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  1. Hijacking ships and planes with cheap GPS spoofers and laptops
  2. University condemns court ban of research paper on flaws in car lock system
  3. Apple Dev Center partially back online, still no details about the hack
  4. Pinterest joins Twitter in supporting Do No Track
  5. To achieve good security, you need to focus on business
  6. The future of phishing: Credit card redirection
  7. Google Play store inundated with scam apps, Symantec says
  8. The scary implications of Google Glass
  9. Video: Hackers for hire
  10. Online privacy: How did we get here?
  11. Offshore providers with no cloud strategy risk their future
  12. Don't get pwned at Black Hat, DEF CON
  13. Week in review: Critical SIM encryption flaw, Apple Dev Center hack, key security metrics
  14. Dovecot / Exim Exploit Detects, (Mon, Jul 29th)
  15. Defending Against Web Server Denial of Service Attacks, (Sat, Jul 27th)
  16. Wireshark 1.8.9 and 1.10.1 Security Update, (Sun, Jul 28th)
  17. InfoSec community mourns the loss of well-known hacker Barnaby Jack
  18. Bitdefender Safepay offers secure browsing for online banking, shopping
  19. US will not seek death penalty for Edward Snowden
  20. Top hacker dies days before scheduled Black Hat talk
  21. ISC BIND DoS, (Fri, Jul 26th)
  22. Microsoft: Almost 90 percent of Citadel botnets in the world disrupted in June
  23. Critics urge end of passwords, but alternatives not ready for prime time
  24. Five indicted in massive hacking scheme
  25. Some privacy advocates question mobile apps agreement
  26. Stanford University suffers another data breach
  27. US SEC data leak shows lax data access practices
  28. Feds to web firms: Hand over encryption keys and user passwords
  29. Feds to web firms: hand over encryption keys and user passwords
  30. Tight NSA spy vote gives hope to program critics
  31. SQL flaws remain an Achilles heel for IT security groups
  32. Oil, gas field sensors vulnerable to attack via radio waves
  33. Open-source project, Crypton, seeks to make encryption easier
  34. Five charged with stealing 160+ million credit card numbers
  35. How to avoid a social engineering attack at Black Hat and Def Con
  36. NTODefend now more effectively blocks application vulnerabilities
  37. Preventing the exploitation of human vulnerabilities
  38. Five charged with stealing 160+ million credit card numbers
  39. Event: Hacker Halted USA 2013
  40. Cyber security is central to long-term economic growth
  41. IBM unveils software to identify and predict security risk
  42. The impact of weak threat intelligence on organizations
  43. Record malware growth in China, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia
  44. A Couple of SSH Brute Force Compromises, (Thu, Jul 25th)
  45. A couple Site Updates, (Thu, Jul 25th)
  46. Cybercriminals increasingly use the Tor network to control their botnets, researchers say
  47. U.S. Cloud Firms Suffer From NSA PRISM Program
  48. PayPal opens up bug bounty program to minors
  49. European companies should stop sending data to the US, German privacy officials say
  50. Plans to centralize cybersecurity with DHS seen as step forward
  51. From cruise offers to banking Trojans, SMS spam clogs channels
  52. Five indicted in massive hacking scheme
  53. TOR-based botnets on the rise
  54. US lawmakers shoot down legislation for limiting NSA spying
  55. DHS to set up "cybersecurity shop" for govt agencies
  56. Economic growth and national security are at risk
  57. Apple's developer site overhaul continues following breach
  58. 8 tips to enhance your online privacy
  59. US House votes against reining in NSA phone records collection
  60. Five things to consider for a mobile security policy
  61. Malicious apps exploiting Android "Master Key" bug found
  62. Key security metrics revealed
  63. Bit9 Introduces enterprise Mac security
  64. A historical overview of the cyberattack landscape
  65. The rise of sophisticated malware
  66. Solera Networks enhances advanced threat protection
  67. Executives lack confidence in their cyber security
  68. Review: Introduction to Cyber-Warfare
  69. Digital Advertising Alliance Sets Sights on Mobile Consumer Privacy
  70. Citadel malware active on 20,000 PCs in Japan, says Trend Micro
  71. Syrian Electronic Army hacks into Viber support website
  72. Internet Explorer best at malware and privacy protection
  73. Ponzi scheme involving Bitcoin exposed
  74. Snowden free to leave Moscow airport
  75. Bogus AmEx notification leads to thorough phishing
  76. SIM card vulnerabilities easy to fix, researcher says
  77. Bogus "Royal Baby: Live Updates" email leads to malware
  78. SEC charges Texas man with running Bitcoin Ponzi scheme
  79. A question of trust
  80. Multi-stage attack compromises customers of French webhost OVH
  81. Android spyware infections on the rise, report says
  82. Symantec spots two Android apps using 'master key' vulnerability
  83. Cisco Snorts up Sourcefire in $2.7bn acquisition
  84. U.S. cloud firms face backlash from NSA spy programs
  85. Lessons learnt from the Lakeland attack
  86. White House opposes amendment to curb NSA spying
  87. E-commerce fraud prevention service from Trusteer
  88. 72% can't securely manage multiple computing environments
  89. SailPoint unveils IAM-as-a-Service suite
  90. Increase in malicious DNS request traffic
  91. Sessions with(out) cookies, (Tue, Jul 23rd)
  92. U.K.-based researcher claims responsibility for Apple Developer Center problems
  93. Our Internet privacy is at risk -- but not dead (yet)
  94. Will CSOs become CROs in the future?
  95. SIM flaw boosts mobile data container argument
  96. Cisco to acquire security vendor Sourcefire for $2.7 billion
  97. Researcher claims responsibility for security breach at Apple Developer website
  98. SIM encryption flaw opens 500M users to attack
  99. Syrian hackers hit Tango, The Daily Dot
  100. Cisco to acquire Sourcefire for $2.7 billion
  101. HTML ransomware goes global
  102. Cisco to acquire Sourcefire for $2.7 billion
  103. Windows Version of the Janicab Malware
  104. U.S. the number one source of web attacks
  105. Following attacks, Networks Solutions reports MySQL hiccups
  106. Tired of spam? Hand out a disposable email address
  107. Ubuntu Forums hacker won't publish stolen passwords
  108. Quarri delivers Protect On Q as a virtual appliance
  109. Deliver real-time phishing detection from Webroot and RSA
  110. Combat Arms players, beware of free NX generators
  111. Study connects cybercrime to job loss
  112. UK's PM warns Internet companies to ban child abuse search terms
  113. Apple confirms hack of its developer website
  114. Children as adversaries in technologically-enhanced homes
  115. Multiple Java versions on endpoints risky for enterprises
  116. New ReadyNAS rackmount devices from NETGEAR
  117. Passwords of 1.8M Ubuntu Forums users compromised in hack
  118. Apple developer center hacked by security researcher?
  119. Ubuntu forum defaced, breached by hackers
  120. True tales of (mostly) white-hat hacking
  121. US court renews permission to NSA to collect phone metadata
  122. SIM cards vulnerable to hacking, says researcher
  123. Apple Developer Site Breach, (Mon, Jul 22nd)
  124. Week in review: Hijacking connected cars, Android backup flaw, help desk security threats
  125. Apricorn unveils FIPS 140-2 encrypted USB 3.0 drive
  126. BT Security CEO to keynote RSA Conference Europe 2013
  127. Ubuntu Forums Security Breach, (Sun, Jul 21st)
  128. Foreign VPNs raise the bar against US government spying
  129. Do you have rogue Internet gateways in your network? Check it with nmap, (Sat, Jul 20th)
  130. Cyber drills like Quantum Dawn 2 vital to security in financial sector
  131. Samsung's potential government deal signals new era for mobile security
  132. Where is my data? When hosting providers go away, (Sat, Jul 20th)
  133. Wyndham lawsuit tests FTC's data security enforcement authority
  134. EU privacy watchdog criticizes 'Big Brother' database
  135. Bitdefender finds cracks in Apple's walled garden
  136. Hijacking connected cars with a $25 tool
  137. Augmenting Society's Collective IQ
  138. Huawei's Chinese connection continues to be source of suspicion
  139. New vulnerability found in Java 7 opens door to 10-year-old attack, researchers say
  140. Lawmakers push for federal data beach notification law
  141. Online ad group accuses Mozilla of anti-business bias
  142. The future of electronic payment: Smartphone authentication and facial recognition
  143. UK to probe Huawei's cybersecurity evaluation center
  144. Symantec: Google Glass still vulnerable to Wi-Fi attack
  145. Put an Umbrella over your endpoint devices to stop malware, botnets and phishing
  146. Wall Street batters defenses in make-believe cybercrisis
  147. Attackers embedding backdoors into image files
  148. National Data Breach Notifications Would Replace 'Patchwork' of State Statutes
  149. Facebook lands bug hunters with Monoidics buy
  150. Major vulnerabilities in office security and RFID systems
  151. ISACA updates IS Audit and Assurance Standards
  152. Metrics: Valuable security indicator or noise?
  153. Tripwire updates Log Center solution
  154. Switch secures confidential data on separate networks
  155. Bank security breaches destroy customer trust
  156. File infector EXPIRO hits US, steals FTP credentials
  157. With universities under attack, security experts talk best defenses
  158. Cisco releases security patches to mitigate attack against Unified Communications Manager
  159. BYOD runs wild at most global companies
  160. Surveillance Will Soon Be the Lesser of Your Worries
  161. Apps exploiting Android “Master Key” bug offered on Google Play
  162. Most enterprise networks riddled with vulnerable Java installations, report says
  163. Tech groups ask US for transparency in secret data requests
  164. Network Solutions restores service after DDoS attack
  165. Why help desk employees are a social engineer's favorite target
  166. BYOD Creates Trust Gap Between Workers and Employers
  167. Report: Markets at risk due to cyberattacks against exchanges
  168. Lawmakers: NSA phone records collection violated law
  169. Android backup sends unencrypted Wi-Fi passwords to Google
  170. Researchers find, Google fixes Glass hijack flaw
  171. Metrics: Valuable security indicator or noise?
  172. Metrics: Valuable security indicator or noise?
  173. DDoS attacks are getting bigger, stronger and longer
  174. Vendors patch security vulnerabilities within 3 weeks
  175. Social engineering tops list of help desk security threats
  176. Blog Spam - annoying junk or a source of intelligence?, (Thu, Jul 18th)
  177. Many join EFF to sue NSA over illegal surveillance
  178. California Attorney General releases breach report
  179. Security company to release testing tool for SAP mobile access
  180. Decryption orders could violate human rights, Dutch judiciary council says
  181. Apple, Microsoft to leap on app auto-update bandwagon
  182. Email security: Perception vs. reality
  183. US retains spamming crown
  184. Rapid7 updates Metasploit, Mobilisafe and Nexpose
  185. Oracle releases Critical Patch Update
  186. Event: The 8th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions
  187. Network Solutions Outage, (Wed, Jul 17th)
  188. Signed Macintosh malware uses Right-to-Left Override
  189. New Android malware lowers the bar for cyberciminals
  190. Oracle's July patch release includes 27 fixes for remote exploits
  191. Alternative fixes released for Android 'master key' vulnerability
  192. Tumblr issues security update, asks users to change passwords
  193. Church, advocacy groups sue NSA over surveillance
  194. Microsoft: We don't give NSA direct access to email
  195. Trust me with your secrets
  196. Cyber security spending in critical infrastructure to hit $46 billion
  197. Modulo updates its Risk Manager solution
  198. Why don't we see more examples of web app attacks via POST?, (Tue, Jul 16th)
  199. Android mega flaw fixed but phones remain vulnerable
  200. Petition calls for an end to passwords
  201. New digitally signed Mac malware confuses users with right-to-left file name tricks
  202. W3C rejects ad industry attempt to hijack do-not-track specs
  203. How to Keep Terrorists, Hackers and Other Bad Guys From Stealing Your Data
  204. Co3 Systems integrates investigative tools with security incident response
  205. How keylogging malware steals your information (includes video)
  206. Sony drops PSN breach appeal after risk assessment
  207. Malware campaign strikes Asian, European governments
  208. New whitepaper on cybercrime, systemic risk and global securities markets
  209. Putin suggests Snowden may stop leaking documents
  210. Mobile operating system wars: Android vs. iOS
  211. Viewfinity launches new application control solution
  212. Tips for network administrators as mobile device usage increases
  213. Encryption no protection from government surveillance
  214. Unusual file-infecting malware steals FTP credentials, researchers say
  215. Google's chances to obtain dotless 'http://search' domain are shrinking
  216. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator exploitation tool
  217. Security Manager's Journal: Suddenly, our firewall audit can't wait
  218. INTERPOL and Trend Micro to collaborate against cybercrime
  219. UEFI secure boot: Next generation booting or a controversial debate
  220. DHS secretary Napolitano's exit leaves leadership vacuum
  221. Decoy Personas for Safeguarding Online Identity Using Deception, (Sat, Jul 13th)
  222. Enterprise anti-virus software test puts Kaspersky software out front, Microsoft at bottom
  223. Snowden says U.S. is using 'historically disproportionate aggression' to nab him
  224. Mobile malware, mainly aimed at Android devices, jumps 614% in a year
  225. Targeted attacks exploit now-patched Windows bug revealed by Google engineer
  226. System Glitch - Multiple New Diary Notifications, (Sat, Jul 13th)
  227. Hmm - where did I save those files?, (Fri, Jul 12th)
  228. Microsoft to pay first IE 11 Preview bug bounty to BlueHat security contest finalist
  229. Japanese government accidentally shares internal mails over Google Groups
  230. The ban on feds at Defcon draws a mixed reaction
  231. Defcon founder's message to feds fair to some, hypocritical to others
  232. Dropbox, WordPress used in cyberespionage campaign
  233. Insurance company, WellPoint, fined $1.7m over data exposure
  234. Microsoft Teredo Server "Sunset", (Fri, Jul 12th)
  235. Researchers find another Android attack that can get past signature checks
  236. Microsoft helped NSA get around its encryption
  237. Unusual Facebook spam campaign delivers malicious Macros
  238. DNS resolution is failing for Microsofts Teredo server (, (Fri, Jul 12th)
  239. Free malware removal tool gets new features
  240. Infographic: Is your information safe?
  241. EMC releases array of new products
  242. Bug bounties are cheaper than hiring full-time bug hunters
  243. Feds asked to sit out Defcon hacking conference this year
  244. Bit9 CEO: Trust-based model the new weapon in war against malware
  245. Blue Coat Internet monitoring devices (mis)used in Iran, Syria, Sudan
  246. Can You Hear Me Now? - - - Um, not so well ..., (Thu, Jul 11th)
  247. Bluebox releases free scanner for Android "master key" bug
  248. Feds asked to avoid DEF CON this year
  249. Metaforic released secure cryptography solution WhiteBox
  250. 10 Hot Security Startups to Watch