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  1. Countries question Google on Glass privacy
  2. Pakistan using Netsweeper to block Internet content, say researchers
  3. 5 BYOD Pitfalls and How You Can Avoid Them
  4. French privacy authority gives Google 3 months to change its ways
  5. Microsoft tacks up first wanted poster, debuts temp bounty for IE11 bugs
  6. Microsoft launches security bounty programs for Windows 8.1 and IE 11 Preview
  7. Linkedin DNS Hijack, (Thu, Jun 20th)
  8. Yahoo ID recycling could lead to trouble
  9. Review: Instant Apple Configurator How-to
  10. CloudSigma introduces transparent private patching to public cloud
  11. Tool for IT challenges and legal requests
  12. Ultra-fast online backup from GFI Software
  13. HP iLO3/iLO4 Remote Unauthorized Access with Single-Sign-On, (Thu, Jun 20th)
  14. Microsoft to pay up to 150k for vulnerabilities
  15. Apple end-to-end encryption far from bulletproof
  16. 15 Ways to Protect Your Ecommerce Site From Hacking and Fraud
  17. Collected data helped foil 50 terrorist plots, says NSA chief
  18. How to Maximize Your Work Productivity on the Road
  19. Java 7 Update 25 fixes 40 security issues, turns on certificate revocation checking
  20. 65+ websites compromised to deliver malvertising
  21. Customized spam uses cell phone users’ data against them
  22. Thwarting facial recognition systems with privacy visors
  23. Post-PC Attack Site: Only Interested in Smartphones/Tablets
  24. US officials: Surveillance programs helped stop 50 terrorist plots
  25. Expanded '2-person rule' could help plug NSA leaks
  26. Apple pours OS X Snow Leopard another Java fix
  27. With faster 5G Wi-Fi coming, Wi-Fi Alliance kicks off certification program
  28. Google asks to make surveillance orders public, citing First Amendment
  29. Employees biggest IT threat to businesses
  30. Facebook once again accessible via Tor
  31. (IN)SECURE Magazine issue 38 released
  32. Google asks secret court permission to publish FISA numbers
  33. Oracle releases critical security updates for Java
  34. Failed backups endanger revenue and productivity
  35. WinLink Check-In, (Wed, Jun 19th)
  36. Volatility rules...any questions?, (Tue, Jun 18th)
  37. Java 7 update 25 released, (Tue, Jun 18th)
  38. How to detect hidden administrator apps on Android
  39. Google Glass privacy concerns raised by international data protection authorities
  40. Wall Street sets example for testing security defenses
  41. Source code for Carberp financial malware is up for sale at a very low price, researchers say
  42. CyanogenMod founder aims to thwart data-grabbing apps
  43. EMET 4.0 is now available for download, (Tue, Jun 18th)
  44. Bill aims to regulate email privacy in the cloud
  45. Businesses not fully implementing infosec programs
  46. Yahoo discloses user data requests from US law enforcement agencies
  47. The security of WordPress plugins
  48. US NSA can access data without court approval, leaker says
  49. Why we can't stop malicious insiders
  50. UK spy agency reportedly intercepted email of delegates at G20 meetings in 2009
  51. Most Data Breaches Caused by Human Error, System Glitches
  52. Free anti-spam software for the Mac
  53. Microsoft releases Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.0
  54. Key obstacles to effective IT security strategies
  55. Is accessing work apps on the move destructive?
  56. New regulation for ENISA, the EU cybersecurity agency
  57. F-Secure advances fight against exploits
  58. Event: 2nd Annual Cyber Resilience for National Security
  59. European trust in US compromised, says EU data protection head
  60. Prism doesn't have CIOs in a panic -- yet
  61. U.S. tech companies sharing bug info with U.S. govt before releasing fixes
  62. Guccifer hacks U.S. nuclear security agency chief
  63. Facebook, Microsoft and Apple disclose little on U.S. government data requests
  64. More malware is traveling on P2P networks these days
  65. Apple received thousands of data requests from US law enforcers
  66. British GCHQ spied on G20 delegates to gain advantage in talks
  67. Event: 2nd Annual Cyber Resilience for National Security
  68. Oracle Java pre-announcement: Upcoming JRE patch will plug 37 remotely exploitable holes. See, (Mon, Jun 17th)
  69. Week in review: Reactions to PRISM, and the question of whether or not to hack back
  70. Account takeover attempts have nearly doubled
  71. Information security executives need to be strategic thinkers
  72. Rogue Headlines in Google News
  73. It takes 10 hours to identify a security breach
  74. Cisco teams with IBM, Lancope, LogRhythm, Splunk and Symantec
  75. Secure automated archiving from Imation
  76. Red Hat unveils OpenStack certification and solution marketplace
  77. SANSFIRE 2013, (Mon, Jun 17th)
  78. A scan is a scan is a scan, (Sun, Jun 16th)
  79. Facebook, Microsoft disclose little on national security requests
  80. Does encryption really shield you from government's prying eyes?
  81. 7 essentials for defending against DDoS attacks
  82. 'Stop Watching Us' Coalition Aims to Stop NSA's PRISM Surveillance Program
  83. Digital surveillance programs in other countries trigger controversy
  84. NYC wants its old mechanical-lever voting machines back
  85. Businesses slow-walk classified data-sharing efforts with feds
  86. Federal regulators address rising security risk to medical devices
  87. Some foreign-backed US phone companies reportedly excluded from NSA surveillance program
  88. Oracle to ship 40 security fixes for Java SE
  89. EU justice commissioner on Prism: EU citizens' rights are not negotiable
  90. Japan aims to monitor Internet-based communications
  91. Event: 3rd Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure Workshop
  92. Asia-wide targeted campaign drops backdoor, RAT
  93. Automated analysis of essential security controls
  94. In-house control and encrypted voice calls
  95. FDA calls on medical device makers to focus on cybersecurity
  96. New EU law mandates eCall in all new cars
  97. How Facebook Hashtags Impact Your Privacy
  98. Spy-proof enterprise encryption is possible, but daunting
  99. ISC-CERT warns about medical devices with hard-coded passwords
  100. Large orgs in denial about own security breaches?
  101. Americans were anxious about privacy even before NSA spying scandal
  102. When Hotel Alarms Sound, (Fri, Jun 14th)
  103. Microsoft protects cloud with directory-integrated two-factor authentication
  104. Even before NSA scandal, US residents were anxious about privacy breaches
  105. Why does the public now listen to an U.S. government whistleblower?
  106. Google warns Iranian users of politically-motivated phishing
  107. Fake Antivirus Scan Scam Via Google Play App Ads
  108. Eight charged for hacking global financial institutions
  109. The Iomega brand is now LenovoEMC
  110. US charges eight with multimillion-dollar cybercrime
  111. NSA whistleblower likely had easy access to classified data
  112. Obama's Cybersecurity Mandate Hits First Milestone
  113. SMS spam cruises for suckers
  114. Google detects phishing attacks in Iran ahead of elections
  115. Oppose PRISM-like programs today or lose you privacy tomorrow
  116. OWASP top 10 web application risks for 2013
  117. How orgs should handle personal data on IT systems that they don't control
  118. Automated password management for privileged accounts
  119. Log analysis and alert management platform
  120. Ping Identity updates cloud identity management platform
  121. TP-LINK announces Archer C7 Wi-Fi router
  122. Stupid Little IPv6 Tricks, (Wed, Jun 12th)
  123. NSA revelations could push terrorists to other channels
  124. Congress reacts to NSA's spying on U.S. citizens
  125. European commissioner demands Prism answers from US attorney general
  126. Sourceforge accounts hosting malicious files
  127. Bad Bad Piggies On Google Play
  128. 80+ orgs ask U.S. Congress to halt government surveillance
  129. Review: Vulnerability scanning with PureCloud
  130. To hack back or not to hack back?
  131. Organizations push for Congress to curtail NSA spying
  132. Google asks DOJ if it can release details on government data requests
  133. Bromium aims to protect users on the move with upgraded virtualization software
  134. Facebook, Twitter support Google's call for transparency in surveillance requests
  135. Senators, Google push for transparency at surveillance court
  136. Microsoft patches critical IE vulnerabilities and actively exploited Office flaw
  137. Gartner reveals Top 10 IT Security Myths
  138. ACLU files lawsuit challenging NSA surveillance
  139. NSA surveillance controversy: Much ado about nothing new?
  140. Researches test resilience of P2P botnets
  141. Worldwide security market to grow in 2013
  142. Tapproof security for Dropbox
  143. Trend Micro releases web app security offering
  144. Assess and score mobile application and device risks
  145. LockPath launches auditing tool
  146. Adobe updates app for e-signing documents
  147. Microsoft patches IE, Office and Windows
  148. vmware security advisory VMSA-2013-0008, (Tue, Jun 11th)
  149. Adobe June 2013 Black Tuesday Overview, (Tue, Jun 11th)
  150. Other Microsoft Black Tuesday News, (Tue, Jun 11th)
  151. Microsoft June 2013 Black Tuesday Overview, (Tue, Jun 11th)
  152. Booz Allen fires Snowdon, leaker of NSA spy docs
  153. How to Solve 4 Impending Windows 8 Problems
  154. Cities search for solution to phone-theft epidemic
  155. MIT researchers advance cloud security with end-to-end encryption
  156. Obama, Verizon, NSA sued for collecting U.S. citizens' phone call data
  157. Store passwords the right way, (Tue, Jun 11th)
  158. Reactions from the security community to the NSA spying scandal
  159. NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a hero to some, traitor to others
  160. FAQ: 5 things known and alleged about NSA surveillance
  161. Where cloud goes next
  162. New backdoor malware 'KeyBoy' used in targeted attacks in Asia, researchers say
  163. Android Trojans spread by Bluetooth, hijack bank codes
  164. European Parliament delays vote on sharing passenger data with US authorities
  165. MIT researchers advance cloud security with end-to-end encyrption
  166. Lawsuit filed over NSA phone spying program
  167. The art and science of risk management
  168. Most enterprises have no information strategy
  169. IT consumerization still a threat
  170. ACLU asks spy court to release records on Patriot Act surveillance powers
  171. Washington Free Beacon website redirects to malware
  172. Researchers find self-propagating Zeus variant
  173. How businesses prepare for disasters
  174. Big data is a big priority
  175. Mobile application reputation service from Veracode
  176. Cyber threat hunting service from Dell SecureWorks
  177. QualysGuard Private Cloud Platform on VCE Vblock Systems
  178. OS X Mavericks to have 200+ new features
  179. NSA whistleblower reveals himself, world reacts
  180. Event: OKTANE13
  181. Potential privacy problems for companies accepting Bitcoins
  182. Video with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden
  183. Prism leaker steps forward, cites 'massive surveillance machine'
  184. Automating vendor risk management and certification processes
  185. QualysGuard Express Lite released
  186. When Google isn't Google, (Mon, Jun 10th)
  187. EU to vote on stiffer penalties for hackers
  188. New expert-level cyber forensics certification
  189. Microsoft Citadel takedown ultimately counterproductive
  190. Week in review: NSA spying scandal, EU net neutrality, and vulnerable smart TVs
  191. Dell adds identity to the classification of unstructured data
  192. The future of online authentication
  193. Larry Page: US government has no access to information on Google servers
  194. NSA snooping bolsters opponents of U.S. Internet control
  195. Negligence and glitches create 64% of data breaches
  196. Privacy tradeoffs are inevitable to keep nation safe, Obama says
  197. Data breach costs rise again: report
  198. Huawei deal with BT shows 'disconnect' over national security policy, MPs say
  199. Privacy groups, some lawmakers rip into NSA surveillance
  200. Conservative activist files lawsuit over NSA surveillance
  201. NSA, FBI mining data directly from major Internet companies, report says
  202. FAQ: What the NSA phone snooping uproar is all about
  203. New Android Trojan app exploits previously unknown flaws, researchers say
  204. Proposed bill will deny foreign hackers entry into the U.S.
  205. New Android Trojan is complex as Windows malware
  206. Google ups (some) bug bounties
  207. Exim/Dovecot exploit making the rounds, (Fri, Jun 7th)
  208. Changes to the standard for PIN Transaction Security
  209. Pirate Bay founder suspected of hacking police databases
  210. NSA has direct access to Google, Facebook, Apple servers
  211. Bill aims to discourage nations from sponsoring cyberattacks
  212. Android antivirus products a big flop, researchers say
  213. Hacker publishes alleged zero-day remote code execution exploit for older Plesk versions
  214. US intelligence chief defends surveillance programs
  215. Reports: NSA, FBI collecting content from Google, Facebook, other services
  216. Businesses told to give up data when NSA calls
  217. Scope of NSA's phone data snooping is 'breathtaking'
  218. NSA legally forces Verizon to hand over all phone records on a daily basis
  219. Backup and recovery problems exposed
  220. What are users doing after log-in?
  221. Event: HITBSecConf2013 - Malaysia
  222. Secure Windows desktops by removing administrator privileges
  223. Microsoft to release five bulletins next week
  224. Tripwire includes web application scanning with IP360
  225. Rogue employees, malware exploits and unauthorized software
  226. 100% Compliant (for 65% of the systems), (Fri, Jun 7th)
  227. Plesk 0-day: Real or not?, (Fri, Jun 7th)
  228. PHP patches - see - fixes CVE2013-2110, (Fri, Jun 7th)
  229. U.S. Veterans Affairs Dept. repeatedly targeted by foreign hackers
  230. ISC patches publicly disclosed denial-of-service vulnerability affecting BIND 9
  231. Hot cloud products IT pros swear by
  232. Bitcoin payments could be a landmine for companies
  233. Smart TVs vulnerable to a host of attacks
  234. Google Chrome has been updated to version 27.0.1453.110, (Thu, Jun 6th)
  235. NSA legally forces Verizon to hand over all phone records on a daily basis
  236. Brown University CISO on education, BYOD and emerging threats
  237. Mobile security incident costs, regional threat differences revealed
  238. Microsoft, US feds disrupt Citadel botnet network
  239. Report: Secret court order gives US access to Verizon call records
  240. Chinese 'NetTraveler' hackers stole data from 350 organisations, says Kaspersky Lab
  241. Malware increasingly uses peer-to-peer communications, researchers say
  242. Online ring for trading in stolen credit card data busted
  243. Not the Mobile Antivirus You Were Looking For
  244. Fake Mt. Gox pages aim to infect Bitcoin users
  245. Microsoft and FBI disrupt global cybercrime ring
  246. Most small businesses can't restore all data after a cyber attack
  247. Google researcher publishes Windows 0-day exploit
  248. Not the Mobile Antivirus You Were Looking For
  249. Cloud security for Windows, Android and iOS
  250. Google researchers publish Windows 0-day exploit