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  1. Java 7 Update 21 is available - Watch for Behaviour Changes !, (Tue, Apr 16th)
  2. Malware Attacks Growing, Getting Smarter, Targeting Android: Report
  3. Hacker in court for DDoS attacks on Oxford and Cambridge Universities
  4. Tactics of WordPress attackers similar to bank assaults
  5. How to enable Family Safety features in Windows 8
  6. Military academies take on NSA in cybersecurity competition
  7. Oracle shipping 128 patches for apps, database and middleware
  8. How hacking fixed the worst video game of all time
  9. Pirate Bay co-founder charged with hacking IBM mainframes, stealing money
  10. Fake Boston Marathon Scams Update, (Tue, Apr 16th)
  11. Targeted attacks hitting small business have increased threefold
  12. Linode hackers say they will release stolen customer data
  13. GE's 'Industrial Internet' Bolsters Critical Infrastructure Security
  14. 90% of game hacks and cracks contain malware
  15. Most enterprises encounter problems with open source software
  16. First anti-malware product for UEFI
  17. Most security pros believe they will suffer a data breach
  18. Symantec report finds small businesses battered by cybercrime
  19. Microsoft eyes ditching browser for secure Web apps
  20. 4 Mobile Security Predictions to Help CIOs Plan for the Future
  21. US House to vote on CISPA cyberthreat bill this week
  22. Video: Boston Marathon explosion
  23. 2.4M cards compromised in US supermarket chain breach
  24. Pass-thoughts as a solution to the password problem
  25. Pass-thoughts as a solution to the password problem
  26. Radware unveils SDN strategy
  27. Disruptive tech trends that will change everything
  28. Study of the European data center market
  29. Big Data: Huge risk or huge opportunity?
  30. WordPress Sites Under Massive Password-Guessing Attack
  31. Please send any spam (full headers), URLs or other suspicious content scamming off Boston Marathon explosions to, (Mon, Apr 15th)
  32. Find My Mac both useful and frustrating for law enforcement
  33. WordPress sites targeted by mass brute-force attack
  34. A closer look at Hack In The Box 2013 Amsterdam
  35. Cloud-Based IT Security Services to Increase Through 2015: Gartner
  36. GE's 'Industrial Internet' Bolsters Critical Infrastructure Security
  37. Set your Google account to be deleted after you die
  38. Mobile malware up 163%
  39. Oops - You Mean That Deleted Server was a Certificate Authority?, (Mon, Apr 15th)
  40. Gambling software developer moves to fix poker game flaws
  41. John Kerry: Cyberdefense a major part of Asian security
  42. FAA and EASA say hijacking planes using an app is not possible
  43. Cyber-Criminals Putting Botnets to Work on Bitcoin Mining
  44. Cloud-based security services still in high demand
  45. TDoS: The latest wave of Denial of Service attacks
  46. Toomas Hendrik Ilves on Cybersecurity
  47. Week in review: Hijacking airplanes with an Android phone, and a call to arms for infosec professionals
  48. Employees admit to accessing or stealing private company information
  49. Real-world test of 21 antivirus products
  50. INTERPOL Chief on fighting cybercrime worldwide
  51. Protocol 61 Packets Follow Up, (Sun, Apr 14th)
  52. GE's 'Industrial Internet' Bolster's Critical Infrastructure Security
  53. Wide-scale attack against WordPress blogs reported
  54. Air Force reclassification of cyber tools as weapons sparks speculation
  55. Cyber-Criminal Putting Botnets to Work on Bitcoin Mining
  56. Protocol 61: Anybody got packets?, (Sat, Apr 13th)
  57. More massive malicious spam! This time claiming to be from Almacenes Exito, (Fri, Apr 12th)
  58. Microsoft Fixes Patch Tuesday Security Update After User Complaints
  59. IRS going against privacy tide on warrantless email search
  60. White House signals it won't support CISPA in present form
  61. Researchers find vulnerabilities in online poker applications
  62. Microsoft amends security update after reports of system errors
  63. Google lets users plan their digital afterlife
  64. Critics: CISPA still a government surveillance bill
  65. Google Death: Inactive account manager helps you plan digital last will and testament
  66. Twitter's recipe for security awareness
  67. Review: Nipper Studio: A new approach to security auditing
  68. Sophisticated threats and thinking like the attacker
  69. BirdStep updates SafeMove mobile VPN solution
  70. Sentinel Envelope ensures code integrity and app security
  71. Private file storage and sharing app from Gemalto
  72. Criminals May Be Switching to More Aggressive Scareware Scams
  73. Criminals May Be Switching to More Aggressive Scareware Scams
  74. Programming Languages Susceptible to Specific Security Flaws: Report
  75. Targeted social media attacks said to be underreported
  76. Two-factor authentication ready to roll out at Microsoft
  77. BYOD Gets Messy with AT&T Class Action Lawsuit
  78. Widely used wireless IP cameras open to hijacking over the Internet, researchers say
  79. Twitter OAuth feature can be abused to hijack accounts, researcher says
  80. Facebook, Webroot Expand Security Partnership
  81. Vulnerabilities in aircraft systems allow remote airplane hijacking, researcher says
  82. House Intelligence panel OKs CISPA after closed door meeting
  83. Bitcoin volatility caused by surge in demand, slow software
  84. You've been hacked, now what?
  85. Controlling the physical world with BacNET attack framework
  86. SugarCRM unveils fast private cloud
  87. ZeroAccess Bitcoin botnet shows no signs of slowing
  88. Real-time detection and response to unauthorized access
  89. Rackspace launches Mobile Cloud Stacks
  90. Entrust updates IdentityGuard Mobile Credential
  91. Avere unveils hybrid storage appliance
  92. KB2823324 causing boot issues in Brazil and some other locales, (Thu, Apr 11th)
  93. Windows XP end of life, 12 months to go., (Thu, Apr 11th)
  94. South Korea, Starbucks, and Android/Smsilence
  95. Massive Google scam sent by email to Colombian domains, (Wed, Apr 10th)
  96. Hijacking airplanes with an Android phone
  97. Supply chain the new tempting attraction for hackers
  98. Microsoft takes new 'Scroogled' shot at Google
  99. Hackers turn a Canon EOS camera into a remote surveillance tool
  100. Spam botnet-for-hire used to deliver Android malware
  101. Shylock bank Trojan upgraded with new capabilities, says Symantec
  102. Microsoft Releases 9 Security Bulletins for Patch Tuesday
  103. Review: Instant Penetration Testing: Setting Up a Test Lab How-to
  104. Ubisoft takes download service offline after breach
  105. Mobile phone apps view private data more than necessary, says French study
  106. The state of cloud encryption: From fiction to actionable reality
  107. Vudu video service resets customer passwords after hard drives theft
  108. A call to arms for infosec professionals
  109. Beyond BYOD: Companies need to change
  110. Risks to retailers through point of sale systems
  111. Secure Microsoft Office collaboration via any device
  112. Global technology supply chain security standard released
  113. Use your iPhone for biometric scanning
  114. Solera Networks offers visibility into potential security breaches
  115. Shodan Search Engine Is Honestly Scary, But There's Hope
  116. Building Security Threat Intelligence Networks: 10 Best Practices
  117. Adobe April 2013 Black Tuesday Overview, (Tue, Apr 9th)
  118. Android Malware: Breaking New Ground and Old Taboos
  119. Microsoft April 2013 Black Tuesday Overview, (Tue, Apr 9th)
  120. Microsoft patches 13 vulnerabilities
  121. SQL injection flaws easy to find and exploit, Veracode report finds
  122. With Firefox 22, Mozilla escalates the tracking battle
  123. CAMP for Chrome catches 99% of malware, Google says
  124. Control system hack at manufacturer raises red flag
  125. Malicious HP scan notifications target employees
  126. How simulated attacks improve security awareness training
  127. UK to host global cybersecurity centre
  128. LANDesk Acquires VMware Protect product family
  129. XP migration easy pickings over, say experts
  130. Malware analysis for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures
  131. Companies should ban Facebook Home, experts say
  132. Anonymous cyberattack on Israel finds disputed impact
  133. Security and vulnerability assessment: 4 common mistakes
  134. U.S. business SEC filings suggest cyber threats may be overstated
  135. EPIC presses FBI in lawsuit for details on biometric database
  136. Mobile-security startup debuts with 'container' and audit tech for iPad
  137. APT attackers getting more evasive, even more persistent
  138. Cutwail botnet now spreads Android malware
  139. Bitdefender launches Antivirus Free for Android
  140. "Your private naked photos online" emails lead to total computer compromise
  141. The cloud: Storms on the horizon
  142. Twitter wisdom: April 9, 2013
  143. New HP server for social, cloud and big data
  144. Cleaning Up After the Leak: Hiding exposed web content, (Mon, Apr 8th)
  145. Bitcoin-mining Trojan lurking on Skype
  146. The 5 biggest online privacy threats of 2013
  147. Facebook weighs in on Home's privacy implications
  148. Android Malware: Breaking New Ground and Old Taboos
  149. Anonymous and affiliates attack Israeli websites
  150. Spear-phishing emails targeting energy companies
  151. adds 2-factor authentication option
  152. New Splunk App for Windows
  153. DHS shifts to cloud, agile development
  154. We're losing the battle against state sponsored attacks
  155. Trojan:Android/Pincer.A
  156. Generalized single packet authorization for cloud computing environments
  157. The rise of everyday hackers
  158. Week in review: Carberp Trojan developers arrested, thousands of compromised Apache servers directing users to malware
  159. Two Japanese web portals hacked, user financial info compromised
  160. Malware Dodging Defenses More Often on an Increasingly Dangerous Web
  161. IBM: Cyber-Security Practices Key for Electric Power Sector
  162. Facebook weighs in on Home's privacy implications
  163. 12 Must-Do PC Tasks
  164. Army defends its mobile device security plan
  165. DHS warns of spear-phishing campaign against energy companies
  166. Trojan:Android/Pincer.A
  167. Bitcoin mining malware spreading on Skype, researcher says
  168. PostgreSQL releases updates to address high-risk vulnerability, other issues
  169. Hack attack by Anonymous vandalizes North Korea's Twitter and Flickr accounts
  170. Microsoft Readies 9 Security Bulletins for Patch Tuesday
  171. Australia charges alleged Anonymous member
  172. Inspector General finds email security risks at SEC
  173. Let the hackers seek while you hide behind third-party hosted services
  174. Yandex launches public DNS service with malicious URL filtering
  175. iMessage encryption stumps US federal agents
  176. 10 best practices for securing data in Hadoop
  177. Microsoft to release 9 advisories on Tuesday
  178. Tips for securely using free Tube Wi-Fi
  179. Destroy solid state storage and optical media
  180. New VMWare patches are available, more details here -->, (Fri, Apr 5th)
  181. Microsoft, PhoneFactor Slapped With Lawsuit by Obscure Patent-Holder
  182. Back to the past with pennie stock spam, (Fri, Apr 5th)
  183. Microsoft April Patch Tuesday Advance Notification, (Thu, Apr 4th)
  184. Postgresql Patches Critical Vulnerability, (Thu, Apr 4th)
  185. Two Japanese web portals hacked, user financial info compromised
  186. BlackBerry details extensive security protection in BlackBerry 10 OS
  187. Sophos fixes vulnerabilities in its Web security appliance
  188. Big Data Protects Intel's Info
  189. Carberp Trojan developers arrested in Ukraine
  190. April 2013 OUCH! - Protecting Your Kids Online, (Thu, Apr 4th)
  191. Cutwail Spam Botnet Targeting Android Users
  192. Flashback malware author unmasked?
  193. Japanese web portals hacked, up to 100,000 accounts comprimsed
  194. Mt. Gox under largest DDoS attack as bitcoin price surges
  195. Businesses, privacy activists wrestle over California privacy bill
  196. Bitcoin storage service, Instawallet, suffers database attack
  197. More secret email searches revealed at Harvard
  198. US NIST: Industry should lead creation of cybersecurity framework
  199. Harvard to review privacy polices in wake of email search scandal
  200. Companies experience a malware event on their systems every three minutes, report says
  201. Why CRM Security Is Always a 'Role'-Your-Own Project
  202. Prosecutors, others involved in Swartz case express safety, privacy concerns
  203. Review: Lookout for iPhone
  204. Wide variety of malware lurking in Skype messages
  205. My very own personal privacy training
  206. Malware attacks occur every three minutes
  207. Ciphertex releases 24TB portable, secure NAS server
  208. DIY: Using trust to secure embedded projects
  209. Security professionals don't have secure mobile habits
  210. Tips for avoiding tax scams
  211. F-Secure rebuilds free Online Scanner
  212. Google Wins FTC Award for Robocall Prevention Technology
  213. DHS, FBI Warn of Denial of Service Attacks on Emergency Telephone Systems
  214. New release of snort is available Snort, details on (thanks Bill) , (Wed, Apr 3rd)
  215. DHS, FBI Warn of Denial of Service Attacks on Emergency Telephone Systems
  216. The HTTP "Range" Header, (Wed, Apr 3rd)
  217. Thousands of compromised Apache servers direct users to malware
  218. Thousands of compromised Apache servers direct users to malware
  219. Banking Trojan disguised as innocuous Word and WinHelp files
  220. Google in EU Cross Hairs for Imminent Privacy Actions
  221. Blocking zero-day application exploits: A new approach for APT prevention
  222. The War Z taken offline following forum, database hack
  223. The security risks of using Wi-Fi on the Tube
  224. OS MAX:Flashback
  225. Spammers dodge junk filters with Google Translate
  226. One-click-fraud apps go from PC to Android
  227. Online electronics retailer has successful trial with bitcoin-only transactions
  228. Fake "PayPal account deleted" emails doing rounds
  229. Aggressive Android adware and malware on the rise
  230. Facebook Claims it's a "Bug"
  231. Facebook Claims it's a "Bug"
  232. Defending the Internet at scale
  233. Aggressive Android adware and malware rise
  234. Firefox enhances private browsing
  235. Route1 releases MobiKEY for iPad
  236. Dataguise enhances DG for Hadoop with selective encryption
  237. Firefox 20 and Thunderbird 17.0.5 updates , (Wed, Apr 3rd)
  238. Google in EU Crosshairs for Imminent Privacy Actions
  239. Google's Privacy Team Getting New Leadership
  240. Army knocked over mobile device cybersecurity
  241. Six European privacy regulators launch formal investigations of Google's privacy policy
  242. Facebook removes a privacy control, surprised?
  243. US companies in China worried about data theft
  244. Hackers attacking US banks are well-funded, expert says
  245. SSH scans from, (Tue, Apr 2nd)
  246. DHS, FBI warn over TDoS attacks on emergency centers
  247. Android messaging malware targets Tibetan activists
  248. Trojan phishes for credit card info through fake Facebook page
  249. Ransomware uses browser history to persuade users to pay up
  250. IEEE to explore 400 Gb/s Ethernet