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  1. Samurai-Sword Maker May Cool Nuclear Revival
  2. FBI Hid Patriot Act Abuses
  3. Winking Star Decoded as Root of Planetary System
  4. Debian Cluster Replaces Supercomputer For Weather Forecasting
  5. House of Representatives To Discuss Wiretapping In Closed Session
  6. March 14, 1899: Zeppelin Gets Patent for a Really Big Idea
  7. Access YouTube's Secret, High-Quality Videos
  8. $5 Per Month Fee Proposed For Legal Music P2P
  9. Filmmakers Find Fresh Talent on MySpace
  10. Scott Brown's 72 Hours on the Long Tail of Celebrity
  11. Reviews: Mena Suvari in Stuck, A Journey Round My Skull, Professor Layton and the Curious Village
  12. Johns Help Each Other Find the Right 'Internet Sex Provider'
  13. $5 Per Month Fee Proposed For Legal Music P2P
  14. Obama's Pet Projects: Lasers, Hybrid Hummers
  15. Electronic Arts' Takeover Bid for Take-Two Gets Hostile
  16. Report: FCC Enforcement Office Is A Bureacratic mess
  17. Hands-On Review: Smart's 2008 Coupe, Mercedes' Pint-Size City Car
  18. Game|Life Episode 5: 'God of War: Chains of Olympus,' 'Pong'
  19. Blog Fight! WordPress and Movable Type Square Off
  20. Pentagon: $520 Million for Space Weapons Research
  21. Capcom Spiffs Up Arcade Classics With Hi-Def
  22. Cassini Dives Through Ice Geyser Live on
  23. High Expectations For Google Android
  24. Bundled With Your Gadget's Software: Viruses
  25. US Plans "Disposable" Nuclear Batteries
  26. Why Don't We Invent That Tomorrow?
  27. Nine Inch Nails Album Generates $1.6 Million in First Week
  28. Pranksters Fighting for MySpace Page of Woman at Center of Spitzer Scandal
  29. A Congressman Who Can Code Assembly
  30. AI Researchers Say 'Rascals' Might Pass Turing Test
  31. What Are You Paying for Gas? Send Us a Pic!
  32. FBI Tried to Cover Patriot Act Abuses With Flawed, Retroactive Subpoenas, Audit Finds
  33. Antismoking Pill Chantix May Ease Depression -- Or Cause Suicidal Thoughts
  34. Hackers Crack Open iPhone 2.0
  35. Theatrical Speed Racer Trailer Kicks Us Into Overdrive
  36. 10,000-website Strong Malware Maze Created by Criminals
  37. AI Researchers Say 'Rascals' Might Pass Turing Test
  38. Congress Turns Up The Heat on FCC's Chairman
  39. Batteries Explode But Industry QA Remains Unchanged
  40. How to Speed Up Windows XP
  41. The Secret China-U.S. Hacking War?
  42. House Democrats: Classified Documents Show Telcos Don't Deserve Amnesty
  43. Japan's Unique Cow/Whale Hybrid Experiments
  44. NBC Still Down on P2P But Plans To Use It Themselves
  45. Hong Kong Flu Outbreak Not Linked to Bird Virus
  46. Legal Counsel Advises Against Accepting OOXML Pledge
  47. Apple Sued Over Fundamental iTunes Model
  48. American Indians Linked by 6 Maternal Lineages
  49. 'Guitar Hero' Maker Runs Afoul of a Real Guitar Maker
  50. EA Thinks It Will Take $2 Billion to Take Take-Two
  51. AOL, Still Struggling, Hopes Bebo Acquistion Boosts Fortunes
  52. Net Neutrality Blasted by MPAA Bosses
  53. Vaporware - the Tech That Never Was
  54. EA Launches 'Hostile' Bid for GTA Publisher
  55. Linux Foundation - We'd Love to Work with Microsoft
  56. Late Adopters Prefer the Tried and True
  57. Gibson Accuses Guitar Hero of Patent Violation
  58. DOE Shines $14M on Solar Energy Research
  59. Nerve-tapping Neckband Allows 'Telepathic' Chat
  60. The National Cryptologic Museum
  61. Music Industry Proposes a Piracy Surcharge on ISPs
  62. Israelis Sue Government For Laser Cannons
  63. A Robotic Taxi Named robuCAB
  64. Blu-ray Player Prices Hit 2008 Highs
  65. GoDaddy Silences
  66. Israelis Sue Government for Laser Cannons
  67. March 13, 1842: Henry Shrapnel Dies, But His Name Lives On
  68. Former Microsoft Genius Masters the Culinary Art of Sous-Vide
  69. Japanese Schoolgirl Watch: A Sweet-Sounding Software App Climbs the Charts
  70. Lenovo's Got a MacBook Air Without the Compromise
  71. Microsoft Submits Windows 7 for Antitrust Review
  72. MIT Picks Top 10 Emerging Technologies
  73. A RoboticTaxi Named robuCAB
  74. Blu-ray Player Prices Hit 2008 Highs
  75. Oil Hits $110 a Barrel, and Gas Prices Jump Accordingly
  76. Clinton Debunks Claims She De-Spitzerized Her Campaign Site
  77. Did Limbaugh's Crossover Voters Break Ohio Law?
  78. Tivo On Board With YouTube's New API
  79. Hydrogen Cars Are Here, So Where's the Hydrogen?
  80. BBC Offers iPhone Version of iPlayer, Accessible to Linux Users Too
  81. Israelis Sue Government for Laser Cannons
  82. 'Population Bomb' Author Paul Ehrlich Tackles Cultural Evolution
  83. New Tools From YouTube Turn Any Website Into a Video Sharing Hub
  84. Carmack Speaks On Ray Tracing, Future id Engines
  85. 'Swatter' Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Hostage Hoaxes
  86. Video: Korg Turns Your DS Into a Music Machine
  87. Spacecraft to Fly Through Geyser Plumes On Saturn Moon
  88. The Children of Hurin
  89. Sony Home Theater PC Swaps Substance For Style
  90. Spark-Spewing iPod Prompts Japanese Investigation
  91. Behind the Scenes at a Rock 'n' Roll Poster Studio
  92. GoDaddy Silences
  93. Intel Confirms It Will Ship 160GB Flash Drives
  94. RIAA Denies Hypocrisy in Royalties Dustup
  95. GeekDads Say Goodbye to Gary
  96. Air Force Cyber Command General Answers Slashdot Questions
  97. N.Y. Times Co. Loves Its 'Gray Lady', but Looks to the Web
  98. Modern Defibrillators Efficient, but Vulnerable to Hacking
  99. Possible Battery Defect in iPod Nano Draws Scrutiny
  100. FTP Hacking on the Rise
  101. CNet Compares Eee PC Against the Competition
  102. Hacking a Pacemaker
  103. Stored Data to Exceed 1.8 Zettabytes by 2011
  104. Democrats Propose Commission To Investigate Spying
  105. The Geometry of Music
  106. Paul Krugman's 1978 Theory of Interstellar Trade
  107. MPAA Touts Record Year For Hollywood
  108. March 12, 1923: Talkies Talk ... on Their Own
  109. How to Survive an Avalanche
  110. David Brin Rebuts Schneier In Defense of a Transparent Society
  111. Alt Text: What Real-Life Dungeon Exploration Might Look Like, Graduate Students in Tow
  112. GoDaddy Silences Police-Watchdog Site
  113. FAA Mandates Major Aircraft "Black Box" Upgrade
  114. Special Session on Cognitive Radio
  115. WICOM 2007 has been covered by Ei px
  116. ISM 2007 has been covered by Ei px
  117. "DonorGate" Is Latest Scandal To Hit Wikipedia
  118. Were Fossil 'Hobbits' Just Little Humans?
  119. Finish Up That Sheetrocking Fast With the Blue Line Automatic Taper
  120. Wikileaks Airs Scientology Black Ops
  121. The Year the Audience Keynoted
  122. Game Reviews: Smash Bros., God of War
  123. Spitzer's E-Escort Plight Shows Workings of Prostitution 2.0
  124. Apple Slips Up, Hints at iPhone Contact Search Feature
  125. A Wry Look at the 2024 Presidential Election
  126. Geeksta Rap Godfather's 5 Steps to Nerdcore Stardom
  127. IFPI Turning To Lawsuits
  128. "DonorGate" Is Latest Scandal To Hit Wikipedia
  129. Ads With Your Name On Them
  130. House Dems Reject Telecom Amnesty, Propose Commission to Investigate Spying
  131. We Drive the Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell Vehicle
  132. Ads With Your Name On Them
  133. Brain-Inspired Computer Made From Duroquinone
  134. Palm's GSM Centro Smartphone Is All Business All the Time
  135. Autopia WTF? Geneva Motor Show Caption Contest, Part 2: You Pick the Winner
  136. With EU Path Cleared, Google Closes DoubleClick Deal
  137. GE Announces OLED Manufacturing Breakthrough
  138. EU Approves Google-DoubleClick Merger
  139. Middle America Hates Linux, Wal-Mart Discovers
  140. Ancient Bones of Small Humans Discovered In Palau
  141. First Look: New Beta Release Puts the Fire Back in Firefox 3
  142. With EU Path Cleared, Google Closes DoubleClick Deal
  143. Another Aspect of Global Warming: Botched Transport
  144. G-Archiver Harvesting Google Mail Passwords
  145. Casino Insider Tells (Almost) All About Security
  146. FCC Considers Taking Action Against Comcast
  147. Is RIAA's MediaSentry Illegal in Your State?
  148. N. American Indians Turn to Folk Wisdom to Save Planet
  149. Studios Agree to Provide More 3-D for Movie Houses
  150. Google Bid for Doubleclick Gets EU's Blessing
  151. Nanaimo, The Google Capital of the World
  152. iPhone SDK Rules Block Skype, Firefox, Java ...
  153. Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 Beta 4
  154. The Disconnect Between Management and the Value of IT
  155. Should Wikipedia Sell Advertising?
  156. BattleBots & ESPN Strike TV Deal
  157. MacBook Air Confuses Airport Security
  158. Panic in Multicore Land
  159. Book Publishers Abandoning DRM
  160. BattleBots & ESPN Stirke TV Deal
  161. Linux PCs Discontinued at Wal-Mart Stores
  162. Dungeon Master: The Life and Legacy of Gary Gygax
  163. MacBook Air Confuses Airport Security.
  164. March 11, A.D. 105: The Emperor's Court Is No Longer a Paperless Office
  165. How to Fly Through Airport Security
  166. 'Crazy Eddie' Exec Alleges Fraud at
  167. Tenth Anniversary of First Commercial MP3 Player
  168. Ericsson Predicts Swift End For Wi-Fi Hotspots
  169. Beatles and iTunes At Last?
  170. The Dirty Jobs of IT
  171. Army $200 Billion Reboot Fizzles; Murtha Wants $20 Billion More
  172. Summer of Code Org Application Deadline Approaches
  173. Endeavour Crew to Assemble Giant Robot, in Space
  174. State Lawmaker Wants To Ban Anonymous Posting Online
  175. Counterfeit Chips Raise New Terror, Hacking Fears
  176. Army $200 Billion Reboot Fizzles; Murtha Wants $20 Billion More
  177. How To: Terminate a Terminator
  178. Faces of SXSW: Geeks and Film Freaks
  179. Why Aren't More Linux Users Gamers?
  180. Reading Comics
  181. Reading Comics
  182. Windows 7 Eyed For Antitrust Violations
  183. State Lawmaker Wants to Ban Anonymous Posting Online
  184. U.S. Water Supply Contains Drugs, Study Finds
  185. Two-Armed Robot Is the Star of Lengthy Shuttle Mission
  186. Google Says Spam, Virus Attacks to Get More Clever
  187. Light-Fingered S. Korean Loses Chance to be Astronaut
  188. New Sprint Phone Connects to Faster Data Network
  189. Circuit City Tries to Find Its Reason for Being
  190. IT Labor Shortage Is Just a Myth
  191. Facebook Interviewer Heckled at Web Conference
  192. The Advertisers are Watching You
  193. Should Scientists Date People Who Believe Astrology?
  194. Unreal Creator Proclaims PCs are Not For Gaming
  195. Cat Ownership Correlated With Heart Health
  196. T-Ray Camera Sees Through Clothes, Preserves Privacy
  197. The Battle For Wikipedia's Soul
  198. It's the Web Awards, and Wired Brings One Home
  199. This Year's Twitter? A Simple Scheduling App That Brings Order
  200. Bad Science Journalism Gets Schooled
  201. Photo Contest: Self-Portrait
  202. Top 10 Red Photos, Decided by You
  203. March 10, 1876: 'Mr. Watson, Come Here ... '
  204. How to Set Up a Turntable
  205. Editor's Picks for the Red Photo Contest
  206. Commentary: Gamers Get Their Kicks From Dying
  207. IE 5.5 Beats IE6 and IE7 On Acid 3
  208. Zuckerberg Keynote Descends Into Chaos, Audience Takes Over
  209. Meebo Users Plot Revolt During Dull Panels
  210. NVIDIA Performance On Linux, Solaris, & Vista
  211. Drugs In Our Drinking Water
  212. Space Station Will Get Help From Giant Robot
  213. Microsoft Tries To Prevent Further Discovery
  214. Facebook Launches Thousands of Movie Clips on New App
  215. Do You Teach Your Kids About Darwin?
  216. German Police Raid 51 CeBIT Stands Over Patent Claims
  217. Should Scientists Date People Who Believe in Astrology?
  218. Video Games Are Launching Rock-n-Roll Careers
  219. Physicists Store, Retrieve a "Squeezed Vacuum"
  220. Jonathan Zittrain On the Future of the Internet
  221. Intel Ramps Up 45nm Chip Production, Announces 'Atom' Line
  222. Intel Ramps Up 45nm Chip Production, Announces 'Atom' Line
  223. A New Paradigm For Web Browsing
  224. European Space Agency Launches New Orbital Supply Ship
  225. Wikileaks Calls For Global Boycott Against eNom
  226. Olympic Web Site Features Pirated Content
  227. Lessig On Corruption and Reform
  228. Verizon, Fiber Or Die?
  229. Seven Fake Startups Compete for 'Worst Website Ever'
  230. Pot, BBQ and Twitter Mania at SXSW
  231. Super High Me Smokes the First Day of Film Screenings
  232. Hitchhiker's Guide Turns 30
  233. Japan IDs All Its Citizens
  234. Counter-Claims On Flaws In OOXML Meeting
  235. US Air Force Issues DMCA Takedown Notice
  236. White House Email Follies
  237. Donkey Kong and Me
  238. Sun Is Porting Java To the iPhone
  239. HD-DVD and the Early Adopter Premium
  240. Mega-Cash Prizes and Revolutionary Science
  241. Intel Patents On-Chip Cosmic Ray Detectors
  242. Hitchhiker's Guide Turns 30
  243. Cyber Storm II Set To Begin
  244. Norwegian Broadcaster Evaluates BitTorrent Distribution Costs
  245. User-Generated Content Vs. Experts
  246. Pentagon Hid Magnitude of Data Loss From Recent Breach
  247. Make a Suit of Chainmail Armor From Soda Can Tabs
  248. British Airport Will Require Fingerprints From Domestic Passengers
  249. ICANN Wants To End Commerce Dept. Oversight In 2009
  250. Chicago Links School Cameras To Police