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  1. After Record Plunge, Wall Street Seen Adding to Global Rout
  2. Scientists: Virginia Shark's Pup a 'Virgin Birth'
  3. Oct. 10, 1861: The Journey Begins for Nansen
  4. Flash and Awe: A Better Stun Grenade Protects the Good Guys
  5. Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker's Library
  6. 10 Hottest New Bike Gadgets for Gearheads
  7. New Chips Poised to Revolutionize Photography, Film
  8. ****-Friendly 'Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe' Feels Wrong Somehow
  9. Closing Roads Might Cut Congestion, Study Says
  10. Market Free Fall: 10 Depressing Facts
  11. How to Convert Vinyl LPs to MP3s
  12. The Loneliest Organism on Earth
  13. Video: Embryo's First 24 Hours
  14. Rufus Sewell Channels Brainy Biophysicist for 'Eleventh Hour'
  15. Palin Hacker Allegedly Involved in Another Computer Intrusion
  16. 2001 Meets Eraserhead in Flaming Lips' Martian Musical
  17. Apple Likely to Launch New Notebooks Next Week
  18. Rick Astley's MTV Award Hacked, With Pleasure
  19. Sony, Microsoft Virtual Communities to Start
  20. Photos: Is This the MacBook 'Brick'?
  21. Terminator: Gadgetry Salvation for Sarah Connor Chronicles
  22. IBM 3Q Profit a Positive Sign For Tech Sector
  23. What's Inside Orbit White Gum? Boiled Pine Sap!
  24. Scientists May Soon Outnumber Penguins at Earth's Poles
  25. Scientists Go for the Glow in Fluorescent Proteins
  26. Oct. 9, 2000: Ozone Hole Exposes Chilean City
  27. Show Us Your Company Gear
  28. Feds Start Moving on Net Security Hole
  29. Scouting the Blogs of Internet Icons
  30. Bailout Bill Rife With Tasty Green Pork
  31. Automate BitTorrent Downloads
  32. Google's Super Satellite Captures First Image
  33. How to Back Up Your Tumblr Blog
  34. MPAA, RealNetworks Smoking 'Illegal Substances'
  35. Whitman Sampler — Pick a Silicon Valley Exec for Treasury Secretary
  36. Opera Update Delivers Improved Mail, Syncing Tools
  37. YouTube Lets Commenters Hear Their Own Gibberish
  38. Video: Violent Wii Titles Woo Hard-Core Gamers
  39. Judge Renews Decision Barring Sale of DVD-Copying Software
  40. Mad Max Meets Cannonball Run in an Alt-Fuel Race to Vegas
  41. Tennessee Student Indicted for Hacking Palin E-Mail
  42. Air Force Will Fight Online, Without 'Cyber Command'
  43. Cell Illuminators Win Chemistry Nobel
  44. Kernell Indicted in Hacking of Palin's E-mail Account
  45. Hands On With The BlackBerry Storm
  46. Showdown: BlackBerry Storm VS. iPhone 3G
  47. The Cold, Hard Data of Soda Ice
  48. Steven Levy: Why the iPhone Is Almost Perfect
  49. Oct. 8, 1582: Nothing Happens ... in Catholic Lands
  50. Gallery: More Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Spaceships
  51. Alt Text: Bold Confessions of a Nerd-Party Candidate
  52. Florida Vote Surfaces Grave Problems One Month Before Elections
  53. IBM Researchers Put Test Project on iPhone App Store
  54. Report Warns U.S. Could Lose Space-Spy Dominance
  55. Control BitTorrent Downloads Remotely
  56. McCain and Obama Campaigns Call For Change In Debate Format
  57. Data-Mining for Terrorists Not 'Feasible,' DHS-Funded Study Finds
  58. U.N. Report Frames Biofuels for Rising Food Costs
  59. Review: 'Sonic Chronicles' Serves Up Best Sonic in Years
  60. Geode Tells Firefox Where You Are, What's Nearby
  61. Applying the eBay Model to Music Licensing
  62. Lenovo S10 — The Best Netbook We've Seen All Year
  63. Vote for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  64. Geode Firefox Add-on Will Tell Browser Where You Are
  65. Army Looks to Build World's Strongest Solar Array
  66. Google's 'Mail Goggles' Helps Stop Your Drunken E-Mail Rants
  67. Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded: Fair or Foul?
  68. Google's 'Mail Goggles' Combats Drunk Emailing
  69. 5 Reasons Not to Buy a DSi (And Why I Probably Will)
  70. Fruits of the Comcast-Plaxo Marriage: Fan Pages
  71. Video: Neil Gaiman Gives Away 'The Graveyard'
  72. Solar Goes From Gardens to Gigabucks
  73. Pimp My Pony: Gear for the Equestrian Commute
  74. Oct. 7, 1959: Luna 3's Images From the Dark Side
  75. Gallery: Inside Secretive New Solar-Tech Factory
  76. Clive Thompson: Why Veteran Visionaries Will Save the World
  77. Meteoroid Predicted to Burn Up in Earth's Atmosphere Tonight
  78. Goliath Beats Davids for Pentagon Power Prize
  79. Fring Turns Your iPhone Into a Free Skype Phone
  80. Judge's Secret Decision Blocks Sale of DVD-Copying Software
  81. How to Understand the Financial Crisis
  82. Is the Cheapest Genome Sequence Ever for Real?
  83. Toy Robot Intended to Save Humans From Evil
  84. Tune-Deaf Scott Brown Opens Pandora's Jukebox
  85. Who Should Win the Nobel for Physics?
  86. Sega Getting Back into the Hardware Game
  87. Wall Street Tumbles Amid Global Sell-off
  89. The Clone Wars" TV series: Better Than Expected, Still Not Great
  90. 3 European Scientists Share Nobel Medicine Prize
  91. Wall Street Set to Follow Global Sell-Off
  92. European, Asian Markets Plunge on Crisis Fear
  93. Photo Contest: Motion
  94. Top 10 Fall Photos, Decided by You
  95. Top 10 Fall Photos, Decided by Us
  96. Oct. 6, 1956: Sabin Polio Vaccine Ready to Test
  97. Convert Your Car to a Plug-in Hybrid
  98. Games Without Frontiers: 'Pure' Shows Off Fun of 'Artistic' Physics
  99. Plug-In Hybrids Aren't Coming They're Here
  100. Weird Al: Forefather of the YouTube Spoof
  101. 'Truthiness' Could Swing Stephen Colbert Into Marvel White House
  102. Supremes Mull Whether Bad Databases Make for Illegal Searches
  103. Will ParanoidLinux Protect the Truly Paranoid?
  104. Air Force's New 'Killer Zombie' Drone
  105. Maine To Skip Vista, Go Directly To Windows 7
  106. 'Columbia' Astronaut's Diary Goes on Display
  107. Amazon Kindle 2 Leaked, Sony Reader To Get Touch Screen
  108. Microsoft Treating "Windows-Only" As Open Source
  109. CERN Launches Huge LHC Computing Grid
  110. Motorola To Hire 300 Android Developers
  111. Was the Yahoo-Google Deal a Ploy To Weaken Yahoo?
  112. MediaDefender's Parent Company Joins P2P Market
  113. Easy, Reliable Distributed Storage and Backup?
  114. 6.7 Meter Telescope To Capture 30 Terabytes Per Night
  115. Instant Suburb of Prefabs Hits New York
  116. Norwegian Standards Body Members Resign Over OOXML
  117. e1000e Bug Squashed — Linux Kernel Patch Released
  118. Future Sony MMOs Will Be On Consoles
  119. Review: 'Clone Wars' TV Series Packs Action, Kiddy Humor
  120. Q&A: Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway Talks DSi, Club Nintendo
  121. Apple Reluctantly Tries Out Transparency
  122. Top 5 Cellphone Busts of 2008
  123. Nokia Launches Its 5800 XpressMusic Phone
  124. Oregon Judge Says RIAA Made 'Honest Mistake,' Allows Subpoena
  125. How to Hack Your Apple TV With Boxee
  126. Sci-Fi 'Sanctuary' Makes Leap From Web to TV
  127. The World's Top 12 Aviation Innovations
  128. Python 2.6 to Smooth the Way for 3.0, Coming Next Month
  129. Federal Charges Filed Against Alleged Cyber Peeping Tom
  130. Fiction or Fiction: IP Piracy Cost 750,000 American Jobs
  131. 'Citizen Journalist' Could Face Prison for Fake Jobs Story
  132. iPhone Antitrust and Computer Fraud Claims Upheld
  133. Seeing With Your Skin?
  134. US House Adopts New Third-Party Web Site Rules
  135. How To Kill an Open Source Project With New Funding
  136. Legal Crackdown Jams Michael Moore's 'Slacker Uprising'
  137. Fossett Identification Rests on Sliver of Bone
  138. Prototype JavaScript Framework for Beginners
  139. Michael Robertson Sued Over Missing Linspire Cash
  140. Uncle Sam Opens His Wallet For Amtrak
  141. Ubuntu 'Intrepid Ibex' Beta Delivers Improved UI, New Features
  142. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spawns Real-life Car
  143. Picasa For Linux 3.0 Brings Better Photo Management to Free OS
  144. US House Adopts New Third-Party Web Site Rules
  145. Replacing Fiber With 10 Gigabit/Second Wireless
  146. Sony Targets College Students With New E-Book Reader
  147. How To Kill an Open Source Project With New Funding
  148. Congress Clears Hotly Contested Bailout Bill
  149. Replacing Fiber With 10 Gigabit/Second Wireless
  150. Sound Bites of the 1908 Presidential Candidates
  151. An Open Source Legal Breakthrough
  152. Can Static Electricity Generate Votes?
  153. Mad Men With an Ad Man: Optimedia Edition
  154. Facebook Finds Grass Greener In Ireland
  155. House Schedules Second 'Rescue Plan' Vote Today
  156. How Do I Talk To 4th Graders About IT?
  157. MS Reportedly Adds 6 Months of Vista Downgrade
  158. Fossett Slammed into a Mountain: Search Official
  159. Judge Suppresses Report On Voting Systems
  160. Linux Rescues Battery Life On Vista Notebooks From Dell
  161. Weird Al To Release Songs As He Records Them
  162. 16th World Computer Chess Championship In Progress
  163. Photographer Awarded TED Prize for Work on War, Disease
  164. Oct. 3, 1947: Birth of Palomar's 'Giant Eye'
  165. My Paparazzo: Hiring a Stalker Is Easy
  166. Genetic Tweak Could Let Toxic Soil Feed Millions
  167. Assembling Internet Images Into a Garden of Webly Delights
  168. South Korea's Free Computer Game Business Model Hits the US
  169. Cell Chip Coming To the PC Via a PCI Express Card
  170. No Space **** (For Now)
  171. Plug-in Hybrids May Not Go Mainstream, Toyota Says
  172. How Kernel Hackers Boosted the Speed of Desktop Linux
  173. Looming Royalty Decision Threatens iTunes Store, Apple Hints
  174. Ultrasound Machine Ages Wine
  175. The Pirate Bay – "Just a Very Large Hobby"
  176. Researchers Re-Examine Second Law of Thermodynamics
  177. Skype Messages Monitored In China
  178. Now Google's CAPTCHA Is Broken
  179. New Nintendo DSi Announced
  180. 'Star Trek' Writers Brace for Impact
  181. Review: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Strikes Sweet Chord
  182. Richard Branson Wants to Help Science Save Earth
  183. Can Static Electricity Generate Votes?
  184. Cell Chip Coming To the PC Via a PCI Express Card
  185. Apple iTunes Lives Another Day
  186. How to Handle XML Data in PHP
  187. Cell Chip Coming To the PC Via a PCI Express Card
  188. Eight Geeky Questions For Biden and Palin
  189. Free GIMP 2.6 Image Editor Looks, Behaves More Like Photoshop
  190. How Geeks Use Google Earth to Track Fossett
  191. Chinese Skype Software Secretly Logs Political Chat Messages
  192. How the Telescope Changed Our Minds
  193. How to Photograph the Stars
  194. High-Tech Analysis May Obscure VP Debate
  195. Mobile Dirty-Bomb Detectors Patrolling in New Jersey
  196. Plug-in Hybrids May Not Go Mainstream, Toyota Says
  197. How Kernel Hackers Boosted the Speed of Desktop Linux
  198. A New Insight Brings Hybrids to the Masses
  199. Darpa Kills Shape-Shifting, Supersonic Bomber
  200. Ultrasound Machine Ages Wine
  201. Ambulances, Cop Cars Ready to Rumble
  202. McCain's Long, Brutal History of Opposing Sensible Broadband Rules
  203. Bill Proposes Privacy for Americans' Laptops at Border
  204. The Pirate Bay &ndash "Just a Very Large Hobby"
  205. Researchers Re-Examine Second Law of Thermodynamics
  206. Skype Messages Monitored In China
  207. Nintendo Beefs Up DS Lite's Digital Reach
  208. Stocks Decline on Unemployment, Factory Reports
  209. Now Google's CAPTCHA Is Broken
  210. New Nintendo DSi Announced
  211. Plane Wreckage of Adventurer Fossett in Sierra Nevada Mountains
  212. Cheaper Car Insurance For Gamers
  213. Schneier On Scareware Vendor Lawsuits
  214. Outsourcing Aids Many Data thefts, Verizon Says
  215. Schneier on Scareware Vendor Lawsuits
  216. House Girds For Second Try on Financial Rescue
  217. Toxic Fumes From MacBooks?
  218. Hikers May Have Found Fossett Items
  219. Sysadmin Steals Almost 20,000 Pieces Of Computer Equipment
  220. Credit Card Security Standard Issued
  221. Advanced Excel for Scientific Data Analysis
  222. Man Uses Remote Logon To Help Find Laptop Thief
  223. The Telescope: 400 Years and Counting
  224. Security Matters: The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Terrorists
  225. Gallery: Giants of Earth and Space
  226. A Stellar History: The Telescope Turns 400
  227. A Simple Plan to ID Every Creature on Earth
  228. Hikers May Have Found Fossett Items
  229. Show Us Your Favorite Telescope Photos
  230. Senate Passes $700B 'Sweetened' Rescue Package
  231. The Extremely Large Future of the Telescope
  232. Multitouch Is Unlikely to Be a Big Hit on Notebooks
  233. Lamborghini's 'New World' May Be a Hybrid
  234. Spammers Targeting Microsoft's Revised CAPTCHA
  235. Toshiba Battery Charges In 10 Minutes
  236. Senate's Bailout Measure Insures Bank Deposits of the Wealthy
  237. Senate Leaders Move Ahead, Despite Voter Calls and Outrage Online
  238. First Impressions: 'LittleBigPlanet' Is Ever-Expanding World of Wonder
  239. Video Gallery: Top 10 User-Created 'LittleBigPlanet' Adventures
  240. How Big Should My Swap Partition Be?
  241. How to Stop a Fixed-Gear Bicycle
  242. Vint Cerf Says It's Every Machine For Itself
  243. Hiker Finds Fossett's Pilot ID in California Hinterland
  244. McCain Drives a Chick Car; at Least Palin's Ride Is Cool
  245. Why You Should Worry About 'Clickjacking' Web Attacks
  246. Google, Circa 2001
  247. Apple Abandons iPhone Developer NDA
  248. Facebook's New iPhone App Gets It Right
  249. YouTuber Bo Burnham Sets Sights on Judd Apatow Movie
  250. Ford Releases Flash of Genius 2: Damage Control