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  1. Google ordered to change its privacy policy in the UK
  2. Secure messaging project, Cryptocat, apologizes over bug
  3. EU Parliament approves stricter penalties for cyber attacks
  4. Who won the free Bitcoins?
  5. China sees increase in Trojan and botnet attacks from other countries
  6. German privacy regulator begins action against Google over privacy policy changes
  7. Online protests against NSA surveillance planned for July 4 get off to slow start
  8. Stop spying on us, European Parliament tells US
  9. EU adopts stricter penalties for cyber criminals
  10. Critical Cryptocat group chat bug fixed
  11. Trojanized Android app collects info, comments on NSA surveillance
  12. Review: Information Security Risk Assessment Toolkit
  13. EU Parliament to launch inquiry into US surveillance programs
  14. Fake Pinterest "Password changed" email leads to malware
  15. Android bug allows app code change without breaking signatures
  16. Immediate action called for on server management flaws
  17. 'Darkleech' malware undertakes ransomware campaign
  18. Aggressive Android adware masquerading as Wi-Fi password cracking app
  19. Darkleech Apache module injection campaign delivers malware
  20. Darkleech Apache module injection campaign delivers malware
  21. Android lock screen bypass highlights mobile risk
  22. Serious vulnerabilities in OpenX ad platform expose millions to risk
  23. Vulnerability allows attackers to modify Android apps without breaking their signatures
  24. Apple Security Update 2013-003, (Wed, Jul 3rd)
  25. Free imprisoned AT&T hacker now, says EFF
  26. Bolivian President's plane diverted over suspicion Snowden on board
  27. Snowden withdraws Russia asylum petition as options dwindle
  28. Malware steals Litecoins, Bitcoin's younger sibling
  29. System Doctor 2014: A fake AV for the upcoming year
  30. Ubisoft warns of account database breach after website attack
  31. "Blizzard Entertainment IP Restrictions" phishing email doing rounds
  32. 2.5 million Californians had personal info compromised
  33. Review: Information Security Risk Assessment Toolkit
  34. Large Pony botnet controller discovered
  35. Cyber espionage moves out of the shadows
  36. NETGEAR introduces R6100 WiFi router
  37. Ubisoft breached, user account credentials compromised
  38. Alleged Shadowcrew member extradited to the US nine years after forum takedown
  39. Civil rights groups plan July 4 protest against NSA surveillance
  40. China's great firewall censorship architect retires citing ill health
  41. Fruity Instagram spam dies quickly on the vine
  42. Current cybercrime market is all about Cybercrime-as-a-Service
  43. Litecoin-stealing Trojan found
  44. AT&T iPad hacker files appeal over conviction, long sentence
  45. NSA document leaker Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Russia
  46. Snowden seeks asylum from several countries including China, Russia
  47. Jon Callas on privacy in the modern age
  48. Protect Android devices from theft and malware
  49. Twitter underground economy still going strong
  50. Keep all your software up-to-date with F-Secure
  51. Two-factor authentication for websites
  52. Using nmap scripts to enhance vulnerability asessment results, (Mon, Jul 1st)
  53. Modified online children's privacy rules take effect in US
  54. Vulnerabilities found in code library used by encrypted phone call apps
  55. Critical infrastructure protection: Are we prepared for a massive cyberattack on U.S. systems?
  56. 3 things to consider before buying into Disaster Recovery as a Service
  57. Critical vulnerabilities found in single sign-on enterprise tool Atlassian Crowd
  58. NSA hacking and spying on EU officials
  59. Android hack tool harvests info from PCs
  60. Teaching a computer to play Memory advances security
  61. Hacker indicted for Romney tax return extortion scheme
  62. Protect your company from BYOD security threats
  63. Beware of “Social Security” Facebook phishing scams
  64. Combating attacks with collaborative threat intelligence
  65. Bruce Schneier on power and security
  66. Android Hack-Tool Steals PC Info
  67. Week in review: Car hacking, Opera breach, and Carberp source code leaked
  68. NIST Cybersecurity Framework, (Sun, Jun 30th)
  69. Instagram "Fruit" Spam, (Sat, Jun 29th)
  70. Sdn Faq
  71. 12 tips for SDN IT buyers
  72. More than 50% of consumers say they've been victimized by bad apps
  73. New disk wiper malware linked to attacks in South Korea, researchers say
  74. Wi-Vi: Seeing through walls with Wi-Fi signals
  75. Opera developers explain why malicious "update" wasn't detected
  76. Bruce Schneier joins EFF board of directors
  77. FDA shut down 1,677 illegal pharmacy websites
  78. Opera developers explain why malicious update wasn't detected
  79. Another NSA internet and email data collection program revealed
  80. US regulator shuts down 1,677 Internet pharmacies
  81. MIT researchers can see through walls using 'Wi-Vi'
  82. U.S. Army cyber forces to get new rules of engagement
  83. Report: US general under investigation for Stuxnet leak
  84. Nintendo warns against super Pokemon creator app
  85. Report: NSA collected US email records, Internet use for years
  86. Can you trust your online backup service?
  87. Abuse of mobile app permissions
  88. Explore, analyze and visualize data in Hadoop
  89. Most Internet users have fallen victim to malware
  90. Lord Sebastian Coe to keynote RSA Conference Europe 2013
  91. Opera got pw0n3d: But did you get pw0n3d too?, (Fri, Jun 28th)
  92. Technology and the death of privacy
  93. Citadel malware variant uses content localization to target brands and users in different countries
  94. EFF sues FBI over facial-recognition records
  95. Cisco fixes serious vulnerabilities in email, Web and content security appliances
  96. Cybercrime fueled by mature digital underground
  97. Ruby Update for SSL Vulnerability, (Thu, Jun 27th)
  98. Physical Security in the Cyber World, (Thu, Jun 27th)
  99. Facebook bug leaked more info than company reported?
  100. Facebook squashes critical account hijacking bug
  101. Former NSA leakers: We told you so
  102. Opera says hackers pilfered expired code-signing certificate
  103. Researcher nets $20K for finding serious Facebook flaw
  104. FTC commissioner calls for way to 'reclaim your name'
  105. Prism implicates Facebook, Yahoo and others in Europe, student group charges
  106. South Korean cyberattacks linked to known gang
  107. Microsoft asks to disclose FISA requests to set the record straight
  108. Why business is losing the war against cybercrime
  109. Opera infrastructure compromised, users hit with malicious update
  110. Citadel Trojan automatically localizes fraud content
  111. Attitudes towards data protection and encryption in the cloud
  112. Data-slurping Facebook Graph Search flaw revealed
  113. Mobile and cloud data risks exposed
  114. Can DDoS attackers turn mitigation devices against you?
  115. Advanced threat detection from Cylance available for free
  116. Website Issues, (Thu, Jun 27th)
  117. Multiple Cisco security advisories, (Wed, Jun 26th)
  118. Review: Chat securely on Facebook with Synapsid
  119. Confirmed: Carberp source code leaked
  120. Cyberattacks the greatest threat to nations, say global execs
  121. Chinese malware attack affected dozens of South Korean organizations, researchers say
  122. Most Android threats would be blocked if phones ran latest Android version, report says
  123. The Geography of Malware
  124. Google adds malware, phishing numbers to its transparency report to make the Web 'safer'
  125. Despite new malware scanning, Chrome Web Store security still falls short
  126. Critics question whether NSA data collection is effective
  127. Suspected China-based hackers 'Comment Crew' rise again
  128. Stolen laptop containing info on victims, suspects, witnesses and police
  129. Blizzard suspends mobile app access following account hijacks
  130. Are cyber attacks more dangerous than physical attacks?
  131. Creating a cloud security policy
  132. Are cyber attacks more dangerous than physical attacks?
  133. SSL Labs: Deploying forward secrecy
  134. Firefox 22 delivers 14 security updates
  135. AirWatch enhances laptop management solution
  136. Private, secure texting app for iOS
  137. SMBs are embracing cloud-based services
  138. Dell pushes harder on encryption, anti-malware for client devices
  139. Source code for Carberp financial malware gets leaked online
  140. How to Ensure Privacy in the Age of HTML5
  141. Keep watch: 5 cloud security cameras for your home
  142. Lulzsec hacker Davis freed, back on the Internet
  143. Car hack attack a possible theory behind journalist's death
  144. How big data is transforming information security
  145. New specific rules target EU telecoms that lose personal data
  146. New privacy bill aimed at reforming FISA and the Patriot Act introduced in the Senate
  147. Encryption would exempt ISPs from data breach notification to EU customers
  148. There is no universal right to be forgotten, says top EU court advisor
  149. U.S. senators propose new privacy bill following surveillance scandal
  150. Testy U.S. officials demand return of NSA document leaker Snowden
  151. Researchers reveal tricks for Cutwail's endurance
  152. Dell Software tackles the risk of software compliance
  153. The race for resources, (Tue, Jun 25th)
  154. Google implements malware scan for submissions to Chrome Web Store
  155. The state of risk-based security management
  156. Concern about cloud security is nothing new
  157. Nearly 200,000 new malware samples appear daily
  158. Ecuador considering Snowden's asylum request
  159. WikiLeaks slams US for pursuing Snowden
  160. Snowden on the run, leaks continue unabated
  161. Bitcoin Foundation hit with cease and desist order
  162. International cooperation in the fight against cybercrime
  163. Facebook bug discloses user info, existence of shadow accounts
  164. Android fake AV demands ransom, crashes
  165. DDoS attacks: What they are and how to protect yourself
  166. Recommendations for securing Active Directory
  167. Netgear releases the ProSafe WN203 Wireless AP
  168. Barracuda Web Filter models with 10 GbE interfaces
  169. Week in review: Microsoft bug bounties, NSA, GCHQ surveillance, and the new issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine
  170. Is SSH no more secure than telnet?, (Sun, Jun 23rd)
  171. NSA leaker Snowden leaves Hong Kong reportedly for Russia
  172. Facebook bug exposes contact information from millions of users
  173. US charges Edward Snowden with espionage, report says
  174. CIO Takes Action to Solve BYOD's Privacy Problem
  175. U.K. regulator gives Google 35 days to scrap its remaining Street View data
  176. Android ransomware marks profitable new era for cybercriminals
  177. Too many CSOs ignore the reality of today's threats
  178. Civil liberties advocates call for more oversight of NSA surveillance
  179. British intelligence tapping fiber-optic cables for massive amounts of data
  180. Enterprises starting to trust cloud for more sensitive apps
  181. Facebook Reports a Potential Leak of User Data, (Sat, Jun 22nd)
  182. Microsoft?s $100K hacker bounty sounds great but has a lot of loopholes
  183. Skype's Project Chess worked on letting U.S. agencies in
  184. Sysinternals Updates for Autoruns, Strings & ZoomIt, (Fri, Jun 21st)
  185. Phishing attacks impacted 37.3 million users last year
  186. BYOD: The why and the how
  187. LinkedIn outage was due to DNS records misconfiguration
  188. Former student gets 3 year in jail for hacking university network
  189. Lawmakers move to block black box recorders in cars
  190. Many of the top WordPress plugins come with critical vulnerabilities
  191. Mozilla again postpones Firefox third-party cookie-blocking, this time for months
  192. Tech companies cooperating with NSA, report says
  193. Tips for testing your mobile app security
  194. Secret documents reveal broad extent of NSA domestic surveillance
  195. Report on crime against businesses ignores cybercrime
  196. Malwarebytes acquires ZeroVulnerabilityLabs
  197. Malwarebytes acquires ZeroVulnerabilityLabs
  198. EU citizens' data must be protected against US surveillance
  199. U.S. legislators introduce Aaron's Law
  200. LinkedIn outage prompts security concerns
  201. Take a data-centric approach to securing information in the cloud to protect against the risks of privileged users
  202. Global repercussions of PRISM scandal
  203. Wall Street prepares for simulated cyber attack
  204. Cybersecurity is a business imperative
  205. Pirate Bay co-founder sentenced for hacking Swedish companies
  206. Do you cover up your webcam?
  207. Cookie Clearinghouse to enable user choice for online tracking
  208. Apple end-to-end encryption far from bulletproof
  209. FBI director defends phone surveillance program
  210. NSA spying could mean U.S. tech companies lose international business
  211. Many companies are negligent about SAP security, researchers say
  212. Countries question Google on Glass privacy
  213. Pakistan using Netsweeper to block Internet content, say researchers
  214. 5 BYOD Pitfalls and How You Can Avoid Them
  215. French privacy authority gives Google 3 months to change its ways
  216. Microsoft tacks up first wanted poster, debuts temp bounty for IE11 bugs
  217. Microsoft launches security bounty programs for Windows 8.1 and IE 11 Preview
  218. Linkedin DNS Hijack, (Thu, Jun 20th)
  219. Yahoo ID recycling could lead to trouble
  220. Review: Instant Apple Configurator How-to
  221. CloudSigma introduces transparent private patching to public cloud
  222. Tool for IT challenges and legal requests
  223. Ultra-fast online backup from GFI Software
  224. HP iLO3/iLO4 Remote Unauthorized Access with Single-Sign-On, (Thu, Jun 20th)
  225. Microsoft to pay up to 150k for vulnerabilities
  226. Apple end-to-end encryption far from bulletproof
  227. 15 Ways to Protect Your Ecommerce Site From Hacking and Fraud
  228. Collected data helped foil 50 terrorist plots, says NSA chief
  229. How to Maximize Your Work Productivity on the Road
  230. Java 7 Update 25 fixes 40 security issues, turns on certificate revocation checking
  231. 65+ websites compromised to deliver malvertising
  232. Customized spam uses cell phone users’ data against them
  233. Thwarting facial recognition systems with privacy visors
  234. Post-PC Attack Site: Only Interested in Smartphones/Tablets
  235. US officials: Surveillance programs helped stop 50 terrorist plots
  236. Expanded '2-person rule' could help plug NSA leaks
  237. Apple pours OS X Snow Leopard another Java fix
  238. With faster 5G Wi-Fi coming, Wi-Fi Alliance kicks off certification program
  239. Google asks to make surveillance orders public, citing First Amendment
  240. Employees biggest IT threat to businesses
  241. Facebook once again accessible via Tor
  242. (IN)SECURE Magazine issue 38 released
  243. Google asks secret court permission to publish FISA numbers
  244. Oracle releases critical security updates for Java
  245. Failed backups endanger revenue and productivity
  246. WinLink Check-In, (Wed, Jun 19th)
  247. Volatility rules...any questions?, (Tue, Jun 18th)
  248. Java 7 update 25 released, (Tue, Jun 18th)
  249. How to detect hidden administrator apps on Android
  250. Google Glass privacy concerns raised by international data protection authorities