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  1. MSN Messenger and AIM instant messenger war: reverse engineering and sabotage
  2. Google Chrome 35 beta adds much needed DirectWrite font rendering on Windows
  3. Hands-on with the Narrative Clip wearable lifelogging camera: dissapointing
  4. Windows Phone Store: these aren’t the Facebook apps you’re looking for
  5. [tl;dr] Titanfall on Xbox One: impressions
  6. What if TwitchPlaysPokemon is a viral marketing campaign by Nintendo?
  7. Sunsetting MetroTwit: all good things must come to an end
  8. You know what really grinds my gears? The iOS Emoji keyboard language button
  9. The history of Danger, a Microsoft acquisition long forgotten
  10. Xbox Music launches developer APIs & affiliate program
  11. Watch the Xbox One Redmond launch fireworks from the air
  12. Exploring Google Glass: impressions from a developer
  13. Microsoft Research opens “Microsoft Centre for Social Natural User Interface” in Melbourne
  14. Xbox One Australian launch video
  15. Xbox One impressions: good things come to those who wait
  16. Flat vs flat: a comparison of Windows Phone and iOS 7 app designs
  17. Microsoft Research shows off AI receptionist, personal assistant and elevators at TEDx
  18. Submit ideas to Marriott Hotel’s “Travel Brilliantly” to win free stay
  19. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop: falling in love with ergonomics, again
  20. Launching Omny, the personal radio app powered by Windows Azure
  21. The odd new Surface 2 ad, featuring my face
  22. New “FilmSpeed” ad for Forza Motorsport 5 elegantly shows off the power of speed
  23. Windows 8.1 Work Folders: the free self-hosted Dropbox for enterprise built into Windows
  24. Nokia Lumia 1020: the smart camera?
  25. Hands on with Metro-fied “Orion” Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
  26. Australian companies move to the cloud with Windows Azure: Canon, Cash Converters, MYOB
  27. Microsoft offers $10,000 travel voucher for Skype “Stay Together” story
  28. Microsoft adds multi-color fonts in Windows 8.1, proposes OpenType standard
  29. Windows 8.1 Preview breaks touch scrolling in XAML Windows Store apps
  30. BUILD 2013: What handing out 6,000+ Surface Pros look like
  31. [tl;dr] Windows 8.1 new developer API tidbits
  32. [tl;dr] Microsoft BUILD 2013 keynote: more refined “Windows, Windows Windows”
  33. Seeing is believing: Photoshop CC camera shake reduction is mind-blowingly good
  34. Work hack: use Google Docs to create an automatically updating TV kiosk presentation
  35. SoundGecko v2.0 for Windows Phone
  36. Thank god Microsoft abandoned Windows Mobile 7 for Windows Phone
  37. [tl;dr] Facebook for Windows Phone breaks out of its Metro shell
  38. [tl;dr] Hands on with BlackBerry Z10
  39. Dear Bing, please fix your SSL certificates
  40. [tl;dr] The Microsoft Research projects that could make a Microsoft Watch awesome
  41. Did the the cancellation of Microsoft Courier demotivate 200 employees?
  42. [tl;dr] Quickflix Australia launches movie/TV streaming Windows 8 app with 1-month free
  43. Office 365 turns office productivity into high-octane racing for V8 Supercars
  44. [tl;dr] Quarterly Visual Studio 2012 updates are awesome
  45. [tl;dr] The odd Surface: Surface Chinese edition
  46. [tl;dr] BUILD 2013 sold out, not sold out
  47. [tl;dr] Mailbird makes emails on Windows pretty
  48. Help me improve Speedo Plus on GitHub
  49. Microsoft’s driving force behind Lotus F1
  50. Telstra adds “Windows Phones experience” in flagship stores
  51. “Hunt for Office”: Microsoft Australia’s NFC-enabled Office 365 digital ad screens
  52. Microsoft’s weird collection of Paint art
  53. Logitech Wireless Touchpad T650: The closest thing to an Apple Magic Trackpad for Windows
  54. Fingers-on with the Dell’s Wireless Touchpad
  55. Microsoft “Child of the 90s” ad: Yes Internet Explorer, it was a simpler time
  56. Y Combinator is funding the future of spam in Windows – drive-by crapware installers
  57. IRL Shooter: Patient 0 is a satisfying teaser for the future of real-life shooter games
  58. Early Windows 8 Start screen artwork concepts
  59. Acer Iconia W510 with Intel Atom Clover Trail gives Microsoft Surface RT a run for its money
  60. Microsoft Portugal demonstrates Windows 8 simplicity with kid stunt
  61. Downloading SQL Express 2012 from
  62. When Microsoft finally takes Australia seriously
  63. How a Windows Phone Store bug broke our app (and ratings) for 3 months
  64. Microsoft: is it time for quality over quantity Windows 8 app competitions?
  65. Nostalgic Windows 7 launch party fan-fiction
  66. Quick fix for very slow to load “Downloads” folder in Windows 7 & 8
  67. Microsoft Australia to hold #AppFest Sydney to build Windows 8 apps (free tickets giveaway)
  68. Jensen Harris: Windows 8?s lockscreen photos are design easter eggs
  69. Windows 8 UI vision mockups from 2010
  70. Hands-on with Xbox SmartGlass: Xbox Remote, Internet Explorer, Forza Horizon, Dance Central 3
  71. Halo 4?s Forward Unto Dawn live-action webisodes generates 46 million total views
  72. Microsoft Research to ship Kinected Browser JavaScript library for Kinect-enabled websites
  73. Hands on with HTC 8X and Windows Phone 8
  74. BUILD 2012: Xbox SmartGlass, powerful developer platform held back by limited availability
  75. BUILD 2012: Pay attention to Windows 8 app performance on ARM devices
  76. BUILD 2012: Follow UX guidelines for your apps to be Store featured
  77. Microsoft BUILD 2012 Keynote 2 group liveblog
  78. Microsoft BUILD 2012 attendees get their free Surface RT and Nokia Lumia 920
  79. Microsoft BUILD 2012 Day 1 keynote (in pictures)
  80. Microsoft BUILD 2012 Keynote 1 group liveblog
  81. BUILD 2012: Day 0 photos
  82. Some new Windows 8 merchandise you can’t have
  83. Wolff Olins introduces new Windows brand
  84. Photo slideshow: Windows 8 launch press event in Sydney, Australia
  85. Windows 8 retail launched in Australia with packed Harvey Norman midnight sale
  86. Ford’s text-to-speech SYNC Emergency Assist coming to Australian drivers
  87. Microsoft Surface Australian pricing
  88. Surface Movement ad: caption this
  89. Officially announcing MetroTwit for Windows 8, now available in the Windows Store
  90. A taste of the Halo 4 “Purple Plasma” V energy drink
  91. A taste of the Halo 4 “Purple Plasma” V energy drink
  92. Ford Focus ST: software technology to make future cars more fun, powerful and simpler
  93. Ford Focus ST: software technology to make future cars more fun, powerful and simpler
  94. Windows 8 officially launches in Australia on Oct 26
  95. Behind the new “Go with your gut”
  96. Microsoft and StackOverflow sponsors $15,000 “Apptivate” Windows 8 app contest
  97. My first week with iPhone 5: what I miss from Windows Phone 7
  98. Microsoft’s day of purple
  99. Visual Studio 2012 Update 1: bugfixes, improve Store app profiling, targeting, more colored icons
  100. Windows Phone 8: Announcing the best new things you can’t have
  101. Internet Explorer 10 & Windows 8 to run “Be the Thief” Thief of Thieves experience
  102. Windows 8 App Challenge: Microsoft Australia giving away 50 x $1,000 Windows RT tablets
  103. Microsoft: Tasmania secedes from Australia
  104. Vodafone Australia hosts charity mobile hackathon: Samsung Galaxy S III giveaway
  105. Ford Australia brings SYNC by Microsoft down under with Australian English, AppLink coming soon
  106. Ford Australia launches Virtual Reality Centre
  107. V Energy drink to introduce new flavour for Halo 4 “Purple Plasma” and XBOX giveaway
  108. It wasn’t the logo that was the problem
  109. Awe-inspiring Jason Silva to keynote Microsoft TechEd Australia 2012
  110. Microsoft backports Windows 8 emoji for Segoe UI Symbol to Windows 7
  111. Windows 8 dev: standard AppBar button styles
  112. Microsoft’s new rule: no “Metro”-named apps
  113. The M word
  114. Tip: improve Windows 8 edge-gestures in VMware Fusion on Mac OS X
  115. TechEd Australia hosts Windows 8 App Fest
  116. TechEd Australia hosts Windows 8 App Fest
  117. Hands on with the HP Z1 AIO Workstation
  118. Testing NFC sharing between Windows 8 & Nexus 7
  119. Microsoft sponsors “tech lounges” at four Australian universities
  120. Forward Unto Dawn: this is the Halo movie you’ve been waiting for
  121. Check out SoundGecko, listen to any article on the web, on the go
  122. Team Quad Squad, Ukraine wins the Imagine Cup 2012, free Windows 8 PC for all student finalists
  123. Imagine Cup 2012: Team Australia “Stethocloud” diagnoses pneumonia with Windows Phones
  124. Imagine Cup 2012 kicks off in Sydney Australia
  125. Microsoft Bing’s Stefan Weitz gives TEDx talk: “Make No Plans: The Power of Serendipity”
  126. LG 3D Cinema TV challenge for lots of 3D fun
  127. Designing MetroTwit for Windows 8
  128. Microsoft Connected Car Platform envision car with Kinect, Windows 8, Win Phone, TellMe and more
  129. Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer teases Windows 8 “multi-chapter romance” marketing strategy
  130. Microsoft teases Windows 8 Ads in Apps concept at Cannes 2012
  131. Will Surface be the PC Microsoft can be proud of?
  132. IRL Shooter “Patient 0? coming to Melbourne: a live-action multiplayer zombie shooter game
  133. Bing for Surface v2 close up (video)
  134. Bing is for doing ad campaign launches down under
  135. Kinect head-tracking + transparent screen = simulated holographic 3D display
  136. Questions about the Windows Runtime and the Windows update cycle
  137. Watching video games: the Uncharted experiment
  138. Winners of the HP ProLiant MicroServers giveaway
  139. Aussies find free Windows Phones around Australia in Nokia Lumia Quest
  140. Kinect-augmented sandbox lets you play god with mountains and water
  141. Why I switched from Windows Live Messenger to Skype IM and you should too
  142. Microsoft Research sensor-based photo deblurring: from Coke cans to aerial imagery
  143. Student creates Kinect-powered “Microsoft Vision” concept for the blind
  144. Bing’s dwindling enthusiasm for developers
  145. Valve’s Handbook for New Employees
  146. Microsoft Research explores context-based app pre-fetching for Windows Phone
  147. Kinect scanning becomes serious business with third-party KinectFusion alternatives
  148. Workaround for Windows 8 Metro apps crashing with NVIDIA beta driver for dual-GPU users
  149. Qantas WP7 app flies its way to Windows Phone Marketplace
  150. Marco Tempest augments magic trick with Kinect
  151. Student-created “Bing Automatic” app concept augments desktop with search engine
  152. MetroTwit 1.0 now available
  153. Short: Smoked by Windows Phone got too big too quickly
  154. Nokia firing all cylinders for Windows Phone marketing in Australia
  155. Giveaway competition for 3 HP ProLiant MicroServers (Australians only)
  156. HP ProLiant MicroServer: the neat little server for home & small business comes to Australia
  157. Short: IE9 ad explores a more beautiful web
  158. ClearType takes a back seat for Windows 8 Metro
  159. Segoe UI gets a subtle facelift in Windows 8
  160. Windows 8?s application SmartScreen: speed bump for desktop apps
  161. Delivering on “Seamless computing” vision: presentation app for Surface, Windows & iPad
  162. Visual Studio 11´s secret weapon for designers: PowerPoint Storyboarding
  163. Microsoft offers touch guidance to Windows 8 Metro-app developers
  164. Dear Microsoft, please listen to the people who designed your new Windows 8 logo
  165. So about that Windows 8 logo…
  166. Cats & dogs: Microsoft’s charity dog calendar
  167. Photo EXIF evidence points to Windows on ARM before iPad release
  168. Microsoft Surface 2 begin deliveries: Samsung SUR40 unboxing and first boot
  169. The hunt for the perfect computer headset
  170. Geek-girl Felicia Day kicks off inaugural Microsoft Advertising Story Awards
  171. Microsoft supports Imagine Cup 2011 student projects with $75,000 grants
  172. Razorfish raises the bar for Microsoft-based connected retail experience
  173. “Cicada 3301? cryptographic puzzle game played out on 4chan & reddit: best job hire in disguise?
  174. Skype hiring both C# and HTML5 devs for Windows 8 Metro app
  175. Channel9?s Visual Studio Achievements now available
  176. Behind the Microsoft CES 2012 video wall
  177. Win one of two Microsoft Touch Mouse & Microsoft LifeCam Studio
  178. A surprise package was left at the door
  179. Analyzing the Windows 8 demo from CES 2012 keynote
  180. Microsoft’s Tweet Choir: no no no no no no no
  181. Microsofties likes cats, can has cat calendar for charity
  182. Microsoft’s msweb intranet gets Metro-inspired
  183. Microsoft Australia’s “Edge of the Internet” puzzle $20,000 cash prize found
  184. Long live the HTC HD2 Windows phone
  185. Designer envisions generative Microsoft brand
  186. Robbie Bach on “Act II” after Microsoft
  187. Microsoft’s private-cloud utopian future: hover chairs, jetboots and flower-caring robots
  188. Bill Gates interviews in Australia
  189. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S: things that make me jealous and things that don’t
  190. Analyzing Windows Store tidbits
  191. Microsoft contest: We don’t want your crappy Windows 8 apps from Australia
  192. The future of XBOX is apps, on your TV
  193. Microsoft Australia launches $20,000 internet treasure hunt for Internet Explorer 9, “Edge of the Internet”
  194. Comparing microphones on two Microsoft LifeCams
  195. Windows Phone web demo side-by-side: surprisingly similar to the real thing
  196. Nokia denies rumor Nokia Drive will be available to other Windows Phones
  197. Tellme on Windows Phone vs Siri on iPhone
  198. Microsoft and Novotel teams up for “hotel room of the future”: bookings accepted
  199. Stepping back in time to use Zune Music Pass
  200. Microsoft’s internal bidding war, all for charity
  201. Microsoft begins selling advertising for Skype
  202. Musicians at Microsoft release 5th album for charity
  203. Bing Australia drops out of beta, still crippled
  204. Death to banding: Windows Phone devs, please upgrade your apps to 32 BitsPerPixel
  205. Universal Text Input: Microsoft Translator Labs’ web-based input method editor
  206. Flashlight-X for WP7: finally a real LED flashlight app
  207. PSA: Please get the name of “Windows Phone” right
  208. Microsofties show off their best snaps in “inspire” photobook for charity
  209. WOWee’s Gel Audio adds thumpy bass to portable speakers – phones should license this!
  210. Microsoft’s “Family” campaign is a show and tell experience
  211. Students push the boundaries of the Microsoft Touch Mouse with SDK competition
  212. Flik makes network chat and sharing sexy on Windows
  213. Google mobile search adds support for geolocation on Windows Phone Mango
  214. Augmented Projector mashes projectors, motion sensors and Kinect into an virtual reality “torch”
  215. Microsoft grants Australians the powers of Kinect voice and Zune music
  216. Anonymous Microsoft employee claims Xbox Live auto-renewal policy to change for the better
  217. Homebrew screenshot tool for Windows Phone 7.5 (works for all phones)
  218. The mad science behind Microsoft Research’s KinectFusion surface mapping
  219. Short: Microsoft Research “Touch Mouse Sensor SDK” available for download, again
  220. Nokia Windows Phones may use Nokia Pure for Metro system UI
  221. Microsoft Australia launches Visual Studio LightSwitch with Sydney office buildings lightshow
  222. Sprinkles of Microsoft’s cancelled “Courier” project now live in Clibe, an app for iPad
  223. Internet Explorer 9 ad asks “What is the Internet?”
  224. Bing Image Archive, now with HTML5 video support
  225. Forza Motorsport 4 wets my appetite for “Better with Kinect” games lineup
  226. Microsoft awarded trademark for retail store design
  227. Internet Explorer 9 ads shows what celebrities love (and pin to their taskbar)
  228. Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 7 marketplace listing & screenshots revealed
  229. Battlefield 3 Battlelog: the changing face of PC gaming
  230. The curious case of internet sharing on legacy Windows Phone Mango devices
  231. Windows Phone Mango is like a box of treats
  232. Windows Phone Mango: Internet Sharing, Visual Voicemail and improved services availability
  233. Microsoft Touch Mouse: a smart mouse with an achilles’ heel
  234. Microsoft Research Asia explains the magic behind Kinect-based object digitization
  235. 2012 Ford Focus’ Active Park Assist teases the sweet future of car automation
  236. Windows 8 to include phone calling capability?
  237. NFC: Windows 8?s hidden connection to tags and devices
  238. Windows 8 tip: enabling demo-like touch feedback
  239. Windows Simulator lets you touch Windows 8 using just a mouse
  240. Design considerations for Windows 8 on HD slates
  241. Windows Store to provide 70/30% revenue share, 5 PC user license
  242. Windows 8 adds touch target “locking”
  243. Connectivity improvements in Windows 8: USB3, Bluetooth LE, WiFi Direct, NFC, NIC filtering
  244. Short: Websites can launch Windows 8 applications
  245. Tour around the BUILD 2011 expo
  246. BUILD 2011 keynote 2 group liveblog
  247. Short: Windows 8 WinRT capabilities dissected
  248. The “touch comfort” science behind Windows 8
  249. Short: Some of what Microsoft didn’t show of Windows 8
  250. Windows 8 101: tips & tricks for new Start experience