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Quicktime & RAID Issues? management

Speedup My PC
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Old 08-26-2007
Comcast Newsgroups

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Quicktime & RAID Issues?
Hi, a little system specs here first: I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate
32-bit on a brand new month old high end gaming PC with 500gb RAID 0 as
2x250gb drives. Before you get on me for lack of data redundancy, I also
have a 500gb external hard drive being regularly used for backups using
Ultimate's file backup and complete disk image backup too. My motherboard is
an Intel 975x based and CPU is a Q6600 Core 2 Quad. I have 2GB RAM
installed. My graphics card is a Nvidia 8800GTX.

I've been reading many stories about a problem with Apple's QuickTime and
Vista running in a RAID environment, causing disk array errors. I haven't
experienced any actual disk errors but I did uninstall QuickTime after
problems playing a MOV clip where it would stutter and hang. I actually had
to kill it via Task Manager to end the hang. I did a Google search and read
these scary stories so I uninstalled it before it could cause me to
potentially loose my array. I installed an alternate QuickTime player called
VLC media player and have no problems now playing MOV clips with that

Some stories blame anything from Apple to Microsoft to Nvidia motherboards
to Intel storage manager drivers, etc. I am running Intel Storage Manager.

I guess my question is if the problem "is actually" my RAID drivers, if I do
upgrade the Intel drivers and software will it blow away my drive data and
reload Vista from scratch? I know I could do a complete restore but that
will still be a pain and would it really be worth it? I would like to
actually run QuickTime but it also seems silly to redo everything just for
one media player when every other media player works fine without having
such an issue.

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Old 08-26-2007
Steve Mavronis

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Re: Quicktime & RAID Issues?
Sorry the from name field "Comcast Newsgroups" was wrong in my post above. I
corrected it here.

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Old 09-05-2007
Steve Mavronis

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Re: Quicktime & RAID Issues?
This "may" be the fix for QuickTime RAID errors in Vista in case it helps
other too. It may involve updating the Intel Matrix Storage software. See
this Cnet discussion link:

I'll post my question/concern here too before trying it in case any others
have be through this Intel storage update first: =eng

I really want to try this as a Quicktime fix since I have RAID 0. One
question though. I'm confused with Intel's ReadMe instructions. Do I install
this in Windows Vista as any other App or do I have to do the F6 boot
method? I have an Intel 975X based motherboard with 2 SATA drives. I don't
want any storage patch to cause me to lose my RAID array.

I'm a bit leary about doing anything that may make me redo my computer from
scratch if it is not needed. I do have an external hard drive that I'm doing
full disk image backups too using Vista Ultimate complete PC backup. But I
don't want to do an unexpected full system recovery unless I'm forced to by
a RAID array or drive failure.

Note - there is also a Microsoft hotfix being tested that is by request
only. It is QuickTime 7 related, although not sure if it fixes the RAID
corruption problem in Vista that I'm talking about or something else:


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Old 02-26-2008

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Re: Quicktime & RAID Issues?

Hi Steve,
I have also had problems with Quicktime but I am running a nVidia raid
5 array using the nVidia 680i chipset. This problem has given me heaps
of grief.

I noticed after I had done a BIOS update that the disk array was having
problems and occasionally needed to have a disk rebuilt. Initially I
could not work out what was causing the disk issues as it is a 24 * 7
media PC and only reboots after an update. I thought that it was a disk
failing but was unsure as it seemed to be different disks each time.

I installed the nVidia MediaShield software ( the Windows version of
the BIOS raid software ) and quickly worked out that Quicktime opening
MOV files sends one of the disks off line. I thought to my self "self, I
have seen this in the BIOS before I will just get the mediashield to do
a rebuild". Bzzzz It TOTALLY trashed the array.:cry:

I rebuild the box ( after working through the drama with MSoft restore
) and realised that every time I opened a MOV file with Quicktime , it
sends a disk off line, being a little dearing I attempted to do it while
a disk was already off line ( theoritically killing the array) but it
just reported the error and kept going. Eventually it had reported that
all of the disks had failed but by some fluke ( or poor coding ) it was
only the first disk that it maked as bad, the rest maintained the array.
Do not attempt this with your RAID 0 as there are not to many redundant

I have not found a fix but have found heaps of posts like yours but not
with intel only nVidia.

I am running a ASUS P5N32E SLI Plus, 3 * 320 Gb Segate SATA in Raid 5,
2Gb Ram with Vista x64 Ultimate.


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Old 03-02-2008

Posts: n/a
Re: Quicktime & RAID Issues?

Yay - Got a fix

Microsoft have beta released a fix for another bug and it also fixes
the nVidia Raid probem.

See KB932094 it is a subscribe patch so they send you an email to
download it.

No problems yet.......


Vista Ultimate x64
Intel 6420 Corsair Dominator 2Gb
Asus 7600GT Antec P180
4 * 320 SATA
Plus a mouse and Keyboard !
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Old 03-02-2008

Posts: n/a
Re: Quicktime & RAID Issues?

"clod" <> wrote in message
> Yay - Got a fix

What is the nVidia Raid probem?

When following up to a previous post, you don't need to include everything.
Snip out what's not relevant. But do include what is relevant. Some people
may have missed the original post.

Got Vista problems or questions?
Start here.

> Microsoft have beta released a fix for another bug and it also fixes
> the nVidia Raid probem.
> See KB932094 it is a subscribe patch so they send you an email to
> download it.
> No problems yet.......
> --
> clod
> Clod
> Vista Ultimate x64
> Intel 6420 Corsair Dominator 2Gb
> Asus 7600GT Antec P180
> 4 * 320 SATA
> Plus a mouse and Keyboard !

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