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  1. HITB Haxpo: Connecting hackers, makers, builders and breakers
  2. Global experiment exposes the dangers of using Wi-Fi hotspots
  3. Security threats and the retail industry
  4. Exposing the organized crime of tomorrow
  5. Uber's on a hunt for the attacker that compromised its drivers' database
  6. (IN)SECURE Magazine issue 45 released
  7. 0-day flaw in Seagate NAS devices endangers thousands
  8. Beware of malicious LogMeIn Pro Payment emails
  9. Netflix phishing website targeting European users
  10. A threat assessment of 7 million iOS and Android apps
  11. New versions of Tails and Tor Browser fix numerous security issues
  12. The shift to secure apps in the enterprise
  13. Mobile security market to reach $34.8 billion by 2020
  14. Compromised cPanel "Account Suspended" pages redirect to exploit kit
  15. Medical identity theft affected two million victims in 2014
  16. Critical vulnerabilities affecting SAP business critical apps
  17. Cyber attackers like to impersonate IT workers
  18. Security framework for governments deploying the cloud
  19. Aggressive adware in Google Play apps
  20. Freeware tool helps monitor privileged accounts
  21. Black hole routing: Not a silver bullet for DDoS protection
  22. hijacking made possible by compromise of Webnic registrar
  23. Companies expects others to protect them against DDoS attacks
  24. Google scraps Pwnium, invites researchers to submit Chrome bugs year-round
  25. Healthcare security spending to reach US$10 billion by 2020
  26. Over a million of WP sites in risk of hijacking due to plugin bug
  27. Anthem breach affects millions of non-Anthem customers
  28. How safe are Android-based children’s tablets?
  29. New DDoS attack and tools use Google Maps plugin as proxy
  30. 3 million strong RAMNIT botnet taken down
  31. Gemalto says NSA and GCHQ intrusions "probably happened"
  32. Researchers create automated signature compiler for exploit detection
  33. Addressing cybersecurity business disruption attacks
  34. Known weaknesses plague the security threat landscape
  35. Critical Samba flaw allows unauthorized remote code execution
  36. Google ups efforts to protect users against unwanted software
  37. Fake face aging app steals Facebook login credentials
  38. Internet of Things adoption is gaining momentum
  39. Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation capability requirements need re-prioritization
  40. Mobile apps left vulnerable for months
  41. Superfish not the only app using Komodia`s SSL-busting code
  42. CTOs targeted with tax-themed phishing emails carrying malware
  43. Flaw in Cisco routing hardware makes it vulnerable to DoS attacks
  44. How important is the critical information infrastructure?
  45. 96% say ISO 27001 is important for improving security defenses
  46. Week in review: Gemalto SIM heist, Lenovo`s Superfish blunder, cyber spies compromising disk firmware
  47. Is the Internet hiding a crime wave?
  48. Lack of trust is affecting how consumers use the Internet
  49. Concerns around endpoint security
  50. Gemalto announces investigation of massive SIM heist
  51. Over 250,000 home routers sport same SSH keys, warns researcher
  52. Google's new Cloud Security Scanner detects common security bugs
  53. How to wipe Superfish adware and offending cert from your Lenovo laptop
  54. How cybercriminals hack our brains
  55. Don’t wait until you’re attacked to take cybersecurity seriously
  56. Cyber readiness across government and critical infrastructure industries
  57. AT&T: Pay more if you dont want to share data for personalized ads
  58. New Android Trojan fakes device shut down, spies on users
  59. Endpoint security becoming critical focus area
  60. Darkleaks: An online black market for selling secrets
  61. Lenovo computers come with pre-installed adware and MITM proxy
  62. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager 15.0 released
  63. Declaring personal data bankruptcy and the cost of privacy
  64. Getting your privacy’s worth
  65. Visual hacking exposed
  66. 6 steps for effective rights management
  67. Endpoint security becoming critical focus area
  68. GnuPG 2.0.27 released
  69. Windows 10 will offer password-free authentication
  70. UK banks customers can access accounts with their fingerprint
  71. Certifying ICS/SCADA professionals
  72. Credit card info stolen in BigFish Games site compromise
  73. Beware of fake Facebook "Copyright Violations" warnings
  74. Arabic cyber espionage group attacking high profile victims
  75. Pwn2Own 2015: New rules, prizes, and potential problems
  76. Vawtrack malware peddlers turn to malicious macros
  77. Beware of fake Windows 10 "activators"
  78. Flaw in Netgear Wi-Fi routers exposes admin password, WLAN details
  79. Whats critical to the success of the Internet of Things?
  80. Hackers and makers to meet in Amsterdam at HITB Haxpo
  81. Equation Group: Cyber espionage, compromising HDD firmware, sophisticated malware
  82. Is there an overarching organization that helps Arab hackers?
  83. Carbanak cyber gang stole hundreds of millions from banks
  84. Banking Trojan Dyreza sends 30,000 malicious emails in one day
  85. Google relaxes its rigid 90-day bug disclosure period
  86. BYOD: Better stay used to it
  87. 1 billion data records compromised in data breaches
  88. Scammers pushing fake AdwCleaner in active scareware campaign
  89. How to enable two-step verification for iMessages and FaceTime
  90. 16 million mobile devices infected by malware
  91. 16 million mobile devices are infected by malware
  92. The limits of prevention-centric security programs
  93. Phishing attacks increasingly target financial data
  94. IT security training is a top priority for CIOs
  95. VirusTotal sets up huge AV whitelist to minimize false positives
  96. Attackers can bypass Windows' protections by changing a single bit
  97. Increase in enterprise cloud adoption and data risk
  98. Improved Simplocker variant hits Android users hard
  99. A closer look at LepideAuditor Suite
  100. Active spam campaign leads to sophisticated PayPal phishing sites
  101. RSA Conference 2015: Showcasing the future of information security
  102. Facebook unveils platform for exchanging security threat information
  103. Google Play flaw opens Android devices to silent malware installation
  104. Tens of thousands MongoDB databases easily accessible from the Internet
  105. Dangerous vulnerabilities plague IoT home security systems
  106. compromised by Chinese cyber spies targeting US firms
  107. Majority of dating apps are open to hacks
  108. Are organizations ready for the embedded computing takeover?
  109. How public Wi-Fi puts unprotected users at risk
  110. Car hacking and hijacking is too easy, report says
  111. Researcher publishes 10 million usernames and passwords to aid future research
  112. Corporate users hit with fake Microsoft email delivering sneaky malware
  113. Kill Chain 3.0: Update the cyber kill chain for better defense
  114. Security now one of the top risks for business leaders worldwide
  115. Anthem members targeted with phishing emails and calls
  116. Be careful when talking in front of a Samsung SmartTV
  117. French firms targeted with ransomware
  118. INTERPOL and the fast-paced digital threat landscape
  119. Are smart homes security smart?
  120. Which kind of security professional are you?
  121. GPG development will continue as donations pour in
  122. Gamers, beware of fake in-game communication apps
  123. How can organizations guard against hackers in 2015?
  124. Anthem breach dates back to December
  125. Investigating online dating fraud
  126. Reactions to the extensive Anthem data breach
  127. Adobe patches latest Flash Player zero-day
  128. Ross Ulbricht is Dread Pirate Roberts, risks life imprisonment
  129. IT professional, hack thyself
  130. US health insurer Anthem suffers massive data breach
  131. Infographic: The state of enterprise security
  132. iOS spyware used by Pawn Storm cyber spies
  133. Canarywatch: Keeping track of warrant canaries
  134. Critical IE 11 bug can be used for effective phishing attacks
  135. Massive malvertising campaign leads to latest Flash Player zero-day exploit
  136. The real challenge of the Internet of Things
  137. Who are the role models in cyberspace?
  138. RSA Conference 2015: Challenging today`s security thinking
  139. Fake Facebook Account Suspended emails lead to Trojans, ransomware
  140. APT players lack deep skills of exploitation, fail at QA
  141. Beware of emails pushing Google Chrome updates!
  142. How to protect your identity this tax season
  143. League of Legends exploit allows attackers to access gamers' accounts
  144. HipChat service users urged to change password after database breach
  145. The app economy demands a new security approach
  146. Browser security warning redesigned with partial success
  147. New Flash Player 0-day exploited in malvertising attacks
  148. Hackers continue breaching, stealing credit card data from parking services
  149. Raptr hacked, user info and passwords compromised
  150. What infosec can learn from the Greek elections
  151. Outlook for iOS breaks company security, developer warns
  152. Security outlook: Technologies and key trends
  153. Week in review: How GitHub is redefining software development, Glibc bug, drone-hijacking malware
  154. Do government initiatives increase security awareness?
  155. Event: DzHack Event 2015
  156. Event: WAHCKon Perth 2015
  157. Researchers show how easy it is to de-anonymize shoppers
  158. Event: HITBSecConf2015 Amsterdam
  159. Identity theft prevention tips and assistance
  160. Reddit released its first transparency report
  161. Nearly half of all DDoS attacks uses multiple attack vectors
  162. How to determine if insiders should be your primary concern
  163. How people perceive online privacy
  164. What IT workplace issues keep CIOs awake at night?
  165. Canada`s spy agency monitors file downloads around the world
  166. Email scammers stole $215M from businesses in 14 months
  167. Guidance to improve risk management and IoT
  168. How much can a DDoS attack cost your organization?
  169. Companies need to be custodians of customer data, not owners
  170. D-Link routers vulnerable to DNS hijacking
  171. Market share of antivirus vendors and products
  172. Swiss users inundated with malware-laden spam
  173. Reactions to the serious vulnerability found in Glibc
  174. Critical BlackPhone bug allows attackers to spy on users
  175. New OS X Yosemite version fixes critical security issues, including Thunderstrike
  176. How important is online privacy?
  177. Hijacking drones with malware
  178. 4 tips to make data protection everyone's business
  179. Multiple vulnerabilities in the FreeBSD kernel code
  180. IBM`s sophisticated cryptographic algorithm protects your identity
  181. Threats and technologies of a shifting data security landscape
  182. IoT security and privacy best practices
  183. High severity vulnerability found in Linux GNU C library
  184. Why Google won`t be updating pre-KitKat WebKit anymore
  185. Supposedly clean Office documents download malware
  186. APT gear: Custom Windows task hiding tool
  187. Employees would sell passwords for $150
  188. Video: Bruce Schneier talks to Edward Snowden
  189. What makes phishing emails so successful?
  190. VPN services blocked by China's Great Firewall
  191. How GitHub is redefining software development
  192. Police ransomware scam drives UK **** to suicide
  193. Adobe updates Flash Player again, plugs 0-day exploited by Angler
  194. How the Internet of Things impacts enterprise security
  195. Week in review: leaks user data, Angler kit exploits Flash 0-day, researchers recreate NSA's spying tools on the cheap
  196. Open source software for quantum information
  197. Event: Day-Con IX 2015
  198. Google discloses three OS X 0-days
  199. 79% of professionals do business on personal devices
  200. Critical Flash Player hole plugged, another still unpatched and exploited
  201. Why leaving a shared device unprotected is dangerous
  202. 5 tips for dealing with cyberbullying in education
  203. Click-fraud malware brings thousands of dollars to YouTube scammers
  204. Angler exploit kit goes after new Adobe Flash 0-day flaw
  205. Over a third of professionals do business on personal devices
  206. Why insider threat is thriving
  207. How health care providers can protect sensitive data
  208. Can the next EU regulation guarantee data protection for all?
  209. Researchers create inexpensive versions of NSA's spying tools
  210. 11% of Android banking and finance apps are dangerous
  211. GoDaddy fixes domain-hijacking vulnerability
  212. Reactions to President Obama`s 2015 State of the Union Address
  213. Oracle patches 169 vulns across its products, many are critical
  214. Infosec management strategies and the modern CTO
  215. Microsoft releases Sysmon 2.0
  216. SQL injection vulnerabilities surge to highest levels in three years
  217. UK GCHQ collected emails of UK, US journalists
  218. Hacker hits Australian travel insurer, leaks records of 800,000 customers
  219. Gamers hit with trojanized versions of official League of Legends releases
  220. Bold reform needed to strengthen U.S cybersecurity
  221. Cybersecurity readiness: Widening gulf between perception and reality
  222. Biometric authentication app downloads to reach 770 million by 2019
  223. North Korean networks compromised by NSA for a while now
  224. 2+ million US cars can be hacked remotely, researcher claims
  225. Lizard Squad’s DDoS website hacked, unencrypted customer database stolen
  226. Has the time come to give up penetration testing?
  227. Guide on actionable information for security incident response
  228. The rise of mercenary hacker crews offering Espionage-as-a-Service
  229. The cost of malware containment
  230. UK PM Cameron demonizes encryption, US report says it's vital
  231. Typosquatting abuse of 500 most popular websites analyzed
  232. Man arrested for Playstation and Xbox attacks
  233. 19,000 French websites hit by DDoS, defaced in wake of terror attack
  234. Home routers in Spain and Argentina sport critical vulnerabilities
  235. Hottest Snapchats scam spreads on Facebook
  236. One-click mobile fraud variant throws browser for a loop
  237. GFI adds multi server tools to mail security in MailEssentials 2015
  238. Pirate activist shows politicians what digital surveillance looks like
  239. Open source tool trawls Github repositories for sensitive data
  240. WhatsApp sees increasing complexity of spam campaigns
  241. Encrypted messaging and file storage app Peerio goes open beta
  242. Five key security, identity and access management trends
  243. New version of Cryptowall ransomware spotted doing rounds
  244. Beware of malware masquerading as Oracle security patches
  245. Cyber attacks demonstrated on autonomous ground vehicles
  246. Skeleton Key malware makes all passwords valid
  247. January`s Patch Tuesday marks the start of a new era
  248. GFI MailEssentials 2015: New security and patch management features
  249. Unfazed by Microsoft`s criticism, Google discloses another Windows 8.1 flaw
  250. US President spells out his cybersecurity legislative agenda