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  1. There will be so much Windows Mobile, Microsoft can’t fit it in one event in February
  2. Updated Zune software drivers hints at Zune “Phone”
  3. Aero Snap makes Australian Open cameo
  4. A lesson from the HTC HD2: let’s stop generalizing Windows phones
  5. Windows MultiPoint Server — a multiseat computing solution worthy for the home?
  6. Windows Embedded-powered digital signage is one step closer to Minority Report-inspired advertising
  7. Windows Mobile 7 all but certain to be revealed at Mobile World Congress next month
  8. I’ve seen the future of UIs, and it’s stereoscopic 3D
  9. Win 1 of 5 HTC HD2 from Microsoft Australia
  10. Here’s an idea – a site all for ideas
  11. PowerPoint 2010’s sample “Five Rules” presentation shows off powerful new graphics engine
  12. Razorfone: a conceptual Windows 7 & WPF-powered multi-touch phone retail experience
  13. Internet Explorer 9, a free upgrade for the web
  14. Ribbon Hero, coming to help you rock with the Ribbon
  15. Live from Microsoft PDC09: Keynote 2
  16. Live from Microsoft PDC09: Keynote 1
  17. The new 2010 online portal enters beta
  18. PDC09 Keynote Group Liveblog: mark your calendars
  19. Microsoft College Tour 09: mindblowing natural user interface concept demos from Microsoft Research
  20. Latest Intel drivers add Windows 7 Virtual WiFi support
  21. Microsoft gives away Windows Mobile licensing rights
  22. The Apprentice Australia: Win a Windows 7 Sony Vaio laptop and digital camera
  23. Say hello to the new MSN butterfly
  24. Bing Australian TV ads “look less, find more”
  25. Microsoft shows off prototype next-generation office wall
  26. Speculative advertisements for Microsoft Tag makes you wish everything had MTags
  27. Microsoft adds free root certificate authority to Windows
  28. Musings from anonymous Microsoft developers on Reddit “Ask Me Anything”
  29. Windows Mobile 6.5.1, the 6.5 that should have been
  30. Microsoft video omits Me from Windows history
  31. Windows Mobile 7 to feature more operator-specific UXs
  32. Windows 7 was totally my idea
  33. Microsoft releases Windows 7 sponsored themes
  34. Windows-branded laptop makes apperance on 30 Rock
  35. ShortKeys Lite 2.2
  36. Scenic Ribbon UI framework to be backported to Vista with “Windows 7 Client Platform Update”
  37. Windows Mobile takes shot at Apple App Store rejections
  38. Hardware already exists for Windows Mobile 7?
  39. Windows 7 “busy” cursor misses a beat
  40. Windows 7 C edition. C is for Cookie.
  41. Microsoft is now the proud new owner of
  42. Resource-spotting, trainspotting of the digital age?
  43. Win your way to TechEd AU with a WinMo application
  44. Microsoft trademark reveals Microsoft Store logo
  45. “Life Comes Together”: the alternative Windows ad campaign Microsoft didn’t run?
  46. Microsoft crowdsourcing ads for Windows Phones
  47. Windows 7 tours gets animated Silverlight browser
  48. Windows 7 activation cracked via OEM licensing exploit, 85 days ahead of general release
  49. Microsoft sponsors Firefox!
  50. Cool Microsoft job ad: Problem Solvers Wanted
  51. Native font previews in Windows 7
  52. XPize masks Windows XP UI quirks with a fresh coat of paint, Sevenize to come
  53. Windows UX guidelines now updated for Windows 7
  54. Changes to the Windows 7 install process
  55. When “smart” technology becomes dumb: a lesson in Intel graphics power-saving features
  56. Microsoft’s future vision videos for education
  57. Cute Microsoft toaster
  58. How to search for word phrases in Multiple file folders
  59. Microsoft “OneApp”, possible app store for Zune HD?
  60. How far we’ve come: reflecting on Microsoft’s 2010 collaboration vision video from 2005
  61. Office 2010 revealed in great detail via Microsoft videos
  62. Reimagining file distribution: universal downloads
  63. Putting together the pieces of Microsoft’s “big announcement” next Monday
  64. Windows 7 ISO Verifier, for your downloading pleasure
  65. Get paid to talk about PC operating systems
  66. Kodu: first impressions and the art of simplicity
  67. Microsoft TechEd Australia attendees to receive free HP Mini Notebook with Windows 7
  68. The best Windows Mobile concepts you’ve never seen
  69. Windows 7 gets “Apple style” guided tours
  70. “I’m a PC and I’m about to get a major upgrade”
  71. Windows Longhorn’s Aero Snap, circa 2005
  72. Putting the Outlook 2010 HTML issue in perspective
  73. Microsoft seeks to patent user-generated search results, with a twist that might just make it work
  74. VentureBeat leaks Microsft home energy management software “Hohm” early and pulls story, here’s a cache
  75. Bing mobile application concepts
  76. Microsoft changes IE8 “Ten Grand is Buried Here” campaign, users of all browsers invited to participate
  77. Internet Explorer 8 treasure hunt: Microsoft Australia hides $10,000 on a website, find it, keep it
  78. Windows 7 UAC code-injection vulnerability: video demonstration, source code released
  79. UAC in Windows 7 still broken, Microsoft won’t/can’t fix code-injection vulnerability
  80. Bing Image Archive, for your viewing pleasure
  81. Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunter” comes down under, gives Aussies chance to score a free laptop a day
  82. Bing vs Google vs Yahoo: the Blind search engine test
  83. Bing “Syndrome” ads round two: pregnancy & local bar
  84. Microsoft Store officially confirms Windows 7 boxart with butterflies, lens flare and all
  85. Best Buy memo leaks Windows 7 pricing? Upgrades might cost less than half than Vista equivalent.
  86. Try these Windows 7 ringtones
  87. Admiring Windows 7’s high-resolution device icons
  88. Microsoft Bing TV ad blames global economy collapse on search engines, makes no effort to explain Bing: WTF
  89. Microsoft Bing “decision engine” video tour
  90. Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7: why it’s a Swiss Army Knife of multitouch demoes for OEMs
  91. Higher resolution Windows 7 logo, presention style guide and retail concept all leaked in one big burst
  92. Windows Mobile 7 job ad reveals “Unified Store”, confirms Zune partnership/integration
  93. Microsoft China: look here, the Windows 7 logo!
  94. Microsoft’s SideShow-enhanced PC gaming concept confirms hunch you can never have enough displays
  95. Windows 7 adds native Virtual WiFi technology from Microsoft Research
  96. Leaked Windows 7 box art is indeed real
  97. Blurry screencaps of Office 2010 Technical Preview from TechEd 2009 keynote
  98. False alarm: leaked Windows 7 box shots fake
  99. Microsoft Surface: “I’m just a table right now”
  100. Windows Live explained with liquid blobs
  101. Microsoft wants to take Seadragon to Windows 8, Windows Mobile 7, everywhere
  102. MSDN publishes (and pulls) Widgets for Windows Mobile 6.5 developer article
  103. Microsoft’s Home & Work XUI concept videos
  104. Microsoft training video reveals older prototype of Windows 7 “superbar”
  105. Go test drive Windows 7 RC today
  106. CTRL+F and Outlook 2010: will Microsoft follow Google into design by engineers
  107. Windows Mobile 6.5 takes personalization to the next level with themes and Titanium plugins
  108. Windows enthusiast Cullen creates “Cophenhagen” user experience concept video
  109. Better Place experiments with WPF & Windows XP for in-car electronic dashboard
  110. Over-the-air updates for Windows Mobile in the works
  111. Sneak peek at Windows Mobile 6.5 themes
  112. Isaac Mizrahi designs Windows Mobile 6.5 themes
  113. Zune wants to come into your living room, entertain you
  114. Microsoft CTIA 2009 keynote live stream
  115. Announcing partnership with with Rafael Rivera; new subscription pricing model
  116. Windows Marketplace for Mobile preview video teases the app store you want, don’t yet have
  117. Windows Marketplace for Mobile to charge developers for application updates
  118., now in 13 languages, powered by Microsoft Translator widget
  119. MIX09: Windows Mobile 6.5 shows more polish
  120. Expression Web SuperPreview makes cross-browser testing like moist delicious cake
  121. MIX09 teasers from Angus Logan and yours truly
  122. Behind vision “2019?: interview with Ian Sands, Microsoft Office Labs Director of Envisioning
  123. Razorfish DaVinci Surface application; like Crayon Physics Deluxe, only better
  124. Why I’m worried Windows Marketplace for Mobile will undermine creativity and experimentation
  125. Windows Mobile 7: not just a “me-too iPhone”
  126. Start Windows (video)
  127. Amnesia turns Microsoft Surface into giant interactive business card readers, and Razorfish “Table Toss”
  128. Widgets: Windows Mobile 6.5 joins the “web applications” bandwagon
  129. Renders of flashier new Zune retail displays
  130. Why Windows Mobile 6.5’s honeycomb menu is not just a “glorified grid”, rather, simple ingenuity
  131. Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019 (video)
  132. Get your Windows 7 Beta DVD here
  133. Users prevail: Microsoft changes Windows 7 UAC control panel behavior to address security flaw
  134. Win a free Windows 7 shirt (Australian residents only)
  135. Second Windows 7 UAC security flaw: malware can silently self-elevate with default UAC policy
  136. Microsoft dismisses Windows 7 UAC security flaw, continues to insist it is “by design”
  137. Sacrificing security for usability: UAC security flaw in Windows 7 beta (with proof of concept code)
  138. Mail Servers
  139. RSS-powered Windows 7 desktop slideshows
  140. Microsoft Learning spoofs “I love the whole world”
  141. Songsmith plus black metal, hilarity ensues
  142. Windows 7 marketing initiative outlined
  143. Windows mail log on problem Err 0x800ccc90 & 92
  144. Microsoft opens fake store to demo utopian retail experience; begs question why not open a real store
  145. Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder: miracle tool
  146. Hacking Microsoft Tag’s HCCB: actually works in grayscale and monochrome too!
  147. Microsoft Tag: Microsoft’s own 2D barcode
  148. Microsoft Research announces Songsmith, make-your-own-song-from-vocals software
  149. World’s largest Windows Media Center remote control
  150. Measuring up Windows 7’s new “super” taskbar
  151. The evolution of Windows Media Center
  152. Watch Ballmer do Ballmer things live from CES 2009
  153. E-mail timeout
  154. Left 4 Dead freebies giveaway
  155. Announcing the winner of HP Magic Giveaway
  156. Microsoft sells standalone Windows Vista (RED): Dec 15
  157. Microsoft Research “Boku” in-depth preview
  158. The new Microsoft Visitor Center
  159. A peek into a legendary game company, Valve Software
  160. Guest post: Windows Azure - review from a developer
  161. istartedsomething HP Magic Giveaway contest
  162. From Microsoft patent to Windows reality: “X-ray browsing”, circa 2005; Aero Peek, circa 2008.
  163. Students, help Channel8 build the ultimate Media Center PC and win a chance to keep it
  164. HP Magic Giveaway contest schedule
  165. Direct3D WARP10 to enable you to play DX10 Crysis using software renderer only, albeit slowly
  166. Win $6000 of HP goodies in the Magic Giveaway: hold your horses, competition starts soon
  167. Flickr Search Connectr for Windows 7 Search Federation
  168. Windows 7: seek and you shall find
  169. Delicious new Windows Live Wave 3 icons
  170. Windows 7’s new “play all” decoders, encoders and transcoding capabilities
  171. Touch panning (a.k.a. kinetic scrolling) in Windows 7
  172. Windows 7 t-shirts on eBay: build not included
  173. Windows 7 to allow PC backups to network share
  174. Windows 7 makes troubleshooting as simple as pie; geek kids around the world rejoice
  175. Watch Steve Ballmer and co. live from Sydney tomorrow
  176. Sandbox users with Windows 7 PC Safeguard
  177. Tip: make your PDC 2008 USB hard drive a bootable Windows 7 install disk
  178. Shake up your Windows 7 with Aero Shake
  179. Why you should contribute to Win7 Taskforce
  180. Tidbits about the new “superbar” taskbar
  181. Improvements to fonts in Windows 7
  182. Windows 7 and light sensors: let there be light
  183. Design principles for Windows 7
  184. Microsoft Boku at PDC 2008
  185. Live from PDC08: Rick Rashid
  186. Windows 7 DWM cuts memory consumption by 50%
  187. Windows 7 DPI scaling: my 7 is bigger than your 7
  188. Windows 7 themes: glass, basic and classic
  189. Windows 7 UX tidbits: color hot-track
  190. Live from PDC08: Q&A
  191. Live from PDC08: Keynote - Ray Ozzie, Steven Sinofsky, Scott Guthrie and David Treadwell
  192. PDC08 “Azura” keynote word-cloud
  193. Download the official PDC 2008 wallpaper
  194. Windows 7 (M3) pre-beta features detailed in privacy statement
  195. Live from PDC08: Keynote - Ray Ozzie, Amitabh Srivastava, Bob Muglia and David Thompson
  196. Windows 7 is actually Windows XP?
  197. PDC 08 keynote live streams
  198. Refreshed homepage design
  199. PDC 2008 starts Monday 8:30am
  200. Windows 7 software logo requirements published
  201. “MIX Online” site relaunched - raising the bar
  202. Windows 7 targets October 2009 RTM, retail soon after
  203. “All-star bloggers” group liveblogging at PDC 2008
  204. PDC 2008 sessions scheduler / timeline live
  205. Live Maps fail: mistakens pond for Atlantic Ocean
  206. Windows UX Guidelines October 08 update: ribbons, touch and pen computing
  207. Microsoft survey teases “Oahu”: affordable consumer-version of the Surface computer, hypothetically
  208. WinHEC 2008 agenda confirms native VHD support
  209. World Vision Australia: win a chance to play with Surface (Australia residents only)
  210. “Windows Strata” - name of the Microsoft cloud OS?
  211. Life without walls - irony?
  212. WinHEC “please don’t forget about me” 2008: Windows 7 sessions detailed
  213. 4 Softies and a Pizza Guy: PDC boyband
  214. Hands-on with Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 v3
  215. New Windows 7 sessions at PDC08
  216. Bill Gates likes cheeseburgers
  217. I’M A PC video browser
  218. Tron Guy makes “I’m a PC” cameo
  219. I’m a PC deja vu
  220. How to sync individual files with Live Mesh
  221. AMD Fusion for gaming tool is the Windows “gaming mode” you’ve been waiting for
  222. Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Released!
  223. Improve Multi-Tasking with Virtual Desktops
  224. Microsoft ups Imagine Cup 2008 prize
  225. Uni. Washington and Microsoft Research collaborates on (yet another) mindblowing 3D photo viewer
  226. Microsoft Enviroment video reveals datacenter server numbers and power consumption?
  227. Launching Aqua Taskforce for Mac OS X users
  228. IE8 Beta 2 will be released within 6 days!
  229. Microsoft enlists Seinfeld for ad campaign
  230. Microsoft Launches Windows 7 Blog
  231. Microsoft needs more IE8 beta testers
  232. Windows 7 to add slideshow wallpapers, theme gallery and theme packs
  233. Windows 7 EULA: watch this space
  234. Other cool Microsoft ads by B&M (of Mojave fame)
  235. Restore Window Title and Icon in Windows Explorer
  236. Restore classic toolbar in Office 2007
  237. Create a 360 degree Virtual Desktop
  238. Windows Mojave is a big hit
  239. Second rate winners?
  240. Winning the Imagine Cup world finals
  241. And we’re back …
  242. Microsoft set to strike back at Apple
  243. Microsoft Launches Subscription based Office Combo
  244. Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V has hit RTM
  245. Nation of Fiji has problem with Windows Fiji
  246. June reliability update for Vista SP1
  247. Windows 7 will ship January 2010
  248. The holy SKU - Microsoft Church Package
  250. Zune progress bar. Fail.