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First File Copy or Move Does Not Work management

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Old 12-24-2007

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First File Copy or Move Does Not Work
Hello All,

I have a strange error with my copy of Vista. Whenever I reboot or log into
another user (after logging out), the first time I try to copy or move files,
it doesn't work. No response from the system, no error messages, no UAC
prompt, etc. - the system acts like it never happened (except that you can
see my HD led light thinking for a moment or two).

If I try to copy or move the file a second time, everything works fine and
continues to work fine until I reboot or log out. I've tried this multiple
ways, dragging and dropping, right-click drag and drop, and copy and paste -
all produce the same result.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to solve this problem? Thanks a bunch!
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Old 12-26-2007

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Re: First File Copy or Move Does Not Work

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for your reply. Oddly, I originally posted this in the
Microsoft discussion section and didn't see any replies there. I've
been a fan of Vistax64's tutorial section for a few weeks now, and was
just about to post here to ask the same question!

Granted the odd behavior I'm seeing doesn't cause any critical
problems, I just find it very strange (and, honestly, a bit annoying).
I turned off both sleep and HD shut-off features in the advanced power
settings, rebooted, and got the same result.

I did try a few different things, just to see if I could narrow down
what might be causing the issue. Here are things that I've done that
still produce the error after I try to move or copy files, and also all
the ways I've see the error manifest.

- The error happens when I first try to to move, copy or extract files
(from zips). I figured out that it occurs with extractions after I made
my original post.

- I can cause it by trying to copy/cut and paste. Interestingly, after
I copy/cut the paste option becomes available, but the first paste
doesn't register (even on a cut). I just have to hit ctrl-v a second
time. So I figure the file is at least moved as far as the clipboard.

- I can do with either a mouse or a keyboard. When I first noticed it
with the mouse, I thought I had just not dragged and dropped properly.
With the mouse the first drag and drop does not do anything, by either
right or left click techniques. When using a right-click technique, it
does not bring up the menu.

- The error happens in different user accounts, including new accounts
I've made and the bona fide Administrator account. Interestingly, when
I "switch users" (instead of logging out) into an account that is not
logged on, the error happens in the newly logged in user. When I switch
back to the previous user that is already logged in, the error is not
recreated. So I figure it must be something that has to do with
initializing either user settings or explorer.

- I can open Explorer windows, open files, look at file properties

- I can create new folders and text documents using the context menu
prior (I have not tried with a template, that say would be stored in
ShellNew, since I removed those from the registry).

- I can open a document in MS-Word and SaveAs to a new location prior.

Once I do the copy or move a second time, everything works fine until I
log off or restart the system. Its funny because it seems like when
explorer tries move/copy files, it says "Oh, you want to do that!?
Alright, try it again now."

On a long shot, I tried to see if services weren't starting, but task
manager wasn't very helpful in telling me how many services were
initially running or if one was recently turn on. No new processes were
started. The process DLLHOST.EXE, Description: "COM Surrogate," started
up for about 2 seconds after I successfully copied a file, but did not
during the first try when I get the error.

Thanks again,

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Old 12-26-2007

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Re: First File Copy or Move Does Not Work

Hi Jon,

Welcome to the Vista Forums. arty:

Well, this is definitely a system wide problem. I would try running a
*sfc /scannow* command to see if that can find and fix the problem for

If it does not, then you might consider doing a Repair install if you
have a Vista Express or Retail installation DVD. This will allow you to
repair your Vista installation without losing your files, settings, and



*There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not ask them.*
*Please post feedback to help others.*
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Old 12-26-2007

Posts: n/a
Re: First File Copy or Move Does Not Work

Seems like that might be it. The scan said that it found corrupted
files that it could not repair, and recorded the information in the
CBS.log. Do you know of a way to extract the names of the corrupted
files? My CBS.log seems a bit unwieldy at over 12,000 pages.

Luckily, this was a clean install off my retail copy, so I'll do a
repair install in the next few days. I also did some scans this week
and neither Avast, Defender, AdAware, or Spybot found any problems, so
hopefully it's not a infection problem that made it past all of them.
CheckDisk was clear as well.

Thanks again,

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