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  1. LastPass zero-day can lead to account compromise
  2. US DOJ can’t access data stored abroad with just a warrant, court rules
  3. Shard: Open source tool checks for password re-use
  4. Avast to acquire AVG for $1.3 billion
  5. New Russian law to force service providers to decrypt encrypted comms
  6. Android-rooting malware lurking on Google Play
  7. ApocalypseVM ransomware decrypter released
  8. 70,000 hacked servers for sale on xDedic underground market
  9. Adobe Flash zero-day actively exploited in targeted attacks
  10. 789% year-over-year spike in malware and phishing
  11. Improving software security through a data-driven security model
  12. Who’s tracking you online, and how?
  13. PGP-encrypted comms network allegedly used by criminals shuts down
  14. Researcher develops tool that blocks OS X crypto-ransomware
  15. Beware of emails with JavaScript attachments!
  16. Rooting malware lurking in third party Android app stores
  17. Playing Hearthstone? Want to cheat? You might end up with Bitcoin-stealing malware
  18. Android users on high alert as malware, phishing and scams are projected to rise
  19. 60+ Trojanized Android games lurking on Google Play
  20. OpenSSL bug that could allow traffic decryption has been fixed
  21. The history of cyber attacks: From ancient to modern
  22. Versatile Linux backdoor acts as downloader, spyware
  23. "Deliberately hidden" backdoor found on US governments comms system
  24. OpenWPM: An automated, open source framework for measuring web privacy
  25. OS X's Gatekeeper bypassed again
  26. Cheap web cams can open permanent, difficult-to-spot backdoors into networks
  27. Android banking Trojan defeats voice call-based 2FA
  28. Drupal moves to fix flaws in update process
  29. SLOTH attacks weaken secure protocols because they still use MD5 and SHA-1
  30. January Android security update fixes 5 critical flaws, removes unneeded component
  31. Difficult to block JavaScript-based ransomware can hit all operating systems
  32. Google is testing password-free logins
  33. Android users targeted with sophisticated new banking Trojan
  34. Cisco Systems will be auditing their code for backdoors
  35. Oracle agrees to settle FTC charges it deceived consumers about Java updates
  36. Who planted the backdoors in Junipers firewalls?
  37. New date for migrating off vulnerable SSL and early TLS encryption
  38. Linux machines can be "owned" by hitting backspace 28 times
  39. Linux machines can be "owned" by hitting backspace 28 times
  40. Twitter users warned about being targeted by state-sponsored attacks
  41. Business email compromise scams still happening, still successful
  42. Whitepaper: Cyber Security Best Practices
  43. Turn the Cyber Kill Chain against your attacker
  44. Apple releases security updates for every major product
  45. Microsoft warns of imminent end of support for all but the latest Internet Explorer versions
  46. A deadly campaign delivers Pony info-stealer followed by Cryptowall ransomware
  47. 86% of PHP-based apps contain at least one XSS vulnerability
  48. How Europol analyzes malware
  49. VTech data breach gets worse: Childrens pictures and chat logs were also compromised
  50. Global cyberconflicts, hacktivism and disruptions are on the horizon
  51. Telegram Android app is a stalker's dream
  52. VPN protocol flaw allows attackers to discover users true IP address
  53. Spyware/adware combo masquerading as AnonyPlayer hits Android users
  54. Video training course: Penetration testing and ethical hacking
  55. How malware peddlers trick users into enabling Office macros
  56. ISIS operation security guide gives insight into group's cybersecurity practices
  57. How fake users are impacting business through acts of fraud and theft
  58. Exploit kit activity up 75 percent
  59. Anonymous goes after ISIS, aims to expose recruiters and sympathizers
  60. Point of Sale malware gaining momentum as holiday shopping season approaches
  61. Event: ENITSE Enterprise IT Security Conference & Exhibition
  62. Bug in Android Gmail app allows effective email spoofing
  63. Phishers are targeting millions of DHL customers
  64. Google debuts customized warning for social engineering sites
  65. Information security innovation and the fast-paced threat landscape
  66. Email is more secure today than it was two years ago
  67. Digitally signed spam campaign spotted delivering malware
  68. Rooted, Trojan-infected Android tablets sold on Amazon
  69. Ivan Ristic and SSL Labs: How one man changed the way we understand SSL
  70. Three indicted in largest theft of customer data from a U.S. financial institution in history
  71. Beware of Apple-themed phishing emails threatening to limit your account
  72. Stolen or lost devices and the risks of remote working
  73. Final TalkTalk breach tally: 4% of customers affected
  74. A new, streamlined version of Cryptowall is doing rounds
  75. IT priorities are changing: Cloud-first strategy to rise
  76. Sale of legitimate code-signing certs booms on darknet markets
  77. Trojanized versions of 20,000 popular apps found secretly rooting Android devices
  78. 11 zero-days uncovered in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  79. Researchers map out hard-to-kill, multi-layered spam botnet
  80. Hard-hitting insights into global attacks targeting organizations
  81. Open source tool checks for vulnerabilities on Android devices
  82. Chimera crypto-ransomware is hitting German companies
  83. The growth of mobile malware and online banking attacks
  84. Stanford researchers identify potential security hole in genomic data-sharing network
  85. Researchers can identify people through walls by using wireless signals
  86. Most consumers believe cloud-based apps can be hacked
  87. Android infostealer masquerading as MS Word document
  88. China is the top target for DDoS reflection attacks
  89. Hackers put up for sale 13 million plaintext passwords stolen from 000webhost
  90. Most are unaware of the seriousness of medical data theft
  91. US Library of Congress makes tinkering with your car software legal
  92. The security communitys reaction as CISA passes US Senate
  93. How can we decide on surveillance and privacy when we can't see the whole picture?
  94. WhatsApp collects phone numbers, call duration, and more!
  95. TalkTalk breach: Attackers demand £80,000 for stolen data
  96. The top 6 scariest cloud security mistakes and how to avoid them
  97. Cloud-based vulnerability management: Top vendors in the field
  98. What should companies do after a wide-scale data breach?
  99. Nine arrested in UK investigation of criminal network defrauding bank customers
  100. Week in review: Criminals hacked chip-and-PIN system, secret code in printers allows tracking, and insecure WD self-encrypting hard drives
  101. Microsoft wants researchers to find bugs in .NET Core and ASP.NET, will pay
  102. 12 new malware strains discovered each minute
  103. Smart home security and privacy checklist
  104. Four things to know about new net neutrality rules
  105. New ransomware delivered via Windows Remote Desktop Services
  106. Apple pushes out critical security updates for OS X, iOS, watchOS, and other products
  107. WikiLeaks publishes documents stolen from CIA directors email account
  108. Think twice about Android root
  109. Back to the Future: How much of Marty and Doc's tech is a reality?
  110. Fitbit trackers can easily be infected with malware, and spread it on
  111. Tech support scammers start targeting users of Apple devices
  112. Tech-savvy users are actually the worst offenders
  113. Free PCI and NIST compliant SSL test
  114. Data dump points to a breach at Electronic Arts
  115. 1 in 4 organizations have experienced an APT
  116. IS hackers are attacking the US energy grid
  117. Secret code in color printers enables government tracking
  118. UK workers are significantly lacking in security awareness
  119. Facebook starts warning users of state-sponsored attacks against their accounts
  120. Emergency Flash update plugs zero-day exploited in the wild
  121. Internet of Things: Rethinking privacy and information sharing
  122. Cyber warfare fears spur US Navy to teach celestial navigation again
  123. Microsoft fixes critical flaws in all versions of Windows and Office
  124. Hackers are exploiting zero-day flaw in fully patched Adobe Flash
  125. UK, US law enforcement agencies disrupt Dridex botnet
  126. Global Internet experts reveal plan for more secure, reliable Wi-Fi routers
  127. The countdown to the EU Data Protection Regulation
  128. How to become a nightmare for cyber attackers
  129. Companies investing in cloud, security and Big Data are growing faster
  130. Secure networks are the key to unlocking A2P potential
  131. WiFi jamming attacks more simple and cheaper than ever
  132. America’s Thrift Stores breached by Eastern European criminals
  133. Android ransomware gets new, professional look thanks to Google’s Material Design
  134. Internet of Things: Connecting the security dots from application design to post-sale
  135. Review: Abusing the Internet of Things: Blackouts, Freakouts, and Stakeouts
  136. Cybersecurity expectations: Myth and reality
  137. Compliance vs. cybersecurity: Insurers face competing priorities
  138. Thousands of Zhone SOHO routers can be easily hijacked
  139. Chinese hackers arrested at US request
  140. GnuPG 2.1.9 released
  141. Authentication bypass flaw in Netgear SOHO routers exploited in the wild
  142. Don't sink your network
  143. Theoretical computer science provides answers to data privacy problem
  144. LogMeIn to acquire LastPass for $125 million
  145. Apple boots some ad blockers from App Store to protect users privacy
  146. Which Android smartphones are most secure?
  147. Attackers compromise Cisco Web VPNs to steal login credentials, backdoor target networks
  148. Do attribution and motives matter?
  149. Most are concerned about security of healthcare data
  150. Top strategic IT predictions for 2016 and beyond
  151. New Toshiba CMOS image sensor improves recognition and authentication
  152. CIOs agree, IT is more complex than ever
  153. Fake Android apps bypass Google Play store security
  154. Former journalist faces 25 years in prison for article defacement
  155. Free tool to remove YiSpecter iOS malware
  156. Hackers breach firm whose tech is used in Samsung Pay
  157. Pen-testing drone searches for unsecured devices
  158. Photo: A walk through Cyber Security Europe 2015
  159. The average cost of cybercrime escalates to $15 million per organization
  160. The impact of digital business on information security
  161. How are businesses responding to cyber risks?
  162. Huawei 3G routers rife with flaws
  163. Wealth of personal data found on used electronics purchased online
  164. Amazon launches AWS web application firewall
  165. Previously unknown Moker RAT is the latest APT threat
  166. The price of the Internet of Things will be a vague dread of a malicious world
  167. How attackers attempt to infect organizations
  168. High prevalence of personal health information at risk
  169. Winnti groups attack platform is based on decade old malware
  170. Cisco disrupts major ransomware campaign that brought in $30M annually
  171. IP camera manufacturers force researcher to pull conference talk
  172. Google patches Stagefright 2.0 on Nexus devices
  173. Attackers take over org's OWA server, harvest domain credentials with malicious DLL
  174. T-Mobile customer data stolen from Experian already for sale
  175. Applying machine learning techniques on contextual data for threat detection
  176. Attackers prefer lower-bandwidth DDoS attacks
  177. Cybersecurity is being taken seriously around the globe
  178. Nuclear facilities are wide open to cyber attacks
  179. Top 5 Android Marshmallow enterprise security benefits
  180. Advertising malware affects non-jailbroken iOS devices
  181. Car hacking via compromised car diagnostic tools
  182. Prevention is the best cure for identity theft
  183. The changing role of the risk manager
  184. Week in review: The evolution of the CISO, a simple Gatekeeper bypass, and Stagefright 2.0
  185. Compromising Macs with simple Gatekeeper bypass
  186. Unexpectedly benevolent malware improves security of routers, IoT devices
  187. Personal info of 15 million T-Mobile USA customers stolen in Experian breach
  188. Fake PayPal app is going after German users' banking credentials
  189. With unprotected keys and certificates, businesses lose customers
  190. Exposing fraud behavior patterns associated with compromised identities
  191. Unsurprisingly, companies are not protecting personal information
  192. New, improved Ghost Push variants continue to target Android users
  193. Employee use of cloud services puts business data at risk
  194. Stagefright 2.0: A billion Android devices could be compromised
  195. Apple releases OS X El Capitan, patches passcode loophole in iOS
  196. 7 key global DDoS trends revealed
  197. Compromising Macs with simple Gatekeeper bypass
  198. The value of threat intelligence
  199. The barriers to cybersecurity research, and how to remove them
  200. Fragmented approaches to PKI don't always follow best practices
  201. CISOs are looking for more integration and automation
  202. 500 million users at risk of compromise via unpatched WinRAR bug
  203. Scammers use Google AdWords, fake Windows BSOD to steal money from users
  204. Attackers posing as legitimate insiders still an enormous security risk
  205. Companies leave vulnerabilities unpatched for up to 120 days
  206. Women represent only 10% of the infosec workforce
  207. File insecurity: the final data leakage frontier
  208. VBA malware is back!
  209. Too many vulnerable medical systems can be found online
  210. XOR DDoS botnet launching attacks from compromised Linux machines
  211. Do security flaws with life-threatening implications need alternative disclosure?
  212. Hilton, Trump hotel chains hit by PoS malware
  213. How to avoid data breaches? Start by addressing human error
  214. The evolution of the CISO in todays digital economy
  215. Chinese fraudsters are hijacking and misusing Uber accounts
  216. Oysters tablet comes preinstalled with Trojanized Android firmware
  217. Mobile ad network exploited to launch JavaScript-based DDoS attack
  218. Yahoo open-sources Gryffin, a large scale web security scanning platform
  219. How organizations can increase trust and resilience
  220. Is your network suffering from the trombone effect?
  221. Silent Circle launches Blackphone 2, delivering business and personal privacy
  222. Infographic: Devaluing data, fighting cybercrime
  223. Mapping the underground cybercrime economy in order to disrupt it
  224. Cisco releases tool for detecting malicious router implants
  225. Enhancing email security in Office 365
  226. GreenDispenser malware makes ATMs spit out cash
  227. Mobile payments data breaches expected to grow
  228. Free tool helps organizations respond to vulnerability reports
  229. Scandinavian users hit with fake post office emails, ransomware
  230. Vulnerabilities in security software leave users open to attacks
  231. The number of fingerprints stolen in OPM hack rose to 5.6 million
  232. Apple tackles the XcodeGhost crisis by removing apps, alerting devs and users
  233. Chinese promotion company hijacks Android devices around the world
  234. CUJO: Plug-n-play protection for all devices
  235. Healthcare industry sees 340% more security incidents than the average industry
  236. Free WordPress plugin for a password-free login
  237. Using external URL shorteners for internal needs may lead to sensitive data leaks
  238. Killing computer infrastructures with a bang!
  239. WD My Cloud NAS devices can be hijacked by attackers
  240. ENISA provides details on the complex cybersecurity exercise carried out in 2014
  241. Firefox 41 includes critical security updates
  242. Most gamers lack confidence in developers’ security safeguards
  243. NIST will award $3.6 million to projects designed to improve cybersecurity
  244. Facebook tries to help advertisers and users with new ad control options
  245. Number of XcodeGhost-infected iOS apps rises
  246. Exploit broker offers $1 million for reliable iOS 9 exploit
  247. Android SMS Trojans evolve, go after bank and payment system accounts
  248. Reactions to the XcodeGhost malware infecting iOS apps
  249. Malware-infected game discovered on Google Play, up to 1 million users at risk
  250. Are you ready for EMV?