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  1. NASA Responds To MMO Concerns
  2. ISP Sued By Irish RIAA
  3. U.S. Spies Use Custom Videogames to Learn How to Think
  4. Trojan Horses Still Kicking After All These Years
  5. New Galaxy Images Released for Hubble's 18th Birthday
  6. Give Your Intellect a Boost — Just Say Yes to Doing the Right Drugs!
  7. Readers' Brain-Enhancing Drug Regimens
  8. Best Way To Avoid Keyloggers On Public Terminals?
  9. April 24, 1184 B.C.: Trojan Horse Defeats State-of-the-Art Security
  10. Nintendo: Average Wii Sits on Shelf for Just an Hour
  11. NYC Is Getting a New High-Tech Defense Perimeter. Let's Hope It Works
  12. 15th Anniversary: Underwater-Robot-Building MIT-Defeating High Schoolers Grow Up
  13. Negroponte Says Windows "Runs Well" On XO Laptop
  14. Honda Robot Will Conduct Detroit Symphony
  15. Iron Man's Suit Defies Physics -- Mostly
  16. Kicker iPod Dock Punches You in the Chest With Sound
  17. How to Fight a Ticket
  18. Evidence Of Glaciers On Mars Suggests Recent Climate Activity
  19. FCC Reports Comcast P2P Blocking Was More Widespread
  20. Behind the Memes: Ji Lee, Bubble Project Media Jammer
  21. Is Apple Recession Proof? Find Out Today
  22. Sun to Fully Open Source Java
  23. FBI Renews Push for ISP Data Retention Laws
  24. Sony To Launch PS3 Video Download Service
  25. Craigslist's Feelings Are Hurt, Lashes Back at eBay
  26. Finnish Electric Solar Sail Nears Implementation
  27. DARPA Working On Arthur C. Clarke Weapon Idea
  28. Reader Poll: Did the Prosecution Prove Murder in the Hans Reiser Trial?
  29. 'Evolution of the Internet' Powers Massive LHC Grid
  30. AMD's Triple-Core Phenom X3 Processor Launched
  31. Conserve Biodiversity or Risk Medical Losses, U.N. Warns
  32. Craigslist Fires Back, Calls eBay's Actions 'Unethical'
  33. eBay Sues Craigslist
  34. Obama Concedes Nothing in Post-Primary YouTube Video
  35. Microsoft Takes a Step Away From the Desktop
  36. Latin America, a Leader in Alternative Aviation Fuel
  37. First Looks at Microsoft's New 'Live Mesh' Platform
  38. Seagate Ships Billionth Hard Drive
  39. Seagate Ships Billionth Hard Drive
  40. Sony to Buy Gracenote
  41. Apple Buys a Chip Company for $278M
  42. Next-Generation CAPTCHA Exploits the Semantic Gap
  43. EMI Says Online File Storage Is Illegal
  44. GPS Used To Find Graves In Eco-Burial Sites
  45. Top 10 Wired Reader Macro Photos, Decided by You
  46. What's Wired This Month: Portishead's Return, Wii Fit,
  47. Cloud Computing. Available at Today
  48. Caffeinate With Care: Small Shots Do a Brain Better Than Big Blasts
  49. Alt Text: Twitter Away Your Life With Social Networking
  50. Storing Data For the Next 1,000 Years
  51. Editor's Picks for the Macro Photo Contest
  52. German Wikipedia To Be Published As a Book
  53. Photo Contest: Transportation
  54. How to Become an Energy Drink Connoisseur
  55. April 23, 1940: Batteries Included, and They Don't Leak
  56. Pennsylvania Election Results Mapped With Voters' Race, Age and Religion
  57. History's Five Best Interface Designs
  58. MSN Music DRM Servers Going Dark In September
  59. Microsoft Loses Appeal of "Vista-Capable" Lawsuit
  60. 'Nova' Goes Open Source for 'Car of the Future'
  61. Guitar Hero to Become Everything Hero
  62. Yahoo Q1 Profit Comfortably Beats Estimates
  63. $1/Gallon "Green Gasoline" In Sight
  64. Pentagon Manipulating TV Analysts
  65. Google's Latest Move Hints at Next-Generation Social Network
  66. Bill Gates on Pharmaceuticals: The System Isn't Working
  67. Your Earth Day: 7 Online Tools for a Green Wired Life
  68. Blogger Successfully Quashes Subpoena
  69. Turn Your MacBook Into a Seismometer
  70. Happy Earth Day: Beautiful Pictures of Our Planet
  71. Behind the Memes: iJustine Reveals Offline Talents
  72. Marshall University Challenges RIAA
  73. Photobucket Opens Up to Mashups With New Developer's Tools
  74. Why Cheaters Prosper in 'Grand Theft Auto'
  75. Recruiting Friendly Botnets To Counter Bad Botnets
  76. Bluetooth Surveillance Tested In the UK
  77. Overstock Accused of Stock Manipulation
  78. Merger Most Foul: Hard Road Ahead for Delta, Northwest
  79. Laptops Can Be Searched At the Border
  80. 80% of MS Server Protocols Are Unpatented
  81. Crossing the Atlantic With Barely Enough Fuel to Spare
  82. How Duct Tape Saved Apollo 17's Moon Buggy
  83. Blizzard to Boll - DENIED!
  84. California Will Help China With Cutting Emissions
  85. Hawking: Intelligent Life Elsewhere? Sure, but Likely Rare
  86. Survey: Mobile Banking Catching On ... Slowly
  87. Love the Steak and Save the Cow
  88. Fujitsu HDD with AES 256-bit Encryption
  89. Walter Bender Resigns From OLPC
  90. Blizzard to Boll - DENIED!
  91. Stephen Hawking Thinks Aliens Likely
  92. Stephen Hawking Thinks Aliens Likely
  93. NJ Supreme Court Rules For Internet Privacy
  94. The Military Plans To Regrow Body Parts
  95. How To Build a $188M Submarine Cable System
  96. Unreleased Atari 2600 Game Found At Flea Market
  97. Patent Chief Decries Continued Downward Spiral of Patent Quality
  98. Private Efforts Fill Gaps In Earth's Asteroid Defenses
  99. iGoogle Launches Developer Sandbox
  100. F-117A Stealth Fighter Retired
  101. Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm
  102. Get Smarter: 12 Hacks That Will Amp Up Your Brainpower
  103. Find Your Inner Spock: Jonny Magic's Logic Tips
  104. 6 Intelligence Myths Exposed
  105. A New Kind of Science Collaboration
  106. PayPal Denies It Will Block Safari
  107. April 22, 1915: A Fearful Word in the Trenches: 'Gas!'
  108. Web 2.0 Expo Preview: Torture by Information Overload
  109. Ron Paul Supporters for John McCain?
  110. How to Trick Out Your MySpace Page
  111. Behind the Memes: Chris Hastings, Creator of 'Dr. McNinja'
  112. Windows XP SP3 Released To Manufacturing
  113. Google-Backed Solar Startup Picks Up Steam, $130 Million
  114. ISPs Blow Off Stanford Net Neutrality Hearing
  115. Candidates Head Into Key Primary, Images Battered By Bloggers
  116. Comcast, Pando Partner For "P2P Bill of Rights"
  117. Caught Red-Handed: Russian MiG Downs a Georgian Drone
  118. Pay Attention! Brain Scanners Detect Slip-Ups Before You Do
  119. Extreme Linux Server Available to North America
  120. Cyber Defense Competition Has A New Champion
  121. Poll: Is 'Okami' Worst Box Art Gaffe Ever?
  122. Office 2007 Fails OOXML Test With 122,000 Errors
  123. NASA Wants its MMO Created for Free
  124. The New School of Information Security
  125. GPS Navigation Could Boost Fuel Efficiency on Oceanic Flights
  126. Video: How to Win an Internet Argument
  127. Bjork's Wanderlust in 2-D
  128. F-117A Stealth Fighter Retired
  129. Free Open Source Software Is Costing Vendors $60 Billion?
  130. Microsoft-Novell Takes Open-Source to China
  131. If You Love Robots, Then This Is Your Kind of Conclave
  132. Curbs Urged on Biofuel Subsidies as Food Costs Rise
  133. Patent Chief Decries Continued Downward Spiral of Patent Quality
  134. Free Open Source Software Is Costing Vendors $60 Billion
  135. Compressed Signals Lead to 'High Dissatisfaction' TV
  136. Will She Be Back? Rumors Fly for Sarah Connor Chronicles
  137. Western Digital's VelociRaptor 10K RPM SATA Drive
  138. The End of Non-Widescreen Laptops?
  139. Russia To Require Registration For Wi-Fi Use
  140. D&D 4th Ed vs. Open Gaming
  141. PETA Offers X-Prize for Artificial Meat
  142. Ben Stein's 'Expelled' - Evolution, Academia and Conformity
  143. JFK, LAX To Test Millimeter-Wave Scanners
  144. Laser Pointers Classed as Weapons in Australia
  145. The Making of Björk's 3-D 'Wanderlust' Video
  146. Rupert Murdoch Firm Goes on Trial for Alleged Tech Sabotage
  147. Garbage In, Garden Out: Inside the Tech Trash Disassembly Line
  148. April 21, 1878: Thinking Fast, Firefighter Slides Down a Pole
  149. Russia to Require Registration for Wi-Fi Use
  150. Exclusive: Watch Björk's 'Wanderlust' in 3-D
  151. Games Without Frontiers: Poetic 'Passage' Provokes Heavy Thoughts on Life, Death
  152. Court Finds Part of Copyright Act Unconstitutional
  153. The Inside Story on Norway's Yes to OOXML
  154. Russia Announces End to Space Tourism in 2010
  155. What is the First Day in a University Lab Like?
  156. What is the First Day in a University Lab Like?
  157. Galactica's Future as 'Allegory for the American Revolution'
  158. Green Funerals: An Eco-Friendly Way to Leave the Earth
  159. Study: Americans Are Happiest in Their Golden Years
  160. World Domination, or at Least a Couple of Bucks
  161. WiiMan, the Nintendo Wii Super Hero
  162. Will the Earth's Tail Fry Moon Visitors?
  163. Widespread Keyboard Failures on OLPC's XO-1
  164. Google Invests In Genetic Indexing
  165. Ballmer Calls Vista 'A Work In Progress'
  166. Ballmer Calls Vista 'A Work In Progress'
  167. Information Security Is Becoming Infrastructure
  168. Ballmer Calls Vista 'A Work In Progress'
  169. Is Open Source the Answer To Giving?
  170. US Government to Have Only 50 Gateways
  171. Tesla's High-Tech Lawsuits in Silicon Valley War
  172. Major ISPs Injecting Ads, Vulnerabilities Into Web
  173. Edward Lorenz, Father of Chaos Theory, Dies at 90
  174. British Police Use Facebook to Gather Evidence
  175. 18 U.S. States Pledge Action at Climate Change Meeting
  176. Coolest University Tech Lab Projects in the Works
  177. InPhase Technologies Promises Holographic Drive in May
  178. .su Lives On, Stronger Than Ever
  179. ISPs' Error Page Ads Let Hackers Hijack Entire Web
  180. Facebook Harnesses Users' Translation Skills for Free
  181. Google's Stock Rises 20 Percent for a Record 1-Day Gain
  182. .su Lives On, Stronger than Ever
  183. What Are the Best Laptop Theft Recovery Measures?
  184. Major ISPs Injecting Ads, Vulnerabilities Into Web
  185. AT&T Claims Internet to Reach Capacity in 2010
  186. Dilbert Goes Flash, Readers Revolt
  187. Dilbert Goes Flash, Readers Revolt
  188. Top 5 Reasons to Dislike Pre-Med Students
  189. Microsoft Quietly Offering Ad-Funded Version of Works
  190. Wikileaks Sidesteps Publishing Public PGP Key
  191. Sacha Baron Cohen Wikipedia Entry Creates Circular References
  192. Soyuz Ballistic Re-entry 300 Miles Off Course
  193. 3G iPhone Expected in June
  194. Sacha Baron Cohen Wikipedia Entry Creates Circular References
  195. Soyuz Ballistic Re-entry 300 Miles Off Course
  196. FBI and Next-Gen P2P Monitoring
  197. Sacha Baron Cohen Wikipedia Entry Creates Circular References
  198. FBI and Next-Gen P2P Monitoring
  199. CNN Website Targeted by DoS
  200. Why Good Data Can Be Hard to Find Online
  201. Soyuz Ballistic Re-entry 300 Miles Off Course
  202. NBC to Create Programs Centered on Sponsors
  203. EBay Mulling Skype Sale
  204. FBI and Next-Gen P2P Monitoring
  205. CNN Website Targeted by DoS
  206. Pirate Bay Launches Free Speech Blog
  207. Hackontest — 24h Open Source Coding Marathon
  208. Pirate Bay launches free speech blog
  209. Eee Is 1st Windows Laptop To Support Multi-Touch
  210. How to use Skype to make PSP as PSP phone
  211. Vitriolic Artists Send Visitors on a Sulfuric Acid Trip
  212. Three Smart Things You Should Know About Helium
  213. Lost Infocom Games Discovered
  214. A Tech Lover's Call to Arms
  215. Why Good Data Can Be Hard to Find Online
  216.'s Leander Kahney Knows the Mind of Steve Jobs
  217. How to Back Up Your Flickr Photos on Linux With Flickrfs
  218. NBC to Create Programs Centered on Sponsors
  219. A Bad, Bad Idea: The Anti-Hijacking Safety Bracelet
  220. eBay Mulling Skype Sale
  221. Sort Tons of Beach Trash With Wired's Spreadsheet
  222. Woman Sues Blockbuster for Facebook Privacy Violations
  223. Worlds Collide as 'Mortal Kombat' Meets DC Comics
  224. $399 Mac Clone Most Likely a Hoax
  225. Apple Eases Aggressive Software Update Tactics
  226. Review: 21st-Century Ghetto Blaster Makes Us Want to Do the Right Bling
  227. Cheap, Flying Robot Butterfly Wows the Kids
  228. Microsoft "Albany" Offers Office and Security as Subscription
  229. 'Nerdic' Geek Speak Taking World by Storm?
  230. Look Who's Beating Up on Google
  231. Video Blogger Kevin Sites Keeps One Foot in the War Zone
  232. Lockheed Martin Tests New Spacecraft Prototype
  233. Inside Story of Galactica's Crazy Closers
  234. How Google Is Blowing It on Social Networking
  235. Judas Priest's 'Screaming for Vengeance' Becomes First Downloadable 'Rock Band' Album
  236. FCC Gets an Earful From Open-Net Defenders at Stanford
  237. Cybersecurity and Piracy on the High Seas
  238. Fedora 9 Preview Cleared for Launch
  239. 'Infocom Drive' Turns Up Long-Lost 'Hitchhiker' Sequel
  240. NBC Universal Will Make Programs Tied to Sponsor Products
  241. Cars Pollute, But Perhaps Not as Bad as We Thought
  242. IBM's Pilot Program For Internal Use of Macs
  243. Windows Update Can Hurt Security
  244. A New Family of High-Temperature Superconductors
  245. NBC Universal Will Make Programs Tied to Sponsor Products
  246. First Look: Speed Racer Zips in Candy-Colored World
  247. "Judicial Scandal" In Pirate Bay Case
  248. Chinese Blogs, Netizens React To the Tibet Issue
  249. U. of Chicago Law School Blocks Internet Access
  250. RIAA Sues Homeless Man