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  1. Most security managers don't trust their apps
  2. Week in review: Smart building security, Tor usage doubles, and how Snowden stole NSA documents
  3. Government employees realize the importance of cyber security
  4. Fraud and ATM attacks hit Germany hard
  5. Android Malware goes SMTP
  6. Microsoft: Talks with US gov't on surveillance transparency break down
  7. Microsoft will move forward with litigation over NSA data collection
  8. Facebook legal skirmish highlights user privacy risks
  9. Tor Use Uptick, (Fri, Aug 30th)
  10. Filtering Signal From Noise (Part2), (Fri, Aug 30th)
  11. Apple remote-mobile device management patent raises red flags
  12. Facebook's new face recognition policy astonishes German privacy regulator
  13. Leaked US spying budget reveals investments in 'groundbreaking' cryptanalysis
  14. Detailed US intelligence community's $52.6 billion budget leaked
  15. Medical lab allegedly exposed consumer info on P2P network
  16. FinFisher range of attack tools
  17. Many major brand mobile apps not secure on Android, says study
  18. Critic: NTIA's mobile privacy push has failed
  19. vBulletin users warned of potential exploit
  20. NIST subjects draft cybersecurity framework to more public scrutiny
  21. US to release annual figures on spying orders and people affected
  22. Under legal pressure, Facebook clarifies how it uses your data
  23. U.S. appetite for Internet user data not unique
  24. VMware ESXi and ESX address an NFC Protocol Unhandled Exception, (Fri, Aug 30th)
  25. Australian who boasted of hacking to plead not guilty to charges stemming from raid
  26. Fraud and identity theft camouflaged by DDoS attacks
  27. Five ways to get the most out of your sandbox
  28. Banking Trojans dominate malware in e-mail traffic
  29. Three factors will impact enterprise cloud adoption
  30. Australian organizations are not effectively managing IT risks
  31. WatchGuard updates email and web security appliance
  32. Office 2003's burial will resurrect hacker activity
  33. FTC: Medical lab lost patient info on peer-to-peer network
  34. Confidential Data Is Leaving on Workers' Mobile Devices
  35. French prosecutor starts preliminary inquiry into Prism privacy violations
  36. New York Times hack highlights weakness in registrar security
  37. Cisco cracks down on security vulnerability
  38. Massive Delta IV rocket launches classified satellite
  39. Hacker points Syrian telecom website to AT&T, T-Mobile
  40. Three types of DNS attacks and how to deal with them
  41. New York Times site hack shifts attention to registry locks
  42. Social engineering: Study finds Americans willingly open malicious emails
  43. Facebook spamming is a hugely lucrative business
  44. Developers hack Dropbox, show how to access user data
  45. Tor usage more than doubles
  46. Pity Team Lokki, They Have No Time to Enjoy the Sun
  47. Would you publicly report a security breach?
  48. Fake "Secure Document" notice will compromise your email account
  49. Smart building security: Threats, tips and tricks
  50. Got malware?
  51. New protection mechanism prevents mobile cross-app content stealing
  52. HP releases Fortify Static Code Analyzer 4.0
  53. Xceedium extends security capabilities to VMware vShield and vCloud
  54. MS13-056 (false positive)? alerts, (Wed, Aug 28th)
  55. Privacy campaigners want review of Irish Facebook, Prism decisions
  56. Toyota Goes All-in With Social Media Monitoring
  57. Half of organizations targets of cyberattack in last year
  58. Spear phishing led to DNS attack against the New York Times, others
  59. Federal CIOs Face BYOD, Mobile App Security Challenges
  60. Researchers detail attacks for compromising Dropbox user accounts
  61. Facebook Transparency
  62. Review: Computation and Storage in the Cloud: Understanding the Trade-Offs
  63. Hacker admits to selling access to company networks, supercomputers
  64. Video: Government-Endorsed Surveillance
  65. NYT, Twitter, HuffPo sites disrupted by Syrian hacker group
  66. Shielding targeted applications
  67. Facebook got 25,000 government requests about users
  68. New York Times site outage caused by attack on domain registrar, company says
  69. Cybercrime service automates creation of fake scanned IDs, other identity verification documents
  70. Tesla?s Model S vulnerable to hackers, kind of
  71. DNS hack in Australia hits marquee US sites
  72. Bitcoin offers privacy -- as long as you don't cash out or spend it
  73. Kelihos botnet: What victims can expect
  74. Event: IFINTEC 2014
  75. Compliance and security vulnerabilities are top concerns for POS systems
  76. The current state of application security
  77. Layer 7 updates mobile access gateway solution
  78. SSLI SDK for security solution providers
  79. NY Times DNS Compromised, (Tue, Aug 27th)
  80. Microsoft Releases Revisions to 4 Existing Updates, (Tue, Aug 27th)
  81. G-20 themed emails deliver spying malware to EU, Canadian officials
  82. Trojan targets Craigslist users with spam
  83. Open source encrypted email service reaches crowdfounding goal
  84. Android Malware: Pincer's Author
  85. How did Snowden steal the NSA documents and cover his tracks?
  86. US regulators explore rules for Bitcoin
  87. Sept. 23 deadline looms for business compliance with HITECH Act on patient privacy
  88. Group behind attack on New York Times linked to G20 phishing attack
  89. Microsoft will craft XP patches after April '14, but not for you
  90. Poorly redacted court filing reveals Google contested NSL gag order
  91. Cloud emulation sandboxing service tackles zero-day attacks
  92. Social networks: Can robots violate user privacy?
  93. AirWatch and Appthority partner for mobile app risk analysis
  94. McAfee protects workloads on private and public clouds
  95. Citrix releases NetScaler Control Center for VMware
  96. Red Hat Certificate of Expertise released
  97. Kingston introduces new enterprise SSD
  98. Patch Management Guidance from NIST, (Tue, Aug 27th)
  99. Event: World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS-2013)
  100. NSA Revelations Prompt Tech Industry to Call for Privacy Safeguards
  101. Report: NSA broke into UN video teleconferencing system
  102. Unisys going on offense in server and security markets
  103. Tech companies received millions for PRISM compliance costs
  104. Data Security Lagging at Midmarket Industrial Firms
  105. Largest DDoS attack ever disrupts China's Internet
  106. Leaked info of Federal Reserve employees was stolen during earlier breach
  107. PHDVirtual releases virtual backup and disaster recovery software
  108. NSA spied on UN officials after cracking encryption on UN teleconferencing system
  109. Wi-Fi Honeypots and MAC Address Surveillance
  110. There are no winners in the blame game
  111. Fear of NSA snooping could hurt U.S. cloud vendors
  112. HyTrust enforces two-person approval for VMware security
  113. HyTrust enforces two-person approval for VMware security
  114. There are no winners in the blame game
  115. Fear of NSA snooping could hurt U.S. cloud vendors
  116. WatchGuard partners with NCP engineering for IPsec VPN access
  117. Week in review: Cybercrime-as-a-service, Groklaw shutdown, WIn8 unfit for govt computers
  118. When does your browser send a "Referer" header (or not)?, (Sun, Aug 25th)
  119. Software piracy discovered at the IRS
  120. CyanogenMod announces secure phone locating, remote wiping service
  121. Mozilla considers rejecting long-lived digital certificates following similar decision by Google
  122. PHP and VMWare Updates, (Fri, Aug 23rd)
  123. How encryption and tokenization help with cloud services adoption
  124. We Need To Talk, Google
  125. NASDAQ's Community Forum
  126. Android Malware goes SMTP
  127. Windows 8 shouldn't be used on government computers, say IT experts
  128. Mozilla 'Plug-n-Hack' project aims for tighter security tool integration
  129. Popular download management program has hidden DDoS component, researchers say
  130. Deep cyberattacks cause millions in losses for US banks
  131. Failed data feed system shutters Nasdaq trading
  132. Privacy groups criticize proposed $8.5 million Google settlement
  133. Popular Windows downloader has secret DDoS capability
  134. Fingerprint algorithm for Android devices
  135. Disaster recovery for public, private and hybrid clouds
  136. Read of the Week: A Fuzzy Future in Malware Research, (Thu, Aug 22nd)
  137. Chrome 29.0.1547.57 released, (Thu, Aug 22nd)
  138. Ruling shows NSA misled the FISC about data collection volume and scope
  139. Cisco patches serious vulnerabilities in Unified Communications Manager
  140. Latest NSA revelations could help pending lawsuits
  141. FISA Judge: NSA misrepresented themselves, violated the Constitution
  142. Review: Simple Steps to Data Encryption
  143. Banks risk shattering customer trust
  144. Mobile security management market to hit billion dollar mark
  145. Ransomware changes Windows login credentials
  146. ZeroAccess developers continue to innovate
  147. Manning attorney vows to fight on, urges Obama to issue pardon
  148. Poison Ivy, used in RSA SecurID attack, still popular
  149. The NSA collected data on tens of thousands of Americans
  150. NCP engineering adds elliptic curve cryptography to products
  151. SwiftKey Cloud: Backup and sync your writing style
  152. New enterprise information management platform
  153. Secure enterprise file sharing from SolarWinds
  154. Android Malware goes SMTP
  155. How the Snowden Effect Is Paralyzing CIOs
  156. 'League of Legends' account information and transaction records compromised
  157. Fibre Channel Reconnaissance - Reloaded, (Wed, Aug 21st)
  158. Psst. Your Browser Knows All Your Secrets., (Wed, Aug 21st)
  159. NSA surveillance system can listen to 75% of US Internet traffic
  160. Security tips for the connected family
  161. League of Legends user account, credit card info compromised in breach
  162. China arrests two for using the Internet to defame cultural icon
  163. Study finds big gap about app security between execs and IT staffers
  164. 'Instagram for PC' application is a marketing scam
  165. CSOs: Stop flogging the threats and start providing solutions
  166. 5 Reasons You Can Finally Ditch BlackBerry
  167. Apple Dev Center was hacked via remote code execution bug
  168. Miranda battles to have seized stuff back, Guardian details drive destruction
  169. Barracuda Web Filter 7.0 targets social media harassment
  170. The mobile cybercrime landscape is becoming more defined
  171. Analysis of Poison Ivy remote access tool
  172. Mobile cybercrime landscape is becoming more defined
  173. Rapid7 unveils analytics for security controls and user risk
  174. Veeam Backup & Replication 7 released
  175. Cyberattacks second most common cause of severe EU wired Internet outages in 2012
  176. Is evading an IP address block to access a website against the law?
  177. DHS cybersecurity appointment seen as government-industry bridge
  178. The erosion of privacy in the digital world
  179. MitB malware targets steam
  180. Groklaw shuttered because email is no longer safe
  181. UK agents detain Greenwald's partner, destroy The Guardian's hard drives
  182. McAfee executive picked for top Homeland Security post
  183. The dangers of QR codes for security
  184. Why continuous IT cost optimization is essential
  185. Nmap 6.40 released
  186. EVault backup appliances now with cloud-connected software for failproof recovery
  187. ENISA analyzes major security incidents in the EU
  188. Microsoft re-releases MS13-066:, (Mon, Aug 19th)
  189. Chrome plugin aims to thwart user profiling efforts
  190. Scanning the Internet in less than an hour
  191. Google says it is not answerable in the UK in Safari cookies privacy suit
  192. Attackers use Ramnit malware to target Steam users
  193. How to Deploy IP Cameras in Your Small Business
  194. New Zeus variant creates bogus Instagram accounts
  195. Advanced threats to drive growth in new product segment
  196. LastPass bug leaks plain text passwords
  197. Business Risks and Cyber Attacks, (Mon, Aug 19th)
  198. Lavabit owner risks arrest for not complying with surveillance order
  199. "Jekyll" test attack sneaks through Apple App Store, wreaks havoc on iOS
  200. Lucrative business: cybercrime-as-a-service
  201. Running Snort on ESXi using the Distributed Switch, (Mon, Aug 19th)
  202. Manage security across multiple systems with Milan 3.0
  203. WebTitan Cloud: Web filtering service for SMBs
  204. Week in review: NSA privacy violations, key cloud computing trends, and building security culture
  205. Cloud market destined to change following NSA leaks
  206. U.S. Dept. of Energy reports second security breach
  207. Android now 'mobile world's equivalent' of Windows for hackers
  208. CVE-2013-2251 Apache Struts 2.X OGNL Vulnerability, (Fri, Aug 16th)
  209. Cybercriminals add new exploit for recently patched Java vulnerability to their arsenal
  210. Google's Invasions of Privacy, Free But Flawed Products Show Its Arrogance
  211. Firm found using browser plugins to inject unauthorized ads on YouTube
  212. There's no free lunch when it comes to Google's Gmail
  213. Syrian Electronic Army targets Washington Post, CNN, and Time
  214. Cisco's 4,000 job cuts won't touch new acquisition Sourcefire
  215. NSA internal audit reveals thousands of privacy violations
  216. Is the hybrid cloud the future for enterprises?
  217. Panda Security launches 2014 retail line
  218. Google delivers patch for Android SecureRandom implementation
  219. Turn any iOS device into a secure mobile payment solution
  220. Cross-platform Frutas RAT delivered via targeted emails
  221. Securing the modern web: Open sourcing the future of IAM
  222. Baby monitor hack highlights manufacturers' security shortfalls
  223. Where RFI attacks fall in the security threat landscape
  224. Imaging LUKS Encrypted Drives, (Wed, Aug 14th)
  225. What to expect with PCI DSS 3.0
  226. Blocking "MiniDuke" Type Threats Using Exploit Interception
  227. IBM to acquire endpoint security company Trusteer
  228. What to expect with PCI DSS 3.0
  229. Google patches Android after Bitcoin wallet issue
  230. Microsoft yanks troublesome Exchange security patch
  231. New York Post hit by pro-Assad hackers
  232. Hackers targeting servers running Apache Struts applications, researchers say
  233. Secure rugged Android tablet for the government
  234. Review: Practical Anonymity: Hiding in Plain Sight Online
  235. IBM acquires Trusteer
  236. Identify unknown internal email-enabled systems
  237. D-Link releases new network camera
  238. Druva delivers cloud-scalable backup to datacenters
  239. Microsoft Pulls MS013-061 due to problems with Exchange Server 2013
  240. ISC StormCast for Thursday, August 15th 2013
  241. Researchers explore underground market of Twitter spam and abuse
  242. NSA revelations a mixed bag for private clouds
  243. Cybercriminals use Google Cloud Messaging service to control malware on Android devices
  244. Joomla exploit doing rounds, users advised to update
  245. How to get sufficient funding for your security program (without having a major incident), (Wed, Aug 14th)
  246. Browlock Ransomware Targets New Countries
  247. Cyber crooks misuse Google service to control Android Trojans
  248. .GOV zones may not resolve due to DNSSEC problems., (Wed, Aug 14th)
  249. Google increases rewards in bug bounty program
  250. Microsoft Patch Tuesday: The Ping of Death returns, IPv6-style