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  1. Notice: Freedome v2.0.1 Issue on iOS 8
  2. compromised to serve malware via drive-by download
  3. Notice: Freedome v2.0.1 Issue on iOS 8
  4. Beware of Apple Wave microwave wireless charging hoax
  5. Minimizing privacy risks of location data collection
  6. Blackphone and Silent Circle announce bug bounty program
  7. High-volume DDoS attacks on the rise
  8. Mobile device security is sacrificed for workforce efficiency
  9. European banks and Europol join forces to fight cybercrime
  10. McAfee delivers new security suites
  11. Number of malicious eBay listings rises, accounts are hijacked
  12. CipherShed: A replacement for TrueCrypt
  13. Federal regulations on cyber security lead to revenue loss
  14. Payment card info of 880k Viator customers compromised
  15. Home Depot security was anything but, say former employees
  16. Every budget is now an IT budget
  17. Users trust mobile service providers more than employers
  18. Microsoft kills off its Trustworthy Computing Group
  19. Google will display Android devs' physical address
  20. Security pros don't know the number of cloud apps in their networks
  21. Apple drops the "warrant canary" from transparency report
  22. How to keep your contactless payments secure
  23. Simply Secure aims to make security technology usable
  24. Home Depot completes malware elimination in all U.S. stores
  25. With iOS 8, Apple won't be able to unlock phones for the police
  26. iOS 8 fixes bucketload of severe security bugs
  27. Ransomware Race (Part 4): Adult Content, Browlock's Staying Power
  28. Malicious eBay listings redirect users to phishing site
  29. Free tool simplifies SHA-2 migration for system administrators
  30. Security compliance is necessary for real-time mobile data access
  31. Hackers penetrated systems of key defense contractors
  32. Kit: The Essentials of IT Security
  33. Critical Android Browser bug threatens users' privacy
  34. Tinba Trojan targets major US banks
  35. Apple adds two-step verification for iCloud
  36. Bug bounty programs: The road to hell is paved with good intentions
  37. Macro based malware is on the rise
  38. How to talk infosec with kids
  39. 72% of businesses don't trust cloud vendors
  40. Review: Secure mobile messaging with Threema
  41. H1 2014 Threat Report
  42. Citadel malware becomes APT tool in newest hacking campaign
  43. XSS bug allows Amazon account hijacking
  44. Why do Apple's security questions still suck?
  45. Internet giants band together to improve open source programs
  46. Cisco unveils threat-focused next-generation firewall
  47. Internet giants band together to improve open source programs
  48. (IN)SECURE Magazine issue 43 released
  49. "Win Free iPhone 6" scams hit Facebook
  50. System failures cause most large outages of communications services
  51. Researcher creates exploit for compromising scammers' computers
  52. Google Apps scripts can be easily misused by scammers
  53. Freenode suffers breach, asks users to change their passwords
  54. Dragonfly malware targeting pharmaceutical companies
  55. Emerging cloud threats and how to address them
  56. Video: Reactions of engineers under GCHQ surveillance
  57. Week in review: Security experts discuss Apple Pay, Salesforce hit with targeted attack
  58. Best practices for skimming prevention
  59. 75% of mobile apps will fail basic security tests
  60. Event: International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy
  61. Review: Bulletproof SSL and TLS
  62. Ransomware Race (Part 4): Adult Content, Browlock's Staying Power
  63. Home Depot and Target attackers likely not the same
  64. Event: FloCon 2015
  65. Event: Security Forum 2015
  66. Yahoo's fight against US govt secret surveillance revealed
  67. Securing virtual machines: Considerations for the hybrid cloud
  68. Everything you need to know about POS malware
  69. Internet of Things to make CISOs redefine security efforts
  70. Researchers unlock TorrentLocker encryption
  71. Most people still unconcerned about privacy threats
  72. Researchers find malicious extensions in Chrome Web Store
  73. Massive Gmail credential leak is not result of a breach
  74. What security experts think about Apple Pay
  75. Are free file storage solutions a safe bet for businesses?
  76. H1 2014 Threat Report
  77. Microsoft refuses to hand over emails stored in Ireland, held in contempt by judge
  78. Cyber Security EXPO: Who, what and when
  79. Apple built multi-factor authenticated payment in the right order
  80. How a large ISP fights DDoS attacks with a custom solution
  81. Home Depot breach confirmed, stolen info used to change PINs, collect money
  82. FBI's account of locating Silk Road's server disputed by researchers
  83. 5 key things to consider when developing an enterprise mobility management strategy
  84. Blackphone security issues and vulnerabilities unveiled
  85. Review your Facebook privacy settings with Privacy Checkup
  86. ISACA launches COBIT 5 online
  87. Salesforce users hit with malware-based targeted attack
  88. Review your Facebook privacy settings with Privacy Checkup
  89. McAfee and Symantec join Cyber Threat Alliance
  90. Google will start gradually sunsetting SHA-1
  91. Surge in cyberattacks targeting financial services firms
  92. Why open source and collaboration are the future of security
  93. H1 2014 Threat Report
  94. Mobile forensics in a connected world
  95. Week in review: Linux systems ensnared in DDoS botnet and Home Depot breach
  96. Ransomware rising, even on Android
  97. Typical home to contain 500 smart devices by 2022
  98. Guide: Introduction to Linux
  99. Researchers compile list of Android apps that allow MitM attacks
  100. Researchers compile list of Android apps that allow MitM attacks
  101. Coursera privacy issues exposed
  102. breach affected test server, not users
  103. Pitou Q&A
  104. Malicious and risky apps on Android and iOS
  105. OS X version of Windows backdoor spotted
  106. 91% of Americans have privacy concerns
  107. Profit leads motives for malware engineers
  108. Give up on complex passwords, says Microsoft
  109. Event: (ISC)2 Security Congress EMEA
  110. Wi-Fi Sense?
  111. Twitter launches bug bounty program
  112. Mounting evidence points towards Home Depot breach
  113. Network vulnerabilities IT admins can use to protect their network
  114. 5 tips for security behavior management programs
  115. 9 ways to protect data on your smartphone
  116. Critical Security Controls adoption and implementation
  117. 80% of business users are unable to detect phishing scams
  118. Semalt botnet hijacked nearly 300k computers
  119. New Firefox offers MITM protection via public key pinning
  120. Home Depot breached, carders selling stolen payment card info
  121. Linux systems infiltrated and controlled in a DDoS botnet
  122. iCloud wasn't hacked, says Apple
  123. Lessons learned from running 95 bug bounty programs
  124. Big Data is big noise
  125. Cybercriminals love PayPal, financial phishing on the rise
  126. Free security software identifies cloud vulnerabilities
  127. Namecheap accounts brute-forced by CyberVor gang?
  128. Tox: Open-source, P2P Skype alternative
  129. Tox: Open-source, P2P Skype alternative
  130. Tox: Open-source, P2P Skype alternative
  131. New BlackPOS variant masquerades as AV service
  132. Beware of scams following the celebrity nude photo news
  133. Event: Embedded Device Security Conference 2014
  134. Expert international cybercrime taskforce tackles online crime
  135. How PCI DSS 3.0 impacts business owners
  136. 160,000 new malware samples appear each day
  137. IT security is a matter of accountability
  138. Week in review: PoS security, the Black Hat Arsenal, and securing the U.S. electrical grid
  139. 70% of finance apps vulnerable to input validation attacks
  140. 70% of IT pros experience weekly phishing attacks
  141. Heartbleed still a critical threat
  142. JPMorgan attackers altered bank records
  143. Google reassures enterprise users with independent security audits
  144. Patching: The least understood line of defense
  145. A closer look at Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner
  146. Phishers targeting crypto currency and retail sites
  147. Netflix open sources tools for detecting planned attacks
  148. DHS urges website admins to minimize risk of Google hacking
  149. Beware of malicious "Windows 9 free download" offers
  150. 5 things infosec can learn from adventure games
  151. FBI investigating JPMorgan, US banks breaches
  152. The economics of hacking
  153. 70% of finance apps vulnerable to input validation attacks
  154. California phone kill-switch law could lead to abuse
  155. 10 most significant software security design flaws
  156. 50 confirmed, possibly more Norwegian oil companies hacked
  157. The synergy of hackers and tools at the Black Hat Arsenal
  158. New Chrome fixes 50 security issues, bug hunter gets $30k
  159. Why every security-conscious organization needs a honeypot
  160. Former HHS cyber security director convicted for child ****
  161. 470 million sites exist for 24 hours, 22% are malicious
  162. Point of Sale system architecture and security
  163. Cellphone surveillance systems can track almost anybody
  164. NSA's metadata search engine used by US, foreign agencies
  165. Researchers warn about schemes that lead to FlashPack exploit kit
  166. Facebook to fix flaw that can force iPhones to make calls
  167. How important is website security?
  168. Why IT security is broken and how math can save it
  169. More students bringing mobile devices to class
  170. NYU launches largest cyber security student contests
  171. Researchers exploit flaw to tie Secret users to their secrets
  172. Kelihos botmasters target Russian patriots to expand botnet
  173. Sony PSN back online after DDoS attack
  174. Tool restores SynoLocker-encrypted files
  175. Event: INTERPOL World 2015
  176. Securing the U.S. electrical grid
  177. Over 1,000 businesses compromised with Backoff malware
  178. Review: Inside the ISO 27001 Documentation Toolkit
  179. Identity theft vendor sentenced to 100 months in prison
  180. 8 ways to talk security with executive management
  181. Week in review: Securing networks in the IoT era, and taking control of Android app permissions
  182. D-Link releases DWL-8610AP Wi-Fi AP with security features
  183. Bitcoin-themed phishing campaign creates quite a stir
  184. Sneak attack through smartphone shared memory
  185. Bitcoin-themed phishing campaign creates quite a stir
  186. Ransomware Race (part 5): SynoLocker's unkept promises
  187. Control Android app permissions with NativeWrap
  188. Securing networks in the Internet of Things era
  189. Extracting encryption keys by measuring computers electric potential
  190. Why you’re not as secure as you think you are
  191. Worldwide infosec spending to grow in 2014
  192. Critical Delphi and C++Builder VCL library bug found
  193. Most popular Android apps open users to MITM attacks
  194. Event: Ground Zero Summit 2014
  195. Most Facebook email notifications are now encrypted
  196. 51 UPS stores hit with PoS malware
  197. How the role of the CSO is changing
  198. What can we learn from the top 10 biggest data breaches?
  199. NIST vetting guide helps in testing mobile apps
  200. Reveton ransomware now comes with password stealers
  201. Reveton ransomware now comes with password stealers
  202. CHS hackers exploited the Heartbleed bug
  203. Analysis reveals many malicious Chrome extensions
  204. Ransomware Race (Part 4): Adult Content, Browlock's Staying Power
  205. Crooks trying out new tactics to spread fake AV
  206. Machete cyber espionage campaign targeting Latin America
  207. Review: Using the iStorage datAshur Personal secure USB flash drive
  208. Event: Nullcon 2015
  209. Mobile device security: Tackling the risks
  210. Infographic: How secure is Bitcoin?
  211. 51% of consumers share passwords
  212. Coder tries shaming apps and site owners into using HTTPS
  213. BGP hijacking for cryptocurrency profit
  214. Reactions to the massive breach at Community Health Systems
  215. Successful strategies to avoid frequent password changes
  216. Infographic: Major security skills shortages
  217. New ransomware emulates CryptoLocker, CryptoWall
  218. Personal info of 4.5 million patients stolen in US hospital group breach
  219. Research unveils improved method to let computers know you are human
  220. Gyroscopes on Android devices can be used to eavesdrop on users conversations
  221. Android ransomware masquerades as Symantec mobile AV
  222. Keeping college networks secure
  223. Breaking the security of physical devices
  224. Week in review: Hackers don't worry about repercussions, malware targets iOS devices, Nest thermostat as a spying device
  225. ReversingLabs extracts malicious files from network traffic
  226. Whitepaper: Social networking and security risks
  227. New Gameover Zeus variant steadily rebuilds downed botnet
  228. Ransomware Race (Part 4): Adult Content, Browlock's Staying Power
  229. Event: Open Source Digital Forensics Conference 2014
  230. PGP is fundamentally broken, says crypto expert
  231. Apple patches Safari arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities
  232. ZeroLocker ransomware "helps" you get your files back
  233. Beware of fake "Gmail suspicious login" warnings
  234. Google starts warning users about deceptive downloads
  235. Infographic: Honeypot cloud security data
  236. Review: Social Engineering Penetration Testing
  237. Event: 2014
  238. US defense contractors still waiting for breach notification rules
  239. SynoLocker gang planning to move on?
  240. 86% of hackers don't worry about repercussions
  241. Fake Tor Project website delivers malware instead of anonymity
  242. Disqus WordPress plugin vulnerabilities
  243. Is your encryption getting out of control?
  244. Continuous monitoring for your perimeter
  245. Disqus WordPress Plugin vulnerabilities
  246. IT has no choice but to embrace BYOD
  247. eBook: BYOD Policy Roadmap
  248. Encore Networks launches ultra-low cost wireless VPN router
  249. Microsoft fixes 37 vulnerabilities
  250. Malware targets jailbroken iOS devices, hijacks ad revenue