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  1. Google News Has Russian Army Invading Savannah, GA
  2. RIAA Foiled By "Innocent Infringement" Defense
  3. Google Has All My Data – How Do I Back It Up?
  4. Massachusetts Sues to Halt Defcon Subway Hacking Talk
  5. Microsoft Investing In "Open Source" Lab In Philippines
  6. George Orwell Blogs From the Grave
  7. Bigger, Cheaper Solar Cells
  8. T-Mobile To Open App Store For All of Their Phones
  9. Origins of the Modern PC
  10. BIND Still Susceptible To DNS Cache Poisoning
  11. EFF Warns That Email Privacy Is In Jeopardy
  12. Lucas Researching Concept For New Indiana Jones Film
  13. Simulation Predicts Clumps of Dark Matter Within Galaxies
  14. Gallery: Gadgets Boost Olympic Performance -- Legally
  15. Paid Support Not Critical For Linux Adoption
  16. Reporters At Black Hat Get Bounced For Hacking
  17. Reporters At Black Hat Get Bounced For Hacking
  18. Science and Tech Go to the Olympics:'s Coverage
  19. Aston Martin Unseats the Veyron As World's Fastest Car
  20. Tracking Near-Earth Meteors With a 1.1 Petabyte Database
  21. Scientists Create Stem Cells for Genetic Disorders
  22. Yahoo Will Soon Let Visitors Opt Out of Ads
  23. Fall TV Preview: Time Travel, Vampires and Weird Science
  24. How to Get More From Google Reader
  25. Delicious Django: Integrate Data From Web APIs Into Your Django Site
  26. Last HOPE Tracking Meta-Data Released
  27. Airline Cancels All Flights Booked Through Third Party Systems
  28. Can Blu-ray Save Blockbuster?
  29. Honda Takes Aim at Prius With New $19K Hybrid
  30. Researchers Crack Medeco High-Security Locks With Plastic Keys
  31. WordPress-Based Social Network to Launch Late 2008
  32. Major Breakthrough: Decoding Music's 'DNA'
  33. Google Says $1 Billion Investment in AOL Is Souring
  34. Shrinks Help Drone Pilots Cope with Robo-Violence
  35. Soldiers Receive All-in-One Nonlethal Warfare Kit
  36. Neanderthal Genome Sequenced: They're Not Your Ancestors
  37. Curl Up With an iPhone E-Book
  38. Super Fan Builds $70,000 Replica Batmobile
  39. 'Primeval' Creator Puts Hard Sci in Sci-Fi Dino Show
  40. YouTube Amps Up Audio Quality Following Complaints
  41. Gifted Firestarter: High-Tech Pyrotechnics Kick Off Olympics
  42. Gear Gallery: Shrinking Computers, DVR Expander and iPhone Competitors
  43. Aug. 8, 1876: Edison Patents Mimeograph
  44. French Reporters at Black Hat Hacked Fellow Reporters
  45. Mitsubishi Testing Its Cute EV in California
  46. 'Two Guys Drinking at a Bar' Parodies 'Lost, Galactica'
  47. Inventor's Gadgets Give a 'God's Eye' View of the Olympics
  48. Digg This Story: Share Your Site's Content With ShareThis
  49. Airbus A380? Pfft. It's 747 v2.0
  50. Chertoff Misleads on Laptop Searches, Feingold Charges
  51. Dominate Your Son's Pinewood Derby
  52. Download Torrents via Remote Control With Transmission
  53. Movie Theaters Stave Off Extinction
  54. Early Mars Was Likely Habitable
  55. Beijing Leads in Race for Most Polluted Olympics
  56. Doing Something About the Weather, Financially at Least
  57. Avoid the Highway to Hell With
  58. Software To Improve AIDS Survival?
  59. O'Reilly On How Copyright Got To Its Current State
  60. Atom-Thick Balloon Inflated
  61. US Warns Olympic Visitors of Chinese Cyber-Spying
  62. The Internet Meme Timeline
  63. USAF Enlists Shrinks To Help Drone Pilots Cope
  64. Net Shoppers Bullied Into "Verified By Visa" Program
  65. Fingerprint Test Tells Much More Than Identity
  66. Non-Compete Clauses Thrown Out In California
  67. 8 People Buy "I Am Rich" iPhone App For $1,000
  68. Microsoft Tries a New Ad Agency
  69. Nearly 50,000 IT Jobs Lost In Past Year
  70. Computer Beats Pro At US Go Congress
  71. Vista's Security Rendered Completely Useless
  72. IBM Exec Bemoans Lack of Industry-Specific Linux Apps
  73. Aug. 6, 1890: Kemmler First to 'Ride the Lightning'
  74. Start Data Plumbing With Yahoo Pipes
  75. How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors
  76. Feds Charge 11 in Breaches at TJ Maxx, OfficeMax, DSW, Others
  77. 100 Open Source Presentations From OSCon
  78. Defcon: You Got to Show Us Your Stinkin' Badges
  79. Kindle ... Or Is It Just Kindling?
  80. Mozilla Labs Want to Know Your Browser Fantasies
  81. MSIs Napoleonic Laptop Conquers Our Hearts
  82. Review: '1942: Joint Strike Shoots' It Up Good
  83. NASA: Martian Soil Hostile to Life? Maybe Not
  84. Super-Luxe Airbus Makes Flying Fun Again. If You're Loaded
  85. Plug and Fly: Battery-Powered Plane Debuts
  86. Sony Buys Out Bertelsmann's Sony BMG Stake for $1.2 Billion
  87. Sony to Buy Bertelsmann's Sony BMG Stake for $1.2 Billion
  88. VC Partner: IPhone Falls Short As a Business Device
  89. Now 0-for-3, SpaceX's Elon Musk Vows to Make Orbit
  90. Gallery: Rain Forest, Coral Reef and Planetarium Under One Green Roof
  91. Clive Thompson on Real-World Social Networks vs. Facebook 'Friends'
  92. Aug. 5, 1962: First Quasar Discovered
  93. Fruitful Developer Camp Proves iPhone's Web Prowess
  94. Sensors, Photos Prove Beijing's Anti-Smog Efforts Failing
  95. How to Get Comped in Vegas
  96. This NASA Astronaut Was 'Too Busy to Be Scared'
  97. 15th Anniversary: Behind Wired's Story Behind the Microsoft Antitrust Case
  98. MySpace Suicide Charges Threaten Free Speech
  99. IBM Pushing Microsoft-Free Desktops
  100. Lessig Predicts Cyber 9/11 Event, Restrictive Laws
  101. Friendster Going Strong In Asia, Maybe Soon In Court
  102. Hot Water, Hot Earth
  103. 11 Charged In TJX, Other Breaches
  104. Your Medical Treatment History Is For Sale
  105. California Can't Perform Pay Cut Because of COBOL
  106. Obscura Digital Demos "Minority Report"-Like Display
  107. NYT Techie Night Life Reprogrammed
  108. "Clear" Air-Travel Pass Data Stolen From SFO
  109. Effective Optical Disc Repair?
  110. Craigslist Prankster Sued, Argues DMCA Abuse
  111. MIT Team Working On a $12 Apple (II) Desktop
  112. The Low-End Approach To Wireless Hacking
  113. Wooden Sci-Fi Sculptures Make Great Geek Art
  114. Error-Proofing Data With Reed-Solomon Codes
  115. Microsoft's Annual Report Reveals OSS Mistakes
  116. Aug. 4, 1977: All U.S. Energy Placed Under Single Roof
  117. Olympic Committee Is Grilled on Net Censorship
  118. DNA Led the FBI to Anthrax Suspect
  119. Biodefense Labs, Bad for Our Health
  120. Settle the Beef: Does Rush Deserve the Hall of Fame?
  121. Rumors Abound About 'Potential for Life' on Mars
  122. Third SpaceX Rocket Launch Attempt Fails
  123. Review: Mummy 3 Comes Unraveled
  124. Diagramming Tool For SQL Select Statements
  125. Researchers Find Color In Fossils
  126. Yahoo Blocks Venerable Email List Over False Positives
  127. FBI Seizes Library Computers Without Warrant
  128. How To Fix the Poor Usability of Free Software
  129. Israel Moves Toward a National Biometric Database
  130. Where To Draw the Line When Punishing Email Snooping?
  131. Massively Parallel X-Ray Holography
  132. Is Hushmail Still Safe?
  133. Gates Issues Call For "Creative Capitalism"
  134. SpaceX Launch Fails To Reach Space
  135. Two Black Hat Talks On Apple Security Cancelled
  136. Verizon Denies DSL Because of Subscriber's Name
  137. Toyota Announces the Winglet, Wannabe Segway Killer
  138. Chinese Restaurant Suffers Large Translation Error
  139. Most Dangerous Object in the Office This Month: Neodymium Supermagnets
  140. Would You Pay $1,700 for a Digital Print of Dylan?
  141. Toyota Announces Segway Killer: The Winglet Personal Transporter
  142. SpaceX Falcon 1 Rocket Is Set to Launch Tonight
  143. Tutorial: Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Modem
  144. Once Common on Skin, Anthrax in Lungs Is Fatal
  145. Web Sites Using SiteMeter Are Crashing With Internet Explorer
  146. The Digg Science Review, Volume 2
  147. Stockholders Vote to Keep Yahoo Execs on Board
  148. Apple, AT&T Extend Monogamous Relationship
  149. Dell Tries To Trademark "Cloud Computing"
  150. "Mobile Plate Hunter" Cameras Raise Questions
  151. Brian May, Rock Legend, Publishes His Thesis
  152. NVidia Reportedly Will Exit Chipset Business
  153. EFF Releases Tool For Testing ISP Interference
  154. China Does U-Turn, Lifts Ban On Websites
  155. Foxconn Releases Test BIOS Fixing Linux Crashes
  156. New Results Contradict Long-Held Chemistry Dogma
  157. 2008 Mozilla Summit Affected By Rock Slide
  158. White House Briefed On "Potential For Life" On Mars
  159. Third Falcon 1 Launch May Be This Afternoon
  160. Awesome Pics of CERN's Large Hadron Collider
  161. iPhone Tethering App Released, Killed In 2 Hours
  162. Senate Passes Bill Targeting College Piracy
  163. Developing On the PS3 Under Fedora
  164. What's Inside: Stomach-Bubble-Bursting Mylanta Classic
  165. Gallery: San Francisco Cable Cars Still Humming on 19th-Century Tech
  166. Guitar Hero, Rock Band and the Rock 'n' Roll Money Machine
  167. How to Backup a Web Server
  168. How to Feign Sincerity
  169. Chemical Test Confirms Water on Mars
  170. The ResQtec V2 Ram Wrenches Trapped Drivers Free in 13 Seconds
  171. Apple Releases DNS Poison Patch Nearly 3 Months Late
  172. RIAA's Lawsuit Strategy in the Balance at Jammie Thomas Hearing Monday
  173. IPhone Modem App Is Still Available -- Here's the Link
  174. Delicious Gets New Look, Loses Dots
  175. Massachusetts Pulls the Plug on ZAP's EVs
  176. Researchers Say They've Identified 'Rosetta Star'
  177. Anthrax Scientist Kills Self as Feds Close In
  178. These Are Our Favorite Car Designers. Tell Us Yours
  179. Today's Solar Eclipse: Photos From Around the World
  180. World's Sexiest Car Even Hotter Topless
  181. FCC Declares Comcast's Throttling Violated Net-Neutrality Rules
  182. Aug. 1, 1949: FCC Gets In on Cable TV
  183. Shimano Shuns Cables for Full Electronic Shifting
  184. Lawmaker Crying Foul Ahead of FCC Net-Neutrality Decision
  185. New In Rainbows' Numbers Offer Lessons for Music Industry
  186. Patch Open Source Software
  187. How to Turn Anything Into a Screenplay
  188. The $46,616.47 Oil Change and Size-22 Carbon Footprint
  189. Cheap Catalyst Could Turn Sunlight, Water Into Fuel
  190. SpaceX Conducts Full Thrust Firing of Falcon 9
  191. Navajo Nation Losing Internet Access
  192. Band Leaks Own Album, Blames Pirates
  193. RIAA Gets Nervous, Brings In Big Gun
  194. Microsoft and Apache - What's the Angle?
  195. Judge Trips Up Settlement In Hot Coffee Class-Action
  196. Apple Clients Still Vulnerable After DNS Patch
  197. Test Selling "Last Mile" Fiber to Homeowners Under Way in Canada
  198. NASA Shakes, Bakes, and Rattles Lunar Spaceship
  199. A Photo That Can Steal Your Online Credentials?
  200. House Dems Turn Out the Lights On the GOP
  201. Linux Foundation Promises LSB4
  202. Apparent Suicide In Anthrax Case
  203. Towards an Exercise Pill
  204. Creating a Security Test Environment?
  205. Windows Is Dead – Long Live Midori?
  206. IOC Admits Internet Censorship Deal With China
  207. Firefox 3.1 Alpha "Shiretoko" Released
  208. UK Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal
  209. IOC Admits Internet Censorship Deal With China
  210. Firefox 3.1 Alpha "Shiretoko" Released
  211. From Wall Street to the Secrets of Life
  212. Huge Order for Intel OLPC Rival 'Classmate PC'
  213. The Ridiculous LexisNexis Search that the Justice Department Used
  214. DNS Attack Writer a Victim of His Own Creation
  215. Nintendo Q1 Profit Surges -- Wii!!!
  216. UK Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal
  217. Comcast Q2 Profit Up 8%; Broadband Growth Slows
  218. Police Shame Pranksters On YouTube
  219. Drug Halts Decline In Alzheimer's Patients
  220. OSCON 2008 Roundup
  221. Practical Jetpack Available "Soon"
  222. Are We Searching Google, Or Is Google Searching Us?
  223. OSCON 2008 Roundup
  224. The Mozilla CEO on His Firefox Strategy, His Google Gambit, and Working With Apple
  225. July 30, 1869: Moving Oil in Bulk, for Good and Ill
  226. Alt Text: The Sci-Fi Rejection Letter That Time Forgot
  227. Emergency Workaround For Oracle 0-Day
  228. Yale Students' Lawsuit Unmasks Anonymous Trolls, Opens Pandora's Box
  229. How Do Geeks Exercise?
  230. Be a Game God
  231. Sprint Ordered to Pay Millions in Early Termination Fee Flap
  232. GOP Site 'BarackBook' Mocks Obama's Facebook Support
  233. DSL: Not Dead Yet
  234. Supply and Demand, Prius Style
  235. ABA Judges Get an Earful About RIAA Litigations
  236. Review: 'Siren' Is Scary Fun, but Sony Download Store Is Just Scary
  237. Practical Jetpack Available "Soon"
  238. The Finish Line for the Next Space Race: Planet Earth
  239. A Step Backward For Voting System Transparency
  240. Mourning the Internet Famous: Randy Pausch's Distributed Funeral
  241. Wikileaks Releases ACTA Negotiations As "0-Day"
  242. NASA Turns 50
  243. Software, Tools, Or Techniques For UI Review?
  244. MPAA Seeks Internet Removal of Two "Infringing" Sites
  245. VIA Nano CPU Benchmarked, Beats Intel Atom
  246. Sen. Ted "Tubes" Stevens Is Indicted
  247. Hacked-Sibertrwolf-Windows-budasanakapak-olsun-vista-hacked...
  248. Free Multiservice IM App Arrives on iPhone
  249. Popular Scrabble Knockoff Suspended on Facebook
  250. The Future of Web Fonts Looking Brighter