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  1. Article ID: 930585 Uppercase letters “Ț” and “Ș” are displayed in the middle of words in the Romanian-language version of Windows Vista
  2. Article ID: 934172 Files that are encrypted by using the Encrypting File System (EFS) are not backed up when you use the “Back up files” option in Windows Vista
  3. Article ID: 940264 Error message when you try to burn an audio CD by using Windows Media Player 11 on a Windows Vista-based computer: “Please insert a blank disc”
  4. Profil Service service is preventing me from loggin on
  5. switch between windows changed suddenly
  6. FixCleaner Windows Update
  7. Multiple Vista Problems All of a Sudden
  8. Problems installing/uninstalling programs
  9. stack overflow
  10. Boot problem
  11. Vista Ultimate Activation
  12. Suddenly cannot set default program in Vista 64
  13. How do you add the repair option in Programs and Features?
  14. how to exit power save mode?
  15. system screen is black when switched on
  16. vista zip files
  17. New email--auto strikethrough ?
  18. Cannot read some files downloaded
  19. Cannot read some files downloaded
  20. WerFault.exe using 100%cpu resources
  21. HP 2840 printer on 64bit
  22. Need help with Nokia Ovi Player not Launching
  23. Some Passwords (such as windows password) to Protect Your Computer Privacy.
  24. Some Passwords to Protect Your Computer Privacy.
  25. Editing your user profile
  26. Big Man
  27. Min CPU speed setting keeps changing to 100%
  28. HELP!! Cant download anything.
  29. Sharing Desktop
  30. vista accidentley got deleted when putting ospclinux on computer
  31. windows media player compatibility issues
  32. Missing config file..
  33. Vista x64 Bit File Need Install.wim
  34. BITS error 1068
  35. Vpn
  36. Deleted Documents Folder HELP!!
  37. explorer.exe x2 and svchost.exe x 16
  38. Buffer Overrun
  39. USB ports not funtioning on boot up
  40. convert outlook 2003 pst files to windows mail for vista premium home edition
  41. Does Vista run with a hidden partition?
  42. Hi, I use Vista Home Premium 32bit and I want to install Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 8 at I also checked
  43. windows mail -sent folder
  44. Vista Compatibility Mode for Maple 7
  45. Cant Restore Backup Files From Hard Drive Using Vista Restore
  46. Image problems
  47. unexpected shutdown
  48. 0x80070002 Error
  49. Vista problems with web site User ID/passwords
  50. Error Code 8024402F
  51. application not found
  52. Run DOS in full screen under wondows vista
  53. BlueScreen on boot
  54. Error Code
  55. Network resourses password problems
  56. screen scrambles
  57. Need IE7 to be 128-bit Cipher instead of 256-bit
  58. Cannot install updates
  59. rundll error
  60. Systems Information
  61. windows installer
  62. Article ID: 930585 Uppercase letters T and S are displayed in the middle of words in the Romanian-language version of Windows Vista
  63. Article ID: 936054 Error message when you try to move a folder to a mount point folder that is located on the same disk in Windows Vista: "Access Denied"
  64. Article ID: 936029 The "Request For Permission to Use a Key" dialog box appears whenever you try to send an e-mail message in Outlook 2007 after you configure Outlook 2007 to use a digital signature in Windows Vista
  65. Article ID: 936004 A USB telephony device that is installed on a Windows Vista-based computer is unexpectedly set as the default audio device
  66. Article ID: 935988 When you try to remotely administer a DHCP server from a Windows Vista-based computer, you cannot find the DHCP scopes
  67. Article ID: 935977 A string appears as a question mark if an application uses the ReadEventLogA function to read the string from the event log in Windows Vista
  68. Article ID: 935951 You may be unable to type Chinese characters for the user name and for the computer name in the OOBE Wizard in certain Chinese-language versions of Windows Vista
  69. Article ID: 935954 A DVD movie that you play in Windows Media Player skips frames, or it skips to the next chapter when you drag the video window from one monitor to another monitor on a Windows Vista-based system
  70. Article ID: 935878 The enhanced video renderer (EVR) sends the EC_DISPLAY_CHANGED event when you play a video stream in Windows Vista
  71. Article ID: 935881 A Windows Vista-based computer restarts repeatedly after you install a security package
  72. Article ID: 935936 You receive a Stop error message on a Windows Vista-based computer: "Stop 0x00000001 (0x00000000, 0x7FFDC000, 0X0000FFFF, 0X00000000)"
  73. Article ID: 935945 The packets that are sent to the local computer are dropped after you establish a VPN connection by using a third-party VPN adapter on a Windows Vista-based computer
  74. Article ID: 936060 An incorrect character is displayed when you input a character in an ANSI-based application on a computer that is running Windows Vista
  75. Article ID: 936136 You may experience problems when you use the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer on a Windows Vista-based computer
  76. Article ID: 936499 Negative acknowledgement messages are not sent to the queue that is specified in the AdministrationQueue property of a message in Message Queuing 4.0
  77. Article ID: 936498 No Microsoft Message Queuing 4.0 components are enabled after you use the "Turn Windows features on or off" wizard in Windows Vista
  78. Article ID: 936469 When you use DFS together with the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) in Windows Vista, VSS does not show whether the DFS path is the same as the physical path
  79. Article ID: 936357 A microcode reliability update is available that improves the reliability of systems that use Intel processors
  80. Article ID: 936330 Release notes for Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  81. Article ID: 936227 MS07-042: Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services could allow remote code execution
  82. Article ID: 936212 How to repair the operating system and how to restore the operating system configuration to an earlier point in time in Windows Vista
  83. Article ID: 936205 Files are corrupted if the computer switches to suspend mode while you synchronize offline files in Windows Vista
  84. Article ID: 936176 Underlined Japanese characters print without the underline in Windows Vista
  85. Article ID: 936162 Windows Management Instrumentation may not correctly report information about certain USB disk devices
  86. Article ID: 936150 Error message when you wake Windows Vista from sleep: "STOP: 0x000000B8"
  87. Article ID: 935876 You receive invalid values when you query the ifOperStatus object identifier on a Windows Vista-based computer
  88. Article ID: 935855 Error message when you try to start Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista: "You must be an administrator to open Internet Explorer on this desktop"
  89. Article ID: 935467 You cannot use the ImageX.exe tool as a backup tool on a Windows Vista-based computer
  90. Article ID: 935466 Error message when you resume a Windows Vista-based computer from running a 3-D screen saver, from sleep, or from hibernation: "Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection&
  91. Article ID: 935458 The behavior of TCP acknowledgments (ACKs) does not change after you modify the TcpAckFrequency registry entry in Windows Vista
  92. Article ID: 935427 When you transfer a file between a Windows Vista-based client computer and a file server, Windows Vista stops responding
  93. Article ID: 935415 The original file is overwritten when you select a file name from the history list in the Save As dialog box in Windows Vista
  94. Article ID: 935366 Access may stop responding when you open a remote database
  95. Article ID: 935370 Issues that you may encounter when you open or are using a Microsoft Office Access database on a computer that is running Windows Vista
  96. Article ID: 935276 When you try to install a Web Services on Devices (WSD)-based device on a Windows Vista-based computer, the installation is not completed successfully
  97. Article ID: 935280 July 2007 Windows Vista Application Compatibility Update
  98. Article ID: 935336 Windows Media Player 11 cannot play DRM-protected content on Windows Vista
  99. Article ID: 935495 The Windows System Assessment tool displays incorrect processor information about an Intel Ultra Mobile Platform-based computer that is running Windows Vista
  100. Article ID: 935269 The IP address of the default gateway for a dial-up connection in Windows Vista is
  101. Article ID: 935511 Error message when you try to start Windows Defender on a computer that you recently upgraded to Windows Vista: "Application failed to initialize"
  102. Article ID: 935823 A computer may restart unexpectedly, and the operating system is rolled back to the previous operating system during an upgrade to Windows Vista
  103. Article ID: 935807 MS07-038: Vulnerability in Windows Vista Firewall could allow information disclosure
  104. Article ID: 935782 A USB device takes a long time to resume from "selective suspend" mode on a Windows Vista-based computer that uses UHCI USB controllers
  105. Article ID: 935765 A long environment variable is truncated to 1024 characters the next time that you log on to Windows Vista
  106. Article ID: 935663 Changes to an offline file are not saved to the server when files are synchronized in Windows Vista
  107. Article ID: 935607 The CopyImage function may fail in Windows Vista if you use this function to copy a large bitmap
  108. Article ID: 935606 Backup system files are not restored as expected when you use third-party system restore applications on a Windows Vista-based computer
  109. Article ID: 935576 After you use a smart card certificate to establish a remote access connection, you cannot connect a Windows Vista-based computer to a shared resource in a foreign domain
  110. Article ID: 935553 The WMI Provider Host program may stop responding when you run a program that uses the Offline Files WMI Provider on a Windows Vista-based computer
  111. Article ID: 935526 Windows Vista Support WebCast: Learn about computers and devices that compose the Windows Vista hardware ecosystem
  112. Article ID: 935369 The TimeZone entry in an unattended installation file is not supported in Windows Vista and in Windows Server "Longhorn"
  113. Article ID: 937473 The computer restarts unexpectedly when you leave the Shutdown option selected in Sysprep in the Norwegian, French, or Italian version of Windows Vista
  114. Article ID: 937187 Error message when you try to install a new hardware device in Windows Vista: "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device"
  115. Article ID: 937170 When you try to perform a task that requires elevated user rights, you do not receive a response in Windows Vista
  116. Article ID: 937168 After you configure Internet Connection Sharing in Windows Vista, the network connection stops working after one-to-two hours
  117. Article ID: 937151 You cannot connect to the Internet from a Windows Vista-based computer that uses a local .pac file
  118. Article ID: 937150 You receive an error message when you try to activate Windows Vista after you upgrade by using Windows Anytime Upgrade
  119. Article ID: 937141 In Windows Vista, you cannot use the Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 codec to create MP3 content
  120. Article ID: 937130 The floating in-place Tablet PC Input Panel icon does not appear when you set the focus to a password field by holding a pen near the field of a WPF application
  121. Article ID: 937123 You are not prompted to log on to a wired 802.1X network in Windows Vista
  122. Article ID: 937097 Problems with the network, hard disk drive, or storage drivers cause a program to stop unexpectedly in Windows Vista
  123. Article ID: 937085 The Perfmon.exe process may continuously start and stop when you click the "Resource Monitor" button on a Windows Vista-based computer
  124. Article ID: 937188 When an Adobe RGB profile-embedded TIFF image is printed to the Windows XPS Document Writer on a Windows Vista-based computer or on a Windows XP SP2-based computer, the colors may be incorrect
  125. Article ID: 937230 An incorrect cell is selected when you click to select a cell in a ListView common control in Windows Vista
  126. Article ID: 937248 Description of the Jet 4.0 Database Engine update rollup for the release version of Windows Vista: May 11, 2007
  127. Article ID: 937454 An external USB storage device may not appear in the Safely Remove Hardware list in the notification area in Windows Vista
  128. Article ID: 937430 Two language bars appear on the desktop after you upgrade to Windows Vista from an installation of Windows XP SP2 that had an IME enabled
  129. Article ID: 937426 You are prompted to activate Windows Vista after you start the system in diagnostic startup mode
  130. Article ID: 937363 You may receive an incorrect warning that your profile quota has been exceeded when you use the Profile Quota Manager tool in Windows Vista
  131. Article ID: 937333 WDS cannot generate more than 255 client names when you use WDS to deploy Windows Vista
  132. Article ID: 937322 Stop error message when you run the "Common Scenario Stress with IO" test, print to a shared printer on the network, or perform a power management operation on a Windows Vista-based computer: "Stop 0x0000009F"
  133. Article ID: 937252 Volume numbers in the "Volume ###" column may change every time that you run the "List Volume" command in the Diskpart.exe utility in Windows
  134. Article ID: 937251 The disk-drive numbers on a Windows Vista-based computer may not correspond as expected to the SATA channel numbers
  135. Article ID: 937250 You receive an error message when you try to use the shortcut menu to create a Rich Text Format document in a Croatian version of Windows Vista
  136. Article ID: 937249 "Mirovanje" is used for both the "Sleep" command and the "Hibernate" command on the "Shut Down" menu in the Slovenian version of Windows Vista
  137. Article ID: 937082 You cannot configure the maximum number of concurrent SMB requests that are sent to a Windows Vista-based file server
  138. Article ID: 937063 The system automatically restarts when you try to encrypt files or to decrypt files by using EFS on a computer that is running Windows Vista
  139. Article ID: 937035 You can use a High Definition Audio controller to wake a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep or from hibernation
  140. Article ID: 936653 Error message when you try to play the World of Warcraft game in Windows Vista: "Display driver stopped responding"
  141. Article ID: 936652 Error message when you try to start a Windows Vista-based computer that is running Roxio or Sonic Solutions software: "The Sonic Solutions DLA Driver is blocked due to compatibility issues"
  142. Article ID: 936651 A computer that is running Windows Vista may not perform as expected when you use a version of Quicken that is earlier than Quicken 2007 R4
  143. Article ID: 936650 Some features in QuickBooks 2006 and in earlier versions may not work as expected on a Windows Vista-based computer
  144. Article ID: 936649 You cannot play media files that you purchased from the iTunes Music Store after you upgrade to Windows Vista
  145. Article ID: 936648 You receive an error message when you try to install or to use Apple iTunes software on a Windows Vista-based computer
  146. Article ID: 936647 Error message in Windows Vista when you try to install Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource" or "Error 1714"
  147. Article ID: 936645 Error message when you try to install Adobe Reader 8 on a Windows Vista-based computer: "The Temp folder is on a drive that is full or is inaccessible"
  148. Article ID: 936621 The Windows Media Digital Rights Management system may not work after you perform a system restore operation
  149. Article ID: 936613 The performance of gaming graphics may be less than you expect, based on the Windows Experience Index score in Windows Vista
  150. Article ID: 936686 Icons are missing from Control Panel, or you cannot start Control Panel, the Welcome Center, or games in Windows Vista
  151. Article ID: 936706 Music continues to play after you exit Windows Media Player 11 if the Windows Media Player gadget for Windows SideShow is running on a Windows Vista-based computer
  152. Article ID: 936710 When a DirectX 10 application runs on a Windows Vista-based computer that has multiple graphics cards, the computer does not use the secondary graphics card
  153. Article ID: 937018 A document that contains vertical and non-vertical fonts does not print correctly on a PostScript printer in Windows Vista
  154. Article ID: 936970 Error message when you work in a Terminal Services session and save a document in a 2007 Office program to a redirected drive: "There has been a network or file permission error"
  155. Article ID: 936852 Message boxes differ in Windows Vista and in Windows XP, although you use the same code to generate the message boxes
  156. Article ID: 936837 You cannot change the destination folder when you install Visual FoxPro on Windows Vista
  157. Article ID: 936836 All dynamic disk volumes are removed and then re-created when you restore a computer by using Complete PC Restore together with the "Format and repartition disks" option in Windows Vista
  158. Article ID: 936835 A dial-up connection no longer works after you wake a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep or from hibernation
  159. Article ID: 936775 You cannot set the maximum number of nested windows in Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2003
  160. Article ID: 936756 Error message in Windows Vista when you use Registry Editor to load a registry hive file that is on a shared network resource: "Cannot load \HivePath\filename: Access is denied"
  161. Article ID: 936713 Private Branch Exchange (PBX) software obtains only half of the telephone number of a call in Windows Vista
  162. Article ID: 936711 You may notice a delay when you call the CAsyncSocket::ReceiveFrom function in Windows Vista
  163. Article ID: 936609 On a computer that is running a Japanese version of Windows Vista, the items in the Recent Items folder on the Start menu may be unexpectedly listed in English
  164. Article ID: 934237 A high definition audio device may no longer work after you resume Windows Vista from hibernation or from sleep
  165. Article ID: 933847 Availability of the Windows Vista Secure Digital (SD) rollup package
  166. Article ID: 933845 How to obtain and install the Microsoft Standard CMYK Profile (RSWOP.icm) in Windows Vista
  167. Article ID: 933824 The Safely Remove Hardware feature and the Windows Explorer "Eject" command do not work correctly with an Apple iPod that is connected to a Windows Vista-based computer
  168. Article ID: 933778 A program that uses Windows HotStart does not start as quickly as expected after a Windows Vista-based computer wakes up from sleep
  169. Article ID: 933771 Windows Explorer stops responding or the Svchost.exe process stops responding when you try to copy encrypted files to a WebDAV resource in Windows Vista
  170. Article ID: 933750 On a computer that is running Windows Vista, all the check boxes on the Supported Formats tab of an installed device are unexpectedly selected
  171. Article ID: 933741 Information about Network Monitor 3
  172. Article ID: 933708 When you use Windows Media Player 11 to play a Windows Media Video (WMV) file in Windows Vista, a vertical line may appear in the middle of the playback window
  173. Article ID: 933707 The System Information tool lists zero buttons on a mouse or on another pointing device in Windows Vista
  174. Article ID: 933664 Error message when you try to connect to a shared resource from a Windows Vista-based client computer: "A device attached to the system is not functioning"
  175. Article ID: 933855 How to save an address book to a CSV file by using the UTF-8 encoding format so that the CSV file can be imported to Windows Mail
  176. Article ID: 933860 DFS failover does not occur when a client computer that is running Windows Vista tries to connect to a DFS root server that is unavailable, and you receive an error message: "System error 1214 has occurred"
  177. Article ID: 933872 The default gateway setting is lost when you wake a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep
  178. Article ID: 934228 A transparent layered window appears corrupted after the program stops responding, the program window is replaced by a ghost window, and then the program resumes in Windows Vista
  179. Article ID: 934172 Files that are encrypted by using the Encrypting File System (EFS) are not backed up when you use the Back up files option in Windows Vista
  180. Article ID: 934160 Error message in Windows Vista when you try to rename a new subfolder in a shared folder on the network: "The SharedFolderName folder does not exist"
  181. Article ID: 934111 An update is available for Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications in Windows Vista that addresses daylight saving time changes in 2007
  182. Article ID: 934056 Error message when you try to print a picture from the Search window in Windows Vista: "Windows can't find this picture"
  183. Article ID: 934008 The Windows Vista desktop appears black after you enable the "Hide and disable all items on the desktop" policy setting or the "Disable all items" policy setting
  184. Article ID: 933928 Update for Windows Vista to improve the product activation and validation process
  185. Article ID: 933925 Error message when you try to install Windows Vista on a computer that contains multiple RAW hard disks: "Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation"
  186. Article ID: 933924 The Network Discovery and File Sharing dialog box may be unexpectedly minimized to the taskbar in Windows Vista
  187. Article ID: 933876 The USN journal record contains an incorrect file name when you move a file in Windows Vista, in Windows Server 2003, or in Windows XP
  188. Article ID: 933662 When a 16-bit application passes command-line parameters to another application on a Windows Vista-based computer, the second application does not receive the command-line parameters
  189. Article ID: 933620 The operating system stops unexpectedly and you receive a Stop error message after you start the Sony VAIO Camera Capture Utility on a Sony VAIO UX Series Micro PC that is running Windows Vista
  190. Article ID: 933619 The settings for a Windows SideShow-compatible device appear to be incorrect after you restart Windows Vista or after you restart the device
  191. Article ID: 933305 Applications that have earned the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo or the "Works with Windows Vista" logo
  192. Article ID: 933262 Some USB audio devices and some USB audio TV tuners do not work correctly together with a Windows Vista-based computer
  193. Article ID: 933245 A handle leak in Lsm.exe may occur every time that Windows Media Player 11 plays an audio file in Windows Vista
  194. Article ID: 933242 Windows ReadyDrive does not work in Windows Vista if the first partition of a hybrid hard disk drive has less than 32 MB of free space
  195. Article ID: 933241 FIX: An ISAPI DLL is not registered when you run an ATL Server application that contains performance counters in Windows Vista
  196. Article ID: 933212 How to remove the Windows.old folder that is generated when you perform a custom installation of Windows Vista
  197. Article ID: 933211 How to move or to copy music files from the Windows.old folder in Windows Vista
  198. Article ID: 933210 How to move Internet Explorer favorites from an earlier version of Windows to the Internet Explorer Favorites folder in Windows Vista
  199. Article ID: 933209 How to retrieve files from an earlier version of Windows in Windows Vista
  200. Article ID: 933207 You may be unable to read from DVD-R DL or DVD+R DL discs that were recorded in Windows Vista
  201. Article ID: 933360 August 2007 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems
  202. Article ID: 933419 The preview window that displays video from a camera device no longer works after you wake a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep
  203. Article ID: 933421 Error message on an external monitor when you close the lid of a portable Windows Vista-based computer while a DVD is playing: "Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD"
  204. Article ID: 933607 UMDF User-mode drivers that use the Windows SideShow class extension return errors when you process commands asynchronously
  205. Article ID: 933595 Error message when you try to install a hotfix on a Windows Vista-based computer in a domain: "Installer encountered an error: 0x8007177f. This machine is disabled for file encryption"
  206. Article ID: 933590 The Flight Simulator X game display flickers and become corrupted on a Windows Vista-based computer that is connected to more than one monitor
  207. Article ID: 933585 Beta versions of the Windows Server 2008 schema extensions are available on the Windows Vista installation discs
  208. Article ID: 933578 An Ultra DMA Mode 5 device may perform only at the speed of an Ultra DMA Mode 2 device after you swap devices in Windows Vista
  209. Article ID: 933528 Error message when you try to install Microsoft Update on a Windows Vista-based computer: "Could not install Microsoft Update on the computer"
  210. Article ID: 933495 An unattended installation of Windows Vista uses the Autounattend.xml file on the Windows Vista installation disc instead of the Autounattend.xml file on a USB flash drive
  211. Article ID: 933468 You cannot access SMB shares on a corporate network through a Remote Access Service (RAS) connection from a computer that is running Windows Vista
  212. Article ID: 933454 Changes to a printer's device configuration are not applied until the computer restarts or the Print Spooler service restarts in Windows Vista
  213. Article ID: 933442 A USB composite device does not work after you disable and then enable the device in Device Manager on a computer that is running Windows Vista
  214. Article ID: 933178 How to install Windows Vista
  215. Article ID: 935268 Components of the user interface in Windows Vista report slightly different values for the total physical memory that is available on the computer
  216. Article ID: 934640 In Windows, Event Viewer incorrectly displays IPv6 addresses in event descriptions
  217. Article ID: 934637 You may be unable to install a device on a computer that is running a non-English version of Windows Vista
  218. Article ID: 934633 When you connect a USB multifunction printer device to a Windows Vista-based computer, a second instance of the printer object is created, and the first instance no longer works
  219. Article ID: 934611 Windows Vista may stop responding when you install software that adds legacy network drivers
  220. Article ID: 934588 Error message when you try to use a dial-up connection in Windows Internet Explorer 7 on a Windows Vista-based computer: "Cannot write to the telephone book"
  221. Article ID: 934567 Underlined Japanese characters from certain fonts do not print correctly in Windows Vista
  222. Article ID: 934564 The Windows XP startup option is unavailable in the System Configuration Utility in Windows Vista
  223. Article ID: 934562 Error message when you try to update Windows Defender on a Windows Vista-based computer: "Error found: Code 0x80240029"
  224. Article ID: 934561 Windows Vista Aero theme desktop effects are disabled when you run a Java application
  225. Article ID: 934560 Windows Mail does not download newsgroup messages in some language versions of Windows Vista
  226. Article ID: 934641 A Toshiba Device Bay optical drive is not recognized in Windows Vista
  227. Article ID: 934643 Object moved
  228. Article ID: 934797 The size of the Ntds.dit file on the domain controller grows continually larger after you enable the "Credential Roaming" feature for Windows Vista-based client computers in the domain
  229. Article ID: 935267 The computer wakes when you remove a device from a computer that is running Windows Vista
  230. Article ID: 935266 You cannot export a contact item to the Address Book in Windows XP from Windows Contacts in Windows Vista by using the Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard
  231. Article ID: 935265 The desktop background appears as a blank, black screen when the Bubbles screen saver runs in Windows Vista
  232. Article ID: 935264 The display is turned off and you do not receive notification when a Windows Vista-based computer goes into hybrid sleep
  233. Article ID: 935263 The version information of an SMSC infrared receiver appears as garbled text or as "Not Available" when you view it in Device Manager in Windows Vista
  234. Article ID: 935259 Video performance may suddenly be reduced when you move a Windows Media Player 11 window in Windows Vista
  235. Article ID: 935256 Windows Media Player 11 skips ahead to the next chapter in a DVD if you change the resolution while the DVD is paused
  236. Article ID: 935222 You cannot connect to a wireless network on a Windows Vista-based computer
  237. Article ID: 934907 Error results when you run the "gpupdate /force" command on a computer that is running Windows Vista: "User policy could not be updated successfully"
  238. Article ID: 934888 Some Korean characters do not appear correctly in the Tablet PC Input Panel on a Windows Vista-based Tablet PC
  239. Article ID: 934559 Some Toshiba portable computers cannot be upgraded to Windows Vista
  240. Article ID: 934558 Error message when you try to upgrade to Windows Vista: "Go to programs and uninstall WindowBlinds"
  241. Article ID: 934556 A custom desktop background image does not appear when you start a network presentation on a mobile PC that is running Windows Vista
  242. Article ID: 934532 Tasks may fail when you run the Driver Test Manager, even though the parent job of the tasks does not fail
  243. Article ID: 934514 Error message when you try to visit an HTML page that is hosted in IIS 7.0 in Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Starter: "HTTP Error 404.4 - Not Found"
  244. Article ID: 934455 A "Web Services on Devices"-based printer appears as Offline after you wake a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep
  245. Article ID: 934377 The Windows Speech Recognition language must be the same as the operating system language in Windows Vista
  246. Article ID: 934349 The wrong system locale is installed when you run the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) Wizard on a Windows Vista-based computer
  247. Article ID: 934327 You may be unable to use a WSD-based scanner driver to transfer data if the scanned data is very large in Windows Vista
  248. Article ID: 934314 Performance is slower than you expect when you read from or write to an IEEE 1394 hard disk that uses a VIA Technologies 1394 host controller in Windows Vista
  249. Article ID: 934308 Error message when you use the Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup component to install Windows Vista on a computer: "Windows could not parse or process unattend answer file"
  250. Article ID: 934307 Description of the Windows Update Stand-alone Installer (Wusa.exe) and of .msu files in Windows Vista