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  1. Widespread disregard for corporate cloud policies
  2. Researcher despairs of critical SIM flaws being fixed before attacks happen
  3. Cisco enhances safety and security solutions
  4. A short overview of Android banking malware
  5. Apache Struts security update disables vulnerable feature
  6. How do you spell "PSK"?, (Mon, Sep 23rd)
  7. IE 0-day attack reports push ISC to raise official threat level
  8. Federal cyber security pros lack confidence in FISMA
  9. Encryption is still the best defense, despite NSA code-cracking
  10. Security org raises Internet threat level after seeing expanded IE attacks
  11. Rather than walling off from NSA, Brazil should welcome whistleblowers
  12. LinkedIn denies harvesting user email accounts without permission
  13. German hackers say old technique can bypass Apple's Touch ID
  14. CCC hackers say they cracked Apple's Touch ID
  15. Big data investments continue to rise
  16. Is your status update also a red flag for danger?
  17. Investigating the security of the Firefox OS
  18. Free guide to iOS 7
  19. HP unveils new family of next-generation firewall appliances
  20. Week in review: Undetectable hardware Trojans, Chinese hackers for hire, and latest IE 0-day insight
  21. Sen. Franken seeks data on privacy controls in iPhone 5s fingerprint tech
  22. RSA advises customers to stop using NSA-influenced encryption algorithm
  23. Threat Level Yellow: Protection recommendations regarding Internet Explorer exploits in the wild, (Fri, Sep 20th)
  24. Gang exploits both physical and system security during bank robbery
  25. Apple's iOS 7 patches 80 vulnerabilities
  26. Experts praise Pentagon's march to security standards
  27. PHP updates released 19 SEP 2013 -, (Fri, Sep 20th)
  28. Clever email campaign delivers deadly ransomware to orgs
  29. Belgacom was breached by Britain's GCHQ
  30. Eight arrested over £1.3 million theft from Barclays bank
  31. Websites of energy sector companies compromised in watering hole attack
  32. Tech group asks 21 countries to disclose surveillance requests
  33. US FTC lacks data breach authority, says accused medical lab
  34. Vulnerability in IE Could Allow Remote Code Execution
  35. HP helps government agencies protect information
  36. ENISA report on top cyber threats
  37. Cost of cyber crime study: United States
  38. DeviceLock now prevents data leakage from Macs
  39. Acronis advances secure BYOD with mobilEcho
  40. Another flawed Office update tells users to buy the suite
  41. Hacking courses offer cybercrooks tips on how to hone skills
  42. Healthcare IT Security Is Difficult, But Not Impossible
  43. Critics say federal court got it wrong in defense of NSA activity
  44. Researchers discover ties between TDSS and ZeroAccess rootkit families
  45. iOS 7 Security Prompts
  46. Snowden's role provided 'perfect cover' for NSA data theft
  47. Government Networks Unprepared for Cloud, Big Data Transitions
  48. Hackers exploit critical IE bug; Microsoft promises patch
  49. 7 Biggest IT Compliance Headaches and How CIOs Can Cure Them
  50. New wave of Shylock Trojan targets bank customers
  51. Beware of 419 scam emails delivered via CNNís "Email This" feature
  52. The legal implications of BYOD
  53. Mobile data security remains weak
  54. Latest IE 0-day insight: Background, severity and solutions
  55. Phishers increasingly target brands
  56. Whitepaper: Critical priorities in enterprise security
  57. What keeps IT pros up at night?
  58. CloudSigma launches hybrid hosting with private patching
  59. HP unveils community-sourced threat intelligence platform
  60. More Goodies in the Apple Security Update Basket!, (Wed, Sep 18th)
  61. 10,000+ to compete at world's biggest hacking competition
  62. Apple DDOS? Nope, just the update coming down!, (Wed, Sep 18th)
  63. Rootkit freezes computers' hard disk to respawn itself
  64. Cisco DCNM Update Released, (Wed, Sep 18th)
  65. Apple IOS 7 - Brace for Impact!, (Wed, Sep 18th)
  66. iTunes 11.1 released, fixes CVE-2013-1035 remote code execution vulnerability. (Look for specifics at sometime soon), (Wed, Sep 18th)
  67. Chinese hackers for hire tied to Bit9 and Aurora attacks
  68. Microsoft issued Fix it for actively exploited IE 0-day
  69. LynuxWorks releases a rootkit detection system
  70. Vulnerability in IE Could Allow Remote Code Execution
  71. Security researchers create undetectable hardware trojans
  72. Space storms causing satellite failures that blunt Internet and TVs
  73. China-based hacking group behind hundreds of attacks on U.S. companies
  74. Firefox 24 delivers 17 security updates
  75. Self-healing BIOS security from HP
  76. Kaspersky Lab launches solution for multi-device security
  77. USB "condom" protects from mobile device juice jacking
  78. Software for DIY data recovery, data protection and data destruction
  79. Free guide: The Top 10 Reports for Managing Vulnerabilities
  80. Firefox 24.0 and Thunderbird 24.0 just released, both including security flaws., (Tue, Sep 17th)
  81. Apple releases security advisory to update to OS X Server v2.2.2, more here:, (Tue, Sep 17th)
  82. Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Advisory for all Versions of Internet Explorer, (Tue, Sep 17th)
  83. 'HoneyDocs' lays irresistible bait for hackers
  84. Netfix plumbs pirate sites before buying TV shows
  85. Mobile Pwn2Own: $300k prize pool awaits successful contestants
  86. Too long passwords can DoS some servers
  87. Researchers create undetectable layout-level hardware Trojans
  88. 30 Percent of transactions conducted from Tor are fraudulent
  89. GFI LanGuard 2014 released
  90. One in ten consumers lost money to online fraud
  91. Travelers regularly connect to free, unsecure Wi-Fi networks
  92. Tips for educational organizations on how to defend against online threats
  93. NSA impersonated Google in MitM attacks
  94. Evaluate the skill level of Linux pros
  95. Video: NSA hearing in the European Parliament
  96. The Essentials of Information Security Kit
  97. Zscaler cloud-based platform makes behavioral analysis mainstream
  98. Microsoft re-releases patches that were causing an install loop, (Mon, Sep 16th)
  99. Largest Belgian telecom breached by the NSA?
  100. How to protect your PC against devious security traps
  101. Security company says Nasdaq waited two weeks to fix XSS flaw
  102. FBI confirms they were behind Freedom Hosting's takeover
  103. Fake "new voicemail" notification targets Android WhatsApp users
  104. Proof-based system to secure the car
  105. What CISOs must learn from Bitcoin and a research team at Georgia Tech
  106. Free eBook: First Aid Kit for Sys Admins
  107. Secure mobility assessment tool
  108. Whitepaper: 20 practical tips on single sign-on and strong authentication
  109. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor 6.0 released
  110. Week in review: Backdoored NIST standard revealed, Java's new whitelisting feature, and the new issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine
  111. Rogue hardware used in attempted cyberheist at Santander bank branch
  112. Surveillance court orders transparency review of its NSA opinions
  113. New Java feature aims to manage multiple version problems
  114. Update for Safari to version 5.1.10 is out (Fri, Sep 13th)
  115. Report: French ministers told to install Android sandbox if they want to use smartphones
  116. Court ruling a warning to companies on workers' Facebook privacy
  117. US Internet users less vigilant than ever about their online safety
  118. Happy Friday the 13th !, (Fri, Sep 13th)
  119. Java and Old Hash Algorithms, (Fri, Sep 13th)
  120. Java finally gets a whitelisting feature
  121. Apple issues final non-security update for OS X Mountain Lion
  122. Court decision in Google Street View case called unpersuasive, flawed
  123. Apple's iPhone 5S reopens debate on sensor data collection
  124. Critics question FTC's authority to bring data security complaints
  125. Bug bounty program slates $300K mobile hacking contest for Nov.
  126. Oracle adds long-awaited whitelisting capabilities to Java
  127. Dropbox takes a peek at files
  128. Aggressive ransomware scam redirects to child ****
  129. IT pros lack support to manage security intelligence
  130. Medical identity theft affects 1.84 million U.S. victims
  131. Free eBook: Intrusion Detection Systems with Snort
  132. Rootkit Cafe
  133. Most companies choose on-premise private cloud deployments
  134. Tenable release Passive Vulnerability Scanner 4.0
  135. Safeguard your info and monitor Facebook activity with BullGuard Identity Protection
  136. Military-grade solution to protect industrial control systems
  137. Military-grade solution to protect industrial control systems
  138. ISC StormCast for Friday, September 13th 2013
  139. NSA says illegal data collection was caused by too complex tech
  140. Attacks targeting unsupported Java 6 are on the rise
  141. 2M Vodafone users' personal and banking info compromised
  142. EU debates NSA surveillance impact and media freedom
  143. Cyberspies attack key South Korean institutions, North Korean hackers suspected
  144. Lawmakers question security of health insurance hub days from launch
  145. Obamacare data hub is secure and ready to roll
  146. Bogus hacking Android apps offered on Google Play
  147. Facebook privacy application manages who sees your posts
  148. BitSight launches information security risk rating service
  149. ISC StormCast for Thursday, September 12th 2013
  150. Reboot Wednesday: Yesterday's Patch Tuesday Aftermath, (Wed, Sep 11th)
  151. In Defense of Biometrics, (Wed, Sep 11th)
  152. Adobe issues critical security updates for Flash Player, Reader and Shockwave Player
  153. The iPhone 5s fingerprint reader: what you need to know
  154. Post-Office Espionage
  155. Microsoft Patch Tuesday brings critical Explorer, Outlook fixes
  156. Fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5S is no silver bullet, researchers say
  157. Feds aren't 'knowingly' weakening encryption, says U.S. official
  158. Firefox OS likely to face HTML5, Boot-to-Gecko process attacks
  159. Google loses appeal in Street View privacy lawsuit
  160. IPhone jailbreakers begin cracking their knuckles over iOS 7
  161. Apple's new iPhone moves impact more than just consumer tech
  162. NIST denies NSA tampering with encryption standards
  163. NSA's big data efforts need transparency, privacy advocates say
  164. Buggy Microsoft update hamstrings Outlook 2013
  165. JollyBot SMS Trojan offered for use to low-level crooks via affiliate network
  166. Bogus iPhone 5C giveaway hits Facebook users
  167. (IN)SECURE Magazine issue 39 released
  168. Android scareware delivered via spoofed email notices
  169. Multiplayer games and DoS attacks
  170. Free endpoint security inspection tool
  171. Big data spending to reach $114 billion in 2018
  172. Secure mobile managed file transfer with MOVEit
  173. Whitepaper: How to pass an IT audit
  174. ISC StormCast for Wednesday, September 11th 2013
  175. More Black Tuesday workload, (Tue, Sep 10th)
  176. Macs need to patch too!, (Tue, Sep 10th)
  177. Microsoft releases 13 bulletins, axes .NET patch
  178. C&C PHP script for staging DDoS attacks sold on underground forums
  179. Email spam campaign distributes Android scareware
  180. Google plan to thwart government surveillance with encryption raises stakes
  181. Watchdog raps DARPA over 'systemic contracting concerns'
  182. EU politicians want to suspend banking data-sharing program
  183. Is BEAST still a threat?
  184. New gTLD security implications
  185. Adobe September 2013 Black Tuesday Overview, (Tue, Sep 10th)
  186. Fake AVG AV apps offered on Google Play
  187. Phishers use free iPhone 5S as lure ahead of launch
  188. EU politicians call for suspension of data-sharing deal amid new NSA spying allegations
  189. Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft petition US over surveillance requests
  190. Limit Exposure to Facebook Friends of Friends
  191. Security heavyweights to keynote HITB conference in Malaysia
  192. Timing is an influential risk-factor for cyber attacks
  193. Appthority unveils app risk and policy management solution
  194. HyTrust Appliance gets role-based monitoring
  195. ISC StormCast for Tuesday, September 10th 2013
  196. Executives, IT officers most concerned about malicious insiders
  197. Report: UK and US spies have cracked BlackBerry's BES encryption
  198. With crypto being insecure, whom do you trust?
  199. Security experts question if Google's Chrome Apps is worth the risk
  200. SSL is broken. So what?, (Mon, Sep 9th)
  201. Vulnerability Reported in Sophos Web Appliance, (Mon, Sep 9th)
  202. Fake emails saying US is bombing Syria lead to malware
  203. McAfee releases 2014 core PC security products
  204. How important is penetration testing?
  205. Exploring attacks against PHP applications
  206. Free asset tracking for SMBs
  207. SpydrSafe Mobile Security 2.0 released
  208. Anonymous user authentication from LaunchKey
  209. Week in review: FinFisher's spying capabilities, and NSA's quest to subvert encryption
  210. ISC StormCast for Monday, September 9th 2013
  211. Microsoft September Patch Pre-Announcement, (Sat, Sep 7th)
  212. Android Trojans gain botnet distribution, new code
  213. Yahoo: More than 12,000 US data requests led to disclosures more than 11,000 times
  214. Encryption still best way to protect data -- despite NSA
  215. Here's how to best secure your data now that the NSA can crack almost any encryption
  216. Schneier on NSA's encryption defeating efforts: Trust no one
  217. Microsoft's picture-authentication welcomed given password fatigue
  218. Backdoor brute-forces Joomla and WordPress sites
  219. NSA's quest to subvert encryption, install backdoors
  220. Massive spike of Tor users caused by Mevade botnet
  221. Google fights to kill email-scanning lawsuit brought by Gmail users
  222. EU Parliament told to expect more revelations about NSA spying
  223. Report: NSA defeats many encryption efforts
  224. Is eBay warming up to Bitcoin?
  225. Microsoft to patch dangerous Outlook hack-by-preview bug next week
  226. Facebook updated privacy policy likely next week
  227. Fast USB 3.0 flash drives from Toshiba
  228. Microsoft to release 14 bulletins patching Office, Windows, IE and .NET
  229. Understanding and defending against Denial of Service attacks
  230. Is mobile privacy a bigger concern than a phone's brand?
  231. Protect yourself and don't regret using social media
  232. NSA announces new schools for cyber initiative
  233. Lookout enters strategic partnership with Samsung
  234. GFI MAX gets a remote command line
  235. ISC StormCast for Friday, September 6th 2013
  236. PayPal unblocks MailPile's account
  237. NIST Cyber Security Framework proposal provides no 'measurable cybersecurity assurance'
  238. Samsung fortifies enterprise security on its Android phones
  239. Botnet likely caused spike in number of Tor clients
  240. PayPal freezes MailPile's account
  241. Sykipot-wielding attackers now targeting US civil aviation firms
  242. EU Parliament Civil Liberties Committee on US Surveillance
  243. Privacy groups ask FTC to oppose Facebook's policy changes
  244. Almost 90 percent of Internet users have taken steps to avoid surveillance, survey finds
  245. FTC: Negligence by security camera vendor harms customers' privacy
  246. 'Hash Hunters' Web service cracks password hashes for bitcoins
  247. New discovery will allow large-scale quantum cryptography networks
  248. New advanced banking Trojan in the wild
  249. Review: Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard
  250. Intel releases new technologies for cloud datacenters