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  1. Mars Harder and Colder Than Previously Thought
  2. Firefox 3 RC1 Out Now
  3. Unmanned Aircraft Pose US Airspace Problems
  4. World's Newest, Most Powerful Laser Comes Online
  5. Whiskey Geeks Keep Moonshine Tradition Alive
  6. Vintage Japanese Robots Storm Sci-Fi Museum
  7. The World's Spookiest Weapons
  8. NSF Research Reveals Chain Letter Travel Patterns
  9. US Senate Asks for National Security Letter Explanation
  10. A Baseball Hat That Reads Your Mind
  11. 800-Horsepower Hybrid to Race 24 Hours of Nurburgring
  12. Amputee Sprinter Wins Olympic Appeal to Compete
  13. 'X-Files' Scribe Switches to Superhero Mode for 'Hancock'
  14. How to Set Up a Pirate Radio Station
  15. $100 Laptop Platform Moves On
  16. Lockheed Martin Awarded GPSIII
  17. Can Charter Broadband Customers Really Opt-Out of Spying? Maybe Not
  18. Is Marc Andreessen Through with the Press?
  19. Facebook, Google Square Off Over Which One Owns Your Data
  20. Senators OK $1 Billion for Online Child **** Fight
  21. Airwolf for Sale on eBay!
  22. Shape-Shifting Malware Hits the Web
  23. Dutch Voting Machines De-Certified
  24. File Sharing Comes to the iPhone
  25. Silicon Valley Book Party Turns Up the Heat
  26. Congressmen Ask Charter to Freeze Web Profiling Plan
  27. Soaring Over the Alps on Homemade Jet Wings
  28. Review: Casio EX-F1 Is a Speed-Demon Snapper
  29. How Clear Channel Will Change Deal-Making
  30. Air Force Bails Out on Social Network Ban
  31. DARPA Celebrates 50 Years of Pushing the Envelope
  32. Keeping Customer From Accessing My Database?
  33. Honeywell & Airbus To Turn Algae Into Jet Fuel
  34. Worried About Carbon? Don't Forget Nitrogen
  35. Mechanical-Limbed Runner OK'd for Olympics. Game On.
  36. OLPC Will Ship With Windows XP
  37. Code Quality In Open and Closed Source Kernels
  38. Fermilab Calls For Code Crackers
  39. What To Do With Old Laptops?
  40. Worst.Cellphone.Ever.
  41. It's Bike To Work Day: Here's How to Make It Happen
  42. IE 7.0/8.0b Code Execution 0-Day Released
  43. Bletchley Park Facing Financial Ruin
  44. Woman Indicted In MySpace Suicide Case
  45. OLPC Now Teamed With Microsoft
  46. Verizon Joins Linux Mobile Foundation
  47. Decent Book Clubs for Sci-Fi Fans?
  48. Carl Icahn Takes on Yahoo's Board
  49. May 16, 1960: Researcher Shines a Laser Light
  50. Happy Birthday, Lasers:'s Best Laser Stories
  51. Black Holes Don't Trap Information Forever
  52. Experts Say MySpace Suicide Indictment Sets 'Scary' Legal Precedent
  53. Streamlining and Testing RFID Technology
  54. Apple's New Boston Store, "A Diamond in a Rock Pile"
  55. Krusty the 'Simpsons' Clown Gets His Own Roller Coasters
  56. Microsoft and OLPC Agree To Put XP On the XO Laptop
  57. Details for Guitar Hero 4 Released
  58. CloudTrade Brings Free Music Sharing to Smartphones
  59. Chevrolet Volt Hits the Road With Li-Ion Batteries, 40-Mile Range
  60. Judge Says First-Ever RIAA Piracy Trial May Need a Do-Over
  61. What to Expect From Apple at WWDC 2008
  62. Moving Toward a Single Linux UI?
  63. 3 Rugged Notebooks Take a Beating
  64. Big Payday for Web 2.0
  65. Comcast, Cox Slow BitTorrent Traffic All Day
  66. David Pogue Gushes Over the Chumby
  67. Changing a School'sTech Disposal Policy?
  68. Prius Sales Top 1 Million. Want One? Better Move Fast
  69. Recover Your Password-Protected MS Office Docs
  70. Lori Drew Charged With Conspiracy for Deadly MySpace Hoax
  71. Online Quiz As a Gateway to P2P
  72. CNET Employees Happy to be CBS Employees
  73. Report: Government's Cyber-Security Plan Is Riddled With New Spying Programs
  74. David Pogue Gushes Over the Chumby
  75. First Peek at Whedon's Killer Dolls
  76. Scientists Pinpoint the Next Big Pollution Problem
  77. Our Data, Ourselves
  78. Darpa Aims to Snuff Flames With Electricity, Sound
  79. Guitar Tutorials Rocket Up iTunes Podcast Charts
  80. Judge in Capitol v. Thomas Considers New Trial
  81. IBM Touts Supercomputers for Enterprise
  82. Indictment Expected in Megan Meier Cyberbullying Case
  83. Air Force Aims for Control of 'Any and All' Computers
  84. Early Review Calls New Indiana Jones Film Dreadful
  85. Study: Cox, Comcast Internet Subscribers Blocked
  86. Reversing Trend, Cable Modems Win Over DSL in Q1
  87. CNET: CBS' YouTube, or Its Waterloo?
  88. Securing Your Notebook Against US Customs
  89. Shuttleworth Calls For Coordinated Release Cycles
  90. Devastating China Quake Struck in 2 Stages
  91. 3 Rugged Notebooks Take a Beating
  92. CBS Acquires CNET Networks for $1.8 Billion
  93. It's Official: Icahn Takes on Yahoo
  94. Colossus Cipher Challenge Winner On Ada
  95. UMG Calls Infringement Damages "Excessive"
  96. Flash Player 10: Dazzling Effects, Better Performance, Runs on Linux
  97. Review: Jawbones Latest Headset is Smaller Skinnier Sexier
  98. Swarming Ants Destroy Electronics in Texas
  99. NBC Activates Broadcast Flag
  100. Einstein Letter Goes on Sale
  101. CBS to buy CNet for $1.75 billion
  102. NBC Activates Broadcast Flag
  103. Einstein Letter Goes on Sale
  104. Estonian Cyber Defence Hub Set Up
  105. May 15, 1930: The Skies Get a Little Bit Friendlier
  106. IBM Touts Supercomputers for the Enterprise
  107. Elude Your ISP's BitTorrent Blockade
  108. Why So Sweaty on 'Demetrius'? Science of 'Battlestar Galactica'
  109. Cable Guy's New Address Book: Comcast Buys Plaxo
  110. Sen. Arlen Specter Demanding Probe of 'Spygate'
  111. Radical Cyclists Take to L.A. Freeways to Say Bikes Are Better
  112. Someone's Out to Get Wikimedia's Deputy Director
  113. San Francisco Wants to Make Electric Cars as Common as Cable Cars
  114. China Buying US Directed Sound 'Weapon'
  115. Review: Asus Eee PC 900 Is Even Better Second Time Around
  116. Get Started With Amateur Radio: A Guide for 'New Hams'
  117. Christian Warrior is Behind the Obama Smear Video
  118. Swiss Man Flies With Jet Powered Wing
  119. YouTube's Unspoken Linking Policy For Copyright Infringers
  120. Marauding Ants Foul Houston-Area Computers
  121. Vatican Says Alien Life Plausible
  122. Games With A Purpose Help With Tasks That Tax Computers
  123. Entertainment Industry Leaned on L.A. Politicos to Declare Piracy a 'Public Nuisance'
  124. Fewer Flying This Summer, But Air Travel Will Remain Hellish
  125. California Hands-Free Cellphone Law Could Save 300 Lives a Year
  126. Techies Keen to Keep Jobs In the Family
  127. Youngest Galactic Supernova Found, But No Aliens
  128. Hitler Remixes Are Big -- on YouTube
  129. First Look: Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Adds Tabs, Better Mac Support
  130. NASA Discovers Galaxy's Most Recent Supernova
  131. MySpace Gets $230 Million Judgment Against 'Spam King'. Good Luck Collecting.
  132. Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5
  133. Syrian Blogger Sentenced to Three Years in Jail
  134. NASA Phoenix Mission Ready For Mars Landing
  135. Youngsters Skip DVR Ads Less Than Seniors
  136. Developers: Adobe Delaying Online Music Apps
  137. New Antivirus Tests Show Rootkits Hard to Kill
  138. Linux Desktop to Appear On Every Asus Motherboard
  139. British "X-files" Released to Public
  140. 85% of Chinese Citizens Like Internet Censorship
  141. MySpace Wins $230 Million Judgment Against Sanford Wallace
  142. British ' X-files' Released to Public
  143. Britain Opens Archives on UFO Sightings
  144. 85% of Chinese Likes Censorship
  145. Landline Use Falls Off as Mobile Usage Grows
  146. MySpace Wins $230 Million vs Sanford Wallace
  147. MySpace Gets $230 Million Judgement Against 'Spam King'. Good Luck Collecting.
  148. Running Mac OS X on standard PCs
  149. Syrian Blogger Sentenced to Three Years in Jail
  150. Mormon Church Goes After WikiLeaks
  151. VBA Will Return To Mac Office
  152. NASA Phoenix Mission Ready For Mars Landing
  153. Youngsters Skip DVR Ads Less Than Seniors
  154. May 14, 1796: Jenner Tests Vaccination on Human Subject
  155. Alt Text: Workin' at the Internet Cafe -- Laptop Dilemma
  156. Videos and Report From Embedded Linux Conference
  157. A View From Inside the OLPC Project
  158. Charter to Share Broadband Customers' Web Histories With Ad Networks
  159. Comparing 3G Networks
  160. Sun's McNealy: 'I Don't Want to Be On the Network'
  161. Internet TV Will Let You be a Couch Potato in Traffic
  162. Quantum Cryptography Broken, and Fixed
  163. 5 IRS Employees Charged With Snooping on Tax Returns
  164. Get Used to It — Sky-High Oil Prices Are Here to Stay
  165. Is Icahn Maneuvering to Oust Yahoo Board?
  166. Fisker's Still Testing Its $80K Hybrid, But Already Considering a Sequel
  167. Exercise May Protect Girls From Breast Cancer
  168. 10 Million iPhones by Year's End? NP.
  169. UK Agency Files OOXML Complaint, EU Demurs
  170. Craigslist vs. eBay: Spying, Lying and Hyperlink Abuse
  171. Imeem Unseats Yahoo as Top Music-Streaming Site
  172. Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers
  173. Terrafugia CEO Responds To "Flying Car" Criticism
  174. Hope and Horror: Your Take on First GM Human Embryo
  175. Ron Paul Supporters, What Are Your Plans?
  176. Google Begins Blurring Faces In Street View
  177. Hawking Searching For Africa's Einsteins
  178. Some Final Thoughts on Our Friend Michael Arrington
  179. Pop Artist Robert Rauschenberg, 82, Dies
  180. Microsoft Launches WorldWide Telescope
  181. New Mars Lander Looks for Water, Could Find Life
  182. Charter Is Latest ISP To Plan Wiretapping Via DPI
  183. Microsoft Reaches Out To Blender
  184. Libertarian Bob Barr Hopes to Scoop Up Ron Paul's Internet-Driven Support
  185. How the RIAA Targets Campus Copyright Violators
  186. Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Released
  187. How to Geotag Your Digital Photos
  188. Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Released
  189. Microsoft's Bid for Family-Friendly Xbox Games
  190. HP Buying EDS With Its Head in the Clouds
  191. Debian Bug Leaves Private SSL/SSH Keys Guessable
  192. 4D Analogue of Megaminx Puzzle
  193. Don't Peel & Stick Me, Bro!
  194. Modified Human Embryo Stirs Fears of 'Designer Babies'
  195. Wind-Powered Energy More Than Just Hot Air
  196. 4D analogue of Megaminx Puzzle
  197. China to Regulate Internet Map Publishing
  198. HP Seals the Deal, Buys EDS For $14B
  199. China to Regulate Internet Map Publishing
  200. Just How Effective is System Hardening?
  201. Homemade VoIP Network Over Wi-Fi Routers
  202. Lectures On the Frontiers of Physics Online
  203. A Walk Through the Hard Drive Recovery Process
  204. Free (As In Speech) Beer, V2.0
  205. Seeking Signs of Ancient Martian Life
  206. Earthquake In China
  207. "Understanding" Search Engine Enters Public Beta
  208. New Spider Species Named After Neil Young
  209. McCain Breaks From Bush on Climate Change, Calls for Mandatory Caps
  210. May 13, 1637: Cardinal Richelieu Makes His Point
  211. David Byrne Converts Building Into Giant Instrument
  212. Using Microwaves To Cook Ballast Stowaways
  213. A Walk Through the Hard Drive Recovery Process
  214. How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
  215. NASA Does a U-Turn, Opens To Private Industry
  216. Brad Neuberg, Google Gears, and the Future of the Web
  217. International Hackers Indicted for Sniffing Credit Cards from Dave & Buster's
  218. Wind Could Power 20 Percent of U.S. Grid by 2030
  219. PC World Editor to Step Down, Start Own Venture
  220. First Genetically Modified Human Embryo Under Review
  221. Apple: iPhone Sold Out Online in U.S., Britain
  222. First Space Lawyer Graduates
  223. Renault Will Bring EVs to America -- By Way of Israel
  224.'s WiiWare Launch Guide
  225. Screen With 180 Degree Field of View
  226. Researchers Create First Genetically Modified Human Embryo
  227. Bot Bartenders Sling Drinks at Roboexotica USA
  228. FTC to Scrutinize Contactless Payment Technology
  229. Air Force Colonel Wants to Build a Military Botnet
  230. Canada Considering A Three Strikes And You're Off The Internet Policy?
  231. Free Music Studio Means No More Excuses
  232. 80 Gbps Deep Packet Inspection Hardware Announced
  233. To Curb Truancy, Dallas Tries Electronic Monitoring
  234. USAF Considers Creation of Military Botnet
  235. Source: Apple, HBO Content Deal Imminent
  236. An Inside Look at the Great Firewall of China
  237. SMS 4x More Expensive Than Data From Hubble
  238. They That Go Down to Sea ... on a Permanent Basis
  239. Microsoft 'Shared Source' Attempts to Hijack FOSS
  240. Track The First Solar Aircraft Virtual Flight Live
  241. Second Gen iPhone To Toggle 3G/EDGE for Battery Life?
  242. First Look: Hands On with the BlackBerry Bold
  243. Cablevision Buys Newsday for $650 Million
  244. Where Are The Space Advocates?
  245. DVD **** Viruses Ravage US Soldiers' Computers
  246. With Murdoch Out, Cablevision/Newsday Deal Possible Today
  247. Sailing Robots To Attempt Atlantic Crossing
  248. Dealing With Dialup
  249. Gallery: How to Make Super-Strong, Super-Flexible Metals
  250. Government Efficiency and Network Theory