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  1. The “touch comfort” science behind Windows 8
  2. Short: Some of what Microsoft didn’t show of Windows 8
  3. Windows 8 101: tips & tricks for new Start experience
  4. BUILD attendees take home Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC/slate
  5. A brief analysis of Metro on Windows 8
  6. BUILD 2011 keynote 1 group liveblog
  7. Join us for the BUILD keynotes group liveblog
  8. iPad iOS 5 & Android Honeycomb: opportunities for Windows 8
  9. TechQuest adds 45 achivements to Microsoft TechEd Australia conference
  10. The Samsung Series 7 Slate PC looks familiar…
  11. Kinect Windows SDK to live on in Microsoft Research
  12. Windows 8 Explorer gets a ribbon, everybody gets a ribbon
  13. Green Button makes Pixar’s RenderMan concept on Windows Azure a reality
  14. nsquared demos “seamless computing” prototype at TechEd Australia 2011
  15. TechEd Australia 2011 kicks off with two keynotes
  16. Microsoft ad showcases sweet Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Live & System Center synergy
  17. Socialite: Microsoft’s social client for Windows 8?
  18. WiFi internet sharing/tethering in Mango tidbits
  19. Dissecting the Windows 8 file management video
  20. Microsoft wins undefeated in Starcraft 2 After Hours Gaming League
  21. New Bing “decide with your friends” ads emphasizes Facebook likes
  22. Short: A taste of HTML5 Metro tiles
  23. Age of Empires Online: whole bunch of fun for free
  24. Short: Age of Empires Online now available
  25. Executives spoof video from Microsoft MGX FY12
  26. Idea for a more accident-friendly WP7 search button
  27. Microsoft and Windows renovating “The Block”
  28. Students teases the future of home automation with Microsoft Research’s HomeOS
  29. The science behind Bing Vision 2D object recognition
  30. Microsoft takes flawless lead in tech company Starcraft 2 tournament
  31. Introducing MetroTwit Show: a visualizer for Twitter
  32. Microsoft quietly testing Zune Music in Australia
  33. Bing Maps: what a difference a little color makes
  34. My first WP7 app: Speedo Plus
  35. Microsoft Touch Mouse gets its own multi-touch SDK
  36. WP7 Mango: tap-by-turn voice guidance a necessary evil
  37. WP7 Mango now less crippled down under
  38. Radial menu love for Bing Visual Search prototype
  39. Battle for Beauty: Toronto fights for a beautiful web
  40. Nokia N9: a pretty good effort without Microsoft
  41. The Minority Report Kinect SDK hacks begin
  42. Four-storey Bing image background drawn in person
  43. Fingers-on with the HP TouchSmart 610-1030A
  44. IE9 Battle for Beauty: online & offline game to fight for a more beautiful web, June 10-11
  45. Dissecting the Windows 8 touch UI demo from D9
  46. Bing Maps, now optimized for car boats
  47. Windows 7 “Aero Shake” inventor reveals alternative canned “Aladdin” prototype
  48. Behind the scenes of Mango: tidbits from Brandon Watson’s Channel9 videos
  49. Windows Phone 7 Mango features revamped SIP for Japanese; new emoticons and all
  50. Microsoft Research demos “copy-aware computing”: source control with a twist
  51. WP7 Mango teaser video previews new features
  52. Watch the Microsoft PDC that started it all
  53. .NET Micro Framework enables breathalyzer to tweet
  54. Windows University Tour 2011 shows off and gives away new Win7 PCs to Australian students
  55. Check out the free PREMIX keynote at REMIX Australia (update: REMIX ticket to giveaway)
  56. Microsoft takes the lead at cloud in Asia Pacific
  57. Windows Phone 7 Mango East Asian language tidbits
  58. Announcing “The Nest”: a partnership with Rowi
  59. Microsoft overcomes the laws of physics
  60. Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2012 comes down to Australia
  61. See the Australian Imagine Cup 2011 finals live on Thursday in Sydney
  62. The “Microsoft Destination” concept is a breathtaking vision for a Microsoft store
  63. Translating Windows Phone’s Metro to the desktop: lessons from MetroTwit
  64. Windows 8?s user account roaming feature revealed
  65. The game sequel you’ve been waiting for: Ribbon Hero 2
  66. Alleged Windows 8 App Store screenshot is fake: third-party app “Appmarts”
  67. Even better Aussie HTC HD7 bonus: mystery flight
  68. Aussie HTC HD7 WP7 bonus: two free XBOX360 games
  69. MIX11: Riding the “Jellybean” Kinect lounge chair
  70. MIX11: WP7 SD card I/O performance discrepancy, battery and agents tidbits
  71. Qantas app flies us to “2019? with Mango WP7 app
  72. Behind the World’s Biggest Pac-Man
  73. MIX11 group liveblog: day 2 keynote
  74. MIX11: Surface 2.0 continues the Metro trend
  75. MIX11: Microsoft demos Kinect SDK with WorldWide Telescope
  76. MIX11: Windows Phone 7 app wall
  77. MIX11 group liveblog: day 1 keynote
  78. MIX11 keynotes group liveblog: mark your calendar
  79. Windows 8 to feature native SmartScreen file checking
  80. “Nine Lettuce” wins Australian WP7 App Champion
  81. First look at the future of application deployment on Windows 8: AppX
  82. Microsoft enters the drug business with redesigned Security Essentials website
  83. Windows 8 explorer teases file syncing and web sharing
  84. Hack to get early internal Mango update for your WP7
  85. Microsoft’s Craig Mundie talks Kinect and demos Avatar Kinect in Melbourne
  86. Microsoft Germany and Stereolize presents 234? of interactive touch-screen goodness
  87. Microsoft’s “Future of productivity” showcases 19 years of evolution in information technology
  88. Bing Japan’s condolence image of the day
  89. Microsoft Research reveals guts of Kinect technology
  90. Dear internets: this is NOT the Microsoft logo
  91. Microsoft Advertising awarded new “Filmstrip” ad format
  92. Windows Phone 7 duplicate contacts driving me crazy
  93. Microsoft Australia’s sketchy developer evangelism portal is #winning
  94. Why we should all thank Internet Explorer 9 for upgrading the web
  95. Former Miss Australia Erin McNaught goes dating for Windows 7 TV ads
  96. Help us shape the future of MetroTwit
  97. Chain of Fools: a video experiment to upgrade every version of Windows
  98. Microsoft Sputnik concept boxshot makes me wish it was so much more
  99. Dude, there’s an ad in my MetroTwit
  100. Microsoft supports first music marketplace on WP7 in Australia, but it’s not Zune
  101. Can’t wait for WP7 copy paste? Maybe send your phone for OEM servicing (caveat)
  102. Apple shows how Shadow Copy is suppose to be done
  103. Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 adds split screen
  104. First looks at Microsoft Australia’s new digs
  105. Microsoft Tag helps zombies overpower hippies
  106. Nano-coating technology: water-repellent on steroids
  107. Microsoft demos safer and more private web with U-Prove CTP R2 samples
  108. Evidence of different screen resolution for Nokia’s concept Windows Phone 7 (or a new chassis)
  109. Nokia WP7: first an extra tile, now an extra button
  110. The Jelly Reef: cutest Microsoft Surface game to date
  111. Why Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 concept is fake
  112. First Microsoft Signature PC comes to Australia with back-to-school Dell XPS 14 laptop offer
  113. Relaunching the new “Here’s an idea”
  114. Seriously Hotmail? You let this through?
  115. Microsoft explores hybrid maps with embedded street-side images
  116. Microsoft patent reveals fast-boot dual-boot hybrid
  117. Microsoft fixes international transaction fees on Windows Phone 7 purchases (Australia)
  118. Framerate Fest: a Microsoft HTML5 art gallery
  119. ChevronWP7: All I got was this lousy shirt
  120. Microsoft kicks off “Be what’s next” tagline with Golden Globes TV ads
  121. Win a trip to MIX11 for Aussie WP7 developers
  122. Intel takes an action movie to the Windows 7 desktop
  123. Ford and Microsoft’s lead in car-infotainment
  124. Ford uses Kinect sensor for digital display
  125. Hands-on with the new Surface 2.0 – Samsung SUR40
  126. Windows with ARM paves way for a unified kernel
  127. Microsoft dubs Windows Home Server “Vail” as Windows 7 Home Server
  128. Slideshow: CES 2011 Microsoft keynote
  129. I love Rafael
  130. Liveblog: Microsoft CES 2011 Special Press Conference
  131. ASUS’s Windows 7 slate is deja vu of PC industry’s past failures with tablets
  132. CSIRO and Microsoft Research has eyes set on “White(space)-Fi”
  133. .NET Micro Framework project turns Christmas lights into IM contact indicators
  134. Microsoft Research’s Diff-IE lets you play “spot the difference” with websites
  135. The Noun Project and Metro, a match made in icon design heaven
  136. Fear Not, Chrome Os Has Caps Lock
  137. Help Microsoft Australia marry Mike and Jenny, win a Windows Phone 7 a day
  138. Windows Phone 7 freezes for French guerilla marketing campaign
  139. My thoughts on “My thoughts on ChevronWP7?
  140. ChevronWP7: Windows Phone 7 unlocker released
  141. Reading between the lines: Windows Home Server code name “Vail”– Update
  142. “Be what’s next” makes first public cameo in Microsoft recruiting promo material
  143. Windows Phone 7 native access enables prototype augmented reality app
  144. Windows 7, Windows Live and Windows Phone 7 comes together to make sweet music
  145. One small step for native code; one big leap for Windows Phone 7 jailbreak
  146. Internet Explorer 9 (& Windows Live) could help you fall in love and break your heart
  147. Australians hit with international transaction fees for Windows Phone 7 app purchases
  148. Microsoft officializes new “Be what’s next” tagline
  149. Pixar’s Renderman prototype is the best realization of the cloud computing vision yet
  150. Microsoft PDC10 attendees get free Windows Phone 7
  151. Slideshow: Microsoft PDC 2010 keynote
  152. Windows Phone 7: hardware (still) matters
  153. Isaiah “Old Spice Guy” Mustafa talks Windows Phone 7 and tech on FranklySpeaking
  154. Workaround for local business listings and voice search on Windows Phone 7 in Australia
  155. Windows Phone 7 is full of win and delight
  156. Isaiah “Old Spice Guy” Mustafa coming to Australia to promote Windows Phone 7
  157. Australian pricing options for Windows Phone 7
  158. Australian range of Windows Phone 7 devices
  159. Windows Phone 7 4G support confirmed
  160. Windows Live portal for WP7 teased again on video
  161. Slideshow: Internet Explorer 9 “Beauty of the Web”
  162. Behind the design of the Internet Explorer 9 chrome
  163. Liveblog: Microsoft’s “Beauty of the Web” Internet Explorer 9 beta launch
  164. Mark your calendars: Microsoft’s “Beauty of the Web” Internet Explorer 9 beta launch group liveblog
  165. Microsoft Australia launches SCREENed student film competition: 7 minutes about “7?
  166. Real Live Search: where was Bing 12 months ago?
  167. Microsoft begins the hype for Internet Explorer 9
  168. Microsoft XUI concept video series finale “Play”
  169. Microsoft Research takes a second look at multi-touch mice interaction
  170. Windows Phone 7?s MyPhone site teased
  171. Microsoft to publish extra code to make third party WP7 apps more consistent
  172. Microsoft explores natural user interface ideas with interactive paper prototypes
  173. Microsoft goes Willy Wonka for Windows Phone 7 giveaways at TechEd Australia 2010
  174. Local Windows Phone 7 apps showcased at TechEd
  175. Clever Aussie Microsoft Office 2010 ad lets you personalize your own magazine cover
  176. Every time you type on Windows Phone 7, it plays a subtly different sound
  177. Conceptual USGA golf scoring app by Microsoft shows Windows Phone 7 apps done right
  178. Microsoft Research’s “Technology Heirlooms” are cool time capsules for the digital age
  179. Internet Explorer 9 event invites gets all Zune-y
  180. Experience IPv6 at TechEd Australia 2010
  181. Microsoft readies Mediaroom for Windows Phone 7
  182. Arc Touch Mouse confirmed at USD$69.95 RRP
  183. Bing Maps looked ugly before, now looks like s***
  184. Microsoft: where even software software development tools fail at regionalization
  185. Over 3,000 Windows Phone 7 devices in the wild
  186. Microsoft on the hunt for a new look?
  187. Photoshop your own Windows Phone 7 applications
  188. Windows Phone 7 SDK beta emulator walkthrough
  189. Thoughts on WPF 4.0 from a novice
  190. “Arc Touch Mouse” surfaces – Microsoft to launch multi-touch mouse?
  191. How to tell when lawyers got involved in the design process: a Microsoft case example
  192. Jumping on the ergonomic bandwagon
  193. A peek in to Cairo and how Microsoft plans Windows
  194. Prototype Windows Phone 7 boots up really fast
  195. Windows Phone 7 developer phone unlock detailed
  196. Trialing applications on Windows Phone 7 a breeze for users and developers
  197. No more ambiguous icons in Windows Phone 7!
  198. Windows Phone 7 devices in developers’ hands July
  199. Share your WEI score with WEIShare
  200. Windows Phone 7 screencaps from TechEd 2010
  201. Office Communicator 14 makes me wish for a Windows Live Messenger “Lite”
  202. Developing MetroTwit: how you know when you’re on to something…
  203. Microsoft Research’s Pinch-the-Sky Dome takes multi-touch interactivity to 3D space
  204. Windows Live Wave 4 Hotmail and Messenger to be officially unveiled May 18th
  205. Simplified box art for Office 2010 standalone apps
  206. You wouldn’t drink 9-year-old milk, so why use a 9-year-old browser?
  207. Microsoft’s “Merry Go Round” of Windows 7 PCs
  208. Don’t steal software, on the street
  209. What’s playing on the Microsoft Store video wall
  210. Microsoft-sponsored Aura project: like Twitter, but with XBOX avatars
  211. Microsoft Research’s “Manual Deskterity” explores the synergy of pen & touch
  212. New golden Windows Live Hotmail logo unveiled
  213. Tabbles gives you a bite-sized taste of WinFS
  214. MetroTwit: a Metro-inspired Windows twitter client (work in progress)
  215. Windows Phone 7 Series “Metro” book giveaway
  216. Bill Buxton on making user interfaces “natural”
  217. Windows Phone 7 Series emulator “unlocked”
  218. Windows Phone 7 Series will have copy & paste, eventually
  219. Earlier concepts of Metro in Windows Phone 7 Series
  220. New Windows Phone 7 Series promo from MIX10
  221. New “delights” in Windows Phone 7 Series
  222. Microsoft’s applications on Windows Phone 7 Series not Silverlight-based
  223. Internet Explorer 9 takes the lead, again, for now
  224. Live from Microsoft MIX10 Day 2 Keynote liveblog
  225. Microsoft says Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace will be “objective”
  226. Windows Update-like service coming to Windows Phone 7 Series
  227. Windows Update-like service coming to Windows Phone 7 Series
  228. Windows Phone 7 Series emulator demo screencast: Internet Explorer
  229. Windows Phone 7 Series emulator demo: Settings
  230. The Windows Phone 7 Series hardware specifications and Samsung device preview
  231. Windows Phone 7 Series: the phone also works
  232. Live from Microsoft MIX10 Day 1 Keynote liveblog
  233. Metro-inspired apps to come courtesy of Silverlight
  234. Office Web Apps to be updated like, well, a web app
  235. Microsoft’s abandoned “Sputnik” wireless webcam
  236. Microsoft MIX10 “We’re all in” Group Liveblog: mark your calendars
  237. Alternate WP7S start screen concept revealed
  238. Geosense for Windows: location, location, location
  239. Windows Phones 7 Series & Classic to co-exist
  240. Windows Phone 7 Series promo video
  241. Windows Phone 7 Series to have unified marketplace for apps, games and music
  242. Windows Phone 7 Series live demonstration
  243. Live from Microsoft Press Conference @ MWC 2010
  244. Microsoft’s Pink “Turtle” crawls its way through FCC
  245. Windows Mobile 7’s “My Phone” to feature remote contacts & calendar
  246. Windows Mobile 7’s “My Phone” to feature remote contacts & calendar
  247. Location-based operating system concept: “Locus OS”
  248. Microsoft Press Conference @ Mobile World Congress 2010 group liveblog: mark your calendars
  249. Make Adobe Reader shine like it should under 64-bit Windows 7/Vista
  250. There will be so much Windows Mobile, Microsoft can’t fit it in one event in February