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  1. Cool Your Jets: South Korea's Airplane-Punishing Test Facility
  2. 3 Smart Things About Sleeping Late
  3. 2009 Movie Guide: Where the Wild Films Are
  4. 30GB Zunes Killing Themselves In Droves
  5. The Apocalyse is Coming: What You Need to Pack
  6. A Willy Wonka Who Wants to Feed the World
  7. Wired Science's 13 Most Popular Stories of 2008
  8. Eleven Gadgets That Will Make New Year's Eve Fun
  9. 2008's Best Contest Photos You Never Saw, Part 2
  10. Dec. 31, 1938: Set 'em Up, Joe ... for a Breath Test
  11. Diary of a Self-Help Dropout: Flirting With the 4-Hour Workweek
  12. Ingenious Hellraiser Fires Up Homebrew Flamethrowers
  13. Times Square Gets Ready to Ring in 2009
  14.'s 10 Best Galleries of 2008
  15. With Flickr Layoffs, Whither 'The Commons'?
  16. Times Square Goes Brightly Into That New Yea
  17. Israel Deploys YouTube, Twitter in Info War Against Hamas
  18. Researchers Use PlayStation Cluster to Forge a Web Skeleton Key
  19. Leaked Copies of Windows 7 Beta 1 Hit BitTorrent
  20. Uproar in Australia Over Plan to Block Web Sites
  21. Do Try This At Home: Amateurs Tinker With Genetic Engineering
  22. Pentagon, Hollywood Pair up for Transformers Sequel
  23. 12 Good Gadgets for Hard Times
  24. 6 New Web Technologies of 2008 You Need to Use Now
  25. Dec. 30, 1924: Hubble Annnounces Andromeda Is a Galaxy
  26. From Salon to Salad: Hair Makes Good Plant Fertilizer
  27. How to Hear Better on Your Cellphone
  28. King of Bionic Ag Uses Turbocharged Seeds, Precision Chemistry, and a Little TLC
  29. Lotus-Designed Biofuel-Burning Snowspeeder to Detect Cracks in Polar Ice
  30. Motorcycles Finally Go Green
  31. If Climate Didn't Doom Neanderthals, Did Humans?
  32. Top 10 Green Tech Breakthroughs of 2008
  33. Toronto Puts Zambonis on Ice
  34. Clive Thompson on How YouTube Changes the Way We Think
  35. Mr. Freeze: How Julian Bayley Turns Ice Cubes Into Ice Castles
  36. Quest for the 300-mph Helicopter
  37. Diplo-Twittering at the Department of State
  38. Judge Denies RIAA Appeal of Kazaa File-Sharing Mistrial
  39. Amazon Says 2008 Holiday Season Was 'Best Ever'
  40. Dec. 29, 1766: He Put the Mac in Mackintosh
  41. Vaporware 2008: Crushing Disappointments, False Promises and Plain Old BS
  42. The 7 Best Capers of 2008
  43. Before the Levees Break: A Plan to Save the Netherlands
  44. Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008
  45. Disneyland for Dudes: Playing With Backhoes, ATVs, Weapons
  46. USB Stake Helps Brown Thumbs Turn Green, Monitors Soil Conditions
  47. Broadband Stimulus Plan: How About Some Data First?
  48. 'Dark Knight' Faces Rough Road to Awards
  49. Win a Free Copy of Dave Gibbons' Awesome 'Watching the Watchmen'
  50. 2008's Best Contest Photos You Never Saw
  51. 3-D-Ready HDTV Uses Laser Light to Double Color Range, Save Energy
  52. Dec. 24, 1968: Christmas Eve Greetings From Lunar Orbit
  53. Steven Levy on His Gadget Wish List for 2009
  54. Top 10 New Organisms of 2008
  55. Archaeologizing 'Watchmen': An Interview With Dave Gibbons
  56. Rockers to Press Obama on Music Torture
  57. How NORAD Tracks Santa
  58. RIAA Qualifies Statement on No New Copyright Lawsuits
  59. Toyota Goes Electric With a Hush-Hush Concept
  60. Review: The Flesh Is Willing but 'The Spirit' Is Weak
  61. 2008 Foot-in-Mouth Awards
  62. Cousin Marriage Okay by Science
  63.'s Wishlist: What We Want in an iPhone Nano
  64. Finding Chemo: Scanning the Sea Floor for New Drugs
  65. Smart Plug Could Save You $150 in Electricity
  66. Dec. 23, 1970: World Trade Center Tops Out
  67. How to Fold an Origami Millennium Falcon
  68. Nation's First 'Underwater Wind Turbine' Installed in Old Man River
  69. Science We Can Believe In: How President Obama Can Recharge US Research
  70. Try This at Home: Camera on a Flex Cable Finds Lost Objects
  71. Why Early Detection Is the Best Way to Beat Cancer
  72. 10 Cool Cars We Want Now
  73. Fat-Fueled Ford Is Biodiesel Biohazard
  74. Prosecutors Charge 7 People Under New Cyberbullying Law
  75. Analysis: RIAA Strategy Shift Mired in Murky Legal Waters
  76. Science Behind Mysterious 'Fifth Taste' Revealed
  77. 8 Signs That Apple Customers Are No Longer Special
  78. Linux Geeks to Compete for Best 'I'm Linux' Video
  79. MySpace Bans Project Playlist; Facebook Defies Same RIAA Request
  80. Jupiter's Moon Plays Peekabo with Hubble
  81. High Times in Ag Science: Marijuana More Potent Than Ever
  82. App Developer Strikes E-book Deals With Major Publishers
  83. Dec. 22, 1882: Looking at Christmas in a New Light
  84. The Top Gadgets of 2008
  85. Top 10 Games of 2008
  86. No Dorky Dome, This Bike Helmet Goes From Glam to Gilligan
  87. Scientists Hack Cellphone to Analyze Blood, Detect Disease, Help Developing Nations
  88. Surfers Rejoice: Some Extreme Waves Getting Bigger
  89. Attack of the Bush Shoe-Toss Games Continues
  90. The Huffington Post Slammed for Content Theft
  91. Video: Molecules Moving in Living Cells
  92. No ISP Filtering Under New RIAA Copyright Strategy
  93. Alt Text Video: The Strange Story of Santa
  94. Severed Cables Cause Net Loss for 14 Countries
  95. Four Mobile App Stores Battle for User and Developer Attention
  96. RIAA to Stop Suing Music Fans, Cut Them Off Instead
  97. Big City, Brighter Lights: Gotham's New LED Streetlamp Plan
  98. Dec. 19, 1974: Altair 8800 Kits Go on Sale
  99. Elegant Teapot Lets You See the Leaves Unfold, Infuse the Water
  100. ISP Ad Snooper Phorm Loses Top Execs
  101. Online Jihadists Plan for 'Invading Facebook'
  102. Wikileaks Posts Secret Bomb-Stopper Report — Did They Go Too Far?
  103. Where Is Steve Jobs?
  104. Student Sentenced to 15 Years for YouTube Terror Video
  105. Vote for the Sexiest Geeks of 2008
  106. It's Time to Raise the Gas Tax
  107. EFF Wants Your Money
  108. Yahoo Data Mining Continues Under New Privacy Policy
  109. Google Shutters Its Science Data Services
  110. Could the Electric Grid Support Far More Wind and Solar?
  111. Danish Supercar Sports 1,104 Horsepower
  112. I, Nanny: Robot Babysitters Pose Dilemma
  113. Obama Rumored to Pick Climate Change Wonk as Science Adviser
  114. Nobel Jurors Face Bribery Probe for China Trip
  115. TV Studio in a Box Enables Long-Tail TV
  116. Free-Range Research Could Save Chimps — and Our Conscience
  117. Beyond Size 10: A Fighting Footwear Arsenal
  118. An Apple-Flavored Car Design From Britain
  119. MPAA Targets Illicit Movie Sites; Downloading Unabated
  120. Brainy Trainer: Workout Monitor Tells You When to Chill
  121. Dec. 18, 1997: Tokyo Bay Tunnel Opens
  122. Gallery: The Curious Case of Reverse-Aging Brad Pitt
  123. Endangered Lemurs Survived Ancient AIDS Epidemic
  124. World Coal Reserves Could Be A Fraction of Previous Estimates
  125. 'Timecrimes' Director Masters Creepy Sci-Fi on a Shoestring
  126. Obama Has One Chance to Get Infrastructure Spending Right
  127. Spectacular Space Photo of Christmas Tree Star Cluster
  128. GM Puts the Volt's Engine Factory on Hold
  129. Yahoo to Anonymize User Data After 90 Days
  130. 'Flight of the Conchords' Premieres a Month Early Online
  131. WiSci Event Tonight: Fossil Cities in the Distant Future
  132. Macworld Expo May Disappear, But Steve Jobs' Keynotes Won't
  133. Oil Not the Climate Change Culprit — Coal Is the Real Bad Guy
  134. Dik**** Guilty of Internet Gambling
  135. Astronomers Spot Most Distant Water Yet
  136. Yahoo to Shorten Logs of User Activity to 3 Months
  137. Limited Edition Viper Makes It Hurst So Good
  138. Tiny Saturn Moon ID'd As Good Candidate For Alien Life
  139. Cycling GPS Tells You Where You Are — and How You Got There
  140. Dec. 17, 1790: Aztec Calendar Stone Discovered
  141. Fake News Index: Charting the Media Parody Industry
  142. Video: Robots Have a Sex Life? (NSFW)
  143. Samsung Notebook Brings a Touch of Class to the Privileged
  144. Video: 'Mirror's Edge' vs. 'Prince of Persia' -- Fight!
  145. Jobs Won't Appear at Macworld — 2009 Is Apple's Last Show
  146. World's First Computer Rebuilt, Rebooted After 2,000 Years
  147. Dark Energy Could Be Einstein's Cosmological Constant
  148. Bush Shoe-Toss Immortalized in Games, Animations
  149. Vote on Whether the NSA Whistleblower Should Be Prosecuted
  150. Drillers Accidentally Create First Live Magma Observatory
  151. Solar Hybrids Soak Up the Sun
  152. IE Fans Beware: Hackers Are Exploiting a Serious Unpatched Flaw
  153. Army Wages iPod Warfare in Baghdad
  154. Top 5 Disruptive Music-Making Technologies
  155. Massive Volcanic Eruptions Killed Off the Dinosaurs
  156. Yahoo Mail Gets More Social, But the Price of Admission Is Too Steep
  157. 'Art of Participation' Connects Viewers, Artists
  158. Dec. 16, 1770: Beethoven's Birth in Bonn Leads to Longer CDs
  159. Digital Spoon Scale Weighs Foods to the Nanobite
  160. Expired-Tired-Wired
  161. Mercury or Bust: Chasing Down the Galaxy's Fastest Planet
  162. Confirmed: Air Force Falls Short in Third Nuke Test
  163. Lori Drew Files New Bid for Dismissal on Grounds that MySpace Authorized Access
  164. Sun Induces Strange 'Breathing' of Earth's Atmosphere
  165. New Mac Mini Rumored for Macworld 2009
  166. Court Limits National Security Secrecy and Oversight
  167. Apple Won't Invent the iPhone Shuffle, But You Can
  168. Study Says Cars Make Us Fat
  169. Zero-Gravity Bacterial Behavior Hints at Disease-Busting Hacks
  170. Guns N' Roses Uploader Guilty of Copyright Infringement
  171. Warbot Pinup Calendar Reveals Lighter Side to Combat
  172. Netbooks Increasingly Being Sold with Cellphone-Like Contract Deals
  173. 3 Drivetrains, 1 Car, Zero Emissions
  174. Lightning-Storm Gamma Rays Could Harm Air Travelers
  175. New York Times' NSA Whistleblower Reveals Himself
  176. Space Probe Captures First Photo of Extraterrestrial Liquid
  177. Google Blasts WSJ, Says it's Still 'Committed to Network Neutrality'
  178. JC Penney Goes Viral, And Stays Out of the Doghouse
  179. Mahalo Answers Pays Cash for Your Two Cents
  180. Startup Banks on Making Money From Free Broadband
  181. Dec. 15, 2001: Leaning Tower of Pisa Reopens With New Angle
  182. Gallery: Monumental Upkeep Gives History a Helping Hand
  183. Games Without Frontiers: Why We Need More Torture in Videogames
  184. Steinway Music System Delivers Pure Sound for Audiophiles
  185. Soak It to Me: Inside Liquid-Suspended Gaming PC
  186. S**** Stroller Takes Tykes for Ergonomic Ride
  187. Tor Makes Anonymized Content Available to All
  188. Techdirt's Mike Masnick On Why Music Tax Would Be a Mistake
  189. Jargon Watch: Sound Blast, Frolleague, Twiller
  190. Sin City Server Farm Keeping the World Safe for Data
  191. Hack of the Clones: Why Apple Can't Stop the Copies
  192. Video: Air Force's Killer Bugbots Attack
  193. The 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2008
  194. Exclusive: Pentagon Pro-Troop Group Misspent Millions
  195. Design Series 'e2' Visualizes Green Transport
  196. Bewerewolves: Fullest Moon in 15 Years Tonight
  197. Oh No! Big 3 Bailout Would Ground Corporate Jets
  198. Palm Is Likely to Introduce a New Operating System and Smartphone at CES
  199. Science Born Again in the White House, and Not a Moment Too Soon
  200. Hackers Plundering Brazilian Rain Forest
  201. Cyber Crook Pleads Guilty to Looting Citibank Accounts with Hacked ATM Codes
  202. Gym Car Pumps You Up With an In-Car Workout
  203. Review: 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Takes a Tumble
  204. Why Movies Disappear from iTunes and Netflix
  205. Dec. 12, 1896: Marconi Demos Radio Dec. 12, 1901: Marconi Transmits Across Atlantic
  206. Mixtapes Move from Beat Street to Mainstream
  207. Online Rebel Publishes Millions of Dollars in U.S. Court Records for Free
  208. What's Inside — Downy Coats Briefs With Horse Fat
  209. Wired + iPhone = Gadget Reviews to Go
  210. From Hulk to Gort, Monster Man Gets Creative With Creatures
  211. Oil Consumption to Drop for First Time in 25 Years
  212. MIT: Your Meteorologist Needs an Army of Drones
  213. British Steam-Car Team Sets Sights on 170 MPH
  214. Road Trip: Heading South in the 2009 Airstream
  215. Video: Top 10 Game-Changing Moments of 2008
  216. Sony Dinged $1 Million for Child-Privacy Breach
  217. Darpa, Dronemaker to Brew Algae-Based Jet Fuel
  218. Air Force to Use 'Battlefield Acupuncture' for Pain Relief
  219. Video Shows Every Flight on Earth in 72 Seconds
  220. Touring the 'PlayStation Home' Open House
  221. Study: PC Infections Plague Wire-Transfer Shops
  222. What is the Value of a Virtual Gift?
  223. PS3 Virtual World Finally Finally 'Here'
  224. A Nikon DSLR That's Smarter Than You Are
  225. Dec. 11, 1964: Dr. King Warns About Science Without Morality
  226. Gallery: Toys and Tools for Upwardly Mobile Musicians
  227. How to Fingerprint a Bullet, the High-Voltage Way
  228. Rocket Scientist's Laser Scalpel Targets Individual Cells
  229. Gadgets, Games Help Musicians Offset Declining Sales
  230. 'Star Trek' Tweaker Talks Perils of Remastering Original Series
  231. Nobel-Winning Physicist May Be Obama's Pick for Energy Secretary
  232. Legalize Brain-Enhancing Drugs, Scientists Say
  233. LimeWire Adds Private File Sharing
  234. Meet Uncle Sam's Car Czar
  235. MPAA Urges Obama to Embrace Internet Filtering
  236. Study Proves Talkers Are Lousy Drivers
  237. Firefox Adds Multitouch Gestures for Macs
  238. Water Vapor Confirmed on Alien Planet
  239. GPS, Hidden Cameras Watching Over Baby Jesus
  240. Petite Blu-ray Box Big on Function
  241. Diamond-Studded Swiss Army Knife for Top-Drawer Pockets
  242. Dec. 10, 1626: Measurement Man Meets the Measure of His Days
  243. Atari Founder's Bistro Swaps Touchscreens for Waiters (Sort Of)
  244. Ante Up, Human: The Adventures of Polaris, the Poker-Playing Robot
  245. NASA Gets Inside Pilots' Heads to Make Them Safer
  246. Next-Gen Dashboards Teach Leadfoots How to Hypermile
  247. Censorship Group Removes Wikipedia Blacklisting
  248. Japan Moves to Become Electric Vehicle Testing Ground
  249. Student Sues Principal Over Suspension for Facebook Remarks
  250. Hubble Finds CO2 on Extrasolar Planet