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  1. Mysterious Anti-Obama Text Spam Slams Cellphones
  2. Review: 'Wii Music' Puts Improv Before Gameplay
  3. How to Speed Read
  4. TSA Rules Hassle Owners of Small Aircraft
  5. Should You Trust an Internet Radio Alarm Clock?
  6. Imagine RIAA, MPAA in Control of Handbag Industry
  7. Supersonic Jet Car Targets 1,000 MPH
  8. Yahoo's Inquisitor Search Tool Now Works With Firefox, IE
  9. Firefox Adds Experimental Gesture Support for New MacBooks
  10. Evidence in MySpace's Code Suggests OpenID Support Coming Soon
  11. Exclusive: Russian Coder Says He Hacked Georgia Sites in Cyberwar
  12. Comcast Broadband Promises 5-Minute Movie Downloads
  13. Scott Brown on Facebook Friendonomics
  14. Feds to Take Over Airline Watch Lists in 2009
  15. Retooled Foods Trick Dieters Into Feeling Full
  16. Gallery: The Best in Dead and Dying iPod Killers
  17. Oct. 23, 2001: Now Hear This ... The iPod Arrives
  18. Raising the Genius Bar: 7 Years of iPod Evolution
  19. Show Us Your Favorite Portable Music Player
  20. Shake Your Maracas With Retro-Classic Wii Game
  21. Will the Economy Kill 'Free' on the Internet?
  22. IT Pros Irked by Lack of FireWire on MacBooks
  23. Obamanauts Work to Turn Florida's Space Coast Blue
  24. Ruf's Electric Porsche Hits the Road, Slowly
  25. How to Do Donuts
  26. Free Bird: The Inside Story of Zippo's iPhone App
  27. Darpa Wants to See Inside Your House — From the Outside
  28. BlackBerry Bold Comes to AT&T Finally
  29. 20-Somethings Take On $50 Billion Counterfeit-Drug Biz
  30. Mashup Maps Craigslist Sex Fiends
  31. Reply to Annoying E-Mail Faster With Gmail's 'Canned Responses'
  32. McCain Campaign Rejects Jihadist's Web Endorsement
  33. What Facebook and Steroid Use Have in Common
  34. Gallery: Take an X-Ray With Your Office Sticky Tape
  35. Web Design at 65 MPH: A Family of Web Workers Hits the Road
  36. ACLU Assails 100-Mile Border Zone as 'Constitution-Free'
  37. New 'Watchmen,' 'Friday the 13th' Footage Lights Up Scream Awards
  38. The Viper Is Dead. Long Live the Challenger SRT10
  39. The Autopia WTF? Art-Car Photo Caption Contest
  40. Samsung Drops Bid to Acquire SanDisk
  41. T-Minus Nothing: T-Mobile G1 On Sale Now
  42. Apple Has 'Interesting Ideas' for a Netbook, But Isn't Ready
  43. Wanted: Tech-Savvy, Policy Fluent to Debate McCain's Platform
  44. E.O. Wilson Returns to the Hive With Superorganism Tome
  45. Gallery: Top 10 Motion Photos, Decided by Us
  46. Oct. 22, 1938: Xerox This
  47. Pyro Geek Hobbyists Experiment With Homebrew Rockets
  48. Rocketeers Pack Tech Muscle Into Model
  49. Photo Contest: Yellow
  50. Jobs Declares Apple the Third-Largest Phone Supplier
  51. Contest: Make Art From Starbucks Junk
  52. Startup Turns CO2 Into Fuel
  53. U.S. Identity Theft Convictions Up 26 Percent, Feds Say
  54. Want a Chimp? Endangered Animals for Sale Online
  55. Google Delivers Android Mobile OS to Developers
  56. The Internet as Confessional at PopTech
  57. Video Podcast No. 8: Huge Toys for High-Tech Quake Survival
  58. New MacBook, MacBook Pro Have Super Speed, Foxy Facades
  59. Sirius Subscribers Lose NBA Programming Following XM Merger
  60. Get Started With Dojo
  61. Analysts Point to Display Sales, Search for Yahoo Cuts
  62. Review: Animated 'Spaceballs' Lacks Force of Laughs
  63. Report: Operatives Will Use Internet to Suppress the Vote
  64. All-Electric Mini Unveiled
  65. Former **** Cheerleader Defies RIAA Over $7,400 File Sharing Tab
  66. Dropping 'Heroes' Dead Weight Could Shock Show Out of Slump
  67. How to Take Bokeh Photographs
  68. 5 U.S. Earthquake Hot Spots Beyond California
  69. California Is Due for Katrina-Style Disaster
  70. Gallery: 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in U.S. History
  71. Gallery: Historic Photos Foretell Future Quake Damage
  72. Miley Cyrus Hacker Raided by FBI
  73. Oct. 21, 1879: Edison Gets the Bright Light Right
  74. The Future of Food: How Science Will Solve the Next Global Crises
  75. PopTech: American Dream a Biological Impossibility, Neuroscientist Says
  76. Who Wants to Be Obama's Chief Technology Officer?
  77. LaLa: How Does 10 Cents Per Song Strike You
  78. The Alt-Fuel Race Cars of 2025
  79. Former DOJ Prosecutor Joins Defense in MySpace Suicide Case
  80. RIM Could Rot With the Economy
  81. Learn to Profit From Piracy at PopTech
  82. Fate of America's First Bullet Train Rests With California Voters
  83. Real-Life Pac-Man Plays Out in the Streets of Portland
  84. Pop!Tech: Machine Therapist Bonds With Her Blender
  85. Headaches Continue at Gmail, New Outages Reported
  86. U.S.-Iraq Deal Could Mean Jail Time for Contractors
  87. Six Apart CEO: Down Economy Boosts Blogging
  88. Gallery: Ironman Triathlon Tests Limits of Human 2.0
  89. A $110,000 Motorcycle as Ugly as It Is Expensive
  90. Note to Next President: Modern-Day WPA Will Save the Economy
  91. Oct. 20, 1984: An Aquarium for the Ages Opens
  92. Gallery: Under the Surface at Monterey Bay Aquarium
  93. 'Quantum of Solace' Reviews Unveil Dark Adventure
  94. Location-Based Dating: Not New, Still Creepy?
  95. Big-Screen 'G.I. Joe' Completes Basic Training
  96. Afghanistan Diary: Unleash the Puppies of War!
  97. House Republican Resurrects 'Joe McCarthy's Ghost'
  98. Future Planes, Cars May Be Made of 'Buckypaper'
  99. The Hungry Scientist Handbook: A Lab in Every Kitchen
  100. Home Sweet Office: Telecommute Good for Business, Employees, and Planet
  101. Japanese Cosplayers Keep Fantasies Fresh (With Febreze)
  102. Meet 'Takahashi-Meijin,' Japan's Blazing-Fast Videogame Hero
  103. RIAA Decries Texas Woman as 'Vexatious' for Demanding File Sharing Trial
  104. 'Anonymous' Member Unmasked, Charged With Web Attack on Scientology
  105. Who Will Facebook Partner With for Its Music Service?
  106. Flash and the Pan: 4 Tapeless AVCHD Camcorders Tested
  107. 'Max Payne' Movie Tries to Beat Videogame Curse
  108. Add Drop-Down Menus Using CSS
  109. Alleged Hackers Charged With Highway Robbery, Literally
  110. Giant Homemade Chinese Transformers Kick Bot
  111. Telecom Spying Amnesty Unconstitutional, EFF Tells Court
  112. Twitter to Get Down to Business in 2009, Investors Say
  113. WhereCamp Conference Zooms In on Portland
  114. How to Photograph the Microscopic World With Your Digital Camera
  115. The Hypocrisy of the World Wildlife Fund's Eco-Tour
  116. Going Green and Burning Rubber in a CNG Mustang
  117. Redesign of iGoogle Sparks User Outrage
  118. 56 Arrested in DarkMarket Sting, Says FBI
  119. Does The Long Tail Apply to Mobile Music?
  120. Real Ad Men Talk About Mad Men
  121. Gallery: NASA Spacecraft Will Explore Outer Solar System
  122. Jargon Watch: Green Crude, Popcorning, Edupunk
  123. Lawsuit Claims Mapmaking Firm Owns Your Neighborhood
  124. Oct. 17, 1973: Angry Arabs Turn Off the Oil Spigot
  125. The Bee Gee's 'Stayin' Alive' Could Save Your Life
  126. Electric Mini Spied!
  127. Forgotten Experiment May Explain Origins of Life
  128. Apple Gives Anti-NVIDIA Union Worker the Boot
  129. How to Make a Faraday Cage Wallet
  130. Keep Web Pages From Search Engine Bots
  131. Report Warns Arctic Temperatures at Record Highs
  132. Ex-Pentagon Geek Plots Disaster Relief 2.0
  133. Google G1 Slam-Dunks Software, Airballs Hardware
  134. The New Prius Looks Like the Old Prius
  135. Google Handily Beats Wall Street Expectations
  136. Blackwater Says It Will Fight Somalia's Pirates
  137. Video: Google Phone's OS Has Serious Chops
  138. A Big Deal Masks Worries at Boeing — and Airbus
  139. John McCain's Campaign Robots Hit the Phones
  140. FriendFeed's Live Updates Turn the Web Into a Giant Chat Room
  141. A Cellphone Nanny Even Joe the Plumber Can Love
  142. Opera's MAMA Search Tool Exposes Sorry State of Web Standards
  143. Flock 2.0 Builds on Firefox 3, Adds MySpace Support
  144. Video: Learn to Cook, Play Music With Nintendo
  145. Cheap, Easy-to-Mod Netbooks Are a Hackers Paradise
  146. Best Movies to Watch When the Economy Is Going to Hell
  147. New Spytech Agency Already Facing Conflict of Interest Allegation
  148. Earnings: Is Google Feeling Lucky?
  149. What's Inside? MacBook Pro Stripped Bare by iFixit
  150. Gallery: Eight Futuristic Musical Instruments
  151. Mr. Know-It-All: Scooter Eco-Analysis, Grand Theft Halloween, Babycakes Blog Posts
  152. Oct. 16, 1916: Sanger Stakes Everything on Birth Control
  153. Quantum Cryptography: As Awesome As It Is Pointless
  154. The Mohs Scale of Hardness, From Talc to Diamonds
  155. Layoffs and Belt-Tightening Come to Tesla
  156. GOP Site Endorses E-Mail Smears, Posted 'Waterboard Obama' Message
  157. Nokia Goes for Apple's Core With Digital Music Services Strategy
  158. Plug Pulled on Hamas' YouTube Ripoff
  159. Problems Voting in the General Election? Report Your Issue Here
  160. 'Prototype This' Wizards Tame Road Rage With Smart Cars
  161. Even Web-Savvy Users Are Befuddled by OpenID, Study Shows
  162. Review: Quirky Fun Makes 'Dokapon Kingdom' the Perfect Wii Party Game
  163. RIAA Appealing Jammie Thomas Mistrial
  164. Personal Pod Transport Is Coming
  165. Lenovo Notebook Hacked to Run OS X
  166. Use the Web to End Poverty
  167. Paralyzed Monkeys Move Arms With Brain-to-Muscle Commands
  168. How Much Is the So-Called Apple Tax?
  169. First Look: Firefox 3.1 Beta Offers More Speed, Better Searching
  170. YouTube to McCain: You Made Your DMCA Bed. Lie in It
  171. Make Your Site More Searchable With a Sitemap
  172. Restructuring Broadband Fees Could Raise Yours
  173. Burning Question: How Much Computer Security Is Enough?
  174. What's a Supercar? It Does 200 MPH, Corners Like Cling Wrap, Attracts the Law.
  175. Oct. 15, 1900: Boston Embraces the Sound of Music
  176. Firefox 3.1 Beta Available For Download
  177. Vote: Who Should Be the First U.S. Copyright Czar?
  178. Liquid Comics Banks on Indian Epic With 'Ramayan 3392 AD' Film
  179. Reason No. 37 Why TV Networks Are Screwed: The Credit Crisis
  180. Veggie-Oil Lotus Wins Alt-Fuel Race to Vegas
  181. Analysts: New MacBooks Too Expensive to Compete
  182. Did Anti-Spam Group Create a Backstory For DarkMarket's Undercover Fed?
  183. Top NSA Scribe Takes Us Inside The Shadow Factory
  184. How to Optimize Your Web Connection
  185. Google's New Webmaster Tools Help Fix Traffic 'Black Holes'
  186. Video Simulates Earthquake in San Francisco Bay Area
  187. Sex-Crazed Apes Feast on Killing, Too
  188. First Look: OpenOffice 3.0 Is a Free Replacement for MS Office on Mac
  189. McCain's Sex Offender E-Mail Registry Signed Into Law
  190. Who Needs Windows? Supersonic Jets May Fly By Cam
  191. Stifled By Copyright, McCain Asks YouTube to Consider Fair Use
  192. iPod and Bluetooth Taking Over New Cars
  193. Live Blog: Apple MacBook Event 2008
  194. New Service to Stop Loose Lips From Crashing Cars
  195. Review: Dead Space Will Shock You, As Predicted
  196. Pain Ray Test Subjects Exposed to 'Unconscionable Risks'
  197. MacBook Pro Pictures and Details Leaked
  198. Chimps: Not Human, But Are They People?
  199. 10 Movies That Shouldn't Have Come Out on Blu-ray
  200. Gallery: Golden Age of Trains in Black and White, by Photographer Jim Shaughnessy
  201. Oct. 14, 1858: This History Might Ring a Bell
  202. How To Pack Light for Geek Travel
  203. Free WiFi? That's So 22nd Century
  204. Pound for Pound, All Life Uses Same Amount of Energy
  205. Get Started With Greasemonkey
  206. Microsoft: No Silverlight for iPhone, But Maybe for Android
  207. Obama : iPhone :: McCain : ______
  208. Video: Explosive Eruption on Kilauea
  209. Review: Light Touch Works for 'My Own Worst Enemy'
  210. Toyota's 56-MPG iQ Is Coming to America
  211. Bush Signs Law Creating Copyright Czar
  212. Google Profiting From Typo Squatting, Report Charges
  213. New BlackBerry Pearl Will Make You Flip Out
  214. Cybercrime Supersite 'DarkMarket' Was FBI Sting, Documents Confirm
  215. Indie iPhone Developer Sues Coors for $12.5M
  216. Airlines Say No **** for You
  217. Crunch Time: How a Mega-Shredder Reduces a Sedan to Scrap
  218. TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2008-10-13-08-43-58
  219. Apple's New Notebooks: What We Should Expect
  220. Kenya's Elephants Send Text Messages to Rangers
  221. Telescope Tech Will Speed Search for Extraterrestrial Life
  222. MCSE and CCNA passd
  223. Microscope-On-a-Chip Is One Step Closer to the Tricorder
  224. Obama v. McCain: The Wired Scorecard
  225. Oct. 13, 1884: Greenwich Resolves Subprime Longitude Crisis
  226. Q&A: John Hodgman on Perfecting the Illusion of Expertise
  227. 'Children in Need' Could Unite All Surviving Doctor Whos
  228. Spies Launch 'Cyber-Behavior' Investigation
  229. Q&A: 'World of Warcraft' Lead Producer J. Allen Brack
  230. The Prisoner's Sonic Shadow Looms Large
  231. U.S. Game Designer Hurtles into Space With DNA Cargo
  232. South African Electric Car the Crown Joule of Paris Auto Show
  233. Hands On: 'Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep'
  234. Nintendo DS Steals the Tokyo Game Show
  235. The Tanking Economy Can't Slow Down Innovation on the Web
  236. Wal-Mart's DRM Nightmare Just Won't End
  237. Power Ascender: Ballsy Tool Yanks People, Equipment up Walls
  238. Climate Models Trump Financial Models Phew!
  239. What's On Your CSS Wishlist?
  240. Video: 192 Lasers, Nuclear Weapons, and Fusion Power
  241. How to Camp With Less Gear
  242. Underground Whispering Campaign Could Undermine McCain
  243. VeriSign, ICANN Square Off Over DNS Root
  244. Inside Operation Highlander: NSA's Wiretapping of Americans Overseas
  245. 'Doctor Who' No. 1 Gal Pal Shares Secrets of Sarah Jane's Success
  246. Real Ad Men Talk About Mad Men
  247. Review: 'Resident Evil: Degeneration' Takes the Zip Out of Zombie Movies
  248. Flash Clickjacking Vulnerability Exposes Webcams and Mics
  249. Windows 7 Will Be Less Annoying Than Vista
  250. Tutorial: Using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2