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  1. Video game newcomers eye more emotional range
  2. Microsoft, Samsung sign broad patent pact
  3. IT's Big Spenders
  4. Bill Gates sees tech revolution without limits
  5. German Bild publisher Springer hails digital age
  6. MySpace to test news service to boost ad revenue
  7. Imation to buy TDK brand in recording media
  8. Scientists Identify Genes Activated During Learning And Memory
  9. Microsoft aims to add 1 bln more users by 2015
  10. MySpace to test news service to boost ad revenue
  11. Word Vulnerability Compromised US State Dept.
  12. Hackers Invited To Crack Internet Voting
  13. The World's Longest Tunnel
  14. Bill Would Require Labels on Cloned Food
  15. Why are Websites Still Forcing People to Use IE?
  16. Details of Microsoft's Settlement With Iowa
  17. BlackBerry e-mail outage upsets White House, Wall St
  18. Hewlett-Packard keeps lead over Dell in PCs
  19. MySpace to test news service to boost ad revenue
  20. Details of Microsoft 's Settlement with Iowa
  21. Montana Says No to Real ID, Passes Law to Deny It
  22. iPhone on target for end of June launch, AT&T says
  23. Hewlett-Packard keeps lead over Dell in PCs
  24. "Smart Dust" to Explore Planets
  25. U.S. Soldiers Hate New High-Tech Gear
  26. Star Trek Shields Now a Possibility?
  27. A night without "CrackBerry": Curse or blessing?
  28. A night without "CrackBerry": Curse or blessing?
  29. Microsoft to pay up to $180 mln to settle Iowa suit
  30. MySQL Stored Procedure Programming
  31. Online Video Suddenly Gets Brainy
  32. Top 10 Internet Crimes of '06
  33. A night without "CrackBerry": Curse or blessing?
  34. Get up! No stalling! Virtual life coach is calling
  35. Browser Wars Declared Over?
  36. Get up! No stalling! Virtual life coach is calling
  37. NY Governor to Target Violent Video Games
  38. Marvel super trio playing at Sega
  39. Anti-Spam Suits and Booby-Trapped Motions
  40. Only 244 Genuine Windows Vista's Sold in China
  41. RIM says most BlackBerry service restored
  42. Linux Based Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Reviewed
  43. Fabric iPod controls and keyboards boost Eleksen
  44. Intel's Penryn Benchmarked
  45. Turbo Tax Melts Down on Tax Day
  46. Blackberry Network is Down
  47. RIM says BlackBerry service back for "most" users
  48. Violent video games "exhilarating escapism": survey
  49. MS Silverlight a Step Back For Linux Users
  50. RIM's BlackBerry system down: report
  51. Sony Fixes Problems With New DVDs
  52. Ontario Proposes School Cyber-Bullying Law
  53. Six-Dimensional Space-Time Theory
  54. Marvel super trio playing at Sega
  55. Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring Released
  56. Prior Art On Verizon Patents
  57. Participation on Web 2.0 sites remains weak
  58. Nintendo "Pokemon" U.S. presales top half a million
  59. Google To Add Presentations
  60. Vista For Forensic Investigators
  61. Chimps Evolved More Than Humans
  62. UK Man Convicted For Wi-Fi Piggybacking
  63. MS Releases New Media Player Firefox Plugin
  64. Interview With Mark Shuttleworth
  65. Canadian robot melds brain surgery, rocket science
  66. Google knocks Viacom tactics in piracy suit
  67. NY Attorney General Cuomo slams Verizon service
  68. Microsoft / Adobe Competition Heating Up
  69. Washington Bans Chemicals; Industry Freaks
  70. Google CEO knocks Viacom tactics in piracy suit
  71. Cable seeks tech solutions to expand bandwith
  72. Sirius CEO pitches US lawmakers again on XM merger
  73. Delete Cookies, Inflate Net Traffic Estimates
  74. Microsoft's 'Men in Black' Kill Florida Open Standards Legislation
  75. Affordable DX10 - GeForce 8600 GTS and 8600 GT
  76. Tellme launches new mobile search service
  77. Vonage Admits They Have No Workaround
  78. CS Programs Changing to Attract Women Students
  79. Sirius CEO repeats XM deal to yield lower prices
  80. Daylight Savings Time Puts Kid in Jail for 12 Days
  81. Schmidt Says YouTube 'Very Close' to Filtering System
  82. Intel's Linux-Powered Mobile Internet Device
  83. Wireless Email Patents Vs. Innovation
  84. Intel Set To Demo PRAM
  85. Sony may launch PS3 with larger hard disk capacity
  86. Sharp to launch advanced LCDs for mobile devices
  87. When the Alarm Clock Runs and Hides
  88. Intel says new chips about 40 pct faster
  89. Google says not encroaching on broadcasters
  90. NASA Probe Validates Einstein Within 1%
  91. Net Radio Appeal On Royalties Rejected
  92. MS Giving Exploit Writers Clues To Flaws
  93. Personal portals show the Web world what you watch
  94. Google says not encroaching on broadcasters
  95. Return of the Vinyl Album
  96. Firefox Usage Near 25% In Europe
  97. Intel Spills Beans On Santa Rosa Notebook Platform
  98. New Australian Laws To Censor Terror DVDs
  99. PC World's 20 Most Annoying Tech Products
  100. EA, Endemol to merge virtual reality and reality TV
  101. Chile says mobile phone antennas are urban eyesores
  102. Many Dead In Virginia Tech Shooting
  103. Canadian DMCA Coming This Spring
  104. Brain Tumor Vaccine Shows Promising Results
  105. BBC Ponders Another Games Industry Crash
  106. Java Generics and Collections
  107. Enforced Ads Coming to Flash Video Players
  108. Record High Frequency Achieved
  109. DNS Stressed From Financial Maneuverings
  110. Behavioral Search & Advertising On Its Way?
  111. Was Videogaming Better Back in the Day?
  112. Adobe player frees viewers to watch video offline
  113. Online marketplace for video and TV launched
  114. Nokia to start selling WiMAX phones in early '08
  115. Finnet says 3G phone sales good, but not packages
  116. Amazon Goes Web 2.0 Wild to Defend 1-Click Patent
  117. 6G iPod & Apple's Future
  118. Intel's Single Thread Acceleration
  119. $90,000 103in HDTV
  120. NC State Stands Up to RIAA
  121. MS Urges Antitrust Scuttling of DoubleClick Deal
  122. Nokia to start selling WiMAX phones in early '08
  123. Nokia, Samsung agree on joint mobile TV standards
  124. Brain Connection To Hypertension?
  125. Nanotech and Wireless Guard Against Earthquakes
  126. Adobe player frees viewers to watch video offline
  127. Online marketplace for video and TV launched
  128. TomTom launches new large-display product line
  129. Student Financial Aid Database Being Misused
  130. Google, Clear Channel in broad U.S. radio ads deal
  131. Adobe player frees viewers to watch video offline
  132. Samsung supporting both Blu-ray, HD DVD
  133. Google rivals urge antitrust scrutiny of deal
  134. Malaysian officials jam mobiles to frustrate spies
  135. Cheap Blood Clot Detection Device
  136. Norway Liberal Party Wants Legal File Sharing
  137. New Sony DVDs Not Working In Some Players
  138. A Symmetrical Cosmic Red Square
  139. SQL-Ledger Relicensed, Community Gagged
  140. Working Around Vista Apps' Incompatibilities
  141. Titanic's passenger list goes online
  142. Working Around Vista Apps Incompatibilities
  143. Critical Security Hole in Linux Wi-Fi
  144. Females Outnumber Males Online
  145. This is How We Catch You Downloading
  146. Are Mobile Phones Wiping Out Bees?
  147. Pieces of Titanic transformed into luxury watches
  148. HS Students Compete In FIRST Robotics Competition
  149. Fun and Profit With Obsolete Computers
  150. Donkey Kong Recreated Using 6,400 Post-it Notes
  151. Is DVORAK Gaining Traction Among Coders?
  152. Samsung aims for higher end of cheap phone mkt: CEO
  153. US, Asia, Europe Ceding Web Dominance
  154. Gary Kasparov Arrested Over Political Fight
  155. MS Requiring More Expensive Vista if Running Mac
  156. New Laws of Robotics Proposed for US Kill-Bots
  157. Mozilla and Google - Exchange Killers at last?
  158. Preparing for the Worst in IT
  159. Internet Blackout Threat for Music Thieves in AU
  160. Why Apple Delayed Leopard for the iPhone
  161. Harnessing High Altitude Wind Power
  162. Microsoft Pressures Testers After Software Leak
  163. Jumping to Conclusions on BIOS, Phoenix, and Windows
  164. 15-Year-Old Scams YouTube
  165. IRS To Go After eBay Sellers
  166. Blogger Spurs US Radio Host's Firing
  167. Mars Global Surveyor Died from Single Bad Command
  168. Jon Stewart, Lorne Michaels Come Out In Favour of YouTube
  169. Shaking a 275-ton Building
  170. Titanic's passenger list goes online
  171. National Projects Aim to Reboot the Internet
  172. Google buys DoubleClick for $3.1 Billion
  173. US Government IT Security 'Outstandingly Mediocre'
  174. Should Schools Block Sites Like Wikipedia?
  175. Google to pay $3.1 bln for DoubleClick ad business
  176. Intel may have upper hand in processor war, for now
  177. New Law Lets Data Centers Hide Power Usage
  178. Deep Impact Mission May Be Extended
  179. Samsung to Launch Dual Blu-ray HD DVD Player
  180. Game accessories strain relationships, decor
  181. Google to acquire DoubleClick for $3.1 billion
  182. Scientists Map DNA of Rhesus Monkeys
  183. Word 2007 Flaws Are Features, Not Bugs
  184. Can Web Apps Ever Truly Replace Desktop Apps?
  185. Democrats Appoint RIAA Shill For Convention
  186. Building Brainlike Computers
  187. Silicon Valley seeks to revamp wireless industry
  188. Getting High-Quality Audio From a PC
  189. Massive Spam Shot of "Storm Trojan"
  190. SCO Stock In Danger of Delisting, Again
  191. Net Neutrality Never Really Existed?
  192. Pieces of Titanic transformed into luxury watches
  193. Deadly virus phone threat causes Pakistan panic
  194. Photosynthesis May Rely On Quantum Effect
  195. Protected Memory Stick Easily Cracked
  196. Open Source Economics and Why IBM Is Winning
  197. RIMM's LEGO Machines Test Blackberry
  198. Nissan, NEC group in lithium-ion battery venture
  199. Luxury phones rival handmade watches for jet-set
  200. Pieces of Titanic transformed into luxury watches
  201. Broadcom files fraud complaint against Qualcomm
  202. Nokia says Qualcomm top user of Nokia patents
  203. Sri Lankan Terrorists Hack Satellite
  204. CentOS 5 Released
  205. Apple to Offer MGM Movies
  206. Nissan, NEC group in lithium-ion battery venture
  207. Apple delays new operating system
  208. Pieces of Titanic transformed into luxury watches
  209. "Spidey" gang back in game
  210. Brazil TAM airline takes off to Second Life skies
  211. Nokia says Qualcomm top user of Nokia patents
  212. New Solar Panel Design Traps More Light
  213. AMD Donates Servers to Groklaw
  214. Uncle Sam Earns C-minus Grade for PC Security
  215. Police Objecting to Tickets From Red-Light Cameras
  216. Apple Delays Leopard to October
  217. Apple delays new operating system
  218. Old-school games in "barcade" renaissance
  219. T. Rex Protein Analysis Supports Dinosaur-Bird Link
  220. The Fine Art of 'Boss Science'
  221. Thousands of White House E-mails Deleted
  222. A Review of the Top Four External Hard Drives
  223. Apple delays new operating system
  224. Brazil TAM airline takes off to Second Life skies
  225. DoD to Put Internet Router in Space
  226. National Intelligence Director Seeks Expansion of Spy Powers
  227. AACS Cracked Again
  228. Apple, Opera, and Mozilla Push For HTML5
  229. Boarding Pass Hacker Targets Bank of America
  230. IBM Heralds 3-D Chip Breakthrough
  231. AMD's New DRM
  232. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Dies At 84
  233. Old-school games in "barcade" renaissance
  234. Sony to discontinue lower capacity PlayStation 3
  235. Women don't click with Internet videos
  236. Qualcomm rejects Nokia offer in license dispute
  237. Neutrino Experiment Restores Standard Model Symmetry
  238. Truth Behind the ClearType/OpenSUSE FUD
  239. Google Earth Highlights Darfur
  240. .eu Domain Names Top 2.5M in Year One
  241. Sony says to sell ultra-thin OLED TVs this year
  242. Toshiba says to make large OLED color TVs by 2009
  243. MGM offering films at Apple's iTunes store
  244. Microsoft warns of 4 "critical" security holes
  245. The End is Nigh for XP
  246. Researchers Chill Mirror to Near Absolute Zero
  247. Xeroxing Personal Data From Your Browsing History
  248. Web Based Turbo Tax Disclosure Vulnerability Found
  249. Electrically Conductive Cement
  250. Intel Reveals the Future of the CPU-GPU War