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  1. Collimating Semiconductor Lasers Without Lenses
  2. Tesla Crash!
  3. 10 Dumbest Lies of the Micro-hoo-gle-cahn Saga
  4. KDE 4.1 Released, Reviewed
  5. Software Price Gap Between the US and Europe
  6. Scrabulous Is Dead, Hasbro's Version Brain-Dead
  7. Microsoft Bets Big On Computing For the Car
  8. Sirius, XM Complete Merger to Create Satellite Radio Monolith
  9. Bad Guys Now Exploit Web Security Flaws in Mere Hours
  10. Your Computer and Cell Phone Are Lying To You
  11. Sans Spiderman, Sony Slumps
  12. Software Price Gap Between the US and Europe
  13. Retroactive Telco Immunity Opponents Buying TV Ad
  14. Apple Still Has Not Patched the DNS Hole
  15. Excerpt From Arthur C. Clarke's Last Work
  16. Video Surveillance Tech Detects Abnormal Activity
  17. New Harley-Davidson Museum Is Heaven for Hells Angels
  18. July 29, 1958: Ike Inks Space Law, NASA Born in Wake of Russ Moon
  19. Gallery: Virgin Galactic Unveils 'White Knight Two' Launch Vehicle
  20. Blogger Gorshkov Will Dish Dirt on Russian Politicians — for a Price
  21. Alaska Looks To Volcanos For Geothermal Energy
  22. Modern LaTeX Replacement?
  23. Secure Your Domain Name Server With OpenDNS
  24. 'Afroninja' Turns Bungled Stunt Into Big-Screen 'Destiny'
  25. New RIAA Lawsuit Defense Tactic: Admit Liability, Challenge the Law
  26. FCC Commissioner Urges, Don't Regulate the Internet
  27. Opposed to Wiretap Amensty? Run a TV Ad for Six Bucks
  28. Video: Epic 'Gears of War 2,' Sad Power Glove
  29. Yahoo: We'll Reimburse Users for Terminated Music
  30. Mini-Microscope Could Lead to Cell-Sorting Implants
  31. Microsoft Dons ***** Suit, Joins Apache Open Source Foundation
  32. Apple Still Has Not Patched the DNS Hole
  33. General Motors Picks a Bigger Engine for the Volt
  34. Passenger Video of Qantas Jet Landing 'With a Big Hole'
  35. How Do You Deal With Sensitive Data?
  36. Have Modern Gamers Lost the Patience For Puzzles?
  37. The Reporter's Shield Law: Truth or Fear Mongering?
  38. How Do You Fix Education?
  39. How to Do Business With a Blacklisted Russian Weapons Company
  40. Have Modern Gamers Lost The Patience for Puzzles?
  41. Mo' Broadband Blues: Verizon Growth Sputters
  42. Virgin Galactic Unveils Launch Plane for Upcoming Spacecraft
  43. MPAA Plans To Launch Movie Links Site
  44. MacBook Updates Rumored To Include Glass Trackpad
  45. Two New Football Helmets Do Battle Against Concussions
  46. 10 Things You Should Have Bought at Comic-Con
  47. Tom Vanderbilt's Why We Drive the Way We Do Unlocks How to Unclog Traffic
  48. The T Train: NYC Will Get Its First New Subway Line in 70 Years
  49. "World's Cheapest Laptop" Available in Bulk Only
  50. Virgin Galactic Shows the Finished WhiteKnight Two
  51. VMware ESXi Available For Free Starting Today
  52. New Search Engine Cuil Takes Aim At Google
  53. Play With Dr. Horrible's Magnetic Remote-Control iPhone App
  54. Software Patent Sanity on the Way?
  55. Tenise Barker Takes On RIAA Damages Theory
  56. $1,000 Spray Makes Gadgets Waterproof
  57. Comcast Spoiling for Fight With FCC
  58. Virgin Galactic Shows the Finished WhiteKnight Two
  59. WB Took Pains To "Delay" Pirating of Dark Knight
  60. Mars Soil Frustrates Phoenix Again
  61. Virgin Galactic Shows the Finished WhiteKnight Two
  62. Leaked Wolverine Origin Trailer Makes the Rounds
  63. Facebook Fends Off Attack of the Clones
  64. The Pragmatic CSO
  65. Zune Tattoo Guy Signs Off: Buh-Bye
  66. Verizon Q2 Beats; FIOS Starts to Edge Out DSL
  67. Apple After Jobs
  68. China Has Largest On-Line Population
  69. New Search Engine Cuil Takes Aim At Google
  70. Diesel Sweeties Creator Steers Webcomic Back to Its Roots
  71. Olympic Media Village – Most Expensive Internet In the World?
  72. Ex-Google Engineers Debut 'Cuill'
  73. Top 10 Reader Blue Photos, Decided by You
  74. July 28, 1858: Fingerprints Go Official
  75. What Gore Didn't Say About Solar Cells
  76. Back to the Grind in WoW and Loving Every Tedious Minute
  77. Photo Contest: Cities
  78. Top 10 Reader Blue Photos, Decided by Us
  79. Mars Soil Frustrates Phoenix Again
  80. Nukes Not the Best Way To Stop Asteroids, Says Apollo Astronaut
  81. Nukes Are Not the Best Way to Stop an Asteroid
  82. Medical Health Disclosure vs. Steve Jobs' Privacy
  83. Ohio Researchers Advance Heat Reclamation Technologies
  84. Study: Exercise Slows Alzheimer's Brain Death
  85. Ohio Researchers Advance Heat Reclaimation Technologies
  86. Cambridge N-Prize Team To Build Balloon-Assisted Rockets
  87. Nerdcore Documentary Examines the Good, Bad and Geeky
  88. Sneaking Past Heavy-Handed Audio Compression on YouTube
  89. Ivy League Computer Science Curricula Exposed
  90. NASA: 50 Years of Towering Achievement
  91. Gallery: The Space Suit Makes the NASA Astronaut
  92. Gallery: NASA's Most Embarrassing Goofs
  93. Gallery: NASA's Most Amazing Extraterrestrial Vehicles
  94. SETI@Home Adds New Search Method
  95. Hardware Hacking Guide - Citizen Engineer
  96. Reasonable Expectation of Privacy From Web Hosts?
  97. FCC Votes To Punish Comcast
  98. Opening Quantum Computing To the Public
  99. VIA Releases 800 Pages of Documentation For Linux
  100. MIT Artificial Vision Researchers Assemble 16-GPU Machine
  101. EU and Russia Show Off New Lunar Spacecraft Design
  102. Amazon Explains Why S3 Went Down
  103. NOAA Requires License For Photos of the Earth
  104. Unveiling of Aircraft Heats Up Space Race
  105. Second Mac Clone Maker Set To Sell, With a Twist
  106. How the Personal Genome Project Could Unlock the Mysteries of Life
  107. Comparison of Windows XP and Linux/Sugar On the OLPC XO
  108. Are There Any Smart E-mail Retention Policies?
  109. FCC Poised to Punish Comcast Over Web Blocking
  110. Atheros Releases Free Linux Driver For Its 802.11n Devices
  111. Google Caught On Private Property
  112. Amazon Explains Why S3 Went Down
  113. Google Caught On Private Property
  114. FSF's "Defective By Design" Targets Apple Genius Bars
  115. Comics, Superhero Flicks Whip Up a Cultural Superstorm
  116. FSF's "Defective By Design" Targets Apple Genius Bars
  117. For Apple, Growing Complexity Means More Glitches Than Ever
  118. Hacker, Counterfeiter Comes Clean Ahead of Prison Stint
  119. NOAA Requires License For Photos of the Earth
  120. EMI Loses Stones, Scores Humiliation Hat Trick
  121. Bootleg Tron 2 Trailer Is Out In the Wild
  122. Microsoft's Decade-old Patent On Tree-view Mode!
  123. More Skype Back Door Speculation.
  124. Comcast Is Reading Your Blog
  125. PRO-IP and PIRATE Acts Fused Into New Bill
  126. NASA Opens Space Image Library
  127. Sirius, XM Merger Gets FCC Approval
  128. Google URL Index Hits 1 Trillion
  129. Gallery: Star Wars, Aliens and Outta-This-World Lines at Comic-Con
  130. Lack of Bandwidth Oversight Damages HDTV Quality
  131. Why Won't Google Video Just Die?
  132. New York Times' Derek Gottfrid and NPR's Dan Jacobson Discuss APIs
  133. ISP Embarq Monitors User Traffic
  134. San Francisco DA Discloses City's Passwords
  135. Microsoft Blesses LGPL, Joins Apache Foundation
  136. Thirst For Coltan Fueling African Conflict
  137. Wrong! 5 Reasons Why Lossless Formats Will Not Destroy MP3
  138. Geeky TechShop Founder Plans National Franchise Rollout
  139. What To Expect In KDE 4.1
  140. Delivering 8K VFX Shots For the Dark Knight
  141. Delivering 8K VFX Shots For the Dark Knight
  142. New Open Web Foundation Has Open Source Technology's Back
  143. Nokia E71 Is a Legit iPhone Killer — We're Serious This Time
  144. Thirst For Coltan Fueling African Conflict
  145. Blind Taste Test Shows XP Users Love Vista
  146. 'Last Lecture' Professor, Randy Pausch, Dies
  147. Spam King and Family Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide
  148. SF Not an Exception In Giving IT Too Much Control
  149. JavaScript: The Good Parts
  150. "Last Lecture" CMU Professor Randy Pausch Dies
  151. No Gap Found In Math Abilities of Girls, Boys
  152. Craigslist Forced To Reveal a Seller's Identity
  153. Programmer's File Editor With Change Tracking?
  154. A Dot-Com Banker Who's Stuck in the Past
  155. "Last Lecture" CMU Professor Randy Pausch Dies
  156. Net Neutrality Gains Traction In '08 Senate Races
  157. Patch DNS Servers Faster
  158. Spam King and Family Dead In Murder-Suicide
  159. Did the U.S. Army Arrange a 'Sweetheart' Deal to Sell Russian Helicopters to Iraq?
  160. Hacked Oyster Card System Crashes Again
  161. IPhone 2.1 Update to Bring Turn-by-Turn GPS?
  162. China Asserts World Domination -- in Web Surfing
  163. Spam King and Family Dead In Murder-Suicide
  164. Review: X-Files Flick Falls Short of Show's Glory Days
  165. MoBo Manufacturer Foxconn Refuses To Support Linux
  166. Yahoo! Music Going Dark, Taking Keys With It
  167. Scientists Find Trigger For Northern Lights
  168. Microsoft Engineers Invent Displays That Top LCDs For Efficiency
  169. July 25: Four Women Who Made a Difference
  170. How to Make Friends With Celebrities
  171. How to Look Good on TV
  172. Gallery: Scenes From Comic-Con 2008
  173. Gallery: Comic-Con's Costumed Crusaders
  174. Are You Internet Famous? Get Your Score
  175. Debian Maintainer Hints At September Release for Lenny
  176. Internet Endangers Big-City Tradition: The Bike Messenger
  177. Senate Introduces IP-Reform Bill Bolstering Enforcement
  178. Jokers, Jokers Everywhere at Comic-Con
  179. Scientists Discover What Makes Northern Lights Dance
  180. How To Deal With Internet Bullies?
  181. How to Use Templates in Django
  182. FBI: We Don't Have Tesla's Death Ray
  183. Scrabble Scrambles, Sues Scrabulous
  184. UK Facebook User's Name Appropriation Draws Huge Libel Suit
  185. Hasbro Sues Makers of Scrabble-Like Scrabulous
  186. Robocars As the Best Way Geeks Can Save the Planet
  187. Blowing Up a $60,000 S.U.V. to Save the Planet
  188. Aviation Takes Its Woes to Capitol Hill
  189. Hasbro Sues Makers of Scrabble-Like Scrabulous
  190. Under Pressure, ISP Admits Secret Web Snooping in Kansas
  191. Critiquing Claims of an Open Source Jobs Boom
  192. Lori Drew Asks Court to Throw Out MySpace Suicide Case
  193. Vint Cerf Preps Interplanetary Internet Protocol
  194. Beijing's Air Still Transluscent, Despite Anti-Smog Efforts
  195. Brightkite Location API Could Usurp Yahoo's FireEagle
  196. British ISP File Share Smackdown Targets Accounts, Not Users
  197. NASA's Best Photos: You Make the Call
  198. Pittsburgh Cancer Center Warns of Cell Phone Risks
  199. Online Colleges Could Spy On Students – By Law
  200. Facebook F8 Conference Leaves Developers Wanting More
  201. Researchers Face Jail Risk For Tor Snooping Study
  202. Two-Episode Watchmen Series Set as a Prequel
  203. Big Six UK ISPs Capitulate To Music Industry
  204. Apollo 14 Moonwalker Claims Aliens Exist
  205. Mars In 3D
  206. Will 3-D Sportscasting Save the Movie Theater?
  207. The Death of Nearly All Software Patents?
  208. Researchers Face Jail Risk For Tor Snooping Study
  209. Spam King Escapes From Federal Prison
  210. Big Six UK ISPs Capitulate To Music Industry
  211. Ultra-Light Micro Air Vehicles
  212. Police Director Sues AOL For Critical Blogger's Name
  213. Microsoft Exec Who Led Yahoo Buyout Team to Leave
  214. Most Bank Websites Are Insecure
  215. Ultra-light Micro Air Vehicles
  216. Police Director Sues AOL For Critical Blogger's Name
  217. July 24, 1911: Hiram Bingham 'Discovers' Machu Picchu
  218. Inside Apple's iPhone SDK Gag Order
  219. Researchers Create Highly Predictive Blacklists
  220. How to Set Up a Velvet Rope on Facebook
  221. How to Promote Yourself, Boost Your Geek Cred, and Be the Hero
  222. How to Impress the Rubes and Win at the Carnival
  223. How to Be Understood at ComicCon
  224. If You Wanna Sell Plug-In Hybrids, You Gotta Make 'Em Sexy
  225. Next Generation CPU Refrigerators
  226. Cancer Center Warns of Kids' Cellphone Risks
  227. IPhone 3G Users Complain About Network Issues
  228. The Coffee Fix: Can the $11,000 Clover Machine Save Starbucks?
  229. Security Matters: Lesson From the DNS Bug: Patching Isn't Enough
  230. Attack Code Published For DNS Vulnerability
  231. Google's Knol, Expert Wiki, Goes Live
  232. The Broadband Boom May Be Over
  233. Ubuntu Is Hyper-Active At OSCON
  234. Review: Stephen Hawking's Secret Key to the Universe
  235. Bike Multitool Packs a Big Kit Into a Tiny Package
  236. Diving Knife Stabs, Pumps Out Explosive Ball of Frozen Gas
  237. Prosecutor: Admin Rigged City Network for 'Failure'
  238. Report: PlayStation 3 Game 'Failing Epilepsy Tests'
  239. Which Open Source Video Apps Use SMP Effectively?
  240. Intel CEO Calls for 10 Million Plug-In Conversions Within Four Years
  241. Q&A: X-Files' Chris Carter Talks Paranoia, Secrecy and Surprise
  242. Why Castlevania Became a Fighting Game
  243. EC2 Vs. App Engine Vs. GoGrid Vs. AppNexus
  244. Road Trip! Young Republicans Blog and Twitter Their Way Across the U.S.
  245. Google Blogger "Hosts 2% of World's Malware"
  246. As Summer Heats Up, An Ode to the Man Behind AC
  247. Magic Tricks Reveal Inner Workings of the Brain
  248. NASA Scientists Suggest Planting a Lunar Garden
  249. Practical Django Projects
  250. Google Debuts Rival for Wikipedia, Written by Experts