe's into
the Vista Boot File,each time, ending up with the same "Winload exe error"
Do I maybe need to partition c: then install on it? {not to a different hd
as I have}? Also, I cannot find the "Repair" that some Googled suggest to
"fix this"! Thanks -ez



Microsoft is heading for a well-earned disaster with this OS if
they do not
fix the dual boot installation problem. What's the chance of
this before the
January release date? Win XP has no problem installing on a
second hard drive
and getting all the information and location of the boot loader
correct but
Vista is a hit or miss fiasco-works for some but not for
everybody. I get
this error and can find no solution that works. I have installed
under WinXP,
installed from the DVD, changed the BIOS settings. I examine the
Vista Boot
loader in VistaBoot Pro and it seems to point to the correct
drive. I run the
repair function from the Vista DVD, it identifies the problem,
says it fixed
it but of course it did not. Does anyone no of any clear
troubleshooting for
this or is Vista just more Microsoft crippleware?

MVP's have written:

(Msg. 3) Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 7:09 pm
Post subject: Re: Winload.exe missing error in Dual Boot
Archived from groups: per prev. post (more info?)



Well, as Vista code is finalized, nothing more is going to
change. I've not
run into any issues in creating dual boots with Vista
setup, so you'll have
to be more specific as to what problem you are
encountering. What
configuration do you have? Where is XP or other OS
installed and where are
you trying to install Vista to? Which is the active
(system) partition? What
order are you trying to load the OS's in?

By the by, dual-booters are not the norm, and it certainly
will not be a
disaster if there is an issue with this scenario. It
simply would mean
people would have to use a third party solution.No
iteration of Windows and
its bootloader were ever designed for multiple booters,
though each
subsequent release would at least recognize and allow
booting of older
versions that were already installed.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP
Windows help -

Aparrantly, I am not the only one seeing these errors and
those in the Windows development group have to be aware of this situation
but still they say nothing.
How many times does a System need to fail to boot before
the drive begins to develop errors?

Windows Vista Beta Deployment and Imaging
0xc000000f missing or crupt winload.exe

Thread Starter: Nneuromancer Started: 25
Aug 2006 9:56 AM UTC Replies: 4

TechNet Forums » Windows Vista IT Pro
Beta » Windows Vista Beta Deployment and Imaging » 0xc000000f missing or
crupt winload.exe

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25 Aug 2006, 9:56 AM UTC

Posts 8
0xc000000f missing or crupt winload.exe
Was this post helpful ?

I have had vista for a bit now and in the
last few weeks it has been slower to boot, both on XP and the vista. last
night shutting down it took forever to restart so I could log in to xp for a
min. after sitting there long enuff I hit the rest button, did my business
on xp then back to vist. then I get the error 0Xc000000f windows faild to
boot, Windows\System32\winload.exe is crupt or missing. I tryed to use the
CD but I can't seem to boot from dvd on my computer (I installed it when I
was on XP as a dule boot) can I just download this file some where?

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06 Sep 2006, 6:03 PM UTC

Posts 2 Re: 0xc000000f missing or crupt
Was this post helpful ?

I have the same 0xc000000f msg. But it say
File:\$Windows-BT\Windows\System32\drivers\Imagedrv.SYS and I realy don't
know what to do. Any body can help??????


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13 Sep 2006, 6:44 PM UTC
Cullen D

Posts 91
Answer Re: 0xc000000f missing or crupt
Was this post helpful ?

From the vista DVD do the repair I believe
it is called and this should clear up your issues.

Vista Beta Tester, Moderator

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18 Sep 2006, 12:19 PM UTC

Posts 8 Re: 0xc000000f missing or crupt
Was this post helpful ?

Repair did not work, nor could it find any
Restore points. I gave up and reinstalled it. when I did I trayed to see if
it had auto restore to turn it on, and I only seen that it had to creat one.
Does Vista not have auto creat restore points?

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20 Sep 2006, 1:55 PM UTC

Posts 1
Re: 0xc000000f missing or crupt winload.exe
Was this post helpful ?

Vista does create auto restore points but
your failure happened before a restore point was automatically set. Vista
should be smarter and automatically create a restore point on the first
successful boot but it does not.

To fix this issue next time, boot to Vista
RE, select Command Prompt, type the following (anything inside the parens is
a comment):

C: (assumes the C drive is the default)

CD Boot


(look to see if the BCD file is missing - it
probably is.)

Bootrec /rebuildbcd

(Let the script run and it should rebuild
the BCD and the issue should be resolved)

Good Luck


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Windows Vista Beta Deployment and Imaging » 0xc000000f missing or crupt

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