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  1. Russian government offers money for Tor-cracking tech
  2. What influences corporate security strategies?
  3. Week in review: Tails 0-days, iOS backdoors, and the psychology of phishing
  4. 9 tips for communicating your BYOD policy
  5. Almost 1 in 10 Android apps are now malware
  6. Google and EU debate on implementation of "right to be forgotten"
  7. European Central Bank blackmailed in wake of data breach
  8. Fake GoogleBots are third most common DDoS attacker
  9. The evolution of backup and disaster recovery
  10. New type of ransomware bucks established trends
  11. Is private cloud holding Feds back?
  12. eBook: Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition
  13. Open source responsible disclosure framework released
  14. European Central Bank blackmailed in wake of data breach
  15. Apple confirms iOS backdoors, researcher says explanation is misleading
  16. Six men charged in StubHub cyber-theft case
  17. The 25th anniversary of the firewall: Celebrating a new generation
  18. Infographic: 25 years of the firewall
  19. How organizations deal with BYOD and mobile security
  20. Intel unveils SSD Pro 2500 self-encrypting drives
  21. Whitepaper: 7 reasons to adopt SaaS for security
  22. Operation Emmental exploits holes in banking security
  23. Android Simplocker ransomware hits English-speaking users
  24. 40% of orgs running VMware still susceptible to Heartbleed
  25. Internet Explorer vulnerabilities increase 100%
  26. Facebook scams now lead to exploit kits
  27. Interest for SSL and PKI on the rise
  28. UK application security programs lagging behind US
  29. The psychology of phishing
  30. Event: International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions 2014
  31. How Nigerian cyber criminals have evolved
  32. Intentional backdoors in iOS devices uncovered
  33. How Nigerian cyber criminals have evolved
  34. Private contact, calendar sync service for Android
  35. Critical de-anonymization 0-days found in Tails
  36. 8 online safety rules for college-bound kids
  37. EFF releases Firefox, Chrome plugin to stop online tracking
  38. 3 in 10 consumers don't trust retailers with their data
  39. IT security training: Be proactive
  40. Whitepaper: BYOD security that works
  41. Metadata-hiding Dark Mail protocol soon to be reality
  42. EFF invites hackers to test, secure its Open Wireless Router
  43. Review: Computer Incident Response and Forensics Team Management
  44. Funny Facebook video scam leaves unamusing Trojan
  45. Unpatched OpenSSL holes found on Siemens ICSs
  46. Event: BugCON Security Conference 2014
  47. Unpatched OpenSSL holes found on Siemens ISCs
  48. What does the future hold for cloud computing?
  49. TRUSTe launches new privacy assessments
  50. Mayhem malware ropes Linux, UNIX servers into botnets
  51. Mayhem malware ropes Linux, UNIX servers into lucrative botnets
  52. Fake Flash Player steals credit card information
  53. Government-grade malware used for ransomware attacks
  54. How hackers get in: Lessons from a network security audit
  55. Whitepaper: History of cryptography
  56. Seagate delivers five new NAS products
  57. Acunetix offers free network security scan
  58. Are endpoints the most vulnerable part of the network?
  59. 40% of IT security teams keep executives in the dark
  60. vBulletin releases patches for critical SQL injection flaw
  61. Botnets gain 18 infected systems per second
  62. Exposing the insecurity of hotel safes
  63. 63% of businesses don't encrypt credit cards
  64. Cisco fixes critical flaw in modems and wireless gateways
  65. Pushdo Trojan infects 11,000 systems in 24 hours
  66. New IP-based wireless networking protocol created
  67. 49% of security pros think Java apps are vulnerable to attacks
  68. Whitepaper: The value of perfect forward secrecy
  69. Unlocking the hidden value of information
  70. Cloud Security Alliance updates guidance documents
  71. vBulletin vulnerable to SQL injection
  72. UK data watchdog suffered data security breach
  73. Selectively re-using bad passwords is not a bad idea, researchers say
  74. Oracle delivers 113 updates
  75. Most dangerous superheroes to search for online
  76. 65 challenges that cloud computing poses to forensics investigators
  77. How email user habits impact personal life
  78. 100+ DDoS events over 100GB/sec reported this year
  79. Researcher launches SSL Blacklist
  80. Google goes to war against zero-days
  81. Breaches exposed 22.8 million personal records of New Yorkers
  82. PittyTiger APT group sells its services to companies
  83. CNET attacked by Russian hackers, user database stolen
  84. 96% of organizations hit by a security incident in the past year
  85. Active Directory flaw impacts 95% of Fortune 1000 companies
  86. NIST releases report on cryptography expertise
  87. CIOs should make digital business tech an IT responsibility
  88. Amazon-hosted malware triples in 6 months
  89. First aid kit for people who face digital threats
  90. Google testing new phishing and malware warnings
  91. Critical vulnerabilities in web-based password managers found
  92. Keyloggers found at hotel business centers, US Secret Service warns
  93. DoJ provides update on Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker disruption
  94. Global action targeting Shylock malware
  95. Raspberry Pi B+ adds connectivity and power features
  96. Endpoint security myths and why they persist
  97. Week in review: Google catches India with fake certificates, and the risks of selling used smartphones
  98. Kit: Essentials of virtualization
  99. IoT privacy tech working group announced
  100. CryptoLocker is temporarily disabled, users still at risk
  101. Securing the virtual environment
  102. Empowered Millennials expect BYOD
  103. Businesses are deprioritizing information security
  104. Exploring the BYOD security dynamic
  105. Checklist: Should I use Linux?
  106. Consumers don't trust any industry with their personal data
  107. The emergence of the Digital Risk Officer
  108. Event: i-Society 2014
  109. Global rise in Android banking and payment malware
  110. Review: Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking
  111. Google catches India with fake certificates
  112. 1 in 5 enterprises experienced an APT attack
  113. Big Data security mistakes, tips and tricks
  114. Global cloud services market to reach $555 billion by 2020
  115. 64% of companies expect cyber attacks
  116. Trojan:W32/Lecpetex: Bitcoin miner spreading via FB messages
  117. Light Patch Tuesday fixes six issues, two critical
  118. DPAPI vulnerability allows intruders to decrypt personal data
  119. Risks of selling used smartphones
  120. GFI MailEssentials gets new AV engine and anti-spam capabilities
  121. Cloud security threats, tips and best practices
  122. Dispelling the myths behind DDoS attacks
  123. Security weakness found in WiFi enabled LED light bulb
  124. Travelers targeted by infected travel websites
  125. Exploring the mobile security landscape
  126. Why IAM will be worth over $10 billion by 2018
  127. Security weakness found in WiFi enabled LED light bulb
  128. Microsoft to address six issues on Tuesday
  129. Connecting cloud storage services and cloud-based data loss prevention
  130. Estimated $3.75bn stolen by Brazil fraud ring
  131. Do you take your coffee with "Free" Wi-Fi?
  132. Spammers are always thinking up new tricks
  133. Microsoft supports open source software framework for IoT
  134. No-IP reclaims control of domains seized by Microsoft
  135. Microsoft disrupts malware networks and APT operations
  136. Legitimate No-IP users still affected by Microsoft's domain takeover
  137. The building blocks of a successful authentication infrastructure
  138. Live open source security lab coming to Cyber Security EXPO
  139. eBook: Advanced Malware Exposed
  140. Android HijackRAT poised to hit mobile banking users
  141. Exploit switches off Microsoft EMET's protection features
  142. "Secure" UK hotel booking site leaking customer data
  143. Bug in WordPress plugin allows unauthorized file upload
  144. Microsoft hardens encryption for Outlook, OneDrive
  145. Legitimate No-IP users still affected by Microsoft's domain takeover
  146. Physical location of data will become increasingly irrelevant
  147. Facebook SDK flaw allows unauthorized access to Facebook accounts
  148. Geodo infostealer gets help from worm
  149. IEEE launches Anti-Malware Support Service
  150. Worldwide IT spending to grow 2.1 percent in 2014
  151. Western energy companies hit by state-sponsored hackers
  152. Microsoft disrupts malware networks and APT operations
  153. Number and diversity of phishing targets continues to increase
  154. Wireless security risks and defenses
  155. Whitepaper: Who's snooping on your email?
  156. 163k individuals affected in Butler Uni data breach
  157. How to build trust between business and IT
  158. DDoS attacks are becoming more effective
  159. Google Drive update fixes data-leaking flaw
  160. Google Drive update fixes data-leaking flaw
  161. Banking malware sniffs out data sent over HTTPS
  162. 5 essential mobile security tips
  163. The impact of IoT on IT infrastructure
  164. Gathering and using threat intelligence
  165. State of the Internet: Trends impacting online business
  166. Week in review: “Lawful interception” mobile malware, top infosec tech in 2014, and the new issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine
  167. Event: Hacktivity 2014
  168. How does a rogue ad network function?
  169. Germany cancels Verizon's government contract due to spying fears
  170. Exploiting wildcards on Linux
  171. Why security awareness matters
  172. The unlocked backdoor to healthcare data
  173. How old are today's networks?
  174. A look at Interflow, Microsoft's threat information exchange platform
  175. PayPal 2FA flow partially mitigated, accounts are safe
  176. You Are Responsible For Your Security And Privacy
  177. Critical Android code-execution flaw affects all but the latest version
  178. What's next: Advanced Evasion Techniques
  179. Cops must get a warrant before looking through cellphone content
  180. Business risk: Tales from the TrueCrypt
  181. Invasive Selfmite SMS worm uncovered
  182. Data breaches in 2013 exposed 14% of all debit cards
  183. eBook: The CIO playguide for secure BYOD
  184. Cryptome down, founder blames ISP
  185. 1.3M personal records exposed in Montana data breach
  186. Atypical cloned banking app pops up on Google Play
  187. Banking fraud campaign steals 500k euros in a week
  188. Drastic decline in vulnerable NTP servers due to Heartbleed?
  189. (IN)SECURE Magazine issue 42 released
  190. Companies are afraid of the cloud
  191. Top 10 technologies for information security in 2014
  192. Are CISOs too confident?
  193. Symantec addresses global workforce gap in cybersecurity
  194. Improperly anonymized taxi logs reveal drivers' identity, movements
  195. Capabilities of “lawful interception” mobile malware revealed
  196. Havex malware targets ICS/SCADA systems
  197. Mobile security and incident readiness
  198. Whitepaper: A guide to recovery options in Windows
  199. Who is ultimately responsible for data security in the cloud?
  200. Cybercriminals exploit trusted app and service vulnerabilities
  201. Cybercriminals exploit trusted app and service vulnerabilities
  202. Hackers to attack routers at DEF CON
  203. Card fraud impacts 1 in 4 consumers worldwide
  204. Dropbox-themed phishing is after multiple login credentials
  205. Google forks OpenSSL: BoringSSL will be used in company products
  206. Key Internet of Things privacy and security issues
  207. Skills development for information security professionals
  208. Spammers increasingly targeting Montreal
  209. Event: Cyber Security EXPO 2014
  210. Quarter of all UK attacks target web services and applications
  211. Cisco releases source code for experimental block cipher
  212. Week in review: GCHQ intercepts Google, Facebook users' communications, Code Spaces destroyed by extortion hack attack
  213. Improving transaction security for financial institutions
  214. Event: Deepsec 2014
  215. Event: BruCON 2014
  216. Event: Black Hat Europe 2014
  217. Critical flaw exposes admin passwords of nearly 32,000 servers
  218. TrueCrypt developer says forking the software is impossible
  219. Are your third-party vendors leaving the door open to hackers?
  220. Demand for PaaS on the rise
  221. Court decides bank is not to blame for $440k cybertheft
  222. Code hosting Code Spaces destroyed by extortion hack attack
  223. Bitcoin miner lurking on Facebook
  224. The future of cloud computing
  225. Scan of Google Play apps reveals thousands of secret keys
  226. Identity theft consequences and tips to stay secure
  227. Authorization model for home automation
  228. Most European businesses face a tech deficit
  229. Sir Tim Berners-Lee to open IP EXPO Europe
  230. ISC StormCast for Thursday, June 19th 2014
  231. Would you run potentially malicious programs in return for a dollar?
  232. Windows XP, slow to die :-( , (Wed, Jun 18th)
  233. VMSA-2014-0006.2 updates OpenSSL libraries in VMWare, (Wed, Jun 18th)
  234. ISC StormCast for Wednesday, June 18th 2014
  235. Bro 2.3 released - new here:, release notes here:, (Tue, Jun 17th)
  236. New Security Advisories / Updates from Microsoft - Heads up for Next Patch Tuesday!, (Tue, Jun 17th)
  237. Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) 2014, (Tue, Jun 17th)
  238. Password protected Zbot malware in the wild
  239. ISC StormCast for Friday, June 13th 2014
  240. ISC StormCast for Monday, June 16th 2014
  241. ISC StormCast for Tuesday, June 17th 2014
  242. Microsoft patches DoS flaw in its Malware Protection Engine
  243. Five steps towards cyber breach preparation
  244. GCHQ legally intercepts Google, Facebook users' communications
  245. Endpoint protection attitudes and opinions
  246. Android smartphones pre-installed with malware hit the market
  247. Remove Android ransomware for free
  248. GCHQ legally intercepts Google, Facebook users' communications
  249. Privacy, security most likely to drive consumer action
  250. Geospatial framework for cybersecurity