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  1. SmishGuru simulated attack service launches
  2. Update Palooza, (Wed, Feb 20th)
  3. Chinese Military Group Identified in Attacks on U.S. Networks: Mandiant
  4. Apple One of the "Other Companies" Hacked
  5. Chinese Military Group Identified in Attacks on U.S. Networks: Mandiant
  6. Apple Java Update APPLE-SA-2013-02-19-1 Java for OS X 2013-001 and Mac OS X v10.6 Update, (Tue, Feb 19th)
  7. EDUCAUSE Breach, (Tue, Feb 19th)
  8. Oracle Updates Java (Java 7 Update 15, Java 6 update 41), (Tue, Feb 19th)
  9. Firefox 19 Release with various security fixes., (Tue, Feb 19th)
  10. APT1, Unit 61398 and are state sponsored attacks real, (Tue, Feb 19th)
  11. Meet Mandiant, the company pulling the covers off alleged Chinese hackers
  12. Critical infrastructure protection: Maybe thinking good thoughts will make us safe
  13. Kaspersky apologizes for antivirus update that continues to disrupt customer nets
  14. New report says cyberspying group linked to China's army
  15. Chinese Army unit is behind cyber espionage campaigns, researchers claim
  16. Facebook Confirmed: Several Other Companies Hacked
  17. Security pros should listen with their heads, not their hearts
  18. The sophistication of risky apps, mobile misbehavior and spyware
  19. Anonymous hacks U.S. State Department and investment firm, leaks data
  20. New report says cyberspying group linked to China's army
  21. Flip side to Burger King Twitter hack: Many new followers
  22. F5 Networks releases hybrid cloud solution for mobile application management
  23. Duo Security launches secure mobile ID
  24. Modeling, customizing, and automating applications with AWS OpsWorks
  25. Delta Airlines spam delivers Citadel Trojan
  26. Virtual appliance fuels Bring Your Own Identity
  27. Antibot: Network-based botnet removal tool
  28. Facebook Targeted in 'Sophisticated Attack' Using Java Exploit
  29. BlackBerry Enterprise Server can be compromised due to TIFF-processing vulnerabilities
  30. Freezing Android devices to break disk encryption
  31. EU privacy regulators promise action on Google privacy policy changes
  32. Freezing Android devices to break disk encryption
  33. How to successfully submit conference talks
  34. Facebook Hacked, Mobile Dev Watering Holes, and Mac Malware
  35. Facebook malware campaign targeting Bulgarian users
  36. Adobe to release emergency patches for Reader, Acrobat
  37. Certificate Authorities Form Web Security Standard Advocacy Group
  38. Fake invoices in personalized emails deliver ransomware
  39. Facebook employees ambushed by zero-day exploit
  40. Week in review: Bit9 hack, malicious applications of augmented reality, and Adobe 0-day mitigation
  41. Adobe Acrobat and Reader Security Update Planed this Week, (Sun, Feb 17th)
  42. Home Networks, Including Mac Systems, Rife With Bots
  43. Home Networks, Including Mac Systems, Rife With Bots
  44. HP ArcSight Connector Appliance and Logger Vulnerabilities, (Sun, Feb 17th)
  45. Fedora RedHat Vulnerabilty Released, (Sat, Feb 16th)
  46. Retailers, Restaurants Remain Attractive Targets for Cyber-Criminals
  47. Contest aims to boost state of password encryption
  48. Facebook targeted by hackers, says no user data compromised
  49. Predicting the Tech Future
  50. Google Play shares too much personal info, app developer says
  51. Certificate authorities band together to boost security
  52. Russian dashboard cameras, YouTube beam meteor explosion worldwide
  53. Lawmakers, business execs defend privacy in CISPA
  54. Avoiding basic BYOD blunders
  55. Reveton 'police ransom' malware gang head arrested in Dubai
  56. Facebook may be the third wheel in your relationship
  57. Researchers reveal the identity of a Chinese hacker
  58. Most Americans think cyber warfare is imminent
  59. Uyghur Mac users targeted with spear-phishing emails
  60. Looking for some packets going to tcp/8520, (Fri, Feb 15th)
  61. Tax-themed malicious spam bombard inboxes
  62. iOS flaw used to bypass iPhone's lockscreen
  63. Event: HITBSecConf2013 - Amsterdam
  64. Mobile network infections increase by 67%
  65. Successful ways of undermining cybercrime ecosystems
  66. Video: Pirate Party MEP talks online child safety
  67. Symantec unveils new SSL algorithms and web security products
  68. Apple Working on Exchange-Crippling iOS 6.1 Bug
  69. Adobe Working on Patches for Newly Discovered Zero-Day Code Flaws
  70. Adobe Working on Patches for Newly-Discovered Zero-Day Code Flaws
  71. Reactions to Obama's Executive Order on cybersecurity
  72. Google Play's Privacy Policies Assailed by Software Developer
  73. Microsoft patches IE with record-setting updates to prep browser for Pwn2Own
  74. Phishing attacks target home workers as easy 'back door'
  75. Adobe confirms zero-day exploit bypasses Adobe Reader sandbox
  76. EU cybersecurity agency warns about over-reliance on cloud
  77. Obama executive order redefines critical infrastructure
  78. Targeted online attacks rise against Uyghur minority
  79. Spanish police break up ?1 million ransomware crime ring
  80. Security pros say their companies invest in the wrong technologies
  81. LA Times website redirected users to exploit kit for over six weeks
  82. Mitigate the Adobe Reader/Acrobat XI Vulnerability
  83. Adobe offers mitigation for Reader 0-day attack, fix is yet to come
  84. Cloud computing in critical information infrastructure protection
  85. Phishing campaigns run rampant on social networks
  86. 11 arrested in takedown of prolific ransomware gang
  87. Lawmakers reintroduce cyberthreat information-sharing bill
  88. Emergency Alert System devices vulnerable to hacker attacks, researchers say
  89. Review: Windows 8 Inside Out
  90. 7,000 Fake Identities Equals 200 Million USD
  91. Infosec pros don't trust their own networks
  92. Qualys and iViZ partner on cloud-based web application security
  93. Auditd is your friend, (Thu, Feb 14th)
  94. Do APTs present a credible threat to national security?
  95. SmartShare: Free tool for secure social sharing
  96. CA streamlines identity and access management
  97. Obama Cyber-Security Executive Order Lacks Legislative Backbone
  98. ISC Monthly Threat Update - February 2013, (Thu, Feb 14th)
  99. "Police" Ransom Trojan Gang Busted
  100. Obama Cyber-Security Order a Good First Step, Experts Say
  101. TDoS-as-a-service ads pop up on publicly accessible forums
  102. Microsoft unleashes a Patch Tuesday to make your head spin
  103. Serious data breaches take months to spot, analysis finds
  104. Obama cybersecurity order lacks bite, security experts say
  105. Yahoo lambasted over using outdated Java with SiteBuilder
  106. Adobe releases patches for Flash Player and Shockwave Player
  107. Retailers a prime target for cyber criminals in '12, says Trustwave
  108. Cryptome site, Twitter and email account hacked again
  109. Adobe Reader/Acrobat XI Vulnerable, Et Cetera
  110. Hackers pollute legitimate JavaScript code to spread malware
  111. Microsoft Patch Tuesday Addresses 57 Security Vulnerabilities
  112. Adobe Reader zero-day exploit spotted in the wild
  113. Global malicious websites increase by 600%
  114. Obama signs cybersecurity order
  115. Obama live stream unaffected despite Anonymous threats
  116. Microsoft monthly patches touch Exchange, Windows, Explorer
  117. DaVinci surveillance malware distributed via zero-day Flash Player exploit, researchers say
  118. Combating security breaches with managed file transfer technology
  119. More adobe reader and acrobat (PDF) trouble, (Wed, Feb 13th)
  120. People worry more about being phished at home than at work
  121. ATM skimming ring compromised over 6,000 bank accounts
  122. Flickr bug made users' private photos public
  123. Zscaler delivers big visibility security analytics
  124. Samsung unveils new cloud displays
  125. McAfee delivers unified rapid-response security management
  126. Opportunistic scanning from cloud to endpoint
  127. Microsoft Patch Tuesday Addresses 57 Security Vulnerabilities
  128. Companies Want National Policies to Combat Cyber-Spies
  129. Companies Want National Policies to Combat Cyber-Spies
  130. Microsoft February 2013 Black Tuesday Update - Overview, (Tue, Feb 12th)
  131. Microsoft releases 12 bulletins that address 57 vulnerabilities
  132. Adobe Feb 2013 Black Tuesday patches, (Tue, Feb 12th)
  133. Data protection practices in EU and Asia
  134. Startup Nok Nok Labs pitches strong new authentication process
  135. Mega pays out first batch of bounties, its crypto still intact
  136. Mega pays out first batch of bounties, but not for breaking its crypto
  137. Highlights from 450 global data breach investigations
  138. Comment Group hackers specialize in high-profile targeted attacks
  139. Unintended, malicious and evil applications of augmented reality
  140. Malware authors revert to phishing approach to trick bank defenses
  141. Mobile malware still small, but 'malnets' to rise up
  142. Hacker arrested after taunting police with clues attached to cat
  143. Bit9 hack casts spotlight on security industry practices
  144. M2M offers hackers a new frontier for mischief
  145. Lawmakers to reintroduce controversial information-sharing bill
  146. 5 myths about awareness
  147. Learn to fail and avoid the next cloud outage
  148. Citi Group customers targeted with malware-laden alerts
  149. UK hit by 120,000 cyber attacks a day
  150. FIDO Alliance designs open, non-proprietary authentication protocol framework
  151. Sophos extends UTM to the enterprise
  152. Data protection practices in EU and Asia
  153. New security startup tackles strong authentication
  154. Bit9 Hacked: Stolen Digital Keys Used to Sign Malware
  155. Software Vulnerabilities Rise Again After 5-Year Decline
  156. Social engineering: Clear and present danger
  157. Is This Chinese Registrar Really Trying to XSS Me?, (Mon, Feb 11th)
  158. OpenSSL 1.0.1e Released with Corrected fix for CVE-2013-1069, more here:, (Mon, Feb 11th)
  159. Dorkbot worm lurks on Skype and MSN Messenger again
  160. Bogus money transfer notice leads to theft of online banking credentials
  161. Myanmar journalists targeted with state-sponsored Gmail attacks
  162. Tweet your way to a VIP ticket to HITBSecConf2013 in Amsterdam
  163. Pope's resignation exploited by Twitter spammers
  164. Security Manager's Journal: Did DLP tool prevent an assault?
  165. Google warns Myanmar reporters of 'state-sponsored' attack of Gmail accounts
  166. Bit9 says attack likely targeted a narrow set of companies
  167. BYOD is just the tip of the iceberg
  168. Bit9 hacked, its certificates stolen and used to sign malware
  169. Cybersecurity concerns of online dating
  170. Identity theft protection tips
  171. Week in review: Critical Flash update, Bamital botnet takedown, and children turning into malware developers
  172. AVG finds 11 year-old creating malware to steal game passwords
  173. Secret Service Investigating Email Hack, Theft of Bush Family Files
  174. Is Stolen IP Walking in the Door With New Employees?
  175. Hacker accesses Bush family emails, photos, report says
  176. 5 ways the help desk may be hurting you
  177. Oracle to release yet more patches for Java
  178. Bush family email hacked: Here's a security refresher
  179. Bit9 says network hacked, blames itself
  180. Microsoft February Patch Tuesday Advance Notification, (Fri, Feb 8th)
  181. Automate security orchestration across platforms, environments
  182. Banking malware returns to basics to evade detection, Trusteer says
  183. Adobe releases emergency Flash fixes for two zero-day bugs
  184. EU to force organisations to report major security breaches
  185. Fed stays secretive after Anonymous hack
  186. Bamital botnet take-down scores a first as Microsoft notifies infected victims
  187. Windows and OS X users under attack, update Flash now!
  188. Hacker compromises email accounts of Bush family members
  189. VMWare Advisories (ESX, Workstation, Fusion...), (Fri, Feb 8th)
  190. Twitter users hit with typo-squatting phishing campaign
  191. Adobe Issues Emergency Flash Player Patches to Block Cyber-Attacks
  192. Update: Flash Player Exploit Targeting Macs and Windows
  193. Bogus cleaning apps on Google Play install backdoor on PCs
  194. Children turning into malicious code developers
  195. Juniper bolsters security assets with $10M buyout of anti-DDoS firm
  196. How joining Google Gmail with encryption system helps high-tech firm meet government security rules
  197. 33 expert tips and tricks for iOS 6
  198. Download: H2 2012 Threat Report
  199. Five safety tips for Valentine's Day
  200. PCI DSS cloud computing guidelines
  201. Privacy and security incident management for healthcare
  202. EU cybercop: European Cybercrime Centre to focus on criminal gangs
  203. Is it Spam or Is it Malware?, (Fri, Feb 8th)
  204. Learn by doing: Phishing and other online tests
  205. Adobe Issues Emergency Flash Player Patches to Block Cyber Attacks
  206. Adobe Releases Patches for 0-day Vulnerability in Flash Player for Windows and Mac, Upgrade now:, (Thu, Feb 7th)
  207. Microsoft to patch 57 vulnerabilities
  208. Reducing Insider Security Risks, Data Loss: 10 Best Practices
  209. Critical flaw lets attackers control hospital, military buildings' systems
  210. Security standards council cuts through PCI cloud confusion
  211. US military needs hackers like Gary McKinnon, says policy analyst
  212. Fed hack highlights software patching problem
  213. 'Sleeper' malware like Nap Trojan nothing new
  214. Microsoft, Symantec take down Bamital click-fraud botnet
  215. No one should control Web: Berners-Lee
  216. Microsoft Teams With Symantec for 6th Botnet Takedown
  217. Despite concerns, smartphone hotspot adoption grows
  218. EU proposes to make data breach disclosure mandatory
  219. Massive Bamital click-fraud botnet shut down
  220. Whitehole exploit kit in the spotlight
  221. F-Secure Client Security updated with threat detection technology
  222. BYOD is increasing IT frustration and loss of control
  223. Barracuda Networks takes further steps to close backdoor access to its network gear
  224. Microsoft: International cyber-pacts can lead to less malware
  225. US Federal Reserve admits to breached system
  226. Ovum: Big data collection colliding with privacy concerns
  227. Aegis Bio: Encrypted USB 3.0 drive with biometric fingerprint access
  228. Information security: Understanding a global picture in a local context
  229. Cyber risk perceptions revealed
  230. Federal Reserve, DOE Confirm Hackers Breached Servers, Stole Data
  231. Half of Ex-Employees Walk Off with Corporate Data: Symantec Survey Findings
  232. Half of Ex-Employees Walk Off With Corporate Data: Symantec Survey Findings
  233. Intel Network Card (82574L) Packet of Death, (Wed, Feb 6th)
  234. Are you losing system logging information (and don't know it)?, (Wed, Feb 6th)
  235. Firefox updated to 18.02 ->, (Wed, Feb 6th)
  236. HTTP Range Header and Partial Downloads, (Wed, Feb 6th)
  237. Android Trojan infects smartphone to launch attack on PC
  238. Researcher warns about critical flaw in D-Link routers
  239. Nearly a third of all computers are infected with malware
  240. Banking Trojan posing as Avast AV
  241. , (Wed, Feb 6th)
  242. RedSeal 6.5 supports BYOD, SIEM and risk metrics
  243. President can order preemptive cyberattacks if needed
  244. Researchers devise new attack techniques against SSL
  245. Google Offers Security Tips for Safer Internet
  246. F-Secure declares 2012 'Year of the Exploit'
  247. Bad Kaspersky antivirus update prevents business and home users from accessing websites
  248. February 2013 OUCH! - Email Phishing Attacks, (Wed, Feb 6th)
  249. U.S. Federal Reserve admits being breached by Anonymous
  250. ReadSeal Targets Network 'Dark Space' With Big Data Analytics