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Connection Drops/Slows To a Crawl


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Old 09-21-2009

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Connection Drops/Slows To a Crawl
First off, hello everyone. I just registered on the forums today. This seems like a good place to post my problem and possibly find a solution. [BigGrin]

Okay now, my computer is a Compaq Presario SR5710F desktop PC. Specs are as follows:

AMD 2.3GHz Dual Core
nForce 430 Network Adapter (factory)
3Mbps DSL (Phone Company)
Comtrend Modem
Belkin G Wireless Router

I am wired into the router, not connecting using wireless.

My problem is that every now and then my connection stops working. Typically it's after several hours of use (maybe 6 or 7 hours). But at times it can be only an hour or two. When it stops working the icon in the system tray shows the connection icon, it's the 2 monitor-like icons with a globe. It still says it's connected to "Local & Internet". However, if I let the connection sit for several minutes the connection changes to "Limited or No Connectivity".

It doesn't matter what I'm doing while online. I can leave my computer alone for a couple hours, come back, and it has dropped once. I can tell because my Yahoo! Messenger window is open. I close it to the system tray unless I need to open it for something. When the internet connection drops Yahoo! will actually get forced to sign out, but it reconnects.

That is, Yahoo! reconnects SOMETIMES. The connection drops don't always cause the "Limited or No Connectivity". It's quite random. The connection drops themselves are random for the most part.

Anyhow, I can duplicate the problem very easily. If I go to YouTube and watch two or three videos, whether they're 10 minutes long or 30-45 seconds long each, my connection bogs down. I can close Firefox and other internet applications, but it persists. After watching a few videos I ping Google (ping -t Typically my ping to Google is ~37ms. But after watching videos (YouTube or ANY video web site, and embedded video players) my ping to Google shoots up to 400ms+.

After my connection sits for a few minutes AFTER the slowdown, the ping to Google starts spiking to 1300ms+ quite often, then back to 300-700ms. Then after more time I start to receive "Request timed out." responses every so often. I get 2 or 3 timeouts in a row, then it picks the 300-700ms ping back up.

I have had this problem since the day I plugged the computer in straight out of the box. I have disabled IPv6, auto-tuning, messed with the DHCP BROADCAST flag and such, and every other trick that worked for people on the internet. I think I've actually read quite a few threads on this forum (via Google searches) about the problem.

Here's the thing. We have 2 other computers hooked up as well. One is a Vista laptop, connected using wireless. The other is a slightly older eMachines desktop with Windows XP Pro SP2 wired to the router. Neither of those computers has ANY problem whatsoever. We can watch YouTube all day long on those systems with no drops/slowdowns.

I have plugged my computer into the router, and the modem itself. I have power-cycled the router and modem. I have talked to my ISP, and they haven't experienced other customers with this issue before. I called HP support last night. The tech did a Remote Session, and found no problems. We made sure my NIC driver was up-to-date. I have also tried doing a rollback on the NIC driver.

I have also used another ethernet cable. I took my computer from where it is now to where the XP desktop sits. I used its ethernet cable, and ran into the exact same problem I have now.

I'm quite sure this is related to my issue in some way. I went to the Event Log, and I found numerous entries dating back to Aug. 30, 2009. I've had this problem since I got the computer, but 8/30 is the earliest date in my Event Log, no matter what category I look under. The majority of the entries look like this:

(This one is of type "Error")
The IP address lease for the Network Card with network address 001A2B3C4D5E has been denied by the DHCP server (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message).

The IP address for the Network Card is the correct IP, and the IP for the DHCP server is the correct IP as well. Several other entries look like this:

(This one is of type "Warning")
Your computer was not able to renew its address from the network (from the DHCP Server) for the Network Card with network address 001A2B3C4D5E. The following error occurred:
The operation was canceled by the user.. Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on its own from the network address (DHCP) server.

The second one mentions "canceled by the user". I don't know that I've ever canceled the request to renew my IP address. I hope this information is helpful. I've checked the IP Config with the command "ipconfig /all" and all the information matches that provided by "ipconfig /all" command on the Vista laptop and the XP Pro SP2 desktop, which are all on the same network I'm on. The DHCP server is the same for the XP desktop (the Vista laptop as it goes through the wireless router).

Is there anymore information that would be helpful? Sorry if I missed anything. I'd really appreciate any thoughts/comments/suggestions.
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Old 11-13-2009

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Re: Connection Drops/Slows To a Crawl

Firstly welcome to the forum and i must said that i read your post very deeply and found that this is the problem from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) end.

You can talk to your hosting, i am pretty sure they will sure help you out.
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