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  1. TED 2008: Scientist Gives Riveting Account of Her Own Stroke
  2. Worth the Wait: Chumby Lands at a Desk Near You
  3. Sued Again, This Time by One of Its Own
  4. Microsoft, After Some Wrangling, Cuts Price of Vista
  5. Technical Problems, Cost Overruns Plague Mars Project
  6. Microsoft Wants Sync to Control More Than Gadgets
  7. Facebook Launches Band Pages
  8. Rock Star-Turned-Physicist Trades Keyboard for Atom Smasher
  9. ****age Hacker Is Blind, Brash and in the Crosshairs of the FBI
  10. Feb. 29, 45 B.C.: Julius Caesar Takes the Leap
  11. TED 2008: Humans Are Just Machines for Propagating Memes, Susan Blackmore Says
  12. The Cold War-Era Assault on Comic Book Culture, Revisited
  13. Alt Text Video: Link's Weapons in Zelda
  14. Akamai Wins Lawsuit to Protect Obvious Patent
  15. Can Architects Save Libraries from the Internet?
  16. The X300 Could Usher in a New Generation of ThinkPads
  17. Why Is Less Than 99.9% Uptime Acceptable?
  18. Mozilla Hitting 'Brick Walls' Getting Firefox on Phones
  19. MSI Develops a Heat-Driven Cooler
  20. Large Sheets of Carbon Nanotubes Produced
  21. Robots Entering Daily Life in Japan
  22. Government Mistakenly Declares Deaths of Citizens
  23. Intel Researchers Consider Ray-Tracing for Mobile Devices
  24. Sneak Peek at Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope
  25. OCZ Prepares Neural Impulse Actuator for Shipping
  26. Tellme Founder Tells Yahoo Not to Worry Over Microsoft Takeover
  27. End Software Patents Project Comes Out Swinging
  28. Court Finds Spamming Not Protected By Constitution
  29. Akamai Wins Lawsuit to Protect Obvious Patent
  30. Can Architects Save Libraries from the Internet?
  31. The X300 Could Usher in a New Generation of ThinkPads
  32. Why Is Less Than 99.9% Uptime Acceptable?
  33. Mozilla Hitting 'Brick Walls' Getting Firefox on Phones
  34. MSI Develops a Heat-Driven Cooler
  35. Large Sheets of Carbon Nanotubes Produced
  36. Robots Entering Daily Life in Japan
  37. Government Mistakenly Declares Deaths of Citizens
  38. Intel Researchers Consider Ray-Tracing for Mobile Devices
  39. Sneak Peek at Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope
  40. Court Finds Spamming Not Protected By Constitution
  41. 158 Pages of Microsoft's Dirty Laundry
  42. OCZ Prepares Neural Impulse Actuator for Shipping
  43. Tellme Founder Tells Yahoo Not to Worry Over Microsoft Takeover
  44. End Software Patents Project Comes Out Swinging
  45. Jury Finds Spamming Not Protected By Constitution
  46. Acer Ferrari 1100, One Large Disappointment
  47. Researchers Discover Gene That Blocks HIV
  48. Demiforce Releases "Trism", New Game for iPhone, iPod Touch
  49. Japan Seeking to Govern Top News Web Sites
  50. Key Step In Programmed Cell Death Discovered
  51. Mayor of Florence Sues Wikipedia
  52. 185 Pages of Microsoft's Dirty Laundry
  53. D&D 4th Edition Details Released
  54. Janus Particles as Body Submarines?
  55. IBM Optical Chip Zips Huge Files Using Little Power
  56. Customer Loses Xbox 360 Artwork During Repair
  57. Wikileaks Gets Domain Back, Injunction Dissolved
  58. Supercomputer Adds Credence to Standard Model
  59. Family Guy Spins off Cleveland
  60. New Radar Maps of Moon
  61. Steve Ballmer on MS Server, Linux, Yahoo & More
  62. Facebook Moderator Gets Subpoena in Wikileaks Case
  63. A Good Style Guide Under the Creative Commons?
  64. **** Phone Phreak Targeted by the FBI
  65. Ask the Air Force Cyber Command General About War in Cyberspace
  66. How Open Source Has Influenced Windows Server 2008
  67. Feds Seize $78M of Bogus Chinese Cisco Gear
  68. Sony Says Eee PC Signals "Race To the Bottom"
  69. More Spacecraft Velocity Anomalies
  70. Microsoft Cuts Vista Price In 70 Countries
  71. Blu-ray In Laptops Could Be Hard On Batteries
  72. US Virtual Border Fence Doesn't Work
  73. Time To Abolish Software Patents?
  74. University of San Francisco Law Clinic Joins Fight Against RIAA
  75. DARPA Funds Development on Modular Satellite Network
  76. New Wave of Fusion and Robot Innovation at MIT
  77. Mac OS X Secretly Cripples Non-Apple Software
  78. Creditor Objects To SCO's Plans
  79. Proposed Bill in Tennessee Penalizes Schools for Allowing Piracy
  80. RIAA Not Sharing Settlement Money With Artists
  81. EU Views Net Censorship As a "Trade Barrier"
  82. Ubuntu Brainstorm Launched
  83. Researchers Expose New Credit Card Fraud Risk
  84. Military Steps Up War On Blogs
  85. Critical VMware Vulnerability, Exploit Released
  86. Bank Julius Baer Issues Statement On WikiLeaks
  87. Microsoft Internal Emails Show Dismay With Vista
  88. Adobe To Port AIR To Linux
  89. Where's Our Terabit Ethernet?
  90. The U.S. Patent Backlog
  91. NASA to Demonstrate Moon Rover
  92. IBM Measures Force Required To Move Atoms
  93. McNealy Says Telcos Falling Behind in Net Race
  94. Researchers Transmit Optical Data at 16.4 Tbps 2550km
  95. Wave Powered Boat to Sail From Hawaii to Japan
  96. NASA Plans to Smash Spacecraft into the Moon
  97. Correcting Misperceptions About Evolution
  98. The U.S. Patent backlog
  99. Former FBI Agent Calls for a Second Internet
  100. FreeBSD 7.0 Release Now Available
  101. Firefox 3 Performance Gets a Boost
  102. NASA Looking For "Diamonds In The Sky"
  103. EFF, ACLU Back WikiLeaks
  104. How Do You Find Programming Superstars?
  105. Killer Military Robot Arms Race Underway?
  106. Nanoparticles Could Make Hydrogen Cheaper Than Gasoline
  107. German Court Abolishes German Snooping Law
  108. Mac OS X Leopard Edition: The Missing Manual
  109. Alaskan Village Sues Over Global Warming
  110. Giant Sheets Of Dark Matter Detected
  111. Diebold Leaks 2008 Election Results
  112. The Beckoning Promise of Personal Fabrication
  113. Feds Block EFF Look at Google/DoJ Contacts
  114. Microsoft Trying to Appeal to the Unix Crowd?
  115. EFF, UCLA Back WikiLeaks
  116. EU Fines Microsoft $1.3 Billion
  117. Asteroid Mission Competition Announces Winner
  118. Encyclopedia of Life Launches First 30,000 Pages
  119. Gaffes That Keep IT Geeks From the Boardroom
  120. Astronomers Say Dying Sun Will Engulf Earth
  121. Gmail CAPTCHA Cracked
  122. If IP Is Property, Where Is the Property Tax?
  123. Reactor Shutdown Darkens South Florida
  124. Comcast Gets Hard Up At FCC Meeting
  125. RIAA Expert Witness Called "Borderline Incompetent"
  126. EU Funds P2P-Based Internet TV Standard
  127. Tetris Creator Claims FOSS Destroys the Market
  128. Cisco Lawyer Outs Self As "Patent Troll Tracker"
  129. Utah Wants To Give ISPs That Filter a "G-Rating"
  130. RoadRunner Intercepting Domain Typos
  131. Nokia Unveils Shape Changing Nano-phone Concept
  132. Australian Internet Filter Enters Trial Phase
  133. Taliban Demands Downtime on Afghanistan Cellphone Networks
  134. Spreading "1 in 5" Number Does More Harm Than Good
  135. Antidepressants Work No Better Than a Placebo
  136. Open US GPS Data?
  137. New Tools Available for Network-Centric Warfare
  138. P2P Scammers' Lawyers Attack Open Source Team
  139. Building a Green PC
  140. Google Buys a Piece of a Cable To Japan
  141. The Economics of Free
  142. Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP
  143. What Will Come of the FCC Comcast Hearing
  144. Google Announces Summer of Code 2008
  145. Getting The Public To Listen To Good Science
  146. Blackboard Wins Patent Suit Against Desire2Learn
  147. Sneak Peek at Windows Server 2008
  148. Judge Rejects RIAA 'Making Available' Theory
  149. Wii Homebrew Takes Several Leaps Forward
  150. Lessig Decides Not to Run For Congress
  151. Judge Make Lawyers Pay For Frivolous Patent Suit
  152. Practical PHP Web 2.0 Applications
  153. Details of New Intel Dunnington and Nehalem Architectures Leaked
  154. Microsoft Says Not All Ad Clicks Are Created Equal
  155. Researchers Develop Self-Cleaning Clothes
  156. Internet Pranks in Schools
  157. Do Gamers Enjoy Dying in First-Person-Shooters?
  158. Kimchi in Space
  159. internet Pranks in Schools
  160. Plants Use Twitter to Tell You to Water Them
  161. Pakistan YouTube Block Breaks the World
  162. The Blurring Line Between PC and Web
  163. Apple, Starbucks Sued Over Music Gift Cards
  164. Is AMD Dead Yet?
  165. An Epidemic of Snooping
  166. Geek Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Corporation
  167. Microsoft Should Acquire SAP, Not Yahoo
  168. IBM Wants To Patent Restaurant Waits
  169. Electronic Arts Offers $2B For Take Two
  170. Microsoft To Drop HD DVD
  171. Linux At the Point of Sale
  172. Library of Congress's $3M Deal With Microsoft
  173. Multitouch Gesture Patents Could Prevent Standardization
  174. Pakistan Blocks YouTube
  175. Banks, Wall St. Feel Pinch from Computer Intrusion
  176. Privacy Fears Send DNA Tests Underground
  177. Very Large Array Gets Expanded Capability
  178. White House Says Phone Wiretaps Will Resume For Now
  179. Military Grounds Stealth Bomber Fleet
  180. iPhone SDK May Be 1-3 Weeks Late
  181. "Vista Capable" Lawsuit Is Now a Class Action
  182. Best Technology For Long-Distance Travel?
  183. Half-Petaflop Supercomputer Deployed In Austin
  184. Hans Reiser and the "Geek Defense" Strategy
  185. Japan Launches "Super-Speed" Internet Satellite
  186. Apple Sends Cease-and-Desist To the Hymn Project
  187. Criminals Attacking Myspace, Facebook IE Plugins
  188. Vista SP1 Is Even Less Compatible
  189. Ulysses Spacecraft on its Last Legs
  190. RMS Steps Down As Emacs Maintainer
  191. Toshiba Paid Off To Drop HD-DVD?
  192. Are Wikileaks Servers In a Nuclear Bunker?
  193. RMS Steps Down as Emacs Maintainer
  194. Toshiba Paid Off to Drop HD-DVD?
  195. Are Wikileaks Servers in a Nuclear Bunker?
  196. Hunting Bad CIOs In Their Natural Environment
  197. Nanotechnology-Powered Wiper-Less Windshield
  198. Hunting Bad CIOs in Their Natural Environment
  199. Jack Thompson Served With Order to Show Cause
  200. NASA Awards Space Cargo Grant
  201. Yahoo Sued for Spurning Microsoft
  202. Netscape Finally Put Down
  203. Nanotechnology-Powered Wiper-less Windshield
  204. Groklaw Examines Microsoft's Promises
  205. IBM Leaks Details on New Mainframe
  206. CERN Scientists Looking for the Force
  207. Sony Paid Warner Bros. $400 Million to Go Blu-Ray?
  208. First 10 Teams in $30M Google Lunar X Prize Announced
  209. Optimus Keyboard Starts Shipping
  210. New Electron Microscope Shows Atoms in Color
  211. The Future of MMOs
  212. UK ISPs To Face Piracy Deadline
  213. Child-Suitable Alternatives To Passwords?
  214. 100-MPG Air-Powered Car Headed To US Next Year
  215. BBC iPlayer Bandwidth Explosion Bodes Ill For ISPs
  216. "GiFi" — Short-Range, 5-Gbps Wireless For $10/Chip
  217. IPv4 Address Crunch In 2 Years, IPv6 Not Ready
  218. Sandia Wants To Build Exaflop Computer
  219. In-Home Wireless Vs. Mobile Broadband
  220. Cell Phone Encryption Exploit Demonstrated
  221. Google to Begin Storing Patients' Health Records
  222. Increased US Broadband Adoption Could Create 2.4 Million Jobs
  223. The Semantics of File Sharing
  224. Radio Telescopes on Moon to Study Cosmic Dark Ages
  225. EFF Names 2008 Pioneer Award Winners
  226. Mossberg Reviews the Lenovo X300 Vs. MacBook Air
  227. Did Amazon Induce Vista's Premature Birth?
  228. Programmers At Work, 22 Years Later
  229. Politicians and the Cyber-Bully Pulpit
  230. Microsoft's New Leaf On Interoperability
  231. Ohloh Tracks Open Source Developers
  232. Google Interested in Wireless Bandwidth Balloons
  233. Cold Reboot Attacks on Disk Encryption
  234. Gates Explains Microsoft's Need for Yahoo
  235. Microsoft Pulls Vista SP1 Update
  236. Gates Explain's Microsoft's Need for Yahoo
  237. Largest Hacking Scam in Canadian History
  238. US Claims Satellite Shoot-Down Success
  239. Scientists Find Believing Can Be Seeing
  240. Identical Twins Not Identical After All
  241. Growth of the Underground Cybercrime Economy
  242. The Century's Top Engineering Challenges
  243. Leaked RIAA Training Video
  244. NIST Working On "Deathalyzer"
  245. Airport Security Prize Announced
  246. Smart Rubber Promises Self-Mending Products
  247. Should Addictive Tech Come With a Health Warning?
  248. WizKid Robot Debuts at New York Museum
  249. How to Convert Your HD-DVD Discs to Blu-Ray
  250. CNN Fires Producer Over Personal Blog