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  1. McAfee SIEM solution delivers situational awareness
  2. Arbor Networks improves its network intelligence solution
  3. RSA Conference Europe announces keynote lineup
  4. BYOD vulnerability remediation from iScan Online
  5. October Patch Tuesday Preview (CVE-2013-3893 patch coming!), (Thu, Oct 3rd)
  6. CSAM: Web Honeypot Logs, (Thu, Oct 3rd)
  7. EU government telco provider was subjected to major attack
  8. Lawmaker: Snowden may have had help with leaks
  9. The safest cloud apps for the enterprise
  10. 1Password 4 for Mac released
  11. FBI busts operator of Silk Road, seizes $3.6M in Bitcoins
  12. Mocana unwraps protection for iOS 7 apps
  13. US demanded access to encryption keys of email provider Lavabit
  14. Bitcoin forum goes offline after hack
  15. Yahoo abandons T-shirt rewards for vulnerability information
  16. Senator vows fierce defense of NSA data collection, surveillance programs
  17. The Internet of Things will change everything
  18. Are workers drowning in a sea of ineffective technology?
  19. Free eBook: Guide to Monitoring Virtualized Environments
  20. Silk Road taken down, owner arrested
  21. Technology eliminates bot-infected traffic from advertising campaigns
  22. Bruce Schneier: The battle for power on the Internet
  23. McAfee solution remediates advanced malware
  24. Aruba Networks releases cloud Wi-Fi solution
  25. US DOJ opposes company requests to publish surveillance statistics
  26. Obamacare related domain registration spike, Government shutdown domain registration beginning, (Wed, Oct 2nd)
  27. CSAM: Misc. DNS Logs, (Wed, Oct 2nd)
  28. IE Vulnerability Update #Japan #Metasploit
  29. ZeroAccess: The Most Profitable Botnet
  30. Silent Circle moves away from NIST cryptographic standards, cites uncertainty
  31. Google adds search by image to Chrome browser
  32. Yahoo concerned that release of redacted FISA papers may mislead
  33. NSA encryption-defeating efforts will backfire, privacy advocates say
  34. More NSA leaks to come, Guardian says
  35. Could the EU cyber security directive cost companies billions?
  36. Innovation, big data and the future of information security
  37. Is wireless the Trojan horse in your network security?
  38. Get a VIP ticket to HITBSecConf and $1337 of travel money
  39. Portable USB drive fixes malware-crippled machines
  40. Get a VIP ticket to HITBSecConf and $1337 od travel money
  41. AlgoSec updates security management suite
  42. Splunk and ForeScout partner on big data and security intelligence
  43. Splunk Enterprise 6 released
  44. Whitepaper: Exploring white box cryptography
  45. Video: Cracking corporate passwords
  46. Connections between personality types and phishing
  47. "microsoft support" calls - now with ransomware, (Wed, Oct 2nd)
  48. SAP seeks an edge from NSA surveillance worries
  49. Public release of IE exploit could spark widespread attacks
  50. Privacy campaigners barred from releasing Facebook's response to complaints
  51. Former Qwest CEO out of prison, blames NSA for troubles
  52. Researchers sinkhole half a million ZeroAccess bots
  53. CSAM! Send us your logs!, (Tue, Oct 1st)
  54. Facebook extends Graph Search to include posts, updates, comments
  55. iOS 7 Adds Multipath TCP, (Tue, Oct 1st)
  56. Twitter DM spam/malware, (Mon, Sep 30th)
  57. Do you have your network perimeter secured against downloading malicious content?, (Sat, Sep 28th)
  58. Tools for reviewing infected websites, (Fri, Sep 27th)
  59. Cigital nets $50M investment from LLR Partners
  60. Security company scours 'Dark Web' for stolen data
  61. Fake AdBlock Plus app removed from Google's Play store
  62. Intel to acquire network security firm Sensory Networks
  63. Shutdown could test IT security at federal agencies
  64. Is that hotspot safe to use? Wi-Fi Alliance wants to help
  65. Symantec seizes part of massive peer-to-peer botnet ZeroAccess
  66. Tech firms push for NSA surveillance transparency bills
  67. Hackers gather in Colombia for Security Zone 2013
  68. MEPs hear US privacy experts, whistleblowers and Snowden statement
  69. Over 50% don't protect their Android devices
  70. Cybercrime service providers arrested in Europe
  71. Whitepaper: Top mobile application security threats
  72. Common data breach handling mistakes
  73. Rapid7 offers free tools and terabytes of its own research
  74. BrowserCheck gets automated daily scanning and Mac support
  75. NSA creates US citizens' profiles by collecting metadata, public and commercial data
  76. Security industry in 'rut,' struggling to keep up with cybercriminals
  77. Forget fingerprints: Your iris is your new identity
  78. Brute-force malware targets email and FTP servers
  79. Privacy: a Core Finnish Value
  80. Latest IE 0-day still unpatched, attacks exploiting it go back three months
  81. 7 sneak attacks used by today's most devious hackers
  82. The motives behind nation state driven cyber attacks
  83. UK to create new cyber defence force
  84. Two youngsters arrested for different DDoS attacks
  85. Average online bank account is accessed by 2.4 unique devices
  86. The impact of false positives on web application security scanners
  87. Guidelines to manage increased IT risk
  88. Average online bank account is accessed by 2.4 unique devices
  89. Set, manage and monitor privileged account security
  90. Protect high-value transactions on iOS and Android
  91. Cyberoam launches next-generation firewall appliances
  92. Free guide: Server-gated cryptography
  93. Week in review: Data broker databases breached, Apple Touch ID hack, and possible solution to click fraud problem
  94. Microsoft received 37,000 end-user data requests in first half of year
  95. Iran accused of hacking into US Navy computers
  96. Rights groups plan anti-NSA surveillance rally in D.C.
  97. France sanctions Google for European privacy law violations
  98. Google finally squashes IM bug
  99. US gov't shutdown could take money from IT workers, contracts
  100. IE zero-day vulnerability exploited more widely than previously thought
  101. Hack of major data brokers weakens bank authentication
  102. Cisco IOS updates fix 10 denial-of-service vulnerabilities
  103. Researchers may have solved the click fraud problem
  104. US intelligence heads speak for FISA preservation
  105. Government IT Leaders Wrestle With Security Risks
  106. NSA admits employees spied on loved ones
  107. Usage-based auto insurance found to pose privacy risks
  108. NSA: Surveillance court says no upper limit on phone records collection
  109. New information-theft malware 'Napolar' is gaining traction, researchers warn
  110. Tor-using Mevade botnet is stealthy new version of old threat
  111. New TDL Dropper Variants Exploit CVE-2013-3660
  112. Legislation aims to end bulk collection of phone records
  113. Challenges faced by top CSOs
  114. Windows 8 Business Checklist
  115. Cloud Security Alliance releases Cloud Controls Matrix 3.0
  116. Users want a seamless experience in public Wi-Fi
  117. Microsoft, Facebook and Mozilla hunt for developers at HackWEEKDAY
  118. Cybercriminals exploit most news within 22 hours
  119. Watchful Software updates its information protection solution
  120. Espionage campaign targeting Asian supply chains uncovered
  121. NSA chief seeks more data from private sector in sharing offer
  122. Egnyte launches 'PRISM protection' file sharing appliance to beat cloud worries
  123. 5 Ways CIOs Need to Prepare for Obamacare
  124. Malicious browser extensions pose a serious threat and defenses are lacking
  125. Suitcase-size device may help save lifes of disaster victims
  126. US government security background checks fumbled by investigators
  127. How do you monitor DNS?, (Thu, Sep 26th)
  128. Amateur hacker behind DDoS attack on China?
  129. New US bill aims to curb NSA collection of phone and other records
  130. 'Viceroi' algorithm improves detection of click fraud
  131. 'Icefog' spying operation targeted Japan, South Korea
  132. Is mobile anti-virus even necessary?
  133. Industry leaders perceive numerous security threats to their data
  134. New TDL dropper variants exploit CVE-2013-3660
  135. Organizations fear their privacy activities are insufficient
  136. Whitepaper: Securing Multiple Domains with SSL
  137. Icefog cyber espionage campaign exposed
  138. Organizations are flying blind as they embrace cloud services
  139. Deploy endpoint encryption technologies with Wave Cloud 2014
  140. CORE Impact Pro 2013 R2 gets enhanced web services capabilities
  141. released Fire OS 3.0 "Mojito"
  142. Big data analytics for security intelligence
  143. Social media, mobile phones top attack targets
  144. Sudan drops off Internet amid internal strife
  145. Google gets kudos for tossing older Chrome plug-in API
  146. Data broker databases breached, stolen info used by ID theft service
  147. Yahoo ID recycling scheme is potential security minefield
  148. Review: 1Password: Manage passwords or die trying
  149. Apple Touch ID hack was easier than expected
  150. Employees keep using personal cloud services to store work documents
  151. Former senators say Congress needs to rein in the NSA
  152. Google yanks sketchy iMessage clone for Android from app store
  153. Indian biometric ID project faces court hurdle
  154. Virginia Tech breach exposes data on 145K job applicants
  155. Java exploits jump, Android malware emerges outside app stores
  156. Reactions from the security community to iOS 7
  157. Most tech executives planning for cyber attacks
  158. Free Wi-Fi, but at what cost?
  159. Budget and job trend data for CISOs
  160. Phishing and malicious attachments on the increase
  161. MEPs raise suspension of EU-US bank data deal
  162. Free eBook: 5 Things You Need to Know About Disaster Recovery Planning
  163. Cancel data sharing deal with US, EU politicians urge
  164. Chrome will block NPAPI plug-ins over stability, security concerns
  165. Dropbox joins bid to publish spy data requests
  166. Attackers sharpen skills: What that really means for CISOs
  167. Survey highlights ignorant IT behavior in the workplace
  168. Twitter fixes Tweet button issue that downloaded a torrent file
  169. Apple is a tempting phishing target for scammers
  170. Unofficial Android iMessage app can steal info and download malware
  171. Major increase in Filecoder malware
  172. Concerns around insider threats escalate
  173. Rootkit detector for OS X
  174. Widespread disregard for corporate cloud policies
  175. Researcher despairs of critical SIM flaws being fixed before attacks happen
  176. Cisco enhances safety and security solutions
  177. A short overview of Android banking malware
  178. Apache Struts security update disables vulnerable feature
  179. How do you spell "PSK"?, (Mon, Sep 23rd)
  180. IE 0-day attack reports push ISC to raise official threat level
  181. Federal cyber security pros lack confidence in FISMA
  182. Encryption is still the best defense, despite NSA code-cracking
  183. Security org raises Internet threat level after seeing expanded IE attacks
  184. Rather than walling off from NSA, Brazil should welcome whistleblowers
  185. LinkedIn denies harvesting user email accounts without permission
  186. German hackers say old technique can bypass Apple's Touch ID
  187. CCC hackers say they cracked Apple's Touch ID
  188. Big data investments continue to rise
  189. Is your status update also a red flag for danger?
  190. Investigating the security of the Firefox OS
  191. Free guide to iOS 7
  192. HP unveils new family of next-generation firewall appliances
  193. Week in review: Undetectable hardware Trojans, Chinese hackers for hire, and latest IE 0-day insight
  194. Sen. Franken seeks data on privacy controls in iPhone 5s fingerprint tech
  195. RSA advises customers to stop using NSA-influenced encryption algorithm
  196. Threat Level Yellow: Protection recommendations regarding Internet Explorer exploits in the wild, (Fri, Sep 20th)
  197. Gang exploits both physical and system security during bank robbery
  198. Apple's iOS 7 patches 80 vulnerabilities
  199. Experts praise Pentagon's march to security standards
  200. PHP updates released 19 SEP 2013 -, (Fri, Sep 20th)
  201. Clever email campaign delivers deadly ransomware to orgs
  202. Belgacom was breached by Britain's GCHQ
  203. Eight arrested over £1.3 million theft from Barclays bank
  204. Websites of energy sector companies compromised in watering hole attack
  205. Tech group asks 21 countries to disclose surveillance requests
  206. US FTC lacks data breach authority, says accused medical lab
  207. Vulnerability in IE Could Allow Remote Code Execution
  208. HP helps government agencies protect information
  209. ENISA report on top cyber threats
  210. Cost of cyber crime study: United States
  211. DeviceLock now prevents data leakage from Macs
  212. Acronis advances secure BYOD with mobilEcho
  213. Another flawed Office update tells users to buy the suite
  214. Hacking courses offer cybercrooks tips on how to hone skills
  215. Healthcare IT Security Is Difficult, But Not Impossible
  216. Critics say federal court got it wrong in defense of NSA activity
  217. Researchers discover ties between TDSS and ZeroAccess rootkit families
  218. iOS 7 Security Prompts
  219. Snowden's role provided 'perfect cover' for NSA data theft
  220. Government Networks Unprepared for Cloud, Big Data Transitions
  221. Hackers exploit critical IE bug; Microsoft promises patch
  222. 7 Biggest IT Compliance Headaches and How CIOs Can Cure Them
  223. New wave of Shylock Trojan targets bank customers
  224. Beware of 419 scam emails delivered via CNNís "Email This" feature
  225. The legal implications of BYOD
  226. Mobile data security remains weak
  227. Latest IE 0-day insight: Background, severity and solutions
  228. Phishers increasingly target brands
  229. Whitepaper: Critical priorities in enterprise security
  230. What keeps IT pros up at night?
  231. CloudSigma launches hybrid hosting with private patching
  232. HP unveils community-sourced threat intelligence platform
  233. More Goodies in the Apple Security Update Basket!, (Wed, Sep 18th)
  234. 10,000+ to compete at world's biggest hacking competition
  235. Apple DDOS? Nope, just the update coming down!, (Wed, Sep 18th)
  236. Rootkit freezes computers' hard disk to respawn itself
  237. Cisco DCNM Update Released, (Wed, Sep 18th)
  238. Apple IOS 7 - Brace for Impact!, (Wed, Sep 18th)
  239. iTunes 11.1 released, fixes CVE-2013-1035 remote code execution vulnerability. (Look for specifics at sometime soon), (Wed, Sep 18th)
  240. Chinese hackers for hire tied to Bit9 and Aurora attacks
  241. Microsoft issued Fix it for actively exploited IE 0-day
  242. LynuxWorks releases a rootkit detection system
  243. Vulnerability in IE Could Allow Remote Code Execution
  244. Security researchers create undetectable hardware trojans
  245. Space storms causing satellite failures that blunt Internet and TVs
  246. China-based hacking group behind hundreds of attacks on U.S. companies
  247. Firefox 24 delivers 17 security updates
  248. Self-healing BIOS security from HP
  249. Kaspersky Lab launches solution for multi-device security
  250. USB "condom" protects from mobile device juice jacking